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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 18, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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that's why them are proving once back in 25th being called donald trump a bright talented man you know the rest of the story. but on social media account is receiving criticism for sharing a colorized image of a convicted nazi war criminal the valve an s.s. officer in question letter unit killed dozens of unarmed american prisoners of war in world war 2.
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is that you know kind of convicted war criminal his rear echelon troops are literally responsible for the murder of u.s. troops at the infamous malmedy massacre this photo looks like the s.s. if that is not your intention please move to later in the article. sometimes the move is the move that will create a sense of tension by introducing a bad guy it is technique of effective storytelling. my uncle was captured during the bulge and spend the next 6 months in star like 9 be witnessing atrocities so don't anyone say this is ok i hope this is not real forks at the department of defense i'm really insensitive. push a company the saving will be off now don't worry over son
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a lock will be here in safe hands of the top of the. all of us will hopes it is. but it's a behavior that appears even in deaf and blind even if you've never heard of. parrots. and then we learn how to use this in a more complex way i'm one of the things that we. would love to contagiously to love. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched kaiser report.
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hello and welcome to cross talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle the partisan impeachment process against donald trump continues the pace the framers of the constitution warned impeachment of the chief executive was an extreme remedy are the democrats in the corporate media trivializing the impeachment process are they tempting to short circuit democracy itself. from stalking impeachment i'm joined by my guest john karr dello in west palm beach he's the host of america talks live on t.v.
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in baltimore we have wendy yourself oh she is a professor and political commentator and in seattle we cross the collar he is an author and media analyst i cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate as one of my rules on this program i go to the 1st the person 1st they got up for this program and that is john ok so john let me go to you i said in my introduction to basic things here ok the trivializing of what is really all about and short circuiting democracy because i think the 2 these are the 2 broadest concepts that are being in play right now and they're part of the same thread here because i'm not a political animal i eat and live survive off of politics and i can't even get through these hearings because i don't know what they're talking about i don't think they know what they're talking about ok i mean and i want to be respectful to wendy because when he's the odd person out here and she's going to have ample amount of time to defend her position here go ahead john. well look the entire
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process is illegitimate they always say when a president impeached there's going to be an asterix in the history books next to their name in this case is going to be an asterisk next to impeachment because it was an illegitimate process this is a coup in plain sight peter that's all this is 1st it was russia collusion they couldn't prove that it was a quid pro quo they couldn't prove that then it was obstruction of justice they couldn't prove that that it was bribery they couldn't prove that it was extortion they couldn't prove that so then they trumped up no pun intended fabricated these new charges abuse of power that they say oh it's a catch all and obstruction of congress which is proposed to wrist i thought it was the executive the presidency is a co-equal yet a co-equal branch of congress you can obstruct your co-equal branch by taking hold on by taking subpoenas to the courts the other co-equal branch this is a coup that todd that's why the republican senate is going to dismiss that it's dead on arrival or they're going to vote to acquit quickly and the american people
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are sick of it that's why donald trump is now beating every democrat in a head to head match up especially in swing states even though the polls are averaging a plus 6 democratic over sample ok wendy i think most people are in agreement i mean even the most liberals that i know is that the in in the trial in the senate trump will be acquitted so what's the whole purpose of going through this exercise if almost everybody agrees will be an acquittal go ahead wendy. just because someone will be acquitted does not mean that we should not help hold them accountable for things that they've done and especially when you're the president of the free world in the present in the united states donald trump has abused his power as president that is a fat whether you sit on the left side or the right side of the aisle that cannot be argued so i believe that the senate will uphold this impeachment absolutely not they will not do that but he needs to be held accountable so whether this is a symbolic way to try to say you know what we see what you're doing and the
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american people will not stand for it then the democrats have the right to do that but when i am really looking forward to beyond the impeachment it's actually not been the one they want to write that they don't have a right ok all right let you get the framers did not intend the ok let him. by wendy finish because i don't know i guess no prosecutor no prosecutor would go to trial knowing that they're going to lose so are you still haven't convinced me here that ok go ahead as. you're saying they don't have a right as if you speak for the american people when you look at their recent polls you'll see that the american people a majority of them actually for impeachment now the polls also asked whether they think donald trump would be impeached and a lot of them are say no but in america we have a democracy here so we do not have a dictatorship so part of a democracy is holding our elected we have a lot of hard work out ok we're going to try to let me go let me go does that i mean go to zakir i want to get everybody on the panel in 1st let's go to zach here
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all right but i mean what is happening here because the other side of the coin of all this impeachment process is what the deep state did to trump campaign and to the trump presidency and these deep state actors were not only active so you can't use the democracy issue here very well because what has happened against a trump campaign and presidency is antithetical to democracy they're trying to overturn the vote of 63000000 people go ahead zack in seattle. yeah i'm with john i mean he kind of knocked it all out right at the beginning there you know this impeachment process is just you know another massive cover up by the democrats to try and distract away from the real problems that trump and his administration are looking into it's like people keep saying that they're impeaching trump for investigating the corruption of joe biden and other democrats you know we saw during the 2016 election they invest in they invest invented the
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russia gate smear to distract from hillary clinton's crimes now are using impeachment to distract from the really really scandalous things that are coming out of ukraine between joe biden and other u.s. politicians you know that's where the real dirt is coming out and this whole impeachment circus it's just an absolute mess it's a complete you know you were saying peter that you don't even understand what they're saying it's like most of us don't it's all hearsay it's just he said she said it's actually pretty convincing that trump didn't commit any serious crime because if he had they would providing they be providing evidence for that. whoring out about what the f.b.i. did we exactly let me let me let me to give more clarity about what my point about you know not understanding what they're talking about i have been actually to ukraine many many times i know ukrainian politics very very well i know all of the players and watching these people going for these committees they make a joke of themselves because they're talking about a perspective on ukraine not the reality of ukraine and the perspective that they
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want everyone to have that's what makes it even worse because they're all charlatans and hats and they don't even know what they're talking about ok john let me go back to you here but you know it seems to me i mean i understand the democrats hate trump fine it's called politics here but i think the culpable party in all of this has been the media and you have the horowitz report come out and they're also you have the liberal media corporate media that's absolutely in a complete state of did not ideal i read parts of the report it's very damning go ahead john. tara well that's very damning before i was in media i was law enforcement and the f.b.i. has a big black eye but the f.b.i. got away with it because they have people in this country like wendy a well educated woman whole spew the left wing media's talking point from our point
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there was a specific statutory what you're spewing you're spewing left wing talking points you're saying. that allowed to be 7 balik hold on allowed to be a symbolic gesture you're saying impeachment is allowed to be a symbolic gesture that's absurd professor that's absurd you should go back to school the framers never intended that it's one of the most i think sacred but i think it is absolute i mean i mean we're all very good everybody where all of the old you know where we think right ok that's what i want to get that's where i want to go here but it seems to me that this trivialization of an impeachment is. obstructing what the what the framers wanted ok and i think that that has to go away wendy explain to me and speak slowly so i understand what crime has donald trump committed worthy of pietschmann just one explain to me absolutely abuse of power undermining the american democracy by colluding with that's not
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a crime our theory ok can you put it can you about a campaign you put i'm sorry no wendy wendy can you put some flesh on those bones what do you mean by that what do you mean by that. and that's 2 and zachary why the democrats and anybody who understands american politics i really believe that i wrote to the people who said on the other side of the aisle because you don't have to meet to those bones that any of this self i'm sorry but can't you wendy can't you can't you can't she would mitt that that's simply just a talking point because it's really quite it's quite. vacuous let me go to zach in seattle here ok if you want meddling inside the american democracy as it were well then you kept ukraine you have that you have democratic national committee functionaries talking with ukrainian officials you have before the election you
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have the ambassador from the united from ukraine to the united states writing an op ed piece criticizing donald trump there's plenty of meddling by the way everybody just to make sure everyone knows there's a lot of countries that meddle in elections in the united states it's not the 1st time and it won't be the last time ok but they say they want to hang this one on trump after the report says nothing and then we have this damning horowitz report and we have durham coming up and still zach state of denial and no talking points are necessary you know. it's totally shocking and for those of us who are paying attention i think most americans are paying attention and we see how often the media and the democrats are revising the script it changes from one thing to the next they expect us not to care but we are keeping track of what they're saying and so you know this is been going on for years and years we're already approaching the 2020 election where this is still been going on since the 2016 election liberals are still throwing fits trump got elected throwing anything against the wall to see
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if it sticks when nothing is sticking and you know we really are just seeing all these actual crimes being exposed on the other side it just makes it very clear that this whole process is a total sham and you know there's no due process for the president it's alarming and it's you know it is a lot coming from the media telling us what to think when it's like they still think that they can get away with that and you know this is the same media that sympathetic to harvey weinstein that just looked the other way when jeffrey epstein killed himself you know we have known for a long time that that we have is not a trustworthy source so that they're trying to tell us to believe. thing americans are smarter than that we can detect a scam pop up the moment we see it you know they just think that we're not ok we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the trump impeachment stayed with our team.
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and we're going to fulfill that promise is probably to the people. you know we've all but it was. really really wrong. that you want to 1st. know
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5. welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to munge we're discussing the trump impeachment. ok let's go back to wendy in baltimore wendy i want to make a very clear i'm not trying to be as partisan as they may sound i don't care personally if donald trump isn't in peach i really don't but i has to be done the right way. because if you don't do it the right way you're going to tear the country apart and as i point out to my friends all around the world americans have a lot of guns ok so be careful we'll you tread ok so i mean wendy it is it seems to me i've been watching this whole thing it's just a personal thing they hate the orange man in the white house and they'll do
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anything to harm him that is irresponsible and you know what wendy it's not working go ahead wendy. yeah i think it's really interesting what you said about impeachment has it done the right way or in a word here the country or part i'm not sure where you've been for the last few years but done trump has torn this country apart he has twice the country apart by the party some were up by his rhetoric he has turned the country apart by the things he stands by by embracing white supremacy he has torn the country apart by talking disparagingly against women against people of color against people with disabilities against anybody who does not buy into his right wing rhetoric so when you're talking about impeachment here in this country apart i want you to take a few steps back and think about the ways that the man who resides at 1600 pennsylvania avenue has 20 this country apart from the moment he was going into the press and the united states and that is the biggest issue here ok but i would make
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the counter argument is that all i ever do any time i hear about race it's always liberal media that's all they talk about and i don't think it resonates with most people the more you denigrate the man the more he rises in the polls the more you try to attack him the more he comes out on top i mean i mean you don't have to be a genius let's call the learning curve ok ok john let me go back to you again i want to be very very clear here if impeachment is going to be done there is a process of doing it it has to be oh by the way by partisan i will portray my age i remember the watergate hearings ok i remember how bipartisan was howard baker to remember him he was the republican and he worked through the impeachment process with great dignity by the way ok represented the republican party well and the president and when they got the goods to the evidence he made a decision
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a thoughtful decision was an amazing moment in american history i don't see that happening right now go ahead john so one way street. well look shifa the shift in that made absolute fulls of themselves and i got to commend wendy she went to the race card at the expired race card much quicker than i thought she would because that's what democrats are doing here peter they've got nothing they've got nothing we have wendy earlier give us one title 18 violation one statutory violation in the u.s. code donald trump committed while there are none and you know how you know there are none because mother with his criminal subpoena power and teams of investigators and prosecutors found none they found done because there are none so what happens the left does exactly what wendy did they defaulted to the race card but you know why that's falling flat with americans the lowest black unemployment in history the lowest hispanic unemployment in history some of the highest consumer confidence in history the lowest unemployment in general in history it's about jobs jobs jobs and it's the economy stupid americans are not going to give that up for
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a speeding identity politics and virtue signaling and here's the fatal mistake democrats are making with black and hispanic voters when these in her baltimore east coast liberal bubble academic bubble what they don't understand in that bubble what they fail to understand in the. we lost them ok all right when you know exactly what to pick up there were john was speaking yet happily i mean i completely agree with everything that he was saying and you know. it is there are real bubbles on the coast that are really seeing what's going on in middle america and you know most people in my view here in america have been you know uniting over time not only behind the economy which has been growing and improving in so many ways that you see real world examples in people's lives already but also because we're finally seeing between bar and durham we're finally seeing some restoring of justice in our justice department that has had this 2 tiered application of the law
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for so long people are sick and tired of these white collar criminals these politicians that say trump's not trumps you know not too big to jail well where the investigations to hold by and accountable where the investigations to hold the clintons accountable we're finally starting to see that so while some people like to tell us that the country is being divided i think what we're seeing on the ground really is the opposite effect and people are getting together around the concept of draining the swamp around the strong economy and that is printing people together under trump and the democrats really have nothing to say against that so they're just throwing the impeachment against him you know it's it's very telling what the democrats are saying they try to get you to focus on what they are and what the media wants you to believe but we can look around and see outside of their world ok wendy why don't the democrats because they have the majority in the house why don't you just go for a censure dissension of the president that would probably have more of an impact because you don't look you merely added after losing the trial in the senate i mean
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if you want symbolism that's what censure is really all about it's kind of a symbolic move and it might be more effective. well yeah but let's be clear the democrats were not married after the trial in the senate because what you guys have to understand is that we're going into an election year everything to do in this calculation that they are galvanize their base and they are going to have strength owing into the 20 twentieth's i mean so yes when you do you just said this is all calculator are you serious i mean this looks like this is the this is the most sloppy strategy i have ever seen in my adult life you think it's calculated i mean you know jerry narron and adam schiff to recalculate think people really go ahead wendy and i and i'm so and i look forward to having this conversation with you the day after the election and then we were really see how calculated it is when donald
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trump is a one term president well you know when you could actually do the opposite of a good job you know we could have the same conversation after trump is reelected go ahead john we lost you there for a couple minutes go ahead john yeah look. my audio cut off what i was saying is the reason that i'm trying to get a win in a landslide is that black and hispanic voters aren't about racial identity politics they're kitchen table issues voters like everybody else they care about their bottom line they care about making more money their kids going to better schools and going on vacation with their families and donald trump is giving that to them or as the democratic party has tried to keep them on entitlements that's why donald trump support across the board even with a demo oversample is around 30 some odd percent among african-americans that doesn't mean he's going to get that turned out that means they like his economic policies but he doesn't need that all donald trump needs about 2 to 4 percent more african-american support that he had 2016 which he will absolutely get after the jobs numbers for a leg and slide when he's on track for that with black and hispanic voters that's
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what the democrats don't understand when they play the race card like when they did it when they talk about nobody cares what the media how many more people are looking at their own bank accounts their own florida. and they're happy ok wendy jump in go ahead because you're the ari so now go ahead wendy go ahead wendy i was just saying you know i just find it laughable that you have someone talented black woman that she's playing the race card when she's not playing a game she's actually live in it and black every day and i know the issues that eyepieces of black women and the issues that people who like me face every day so knows there are now playing the race card but i would love for you to tell me what black issues are since you're so well dressed in black issues versus someone who is actually black ok exactly well i think. this is what americans american sick of americans sick of that black issues white issue is that's why democrats are losing that's why you lost in 2016 and that's what you're going to lose again because you're trying to view politics through the lens of riyadh i think it's really
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viewed through the lens of personal economic it really gets down to it because i remember when they were they had the 2018 elections and everyone was talking about diversity and again as a conservative i talk about unity and i think that's the message here that people want to talk about it's bring us together again we're so tired of being divided all of the time i'm sick and tired of it i'm so sick and tired of people angry all the time as well zack let me go to you because you know the this this whole impeachment process is going to keep rolling on because it's almost a reversible they're like a huge aircraft carrier you need 30 miles to turn around and they don't have that much space so. in the trip if there is going to be a trial which what looks like it's going to be should it be really short or should it be how witnesses because i've heard are good arguments and bad arguments on both sides go ahead. well i you know the democrats are you know they need to be careful what they wish for because i don't think that anything is going to go well for them in the future with this i think you know it's already
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a dumpster fire as is you know rudy giuliani is the only person that really even needs to open his mouth and the democrats will be wishing they never began this whole process so it's you know i'm glad wendy mentioned that it's very calculated because it does seem like it's a democratic you know for as much as they claim to be opposed to you know meddling in elections it does very much seem like this is a political hit job that is specifically calculated as a campaign strategy for the democrats it's obviously backfiring trumps making so much money in terms as reelection campaign obviously the improvement the impeachment polls are working in his favor so you know most of us are just kind of encouraging the democrats to keep on with that because it is really helping trump and you're seeing these just huge defections from the republican party the walkaway of the democrats that movement is massive because the you know the democrats this is what they've been doing since 2016 like john said it's a losing strategy and they're carrying on with it and it's going to be even worse
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for them in 20122020 it's going to be one of the most read elimimian in american history to give wendy the last minute on the program here why is it a winning strategy when you go ahead yet one minute. i think that both parties whether it's down which is in the peach meant that said to galvanize and raise money and he's gained so much money you have election campaign or whether it's the democrats who are also galvanized and saying you know this president is unfit to hold the highest office in our land we need to make sure we get him out both sides are using this impeachment process because there's no election year and that's something that we cannot deny and so i would like to see who comes out on the winning end of this i think it's too early to call who is when they but we will find out the morning after election day who really use this impeachment process to galvanize their base and get out the vote and for people to you know vote what their mouth and you know come to the polls and so that's what we're going to see ok i think it's very interesting because there's really no polling evidence that the
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impeachment process is going to bring anyone to the ballot box ok there's no there's we're sure there will be by the time we get to the election but i don't see any evidence out there that that's going to motivate people one way or another i think by then the democrats will be embarrassed by it all as all the time we are here many thanks to my guest in west palm beach in baltimore and in seattle and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.c.c. you next time and remember hospitals. argentina love it this country is phantasmagorical the people are extraordinary the government and the central bank maybe not so much because of its central bank but what's going to there's a lot of more detail. in the
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troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalists attacks particularly catholic population of belfast tens of solutions are . forced to flee their homes and what was striking to point these attacks was that the are you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of full streets in belfast at the take more than a 100 innocent civilians women looked at as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and of secrets which the solution was involved in some of those cases that killers would later be named into the now we're getting i think it went to the very very top i think it is. the water where all the taste and you. give the go ahead.
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of. us democrats can't help gloating at the debate gets underway in the lower house over whether to impeach president trump. a new poll shows brits are losing their faith in the b.b.c. that's after its election coverage based claims of finest clearly health of respondents believe it's journalists are no longer trustworthy. and if their union off dorothy's threaten criminal prosecution it gets employees of russian news agency sputnik pressuring them to cops ties with their parent company. studio or is just.


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