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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 2, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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gade of the british army all the civil war coming up in today's going on the ground 0 1st it's a year to the day that one of britain's closest allies allegedly killed a washington post journalist here's the un's extrajudicial executions investigator agnes kalamata on a channel owned by carter recently blockaded by saudi arabia who is responsible for the matter of jamal khashoggi just think of saudi arabia 1st and foremost problem for the amount of oil superpower saudi arabia and its defacto watercraft mohamed bin selman has long been in the sights of britain's jeremy corbyn the chief architect of the brutal war in yemen which has killed 56000 people and brought 14000000 to the brink of famine the crown prince is believed to have ordered the murder of john mulcahy sharkey rather than be robust as he promised we learned the prime minister told the dictator please don't use the weapons we are selling you in the war you are waging and asked him nicely to investigate the murder he allegedly
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ordered corbin today damns the new prime minister after to raise a man david cameron boris johnson what does he think of saudi arabia will within 10 weeks of becoming brown minister johnson was forced to send one of his ministers to parliament to apologize for illegal deadly weapon parts sales he supported. the apologize for the export licenses that my department issued an hour and 2015 conservative and liberal politicians have authorized 5300000000 pounds of weapons to saudi arabia even some mainstream journalists alone n.g.o.s like amnesty international have alleged the use of banned u.k. made cluster munitions joining me from geneva is iran's ambassador to the united nations as well but i thank you so much ambassador for coming on the show we'll get to yemen in a moment 1st of all u.k. media says that your country is isolated there are some reports of japan and france offering lines of credit to iran as donald trump ramps up the sanctions. what
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exactly is the state of iran's isolation i think it's better to leave it to all the public opinion which country's isolated president rouhani has traveled to new york a week ago is that he was there he met so many leaders and everyone is concerned about the extremist unilateralist approach by the united states administration i think are the truth which country is isolated and that's a very telling situation do you think the instep system of trying to avoid u.s. sanctions is going to work i noticed more countries joined in russia this week many conversations in new york about that europeans have been trying to show you that they have done what to read the quote to solve the d.c.p. way but unfortunately in practice our nothing has moved so far so we are still of a thing to see what would be concrete actions and measures by europeans of course
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the new york times is are there going that your president left strumpet hanging when a call was set up between between them through president of france why did he not come out of his room at the new yorker lemme tell last week they are talking about the new deal and that's what they are trying to achieve but you see it states do not conclude deal out of where we more on any poles any agreement is supposed to be based on reliable partners to have a purpose if they are looking for a deal you're going to have indeed there is an existing the which has been working well and only one country reneged on its obligation and pulled out but as ambassador you must be aware of the way trump does business apparently in the past 48 hours or been sources close to the white house saying there's going to be new conversations with kim jong. and in north korea did you think donald trump wanted
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to speak to rouhani and claim some kind of diplomatic victory making a deal he's not a fanciful or a statesman do not conclude agreements just for a shake shaking hands or a foot or so of we have been doing this. for more than 12 years right now i think everyone admits that they were not serious in their consent they simply try to find any excuse be given a nuclear program to pressurize iran otherwise they were not happy left are these very kind of i would not say perfect but a very working. as a. nuclear negotiator what do you think britain's response has been to trump's decision how well do you think they've responded to the violation of the security council resolution that mandates the nuclear deal concerning iran that's the central point. unfortunately our show is the response to
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unilaterally breach of the deal by the us administration has been at best totally in effect short and not worst i should say of their approach has been wholly sub mislead and even i dared to say very acquiesce and that has emboldened the us administration to go ahead with their radical you relax release them be to respect to not only the respect to j.c.t. way but also with respect to many other international agreements well the u.k. foreign secretary dominic rabb says he's confident that iran was responsible for increasing oil supply prices by 5 percent because it drone bombed the around co facilities in saudi arabia pointing fingers has been unfortunately a pattern going to call habit by certain western statement by the it one chain.
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the realities on the ground is that 5 years into this conflict which has been fueled by suppliers of or principally u.s. and u.k. the people have been killed and maimed then a start to this on a daily basis now there has been simply a defense by these poor people after 5 years and there is no evidence of iran having anything to do with this that i can dance or facilities well it's not only dominic of course the arabia's mama been told or an interviewer in the united states that it shows iranian stupidity that it even did carried out this drone attack on iran go and might bump a u.s. secretary of state called the actions of iran an act of war this is an outrageous distortion of facts and i think they should big. not accusing iran of killing. i guess but have they tried their best to do the same we
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just speak to the heinous act so where do you think the british foreign office is getting his information obviously the saudi spokesperson conal turkey maliki stopped short of directly blaming iran but showed the iranian missile parts when it came to the attack on saudi arabia which you're saying was actually by yemeni goofy community forces are a fish out of being very clear that iran had nothing to do with. but you see they have to recognize that people under such a very difficult circumstances in yemen after 5 years of bombardment relentless attack by the very few are supplied by u.s. and u.k. they simply reacted and these has been their weapons of choice britain of course continues as you say to sell arms just. saudi arabia for use in yemen that's just
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a year ago this washington bird journalist shoji being killed by saudi arabia that's admitted by mom had been 7 do you think there is an information war about iran today that has been a kind of or really young pattern of misinformation disinformation distortion of facts about iran and we have had to deal with that for a long time so this is not new just distorting the naked truth about iran and about what is going on in our in our region has now been proven beyond doubt but of course the sanctions are in place israel just in the past few weeks is bombed gaza lebanon syria iraq can iran really defend itself from israel there have been assassinations on the streets of your capital after all and of course israel allegedly has nuclear weapons on fortunately this regime has been left on unfettered in our atrocities against palestinians for more than 7 decades
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against. the neighbor neighboring countries even beyond that that's really beyond disgraceful that this entity is using or rather i'm using that if you take the money developers of our one of the biggest countries in the morn to simply export terrorism as a thing nation and or kind of. a region well the i.r.g.c. commanders and salami claims israel can be wiped off the map in the face of that kind of action but isn't it the case that there must be voices in your country who say why did you personally ambassador why were you involved in negotiating a j c p o a with these powers who had no interest in world peace why are you talking to neighbors that are folding one by one as regards trade with your country why are
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you dealing with these countries if they are truthful beyond leaving. we the community or in the community of us states and we have to deal with all the countries in the board there are only 2 countries or rather one country plus one entity that we have no deal are quite. clear which countries we are not talking to a point from that i think iran has always been for talks then dialogue and through that we have been trying to remove a misunderstanding because there have been certain countries trying to sow division . among countries in the region we know we truly believe that it is our region we are your future neighbors and we have to result any dispute or any misunderstanding among ourselves there rather than giving any excuse to others to
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interfere and to simply. form and conflict or fuel the situation just finally and briefly is the real reason why president rouhani kept donald trump waiting there in his room with on the phone is the real reason because rouhani is responding to the iranian people and his popularity back at home in that he just doesn't want to talk to the united states i think prisoner harney himself through this speak up for him man and the actions he took have been just a photo op or shaking hands without any purpose i think it would be simply. something that no one no responsible statement can really agree to ambassador thank you thank you so much after the break as it emerges that a top twitter executive is the information warfare soldier in the british army we talked this information with one of david cameron's ministers in the conservative
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liberal democrats go allision norman baker and can boris johnson for just. trade deal with india destroyed by british colonialism indian m.p. and former u.n. secretary general shushu through iran johnson's hero winston churchill one thing mahatma gandhi dead as the world's largest democracy today celebrates the 150th anniversary of the book of the civil rights icon. coming up but to a going underground. gandhian by north it so many people because they copied him is so good that even
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such a bad copy is sending. i'm not here to plug anybody into god on the field to find the next guy. who looked up live on the indian improving done deal in philosophy and red blood she went on the attempt. to deflect some moves for the c.e.o. thing is a deflection what is comfortable saying. that is going to be that when i got out for many observers. that he and others are going to going to hear a lot about. that that you can bank on you've. got a. long long while and then
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you also on the bottom line can choke a lot older. than do a new person and they have to. what did gandhi the new normal gandhi. peace prize be mean to ignore you then going to mock you even join you. welcome back joining me now to go through some the week's top stories is former liberal democrat m.p. and former minister of state for crime prevention norman bacon normal welcome back to the show thank you new book out again i can differ among themselves of the 15th of october it's cold and what do you do it's about the royal family will have you on about that thank you serialized in a national newspaper we can talk about it here anyway let's talk about the tory party conference which actually is related to the queen and the mona keep this room is the queen has been asking advice about how to remove boris johnson as prime minister how do you think the conference has gone well i think it's
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a bit bizarre to be perfectly frank with you we've had 10 years of austerity and george osborne his colleagues time to have been telling us we can't afford to spend money we have to save money out for the consequence of the practices and here we are with a forest of money for us suddenly appeared money everywhere buses police offices roads because of the previous tory administration the administration of 70 and this is allowed to britain to do this that was had. no i think i think it looks to me like a classic pre-election bribe let's go to this story from the express yes express coburn's plot to actually develop record it would be devastating says ian duncan smith the quiet man of politics is now turning up the volume no doubt a different universe of credit which most people arguably say has killed people in this country well i seriously thought that that allegation is undoubtedly 17000 don't believe it 17 times but undoubtedly it don't mean well handled and there are
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issues with the structure of it need to be replaced but the concept of it seems to me to be correct. the concept being that you should never be worse off in work the new when you're on benefits this former tory leader seems to be saying yes the under blair and brown it was terrible these anomalies showed up but i mean while people might accept that you can't possibly say that it was a credit to un special rapporteur as in poverty have said the introduction of this is been a catastrophe for these doctors has not been well handled but the principle is right this is why you voted for it well i was a coach it was part of the coalition agreement ok let's go to the japanese owned financial times yes interesting story twitter executives british army information warfare unit reservist and people took so you'd know that the british army has had a policy of having information put out in a way that influences public opinion if you know about it when i grow my business i'm a member of the 77 brigade the british army out there and we just didn't know
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a freemason so i mean i knew about this from my days in opposition and i found fault with doing that and what did they do it easy using british army techniques but look i think i think every government in the world whether it's the british or the americans and the russians or the chinese have got people who are pumping out messages and information to social media or through friends in the press that they want to have communicated something new that's why we have dominic cummings that's why we had alastair campbell yes good friend other tony blair is yes and that's why that's why the answer is 1st of all our diverse press so the doctor much power in a few hands and secondly the freedom of information act improperly so you can follow what's going on then the answers and the safeguards for that situation now there's nothing more with the british army potentially putting out messages there's nothing won't be covertly this is it has to be well i know i know but it's always we could find out about them he's been tweeting if it is indeed this guy against jeremy corbett yes massively hands are leading politician well i don't know that
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but if he has been nuts don't write and quite clearly there's a potential conflict of interest between his position. working for the british army and what might be happening on twitter and that's why situation with the army should not be allowed to occur you don't think this means that there needs to be some going to review well i do think you need to be repeated i do think that needs to be examined and i think it's unwise when somebody can be seen to have a potential conflict of interest but on baker thank you well as india celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of mahatma gandhi a global icon for civil rights the people of the disputed jammu and kashmir region continue to have their rights denied them it's an ongoing indian military enforced shutdown joining me now is former u.n. undersecretary general an indian national congress lok sabha m.p. said he thanks for coming on the show before we get into any of that do you think basically the electoral success of. the b j p they signal the end of a gun these dream of a secular india not really 1st of all because of course these victories are always
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temporary there for 5 years because though most of these party and his ideological forebears in the hindu for movement have historically been very critical even contemptuous of marburg on the he has moved in a different direction to try an appropriate the gandhian legacy for his own government and he's actually gone out of his way to. in a startling repudiation of everything is his movement stands for in the past he's gone out of his way to hail mark mcgovern the to celebrate the 155th 150th anniversary big time to make my mug on these glasses the symbol of a split in the campaign and so on i would agree that he only really cares about the symbol and not the substance but numberless the fact that we have now a prime minister from that political background which was historically hostile to gandhi and some of his forebears notoriously celebrated the assassination of mug on
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the by distributing london's indian sweets on the occasion other bad. movement is now embracing mahatma gandhi and ailing him as the father of the nation is a slightly encouraging signs say getting that old to me isn't because the muddy quickly cracked down on fellow locks. the core who had praised gun these assassination or these gun these assassin is an indian patriot in about 3 months as one person cracked down upon the crackdown is a bit much because the she continued to be a candidate of his party won the election and is now a member for his party another gentleman another m.p. who actually said that every statue mahatma gandhi in the country or to be replaced by statues of his assessment not only remains an m.p. was reelected this year and chairs a parliamentary committee and is often asked to lead his party in debates so i have to say that they really can get away from their historical dislike of mug on the
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whom they found to be too namby pamby for their taste but his fondness for nonviolence himself his emphasis on truth and truth force. his modernism and above all as includes his his entire approach of inclusiveness when it came to india's minorities particularly our very substantial muslim minority and all of those things are are elements of the hindu 12 movement dislikes and dislikes passionately and to the bone. and that's something we simply can't get away from we have a prime minister who wants to play down that legacy but it is legacy of course today these shares parliament square with winston churchill the hero of the present prime minister for a while boris johnson what do you make of the fact that churchill wanted to go on the dead in the fact that of course birth johnson called churchill a romantic imperialist not much romance i can tell you too imperialism of
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a lot of the receiving end of it as we were in his gun he was churchill amongst his other denied for pronouncements. wanted gandhi trampled to death by elephants he also when he presided over the deaths of 4300000 people because of his decisions churchill's in the grid being all famine of 94344 when conscience stricken british officials wrote to him as prime minister asking him to reverse these decisions all he could bring himself to do was to write in the margins of the file why hasn't done the died yet i don't consider miss the cheshire to hear of anything other than oppression racism and slavery and certainly not a man of any more own that you fit to be mentioned in the in the same breath as mouth my gun and in that probably be j.p.n. beings would share your opinion so do you think ironically then gandhi as a is a unifying figure even today or do you think that neo fascists are goal welker and so walker ideologies are going to shape the constitution going forward well that
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was my fear and i expressed that fear some years ago and i'm beginning to think there's some hope now because the r.s.s. the party that russia so i'm sort of sung the the the organization of which going welcome presided has just reshoot a collected works of which have been completely exploded to them as more outrageous pronouncements and this kind of editing down of their own group is quite a startling indication of their willingness to change attitudes to conceal some of the worst and most unsavory things of their past that we find that more and more people in move mr move these on to russia appreciate the value of mahatma gandhi as if you like a symbol of india broad the soft power benefits that accrue to those who hail mahatma gandhi and so i think that is a willingness to come around indeed to see him as you suggested as
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a sort of unifying symbol rather than somebody on whose whose life and record there was a division. of opinion between the mainstream political parties and what was once a fringe movement in the hindutva politics espoused by mr moody today mr movie center stage he is the is the is the ruling ideology of the ruling party which has a majority in the indian house of parliament and is heading for one in the upper house and therefore suddenly a lot of people who have spent their political lives assailing mahatma gandhi have the respectability of high office and high influence in the ruling party and that is the other side of the coin that's what many of us on my side of things politically worry about ok here with more optimistic about the constitution what about kashmir how extreme is the b j p imran khan one of the un general assembly of the threat of a nuclear war between pakistan and india and do you think you'll change his mind to
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allow trump to mediate over kashmir is don't trump has offered neither of those i think has been has gone over very well in india with all shades of political opinion imran is somebody have known of the boston i think he was ill advised to make the speech he did because i don't think the world is ready to hear this kind of talk about a nuclear armageddon being unleashed because of what's happened in kashmir on the indian side of kashmir particularly since it merely mirrors what had already happened in the past on the pakistani side of kashmir where not only is is the constitutional status of good bond no the the question of direct federal rule in the pakistan occupied part of the mir long since settled by the authorities as lama but the demography of pockets on occupied kashmir according to pakistan's own census is no 97 percent punjabi speaking there isn't much kashmir left in pakistani
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kush me or so i think it is behoves mr khan my good friend imran to speak as he does and i think that was an unfortunate. it and not terribly statesman like speech of his but ok i asked for i have to say that i have to say that i think no offense as. he does sometimes tend to blunder in where perhaps angels fear to tread and mediation between india and the neighbor which was once a pause of india and with whom there is no linguistic beria and not to mention other means of communication is never be and has never been a particularly welcome aid in india india feels that. we don't need anybody to help us talk to pakistan as long as baucus on puts the gun down well of course we invite the pakistani ambassador on the 2 again to try and refute that but just finally then obviously there's another anniversary this week the 70th anniversary of communist china a country that brought 850000000 people out of poverty do you think it's gone these
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fault that india still has a subsaharan rates of poverty 30 percent of all the world's extremely poor children are in india today well i wouldn't blame gun this year because he passed away years and he was shot in assassinated just a few months off to independency he had no room in the decisions and policies that followed had he not be assassinated he had announced a decision to go and live in baucus and say he might have had a greater influence on that country than he would have had of the policies of this one who knows what's what for face might have had in store for them but as far as they can i mean policies are concerned we were going through a rather good phase for 10 years before the present government came to us in which i am proud to say over 100000000 people were pulled out of poverty well short of the chinese figures but well on the right path a number of disastrous decisions have been made in the last 55 years and a bit which have set the indian economy back but i do believe that it would take
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an even greater degree of incompetence and folly to to prevent in. from pulling its poor out of poverty there's a tremendous tremendous commitment across political divides and the old sections of india society has to fight poverty and overcome it and i believe it's just waiting for sensible policies of the kind that dr manmohan singh pursued for 10 years to help india come out of its speaks and writes joshi through a thank you. thank you that's it for the show we're back on saturday with a going underground world exclusive we fly to berlin to speak to moammar gadhafi spokesperson music and bring him now in the green resistance movement 8 years to the month since his media was murdered in the u.k. back destruction of africa's which is because of the country and be sure to subscribe to our you tube channels you don't miss it see that.
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rather than force a lot i know comes out of the cold war you are the sort of one among what i would all i'm. a finalist for the main t.v. way to high is not the high i might. get this month when the sun shone. full of hope totally unknown to me just a lot of the. fancy it is someone who did the boards. to.
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join me every thursday on the elec simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. you can smell b.s. powell it's a bit like voting ed but with chemical potential people in the french city of rwandan munging the tree from the north or it's easy to find as a local chemical factory there with officials in fish is safe to breathe and. you can talk to any foreign but when you have any type of contact with the smoke it's dangerous i have 4 kids and they were impacted by the smell and my grades i think there is a risk for health and i can feel it after making headlines across the us a schoolgirl apologizes for fabricating a story this year with attacks by white cloth mates we look at
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a concert of folks with hope. and.


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