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said goodbye to one another at midnight when it was 4 o'clock in the morning in china we talked about everything and i had to apologize to president xi tell him that i had to leave him because. if you are a host you cannot treat your guests like. retaining them for so long but the only thing it demonstrates is the creative gentle way of god yes 108 really we wanted 100000000000 and we hit the mark of 100 immediately and i would trade is only grange thanks to our joint efforts thanks to the position of our chinese friends and president xi jinping in particular the structure of outrage has always been changing and improving our. share of machines. was squaring last year there was a drop but there were some factors explaining that and were not alarmed by that because the trends on the head of that very good now the 1st thing about energy
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indeed the energy is one of the largest companions of our car to ration. them. but it also includes a lot of technologies for example we built an oil system. going to the pacific and one branch it goes to china a lot of new technologies were used china together with the french has. also participating in l. and g. project with. in the north of the country and the project will be implemented there and a lot of high technologies are being used. also. provides . work who are various other industries with excellent prospects in the space station we are now beginning to implement. practically the project for
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a big transport helicopter we have prospects in. atomic energy. engineering for atomic power plants there are of course all kinds of high technology is there we have already built one reactor for a china we are building 2 more and working on more generally in machine building engineering electrical engineering and all of that we have a great prospect in moscow the day before yesterday our colleagues colleagues reported to us from various working groups and i think 11 working groups and were very happy that our relationship with china is so deep deep. and broad with no other country in the world and so we are in the whole sense of that war if you teach it partners i have to emphasize this and the important thing is that from
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both sides there is a desire to make it make their approach. to all problems and equal approach based on equal rights that's why the chinese. have supported closer cooperation but the eurasian economic union there are some complex questions there are certain i wanted to groups should be discussed in that there is a good. discussion and sometimes debate between our. people and the chinese partner is but we find solution the final outcome is always a solution to the problem because we want to find a solution and i'm quite convinced that our prospects are good as the global situation as a whole between russia and china on the international arena is definitely the most important factor of course the billet in international affairs. this is
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a trade between russia and china can that be substitution a replacement for. relations between russia and the west well listen. we are not creating a military alliances with china we are still allies but we are not working against anyone we are working for the benefit of our countries and our partners and we are not substituting our supplanting anything our relations with the european union have always been multifaceted. we have been treated to the tune of 400000000000 annually. which was have to but not because of us it was not our initiative. and now it is getting closer to 300000000000 a year common sense is beginning to prevail the trade is beginning to grow again one doesn't impede the other but we are ready to work with everyone including the
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united states and the volume of trade their. course is a minimum of barmah trade that was a $20000000000.00 trump it's now $5000000000.00 more even though trump has implemented many restrictions as regards russia with the greatest number of restrictions against russia but the trail there is growing a bit we are not setting anyone against anyone else we are ready to work with everyone. and she started by saying is that the st petersburg forum brings together leaders who perhaps would not meet any where else well you have that dream one belt and one road the trade route from china to europe cannot happen without russia russia is not a direct participant it is linking was the 11 road what does that mean for. china
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will soon be investing as much money in our country and infrastructure as you're investing in other participating countries. are you more. indeed one belt or one road. is the initiative that is becoming more and more dynamic initially it was something very simple 6 years ago i proposed that initiative and. i'm out for the. first asked in our. societies are you me. we discussed the. idea of the. one economic silk road and then i proposed the c. . road. initial idea was simple we just wanted to use the historical memory and the experience of dynamic exchanges between different
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countries and to energize that dynamic that tradition in today's world and that's why i proposed this initiative what we had some excellent response the silk road. ancient times included just only limited number of routes but today most countries have expressed a willingness to participate in this initiative of. the. site so we signed an agreement. within the framework of this initiative. over a $130.00 countries and about 30 international organizations so this result all has already exceeded the achievements of the ancient silk road. and so the
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initiative is extending to many many countries throughout the world including latin america and south pacific and this year we. have. organized the 2nd. summit during the 1st summit we invited heads of state and government from. just $29.00 countries and of course also heads international organizations including sector channel deterioration this year. if alcorn more disciplines wanted to come and we invited more than 30. heads of state who invited also mr good cherish and mom and we're invited the head of the i.m.f. and the. hall was full to capacity was enough but more you don't.
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know it was overflowing just like at this conference hall and that shows that this is a mutual attraction we stick to the principles of joint action training discussion joint implementation and joint use and this idea belongs not just to train up. this world bring benefits to all of those countries that. initially were not willing to participate who are saying that perhaps for me everything about this is a kind of chinese version of the marshall plan while we say that we don't want that we don't want to dominate we do not have such plans. perhaps. you nischelle the some participants stated that this is
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a kind of colonization plan but we never. were interested in colonize asian since ancient times china never wanted to go but that we are ready to work on the basis of the principles of mutual benefit and this is what we base our decisions on it is based on that principle we have worked together with our good neighbor russia and we sign contracts are 3 months. to the tune of more than $20000000000.00 and. president putin and i have one on one meetings and then delegation meetings and we never had enough time we. always discuss problems more and more intensively our contacts are becoming deeper and that's why we want by means of linking up the one
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belt one road and. the eurasian project this makes it possible go on to. build gradually to. shape a community of common destiny and i'm sure that this dream world becoming true. thank you very much let me add. that there are some brilliant mystical duration i attended the recent forum one which dealt one road conference in beijing and i think the world confirmed what i'm going to say 1st of all i noticed that all the principal important players were present the european union was represented by various countries at different levels but practically all leading you countries were present and then a 2nd thing i noticed and i think the secretary general confront that perhaps of
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this is because the way my good friend misses it i'm being operates or perhaps this is china's philosophy we saw that they are not seeing anything on anyone they're not imposing they are proposing. and in the initial stage the investment $120000000000.00 in various spears 70 have already been invested as for russia in the far east alone on. only in the territories advanced development or in dissipated development we have created about 2100. enterprises and we have already 13000 jobs that have been added as well linking up with the eurasian economic union and
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the chinese belt on the road to we have specific joint projects for example there was a road from china to kazakhstan it's an interest truck chip project we also build our own automobile road to kazakhstan to link up we are a little late. on this but there are other specific projects specific plans which. we will be implementing and i'm sure that we will be implementing them quite successfully thank you i. again return to the one belt one road mr rudd evans i've also asked you how to integrate in europe and the eurasian economic union we are we've been talking about cheney's investment perth we have here investors from throughout the world for been investing in russia or would like to invest in russia was in
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a situation recently where michael kelly and his partners who have been taken into custody here have been saying everywhere that the law enforcement bodies and special services should not. interfere too much in commercial disputes here said that the war our number one priority. is now under house arrest. the old man is in custody this has shocked investors and i'll tell you honestly it seems like you're. saying one thing doing something different should the people really believe you or the special services well they should do. a look at the russian legislation at the russian law in all that you are doing and that concerns government that concerns you business russian business and international business as well you're pretty much in with. what you
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are talking about and i too am concerned otherwise i wouldn't have been. mentioning it in my remarks today but everyone should respect the law and when we say that the law enforcement bodies must not interfere in the life and the fabric of business and the operations of business in an unjustified way this is our position but it also means that all that has been so this process including business must also. use them the work consistently with the law whether the war was wildly that they said they had to use stealing 2500000000 rubles there are people present here russian partners who are saying that that was that is not true perhaps but for the law enforcement system and the judiciary system to sort things out and to find the truth i very much hope that everything will be done transparently and clearly with the participation of those
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who defended this american partner and that fair and legitimate decisions will be taken and certainly i am my colleagues world follow the events of the general prosecutor mr cheika the world this and world italy down under his control as for who is under house arrest and who is still in custody french or friends asked me about that well it's just a question of who has a house in moscow an apartment in my. who doesn't so how can you keep the place that other person placed under house arrest but i'll think about it as a humanization of all these procedures while we will be moving in that direction and it is it all possible not to. know when there's a need for investigation of a particular situation will certainly try and do that and we will be moving in that
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direction in the near future in order to humanize these processes while it's not for me to justify anyone some of the people who are your friends and very respected people i have defended cal the but i have said that this is the only case i really have caused a lot of strain for many people kelly has been working in russia pushed in years doesn't mean that she doesn't understand the ground rules what will happen in potential investors and what will happen to me when i come to russia. well read the bible do not steal do not want to your neighbor's wife. to point 5000000000 rubles is what he is being accused of stealing you know and either this is proven or if she is exonerated look at this happening in other countries american businessmen sometimes get sentences a 100 years or jail 150 years of jail while because they do not steal
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behave decently nothing will happen but once again we will follow this very closely and let me say that there is a general. general rule in law and that is a person is considered the innocent until proven guilty including mr kelly he is considered innocent at this time and i hope that every procedures will be implemented properly and in accordance with the russian law it will be. it will be transparent and the office of the general prosecutor will follow this very closely mr ruddock i would like to ask you and mr pelligrini. people representing each countries again about the one belt one road initiative. it was mentioned. a work should be done as
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a common front but perhaps. it would be better to have a direct agreement with. china on this rather than the e.u. the 17 countries. we also support one built one role to initiative but. we need to be more effective and more efficient when we work together we need to more to know more about each other last year the prime minister of channeling visitable get it when he was in my office we started discussing all the untapped opportunity and potential because in this initiative. i told him ok you are going to invest in europe we are going to work together but let's open. a center for global partnership for this initiative in soft white
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because. we need a feasibility studies for all the projects we need to optimize them we need to establish clear creativity how to be. helped look if better efficiency whole not waste money is something which is work to do but to allocate the money for some other activities also we need more information of both our religious lation we need information to provide information to channel both evoke. procedures in through walls and tenders everything so this idea. was taken into consideration it was proposed. at the summit of all the prime minister for just a question in sofia in july last year and very soon we are going to open the center sophia it is a clear example that. we are going forward and have great
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expectations because this initiative of course there are some concerns going to dip out of that. the main events of the some petersburg international economic forum that was the bulgarian president woman rather speaking there with nonlife now to constantine kasich office chairman of the russian federation council's foreign affairs committee that's the upper house of the russian assembly which calls itself welcome to the program the media's been quick to point out that no western leaders in attendance at that formants and petersburg how significant is that for the foreign ones. you're going to. will definitely find these forums this year is the most representative one. certain countries continue to try to create an illusion that russia is somehow isolated internationally and. is.
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attractive to try to strengthen that illusion but still we have at least as many foreign pretty soon as all this and many of them coming from the west one obvious example is the american people here we all know that the american attitude towards this forum is to try to avoid quarter on the political level but still the most extensive the biggest business delineation business mission from abroad hearing is just from the united states of america hundreds of american businesses 4 or 500 so definitely is this. success story in terms of representation and foreign participation president putin said the role of the dollar needs to be revisited which is one that's been touted by a few nations for quite a few years already is there any sense that really close. to
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a shift away from the dollar being the dominant international currency. well the. history of this discussion was initiated by the united states itself and we all know that by certain actions. have undermined the traditional confidence towards the american. currency as the international world currency and i believe that neither russia nor china nor any other state would have done any sink against dollar as an international currency in case these currency would've preserved. billeted this is not the case any longer and any independent national economy would all this seek the safest possible ways to protect their own economic and financial
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interests and in this case the. shortest way to do that is to diversify currency is one uses and russia and china have already started to use their own national currencies and thereby literal create these experience is quite successful and is being started by many other countries in the brics in the in the region economic forum in the union and many other form and so yes of the development is quite obvious for me the positions of dollar as the world currency we'll get weaker by by the coming in the coming future and the theme of the forum is sustainable development all the v.i.p.'s on stage right now the forum of been alluding to their thoughts on that mr putin said it can only be assured through new global agreements what kind of agreements should be revisited 1st you think.
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who i do not know what agreements are to come 1st but for me the most important thing is that they. should be a result of a real multilateral diplomacy because of the way americans interpret these multilateralism is an attempt to get together as many countries as possible on the basis over them supporting the american position for me. multilateral diplomacy is something different you need to involve countries. equal accountability of their national interests one thing and secondly countries which will get out of any kind of international negotiations with an acceptable for them acceptable result it does not happen in case the americans lead these efforts to create new international agreements but the approach of russia the approach of
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china in this case the approach of many other countries in the world are quite different and we seek the agreements we will which will be based on equal interests of equal participants and disagreements and equal outcomes equal profit for these countries coming out of these agreements that fame of inequality has come up a lot of this plane recession at the forum. the entities involved in the north stream to pipeline chinese. being subjected to economic bullying we've had a lot about that to soften into has it always been like that they were always stepping into a new era of economic maneuvering. you know it has not always been like this for the simple reason the so-called west in many years and decades and probably centuries was more efficient was more successful in its economic development and had all chances. to secure its own interests by being more
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efficient and more effective this is not the case any longer we see how other national economists emerge how they become stronger how the stars to compete on an equal basis as americans and other western countries in order to win then their competition this so-called west needs to use other instruments other methods which are not their fear any longer and the most clear example is the policy of sanctions against their competitors in the economic area and this is an unfair competition and i believe that the weaker the united states of america and their allies become this stronger russia china and other countries like that become the more frequently we will see these examples of unfair competition like looking at other countries threatening other countries sanctioning other countries and
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preventing their common projects business american participants which is even more unacceptable the other a thoughts on russia's future with huawei the chinese telecoms giant that's been rolling ahead with innovation for 5 g. technology we know the aggression it's facing in the us and in australasia makes fortunes it's getting in the european union do you expect russia to try and support somehow. well. i believe that we will be old is able to make better deals with or. potential partners in the east rather than in the west as long as the practice is the. behavior of unfair competition so i just would like to repeat what i have already said much better prospects in establishing good. reliable
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partnership ties over eastern partnership does not work as smoothly as the united states of america no no no no. it may work better in our relations with. their puny union countries but for that the european union countries need to show better independence in their economic policy in their foreign policy steel there are a few union is too much dependent on on the united states and the euro atlantic solidarity and by their union is not steel completely reliable partner for us is all the respect of these group of countries. on a separate issue is the coffee job if i can ask you the united states and russia are blaming each other for a near collision between a warships in the east china sea of incidents there's a good judge of carbonation is do you think.
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one. i remember how i started the latest version of the american nuclear review it was the last year i believe to solve the 18 and why i was astonished to see their formal that by deploying new kinds of weapons in the pacific's russia and china challenge the traditional military superiority of the united states of america in these pacific region the you know this is absolutely unacceptable to do to interpret any military action so for russia and china in the region which is very much close to them which is for them is a kind of challenge to the traditional american military superiority to the americans want to keep their superiority and they will continue to deploy as many kinds of different weapons and then call.


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