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tv   News  RT  March 5, 2020 2:00am-2:31am EST

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the escalation in syria will be the focus of talks in moscow between the russian and turkish leaders this thursday a surge in fightings no also only brought their forces closer to a direct. role and through. turkey meanwhile claims greek forces opened fire on refugees border leading to the death of greece strongly denies the allegations. and migrants to try and cross into. a new front in the
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u.s. democrats race to take. joe biden sweeps super tuesday but he's facing. the fight i'm. going to be. forever you're training in from across the globe this hour welcome to international my names in the mail. later this thursday in moscow the russian and turkish presidents are expected to discuss the spiraling tensions in the ad lib deescalation zone in syria the country's armies are operating in close proximity to one another on opposing sides raising the risk of by direct. head of the meeting tempers boiled 'd over in the turkish parliament and peace from the ruling unrivaled. parties brawled after an opposition m.p.
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criticized president over the military intervention in syria or to bomb verbal hit back describing the opposition a dishonorable treacherous for questioning turkish military operation. a loss for the fighting in syria long ceased being a local conflict between the government and insurgents. looks now at the other states weighing in on how it's affecting the region. and you wave of refugees flooding towards europe nato losing his patients turkey russia 8 relations plunging to new lows this is all fallout from the evil of crisis serious last rebel held province dominated by terrorists is a province which is the largest al qaeda safe haven since $911.00 tied directly to iman also hearing this is a huge problem private seems to be a magnet for terrorist groups all of them are nuisance menace and
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a threat to the civilians damascus with russia's help is fighting them on the ground it says to protect civilians turkey one of the strongest arm is alongside militant groups is fighting the syrian military on the syrian territory also it claims to protect civilians. separating hardcore terrorists for a moderate armed groups opposing assad was turkey's responsibility according to 2018 memorandum but it was never done the result of almost 18 months of this agreement was the displacement of all moderate opposition militants by terror groups hatari al shaab the islamic party of take a stand and put aside deen officially recognized by the un as terrorists the fortified terrorist areas of the military turkish observation posts as per the agreements there is
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a bother turkey's nato partners nope not at all we support turkey's efforts to reestablish the ceasefire agreed in 2080 and to protect those innocent civilians fleeing the regime's monstrous assault the turkish military and the syrian opposition are 1st of all fighting to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe tremendous a poor attack but that's still not enough for at argonne he wants more. you know what we did is we opened our borders because you promised us assistance but did nothing and we will not close these doors because the e.u. must keep its word. if european countries want to resolve the issue they must support turkey's efforts for political and humanitarian solutions in syria there are one strategy seems to be working europe is considering how best to undermine
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russia's efforts in syria and this is the question now also needs to be raised regarding syria we are pretty much aware of what russia is doing in syria what russia is doing is fighting extremists enable it it says but as the concentrate has at least there is still room for dialogue in a big aspect of this is well as pointed out by political scientist marks a brings who sees that turkey's already failed in its previous agreement to separate terrorists from the moderate opposition in syria. meijer group in continuous to be then go off shoot these are al qaeda linked militants and i'm not even really sure that turkey regards as terrorists we are is so she called for turkey to distance itself from these militants here to go after them into we can turkey has actually
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done the exact opposite it is strengthen their position it has worked more closely with done that ever before and i think that it's higher we are likely that burdwan will suddenly decide to to follow the terms of sochi these fighters in are absolutely critical to want for him to project his power into syria which has been a long time cold. while a solution for syria's worked out in moscow turkey's opposite border it's a different story turkish authorities claim a man has died after greek forces opened fire at migrants trying to cross into the they are allegations greece vehemently denies in recent days turkey has opened its border to allow through tens of thousands of refugees most of whom are thought to
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be syrian. and. you could be looking at another michael. crisis now that turkey has reopened its borders with greece tens of thousands once more trying to cross into the event but 5 years on from the peak of the 1st michel crisis this time there is less of a welcome video has emerged showing the greek coast guard firing on my current boats
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. here on the land border there are accusations of brute force all denied by the greek authorities even germany is warning migrants not to come there is no point in coming to germany we cannot tell you when in germany everyone agrees something like 20152016 crosses must not be repeated but that decision has been criticized by some quips in germany with protests demanding that the borders are kept take but 5 years ago. being welcomed by some e.u. leaders chancellor angela merkel famously said that they could come to germany and more than a 1000000 did now there was a steady stream of my currency treating children and the elderly but the vast majority without
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a doubt were young men many from countries like afghanistan and pakistan who appeared to have heard merkel's invite and took their chance for a better life in europe the migrant crisis has since been a source of tension between e.u. members the open borders within the bloc were brought into question and while some countries welcome at least sheltered them and politicians called for all member nations to share the burden some countries work out right. opposed it with us to talk very seriously about illegal migration which is a very central time ask of the european union it's a very central task for all of us as member states to stop illegal migration to europe and to develop local aid in the countries of origin or. possible future ahead of us must be defended by all means the greatest route to the otherwise hopeful future of central europe is when we simply call migration. account from the
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fact that the new europe will protect its external borders either on the ground like in hungary see like you need to the because the problem is not how to redistribute the current migrants but to avoid the arrival of thousands of others european countries were vilified for being anti migrant in 2020 it seems that the e.u. is changing its choosing our 1st priority is making sure that order is maintained at the greek external border which is also a european border my duty is to protect the sovereignty of my country i hope this crisis will serve as a wake up call i would like to comment cause for having altered the policy of greece when it comes to protecting its border and that is to say not to allow all illegal migration on its that the message is clear this time you are not welcome
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the e.u. has had enough it will now protect its borders and the previously liberal ideal of welcoming migrants with has been swallowed up by a much more aggressive position so deep in ski. casting on the greek turkish border. let's move on to the democratic dog fights in the big u.s. presidential election round which saw former u.s. vice president joe biden propelled into pole position on super tuesday the field nora was in the election race by. 10 of the 14 states help for grown ups while progressive senator bernie sanders claimed 4 including california the state with the most delegates following super choose these ballots biden is no the clear leader in what's false becoming a 2 race but some of his earlier decisions could be coming back to haunt him to u.s. veterans confronted by their support of the iraq war. in
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iraq you know. i'm. not an army. very hard oh you. know are. you. doing meanwhile michael bloomberg has a nun's to he's ending his run for the democratic 2020 presidential nomination after suffering a wife but really in super tuesday voting the billionaire former new yorker throw his support behind joe biden breaking down developments here skill up and. after a poor showing on super tuesday when 14 different us states voted in the presidential primary michael bloomberg seems to be ending his campaign now this is
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after spending roughly half a $1000000000.00 on his presidential campaign the most expensive primary campaign in the history of the united states and many looked on and saw the amount of money bloomberg was spending the fact that he had advertisements on the super bowl and on many different places just the ads were popping up all over social media etc then joked about it but many also worry that it appeared almost that michael bloomberg was attempting to buy the democratic nomination let's take a listen. to bloom burke. we. see in our look your doctored up gardner selected bloomberg certainly had his detractors donald trump was known for criticizing bloomberg for his height calling him mini mike many others and the
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democratic camp are critical of his policies when he was the new york city mayor they pointed out issues like police brutality stop and frisk that took place under his administration furthermore revelations about sexism and activities in his businesses and some of the culture of sexual harassment when he worked in the business sector in the private sector out of that was pointed out as well and at this point as he's dropped out it seems like he's giving his supporters a message this is what he had to say 3 months ago i entered the race for president to do if you don't know trump today i'm leaving the race for the same reason to defeat donald trump because it is clear to me that staying in would make it shooting that go more difficult mike bloomberg followed the pattern of other recent drop outs of the democratic primary putting all his weight. hind joe biden take a listen i am ending my campaign and endorsing joe biden i i am looking for
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a president who will draw aloud what is best in each of us and i'm encouraging everybody who's part of my campaign to join me because we have found a leader in vice president soon to be president joe biden now at this point we've got many figures in the democratic establishment or lining up behind jill biden many observers are viewing this as a sensually an effort to defeat and stop bernie sanders the upsurge of support for bernie sanders is seen as a threat to the democratic party establishment i think there was there's certainly been a concerted effort as far as i can tell by what we could call moderates in the democratic party to try to find a candidate behind whom they can unite and that would be that would be vice president biden so i would be very surprised if pressure had not been brought to bear on on both a jazz club char and bloomberg to get out of the race i think most democratic party
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officials particularly those elected officials their biggest concern is not actually defeating donald trump it's making sure that they stay reelected this is why i think so many people in the democratic party were really concerned about senator sanders being the nominee it's it's not just that he would not be able to defeat donald trump but that he might cause severe reaction among voters with many of the down ticket democratic candidates are to america's rick sanchez discussed on his leave his show situation looks following super tuesday. joining us now to discuss super tuesday are leaking up for back good tonight who leans ideologically more toward the bernie sanders jim i think it's safe to say that also joining us. who leans ideologically i think we could say more toward the trump camp have rightly are. a good a start of what happens when you know i don't as i don't want to give into the mainstream narrative that biden just won everything burley's are still only back by
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a 60 delegates all right he still won a lot considering he's up against the mainstream media the establishment all of it but the expectation is he was going to run away with i do want to talk about what happened which was massive voter suppression like in texas the guardian you know a lot of mainstream outlets said that they closed hundreds of polling places mainly in hispanic areas in l.a. they changed their system and closed tons of polling places people were lined for hours and i had warned beforehand that if you for independent did very hard to vote and sure enough i'm getting e-mails from people saying yeah they wouldn't give me the right ballot they wouldn't give me the crossover ballot like they did everything they could to stop independent stop hispanics from voting. birdie's wind let me push back on your little bit of how do you know it wasn't just incompetence because i don't know seriously this is america going to come out of i'll give you a really answer the incompetence always seems to be towards the establishment candidate isn't that fascinating that's where the a competent fair point so here's what's going on right now folks you have the
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establishment which is everybody in america who wants things to stay the same because things are right now perfectly groovy they believe and then you have the progressive wing who thinks you know things are not groovy we need somebody in there to go and change the system that's what's going on last night the ones who think everything is groovy they won right absolutely i think part of the problem is is that well for me what happened last night is the same thing that happens in every election cycle that they rally around the establishment candidate and joe biden is the establishment candidate donald trump and barack obama are the exception to the rule of the. stablish mean candidate because they didn't get the support right but here's here's where i'm going to challenge you for my knowledge lee do they rally around the establishment candidate or does the establishment fix things so they get that rally effect to happen because the club are sure to give up her state the night before the super or. whatever the house. and for judge thomas do the same they capitulated their own campaign for the sake of the establishment
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no i absolutely which by the way they have the right to do yeah yeah and i absolutely agree with that and i think that i predicted that biden was going to come back people were downing biden but he did the same thing similar to what john mccain did in 2008 and come back believe me or was he did this come back a little bit of both bloomberg spent a half a $1000000000.00 and now he's stepped out of the race and but he achieved what he wanted which was to harm bernie sanders and to push everything in the democratic race back towards the right road and i think you've achieved a lot of what he wanted among the candidates nursing their wounds senator elizabeth warren but she staying in is not going down well with rival sounders we'll tell you why the seconds on cutting.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. theory dramatic. only mostly. i don't see how. very critical time to sit down and talk. these policymakers are grown accustomed to the idea that every single problem can be solved with money fronting why can't we solve the coronavirus of money printing the market now is starting to scratch just had a little bit and saying wait a minute that's insane so therefore valuations look like they're going to be marked already in correction territory on these markets down 10 percent are going to have to bear market valuations down 20 percent probably i think the likelihood is extremely high 50 to 60 percent drop that's probably a 10 to 20 percent probability.
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let's pick back up almost super choose the democratic u.s. presidential come to the dollars about warren whose campaign was dealt a crippling blow the night she failed to make the top 2 in any of the 14 voting states under pressure from bernie sanders supporters to drop by to avoid splitting the progressive vote president trump by the way couldn't resist taking a dig at her. so selfish for elizabeth warren to stay in the race she has 0 chance of even coming close to winning but hurts bernie badly so much for that wonderful liberal friendship will he ever speak to her again she cost him massachusetts and came in 3rd he shouldn't yeah point warren's disappointment will likely become
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pondered by the fire chief and as the distant 3rd in her home state of massachusetts bernie sanders team claims her decision to stay in the race course the self-styled democratic socialist victories in 3 states and bigger wins in several others they also point to parallels with the 2016 race in which warren accuse the green party's jill stein of helping to sway the election in donald trump's favor anything you do that helps donald trump get one inch closer to the white house is a danger child of us vote 1st time moves donald trump closer to the white house would love to see the venn diagram of people who are still mad at jill stein for being a spoiler in 2016 and those now insisting the war on one be helping by the name she stays in the race for the record if you're blaming warren for tonight's results maybe you should reconsider your defense of voting for jill stein if a vote for jewel stein in 2016 was a vote for trump then
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a vote for war and today is a vote for joe biden sorry i don't make the rules yeah and us political analyst. say's elizabeth warren's turn to fortunes is karma for her previous comments about the green party. i guess for elizabeth warren this is kind of karma but what we see that is the general chaos in the in the democratic party is quite clear that the democrat establishment or they have a plan in their plan is to. is to advance a so-called centrist and that's exactly what they did coming out of south carolina they use. biden's win to south carolina to to create momentum and to encourage that and i think cola and amy to from minnesota to drop out so that all of the fire can be directed toward bernie sanders
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and a little bit want to play the role in that by staying in the race of the shiba completely devastated michael bloomberg but she also undermined bernie sanders of what the fuck the focus really should just be on elizabeth warren the focus should be on the kind of machinations coming from the democratic party to try to to to undermine bernie sanders because we all know is anybody but bernie. one of my favorite fuz and we all have always looked up at the stars and marvel that one time or another well enjoy it while it lasts say nothing because if things were about to lose that seles deal beauty to a swarm of satellites. and .
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today's launch of 60 star like. mark falcon a successful flight. there are so many of them it means astronomers get maybe as much as an hour with bright streaks going across less sensitive photographic detectors. as more satellites are placed into orbit they will become an increasing problem to astronomers on the ground use your smart phone camera to record satellite streaks through the night sky to monitor this problem over time. and.
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place x. has been a great industry particularly they're very excited and we're excited to learn more about their satellites through the demonstration. a helicopter carrying the philippines national police chief was crushed injuring him. it had just taken off from the capital manila before striking power cables and coming in a residential area it is clouds of dust swirling on tape reduced visibility to 0. else around the world today pro choice activists have rallied in front of the u.s. supreme court in washington during opens challenging
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a louisiana state law dr registrations designed to heavily restrict access to abortions 7 it is the 1st major case to be heard by president trump's appointed justices. brett kavanaugh. a football match in the chechen capital on the hundreds rushed the pitch towards the end of the 2nd half russian cup match between. even some of the players to try and break the brawl when the game avenged kicked off again visitors and 8 progress to all courtesy of a 97 minute winner. all right time for another visit to be show in moments find out who the former scottish 1st minister in the hot seat.
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feeding our hopes our dreams and desires our money to computer screens and what do we get back to go like that's that's a bad deal so when this technology jumping out of the street when it's technology help you need to keep you healthy to keep me informed or to keep me you know connected and i missed it so we will live in an area the post screen area where we will live less and all these screens and it will be more in harmony or it will help us. why do we go to war because we view the key to economic growth as oil and energy we go to war is vice president cheney said for the oil that's why they invaded iraq for the oil that's why trump says the one thing we want syria we really don't want to go to war with russia we want to just control the oil. and the gas lines and the pipelines through afghanistan so the military is really an extension of controlling
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a world of energy and oil. welcome to alex i mean sure we examine radicalism in scotland boss i'm president the christmas election giunta stark relief a divergence of the politics of scotland and england the 2 additional partners in the creation of the united kingdom and 1707 while england decided to dorney breaks a tempo 20 direction scolding confirmed that it was backs it up and i'm sure. today we examine the radical politics of scotland past and present with author and m.p.
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kenny macaskill and political columnist george kennan but 1st your tweets emails and messages in response to our short on child refugees and some quite conflicting opinions kevin says better get to building more affordable accommodation said should also deal with the rampant drys and homelessness here too while you're at it before we go opening the door to yet more people we won't be able to look after clinton says the tories are playing to the far right they've let the touch paper and are standing back watching and listening to people who have the same views as them but will let them chant and preach it they don't want to lose their will play drops and i duty david says the same westminster government that is trying to throw as many foreign people out of the u.k. as possible i'm not in the least surprised that they don't want to help robert says that dead child on the beach was just so heartbreaking god love him jim i must say as we have enough children needing help here charity begins at home william says
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what about its own kids should you not get our own house in order 1st and finally we.


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