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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 10, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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however ever since the end of the 2nd world war unfortunately in the west sensibly american brits and history has been rewritten because if someone from another planet change suit if they get spanked that will suit the guy and it's on the beaches of normandy which is absolutely incorrect it was only decent scrums what world war 2 was won and lost is on the eastern sunset a bad marks in 88 percent of the total was one casualty so let me put it in a novel way of every 5 german soldiers killed it was also 4 killed fighting against the red zone mates and it's the sacrifices of the great army that enable naziism to be discrete it's be destroyed and peter you and i would not be having this discussion in cost or without the sacrifices of the soviet union exactly exactly well that's absolutely true also i would like to make it clear why putin and the xi
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jinping did not come to france 1st they were not invited because it was supposed to be at the prime ministerial level for some reason this year and 2nd in 2015 when russia and china commemorated they were victory days in may and in september the and off kluge tremendous suffering you know the 2 nations that lost most during that war the western leaders didn't come our bomber was invited he didn't come to moscow he didn't come to be didn't even though he was invited so now when there mainstream western press is say keeping all criticism on trump well i think drum player has been behaving very badly in the last few years but it all started under obama so you know talking about this and ha needs trade war and other things i think the relationship between that liberal establishment and trump is like the relationship between dr jekyll and mr hyde. is doing all of this something that the
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liberal elite has started doing secretly but are bombing did not include china in the transpacific partnership or that was armor and that was intentional absolutely he did not include russia he did not include china he did not include the 2 biggest nations or west pacific into trans-pacific partnership so it was clear that these partnership would die and when trump killed that he basically continued what obama started a new in so before you criticize trump who is mr who is mr height looking to the mall and kills of evil inside mr jekyll is mr jake allies no this is this is the relationship between that liberal establishment in the united states and trump the l a law him to do unpopular things that they themselves wanted to do with it's go back to london marcus it's not about china in russia i mean the critics of this relationship growing relationship they call it
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a marriage of convenience you can also argue as i said in my introduction that it may be the pivotal relationship of the 21st century when what say you marcus well it was only in 2016 when i gave a speech at king's college london on russian sino relations in which i asked can the relationship between moscow and beijing become even close so well freeze on some that it hurts it is unprecedented it's high levels and there are a number of factors for that one of them is that russia has an extraordinary amount of natural resources and china lacks natural resources in particular and the chinese economy is made massively dependent on natural resources so the russians of course a supply an oil gas coal and also water to china which is crucial for the chinese economy also. china and russia on alarmed at american aggression in the world's
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china's alarmed at the increase in the american naval presence in the south china sea china is alarmed at the american defense system in south korea and russia is alarmed i know it's very nice you know but i'm not i know this is going to disappoint some people. the idea that russia and china are going to come to take on america and bankrupting america is of course folly the chinese over the last 6 years achieved nothing short of an economic miracle and that it was being based on its relationship with china so the chinese will not do anything that could jeopardize their economic sense and so i would describe the relationship between the 2 and china as something like it's $36.00 i think it's good for global peace i think it's good for global stability and china and more allies they are i think that that's a very good point and i actually that is my position as well you know kamal we've
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heard a lot about this relationship and some people called strategic partnership there's been a lot of words ok trade is up ticking but it's still relatively small when you can compare the kind of trade that russia still has with europe so i mean are our actions now finally catching up with words well i think with this in fact correlation this union between russia and china would have never been possible if it hadn't been for the conduct of the west and they don't mean just the united states i mean also the european union because you know the kind of articles that they've all of these d.-day you know anthony beaver in the times compared to how i was odessa chain it was really disappointing to me this is a grammar story and he's related skills or he's an interesting historian but he's analogy was that russia and china are like the drama not sis and trump is is disintegrating the western alliance against. them so he's misbehaving you know he
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is and you abuser and this apparently was absolutely wrong it's actually immoral the same parallel from. the washington examiner. i am asking myself would american public support more than phoebe assault to liberate a foreign country what if china seized the japanese islands office and cockle 1st they're not japanese. and there are good you know there are so many muggles if there isn't as are going to and then what the frosh invaded the baltics would we start an in phoebus assault to help need to push them out of that these are provocative statements and unfortunately they're not monsoonal they reflect the mainstream the mainstream of the of the western media so in this situation when the united states and war against chua wait and see and then overall they're all the
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media outlets c.n.n. is writing that these while we ban research showing showing that countrywide slowing down countrywide adoption in the united states over the 5 g. so maybe we will be legen behind china called now even russia not usually thought of as a leader maybe poised to pull ahead and quote so that the states and the leadership of the united states in the you are big i mean an impediment for technological development i mean a trade war that i think you just mentioned enemy turn back to london markets here it's built into the mix that russia and china are the enemy i mean look at this this is this preparation of the part of the populace to d.m. russia and china in really together all my goodness you know threatening western institutions and their way of life i mean just a very rhetorical pitch. tells you
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a whole lot about the policy perceptions will we have the united states changing its foreign policy and defense postures assuming that the the adversary said they will fight is not the war on terrorism because it was never a war on terrorism but now great appear power confrontations which of course keeps on the defense industries a well well paid ok and if you're invested in those companies he is going to make a lot of money go ahead marcus well i think that american politicians but if liberal won't serve it's really our lectures creatures because undoubtedly there are some who do believe in china are going to seem up its hate on america and what is their fear because of that that the russians and the chinese will impair america's ability to wage war around the world and what's wrong with that. what you're on with that china the north at back i see it all continental army 35
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years on a likely united states are likely to go in marcus go keep going well i mean it is stomach turning that these people in america on capitol hill they want to continue ruining people's lives they want to continue destabilizing the globe and stability and stability and they fear that russia and china could prevent them from doing it it really isn't inserted well and the compensates is that they may treat just the 1st person i would give them any eggs heart whatsoever but these are the same people who don't question how bill clinton said that god told him to bomb serbia or how george w. bush oh how adults hold g.h. w. bush to invade iraq or how mike recently said donald trump was all to protect israel from iran these people are serious the silence on what i would describe as critical comments yeah all of the you know demon i mean the imperial endeavor is a bipartisan. i'll give you the last word in this part well right now they're
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russia cheney's trade is $180000000000.00 and usually the critics point to the fact that a lot of it's energy out of a certain amount of it is energy and the critics point to this fact saying all their american chinese trade is still much bigger well 200000000000 so we have already been import. tariffs were imposed on them 25 percent 300000000000 are under threat of such tariffs so if the united states and if their western world at large continues behaving in that way russia trade with china will grow and you have no experience in each i want to think markets papadopoulos from joining us here in london we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real mistake with our.
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inconvenient truth time we've never been off the gold standard. people say we left the gold standard but in fact central banks clear all their. dealings with gold and now after this period of experimentation with a purely run currency. of the globe various countries are recognizing that it's all nonsense they need to go back to pure gold standard as they should. so using that brings us to the end of the series if we could just let josie marino walk away and say we decided to treat up still goes to
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a very special farewell party. but this time to go back to the punchline and thanks for putting on such a group bonding. with. the only thing i didn't enjoy was my eyes. my dancing. on ice. cream. well thankfully we nailed it literally there we go. what is it called. magic and the new type of digital currency.
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digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing a 2nd bailout for a bank that's called the genesis blog for reason to calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus is a game changer in the human history this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. you . feel welcome you should all just normal got called. a memory a little know well you know but what if in your ocean cruise it. was
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a march. toward was to be with the one that. you would use new epoch times to. lead you to surround us. more than one in something you really do believe in anything that is which. i don't know what you'll see in the local which is based on. your own work or one with your leanings lead there's a chance to start to look at your bullshit to look at you look there's a lot you. that. you don't like the world. welcome back to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you
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we're discussing some real news. and now we're joined by alexander macarius in london he is a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief of the duran dot com all right let's go to london. i know you heard the 1st part of the story of the program here let's continue with the russia china story here it's kind of flip it from what we've talked about with marcus papadopoulos i mean really what is stake here as i said in my introduction this may be the pivotal relationship of the 21st century because what you're essentially is in process of being played out is the integration of the your out your asian lands. landscape where we have you know in economic integration. very little competition between russia and china actually there working together that is a world historic event in itself and it actually happened in in $1000.00 nineties
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remarkably under boris yeltsin this is what the you where said it's fear most is the integration of the of the part of the world in the popular population of where there is the essential what is growing the global economy this is what they want to push back against go ahead and london yes this is exactly right peter i mean it is that joining together and seek economic integration of you regime as you correctly say this is what china's belgian road project is principally around we see discussions about uniting that you need to find that with the e.u. range an economic community which the russians have built we see wrote we see railway lines not being discussed we've seen massive pint lines that are now coming into very soon coming into action transporting russian gas or oil to china we see talk about joint ventures to develop the arctic and the vast arctic
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reserves of gas and oil that the russians have. we see talk between the russians and the chinese to unity unify the e-commerce systems china is very advanced in that field russia much less so but we see that happening we see discussions about between the russians and the chinese to develop joint aircraft projects they will be co-hosting the max 2019 air show in moscow i mean this is a gigantic enterprise and if i can just say something about some of the themes that were discussed in the 1st segment really interesting comments about d.-day but here we see the western allies looking backwards exactly on team 44 and the chinese and the russians looking for it into the 21st century the contrast could not be great and they mean to stay with alexander macarius in london
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i think also with this. belton road initiative i think what also the west is wary of is that it's the demonstration effect or nothing succeeds like success because we have countries like italy for example getting involved in this initiative in certain sectors if this takes off and does come to fruition it will have a demonstration effect and erode what. the remaining western institutions like that have a form of germany this is what they fear they fear success go ahead before i go to . absolutely that's exactly what they're afraid of they're really look at this gigantic your asian economic and political system that is being created and we should talk about a system rather than an alarm because i entirely indorse the view that this is not directed against anyone exactly west westerners lesson to see this
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and it means that they. our no longer west is no longer at the center of the economic and political universe as it has been in fact potentially eurasia would outmatch them an economic resources now an intelligent policy would be to partner with it to join in with a long way instead what what they're trying to do is they're trying to obstruct it but with every step they take to obstruct it they should increase the inputs both by the chinese and the russians are you can see it because what the russians and the chinese do plan is that they can trust each other and work well together they can't do so to the same extent when the united states or with its european allies in the west anymore they have very good point considering what the european union did to ukraine in 2040. a lot of critics of earth here you know
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a lot of critics say that china russia is getting involved in a relationship with you know we can find our lines we're in a partner whatever ok but the kind of working with china the way they are the russian will inevitably be the junior partner how do we have to the world there was such a danger of the west is liquidate in this danger by its own actions and was originally this so-called new silk route was very much supported by his beginning of brzezinski because what later became belton rolled initiative was supposed to waltz through the central asian republics former central asian republics of the soviet union during that care span found then why are the souls of course they're still europe. look what happened suddenly china saw that the united states and the west in general each of the source of instability they started to trade war their
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technology of war with wade was not china who started this confrontation china try to make peace and for. you observe a note of this by xi jinping after his meeting with putin he goes to you goes to do shan bear their capitals of the central asian republics very smart all the xan try very strategic relations get organization meeting i advise our viewers gold to the documents go to the resolutions of shanghai cooperation organization c.s.t. or extra security treaty organization and compare them to there is allusions of nato from nato it's all of us with threatened russia is a threat chinese a threat ali alliance is facing enormous external pressures see a stool or shanghai cooperation organization we're not directed against any country we are fighting terrorism while fighting extremism we cooperate none of us is the
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big brother none of us is the biggest of on it's all of the western press that says china is the biggest russia is the biggest one and and look at their economic results you know basically china is no reorienting its its trade routes to russia because russia is a reliable partner unlike their allies over the united states it will not go away it will not for example for the u.s. for the u.s. sanctions against iran as their european countries basically did you know despite all the rhetoric from the european union that aviation is it shows there is a finalist approach absolutely so from the chinese side it's a very pragmatic racial approach if we're treated like that in such a coastal way by the united states if you is spineless then russia and the eurasian union they are the truly reliable partners let me go back to
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london now alexander only again i think the way that the united states and its in the washington consensus has put it that way. they seem to want to create a 0 sum world you're either with us or against us and essentially having 2. 2 mega civilizations the west and the in the in the chinese world in its orbit here i think that's what they're driving and they're trying to make countries side with one another which would be well current productive instead of looking for a compromise and trying to find our mutual interests it is actually looking for confrontation it's either us or them go ahead in life that is exactly what the united states does it looks at every single development around the world we which is not directly involved and it sees a threat and if the united states wants to create a situation where the chinese and the russians both start to see the united states
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as an adverse certainly that is exactly what the united states will achieve by treating them in that way now the chinese and the russians have both repeatedly gone to extraordinary lengths to try to reassure the united states that they are not adverse to raise that the united states seizing plane went to visit donald trump's soon after dawn truong was elected the chinese in a very very successful trading relationship with the united states just as marcus padley job was said the russians in the case of the russians mr putin to the annoyance of many people still refers to the americans as our partners they still want good relations with the united states it is the united states which 1st insisted on imposing this unique polar conception on the world and
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is now that passing is trying to shape. into bipolar proves you might really know what to do. straight to block this really upon those countries which you continue to call it you know to me said something like you expand upon it i mean when i asked you would brushwood become a junior partner in this parlay here and i think you should kind of reiterate that i think it's really hitting the nail on the head is that there is a trust there's a chinese russia trust right there where there is trust in this relationship there is a lack of trust in the chinese look at the united states when russia looks at the united states in its own eyes there's an enormous amount of distrust because words and actions are never matched to hardly ever manage trade in business very rarely you have junior and senior partners because both partners on this is sort of for each
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other your assailant something to another person or another company he is as necessary to your as you are to him right so that kind of relationship does not presuppose you know seniority with the west it's a different story because we have the 3rd to tell you terry is and we've had quite mr bennett that is and we could not sit at the let there in years now we have to leave the old at that it tearing as in the west it's very fine when they call china and the authoritarian state. put him in jail. simply because she talked to some people in the republican party. and she just you know basically tried to imply in some american political culture in russia you know namely. i don't remember exactly the same story with. discourse jean-paul and spent 3 years in jail without trial you know or on the charge of influencing poor british public opinion in the ways useful for russia
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that's now a terrible crime you know in point so. the west has slowly become to that it area and into that it didn't promise you when you came to make an entire program on that one sentence that we've run out of time here i want to thank i was going to be curious in london for joining us that's all the time we have many thanks to my guests here in moscow and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t. see you next time remember. the 2017 the german newspaper developed published an article claiming that the european union that last 30000000000 euros as a result of its very anti russian sanctions. particularly
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affected eastern europe many polish farmers went broke and even committed suicide. sometimes i can't account for as i was of on the get a moment. on these a young victim to have to find out why the almost i'm going to doesn't have as a kind of. doesn't then let's see in the in the polling this influence on this middle position log. on doesn't dance with all the faults and that's what you call .
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seemed wrong but i. just don't. get to see palin. and in the game equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. 0 officer. to get up off the ground began to. hurt themselves on the sounds of. a grown man with misleading essentially. wish to do away from the officer. of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on tree swung as i didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they
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were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer his gun and. rights groups condemn saudi arabia for thinking to execute a teenage boy told me to take up my lovely. german closeness to shun a right wing candidate whose favorite become a megaphone towel often used as the location for all the way it's. done thousands of videos face the chopper mutu but it's a battle against online extremism well what the issue is waiting for that straight boy.


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