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tv   News  RT  June 19, 2019 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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are you going to. do was the. headline story prosecutors charged 4 suspects over there are alleged involvement in the dawning of malaysia flight m h 17 over eastern ukraine in 24. also coming on the program opposition party is accused of spending humanitarian aid money unquote hotels drugs and prostitutes. while boris johnson leads the race to be britain's next prime minister spied past remarks coming back to haunt him 2 more days of we'll see the remaining hopefuls we're told. by thursday.
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live from our international news center in moscow this is r.t. pleasure to have your company my name's union o'neill our top story. international investigators have charged 4 suspects over the dawning of malaysia airlines flight m h 172-0143 of them are russian one ukrainian the tragedy over east ukraine in 2014 in the line of all 298 people on board the joint investigation team have also now requested cooperation from russia after showing moscow's numerous offers to assist over the past 5 years before in this let's bring in our t.v. evil. should dot off. i suppose they mean
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a lot in this for the 1st time the joint investigation team namely what of this it well indeed for the as you've rightly media conference and we should they have announced their intentions to press charges against 4 suspects they've said that there are 4 people who they will be putting on the international most wanted list they've also mentioned that they're not going to request an extradition from russia but that they will ask the russians to interrogate to question those suspects now interestingly enough none of these 4 people have connections to a russian military brigade the same investigators are accusing of smuggling this book the. complex the missile launch complex a little downing the jet into ukraine and probably the most high profile figure among those charged is good akin to a man with the 2nd name of your king who served at the time of the tragedy has
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served as the minister of defense of the breakaway and recognized donetsk people's republic. we do request the russian federation again to cooperate with their mutual legal assistance request. we still have unanswered questions these are simple questions. we invite the russian federation to answer these questions quickly if you look back you can establish stead from the 1st day after the 17th of july the russian federation has not disclosed anything about what happened and that is a slap in the face of the relatives of the victims and the bereaved and i call out to them to start cooperating to tell us what happened. well this has been the main line for the for the investigators for the media conference that russia is not
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doing enough that russia is not aiding the investigation to the extent that the well the investigators would want russia to do so but it does sound like russia and the g 8 see the drug trade investigators simply can't they don't hear each other because most cool from the outset has been saying that it wants to be part of the investigation that it wants to help out to those looking into the tragedy i mean vladimir putin has said that most call or will be happy to recognize the conclusions of the probe if it is part of that if it is part of that probe as for corp russia has been for years russia has been knocking on many doors trying to pass some of its information some of the data it has to the investigators for instance we've prepared a short clip of explaining what that has been. the previous investigation so many triumphantly shouting accusations at russia but instead of trying to out yell its critics russia showed original documents raw data and experiment results
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which poked holes in the investigation exhibit a. russia's defense ministry dug into its archives and deep it traced the missile based on the pieces discovered among the debris of m.h. 17 the ministry determined its tail number revealing the full life cycle of the project tile manufactured back in the days of the soviet union in 1986 the missile was shipped to a military base in ukraine it never left the territorial the soviet republic and then after the break up of uses of the country according to the ministries data the book missile was moved only within the borders over ukraine and in 2014 it was set up and stored at a base in the west of the country exhibit b. . the many fracture of book
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messiah was a conducted a feel experiment over it so it targeted a segment of an aircraft ho similar to the downed boeing with book missiles the goal was to determine the likely angle from which the projectile impacted on the malaysian aircraft back into anything seen and consequentially pinpoint the likely spot on the ground from which the shot was fired the verdict it could have only been launched from the ukraine controlled part of the front line exhibit c. . russia provided plenty of technical results to the dutch led investigation from the specs of the book missile to raider readings from southern russia which borders with these 2 crane according to most school with the can be foolish to and on that day raiders failed to detect a new launch which would be impossible if indeed a book missile had been fired from
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a rebel controlled area or league or let me just pick up on what we've just been seeing there fresh for some years now you've had russian authorities the offense ministry of also got the money. factors of the missile system itself coming out and saying to the joint investigation team here's what we know this is the information please have it how is that going with the dutch investigators while in fact for instance some of that information has been addressed by the dutch investigators for instance we just heard about the missile the fact that the russian defense ministry track to traced it and revealed that it has belonged to ukraine since 1906 this is something that the investigators to. today's media conference they were like they were they were asked the question as to how they managed to rule out this possibility that the message belonged to ukraine and their reaction i have to say was a bit awkward and we'll have
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a look for yourselves. how did you manage to disprove in the refute the fact that the record belong to the ukrainian army to a known from the official documents that it was in the ukrainian army since the 1986 and a quick follow up question during the investigation the joint team said to you see the russian raid. ended it was analyzed by the 2 experts that said that they didn't find any practical use in it. well you can see how they are the kind of world we're reluctant to hold like who's going to who's going who's going to take this question you or me they were very hesitant for a long time in response to that they reply that russia didn't exactly explain what happened to that what happened to that book and to do what exactly happened on that date and it's not clear what they meant by saying that because again the russian
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defense ministry presented and showed the original documents their original documents back from the soviet union detailing the exact date when that rocket had been made manufactured when it was shipped out to ukraine in the how the how it stayed in ukraine within its borders within the borders of the soviet republic and then the independent country so it's not it's not clear why exactly how they managed to pull that out but they're saying that well in court in the hague things go to court that. the judge will make a ruling as to what information to reveal now this is not the only piece of russian evidence that has been overlooked for instance we've heard the g 8 c. today citing radar reading ukraine's radar readings saying that they did not that they did not see that they did not detect any launch any missile launch from ukraine controlled territory pretty significant as well yes it is significant but i mean ukraine is clearly
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a biased crowd here why. russia's russia has also paused its radar readings from in from and from an area that borders eastern ukraine and russia says that there are a year that russia's raiders have not detected any missile launch either which again would have been impossible if the missile had been launched from a rebel controlled area so i mean they're choosing a so the g.a.t.a. effectively chose to take into account ukraine's radar readings but ignored russia's radar readings so they're there you go and i mean it's not just russia that has been skeptical over this whole investigation in malaysia the country the world a direct victim over this horrible tragedy they have been critical of this investigation before as well take a listen. the accusing russians of buying them. but what is the evidence you could even be the ukrainian government because they do
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have does him. no way we excluded from the examination but from the very beginning we see too much politics indeed the idea was to find out how did this happen when all that. seemed to be consented to been on russia here we have but these who have some political interests in the matter and they examine well now of course the media conference was going on for well over an hour and there's not nearly enough time to have a look into every aspect that was brought out at that media conference but at the end of the day it will be interesting to say what russia will it will be interesting to see i should say what russia has will have to say in response to the new accuse asians in response to the 4 people now directly accused and charged and who will be put on the international wanted list what how russia will respond to
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those new york his actions the roughing up 5 years of the aftermath of that deadly today's developments of thank you. moving on to more world members of the venezuelan opposition have been implicated in a corruption scandal and leaked documents appear to reveal that official one goh i doze movement had been embezzling aid funds for personal use the money was intended for soldiers who defected and fled to neighboring colombia. humanitarian aid it is more a humanitarian robbery all the money from the famous humanitarian aid fund was stolen of take note washington not only are the opposition liars but they are thieves too who stole thousands of dollars from each other. what's been spoken about there are thousands of dollars raised from aid concert on the colombian
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border were partly spent on hotels prostitutes and luxury goods by 2 members of why do is party they were in charge of overseeing the humanitarian aid here's our senior correspondent with more as the sex drugs and rock'n'roll aren't something you'd associate with a humanitarian aid concert wrongly that seems colombian authorities themselves a shocked and barris that what they've uncovered and to think it all began so innocently we need to try to help those who are not getting medical help help those who are hungry and today hopefully on the back of this concert we can start maybe getting supplies into that to sway those people who are not suffering so much back then the freshly self-proclaimed president of venezuela called in the military to
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defect join him and top of the corrupt regime. and we plotted the armed forces welcome to the right side of history welcome to the soldiers who are today following the constitution welcome hundreds of soldiers did defect some with families some of the small children they scared to colombia they were put in hotels and by mid march it was living in the streets we are desperate we do not want to stay in colombia we want to return to venezuela but not in the current living conditions we do not know. how could this happen out of the 7 hotels that the soldiers were staying in all but 2 were being paid for by the un and the colombian government to hotels is all who and why do those representatives had to pay for except they didn't according to the journalists who broke this story why and why do
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all of this a month ago. we couldn't allow for any bad managing of money to overshadow what has been a big effort on the part of all venezuelans that's why as soon as we had the information about the ongoing investigation we decided to send it straight to every impartial or thorazine the people who did this bear in mind were appointed by why do personally and he only chose to speak with the story already public knowledge saying transparent investigation is needed also amazingly managing to somehow imply that the venezuelan government does involve culpable complicit and that guy duo doesn't cover up corruption which he kept covered up for at least a month obviously the actual venezuelan government has questions. it's a huge drop in corruption poor to divert money that we could use both sick children
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instead of being spent on food medicine these being used to pay for alcohol prostitutes expensive shopping trips and luxury hotels as do those allies why is his party which promises to cleanse venezuela of corruption and exercise the demons of the old regime why are these people blowing tens of thousands of dollars in aid money on prostitutes drugs and booze and live a concert that richard branson has led along with others in the us pro a chant of february 22nd 23rd is a complete failure of plan why those forces inside of bennett and columbia have been using the money to enrich themselves for luxury staying in a $5.00 star hotel and therefore they're really showing what they're about it's about wanting to power for personal enrichment the corruption scandal is just one
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small part of what the u.s. is engaging in in this enormous assault a genocidal assault against the people of venice well it's hundreds of millions it's chance of billions of dollars that the u.s. is stealing in the name of one way though stealing money from the venezuelan people . now the shortlist to become britain's next prime minister will get a little shorter this wednesday 5 will become 4 in the race to replace theresa may as conservative leader and then in thursday's final ballots m.p.'s will knock out all but the final 2 candidates after the grassroots members the side artie's probably boyko looks at who's still in the race. but contest is hotting up and the field has been whittled down one blonde bombshell remains the front runner and these are the politicians who's made it through to the next round at the conservative party's game of knockout or should it be called the contest for who
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gets to lose to boris johnson in the race for downing street it was very scary no you're really going to get implementation so i don't know how there is nothing i don't need only the quest for a new leader has got the country poring over the contestants of dirty laundry. gordon brown as prime minister would be obsolete rageous not just because you don't popping into fear in high tax in complicated of life but mainly because he's a scot and government by a scot is just not conceivable in the current constitutional context. my wife is japanese and i was telling the story if you. read the review the current. steve you say that the man that you are backing jeremy i'm so sorry jeremy hunt i've never said
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that before in my life it's usually men who say that so i really really want to apologize i'm sorry can you guess which politician took which drug in their preponderate ix days michael gove's was a front runner but his campaign was marred after he was forced to admit he dabbled with cocaine in the 1990 s. it was a crime it was a mistake deeply regret it should you have gone to prison. while i was i was fortunate in that i didn't and then there's what he started as the rank outsider his warts and all media strategy hash tag laurie walks has been gathering momentum up until now the secretary of state for international development wasn't that well known outside of westminster or isn't guys. you have to have a quick film. was for filming
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for the i'm a politician and standing to be prime minister standing room meeting people oh i want to see her. with all this dirt on offer you'd expect those competing for a chance to move in here in a couple of weeks time to engage in some good old fashioned political mudslinging but at this stage of the contest boris johnson is so far ahead that the other conservative candidates appeared to have come down with a case of lightness perhaps looking into the future and vying for top positions in an all but inevitable boris johnson cabinet. there is no reason for a war between iran and the united states that's the message coming from iran the statement comes after washington announced the deployment of $1000.00 additional troops to the middle east causing a further increase in regional tension. there will not be
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a military confrontation between iran and america says there is no reason for a war because in other countries has turned into a common practice among u.s. officials as they try to pressure other countries that we are there to deter aggression present does not want war and we will continue to communicate that message wall doing the things that are necessary to protect american interests in the region but we can't do that without making sure that we have the capability to respond if iran makes a bad decision just the background to this the military deployment follows an attack on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman on thursday which the united states was quick to blame all around us central command sought to bolster the accusation by releasing images allegedly showing an iranian naval team removing an all mix loaded mine from one of the vessels to run strongly denied that it was responsible for the deteriorating relations between the 2 rivals house calls growing concern in the international community in recent weeks including reportedly the u.n.
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we're joined now by dr afshin shah senior lecturer in international relations on middle east politics out of the university of bradford in the u.k. welcome sir both the u.s. around there saying quite clearly they do not want war but how concerned are you that a miscalculation could trigger a conflict how precarious is the situation. i think you really are with mission beans gary cheer i very much now answer you all the only in grace in need rex confrontation with the united states particularly at this very very very sensitive situation for the regime or when there are a lot of economists parsons' on the government when it comes to the position of. this government to be honest i don't know what we see at the moment in the white house is the climate of chaos and confusion there are so many mixed messages
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coming from washington sometimes on the basis one day donald trump is threatening actually to send more troops to the middle east in order to create a coalition against iran and the other the he says that actually that he doesn't want will so basically what we see at the moment these are basically usually that. lack of consistency. in the white house one of these in a situation you are said stan. is that there will be one follows and additional u.s. troops deployed to the region do you think of valor as a purely defensive move because that's what mike pompei o america's top diplomat has claimed. are really intending to invade iraq which is from the north next to the sea and from the south and east next to the version bulls obviously with the amount of honor soldiers never even dream.
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on launching like what the launch in 2003 against iraq the u.s. and iran supreme 100000 and soldiers to invade iraq and obviously as we did see the funny thing. materialize in the way the white house i think in mind that if they want to invade the country like it's one could be clark and how great nation you need at least about 1000000. of solutions to begin thinking about hunting we can't so if there has to be one front asian it's going to be a tactical on of their invasion and maybe the group of corporate want to be nuisance to all can target and even if they didn't have any not when it was one of the consequences and implications it's going to have already united act it's policy nothing to what. you though is the goal of america's iran policy i suppose more
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partly who's in the driving seat here just to pick up in your 1st answer is it dollar trump is it mike pump a 0 is it national security advisor john bolton who makes the final say here. the reason that actually b.c. these climate change and confusion in the wind power is exactly what i'm just i don't know the whole since the certainty always really behind american foreign policy when it comes and when it comes to iraq and that's why actually there is a conflict would you actually different forms that differ nationally science in the white one the basically you see what bolton likes to. see on a harsher stronger and more threatening messages and calling from washington and the other there you see basically don't jump across like mr looney so you know we're not the author we're interested in the nixon how are we going to increase our
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russia but basically i see the role of the regional. want to kill united arab emirates and saudi arabia and israel is really important or are. you having a lot of influence on the white house at the moment when it comes to you know dr action shot a senior lecturer in international relations middle east politics at university of bradford thank you very much. well just on this iran's ambassador to the u.k. as a guest this week on artie's going underground he discussed the escalation in the region with afshin rattansi can watch the full episode on r.t. dot com on our you tube channel as well and also right here in about a minute's time. they know them selves that these pictures. don't to proof what they are claiming in fact they or they are saying that we have an assessment but the question is the suspend should be based on facts and evidences these
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pictures that have been released very distorted and you cannot get any conclusion out of it v. as your own of would be very delighted to be part of an international investigation that we would in fact professionally. get the matter in fact considered and to really look at the evidences so v would be very much supporting. a neutral and totally investigation into the issue but as we have said this is unfortunately part of the dirty politics. wrong. i'll just call. it. yet to see.
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just the answer. and it gets what it was betrayed. when so many find themselves worlds apart we just of the for common ground. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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time action and see and you're watching a special edition of going underground from the iranian embassy in london as britain and the united states send their soldiers to the persian gulf and bassa to thank you so much for inviting us into the embassy i'm going to ask you jeremy hunt the british foreign secretary says that he is almost certain donald trump says you saw the boat at night trying to take the mine off and successfully took the mine off the boat and that was exposed what did you make of the video imagery and the pictures we have here proving almost certainly that the iranian government was involved in explosions on tankers in the version gulf they knew them selves that
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these pictures. don't to prove what they are claiming in fact they or they are saying that we have an assessment but the question is the suspend should be based on facts and evidences these pictures that have been released there are very. sorted and you cannot get any conclusion out of it we as iran would be very delighted to be part of an international investigation that we would in fact professionally. get the matter in fact considered and really look at the evidences because we know that they are in the region they have suppressed sophisticated equipment they can have very clear images from what has happened before did the fire after the fire and the many incidents that are not clear in this.


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