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world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's vital issues. special forum coverage on r.t. . the end of the road for treason may the british prime minister officially steps down as leader of the conservative party triggering a contest with 11 candidates now vying for the job. breaking cover while the u.s. is venezuela with new sanctions that leaked all via recordings suggest washington's failing to unite the country's opposition against president. bush just to keep the
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opposition. if somebody. wants a. serial killer who gets a 2nd life sentence for murdering 85 patients while working at 2 hospitals in germany. and russia's northern capital some petersburg thousands of international decision makers at the international economic forum day 2 well into the. future the again expected to address delegates along with the chinese leader imminently that's likely to start over the coming hours when pick important things are said we'll take you straight to it. if they could take just one of the afternoon live from russia this is r.t. international with me kevin no in this live half world news update this friday the
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start of this big day for not as the case may be fought to resolve may the u.k. prime minister officially stepping down as leader of the conservative party today a post that she served in for 3 years now the scramble to replace her is in overdrive nominations for the tory leadership start on monday with 11 candidates still vying for the top job. takes a look at who's in the running. she's been burned by bragg's it and now the woman known as teflon to reason is on the way out after repeatedly failing to push her e.u. withdrawal deal through parliament last month the pm finally announced that she'd be stepping down and she did it with a whimper rather than a bang the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had to the opportunity to serve the country i love there is looking at the number of
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candidates that have joined the race to replace may as prime minister may find themselves crying too and they're seeing what's going on here they've got no say in what's going on they can see there's 11 people standing up saying they want to you me for 40 but you always call me so it's even worse with this has got to be detrimental the long term of the conservative party sure officially the race only begins on monday but already there are in leadership contenders with 2 having already dropped out and the british media is indulging itself poring over the kaleidoscope of varying degrees of soft and hard brags that candidates like foreign secretary jeremy hunt health secretary matt hancock or environment secretary michael gove although there is already one clear favorite.
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and he's already got donald trump's seal of approval no worse i like your my i've liked him for a long time he's i think you do a very good job but the tory leadership contest is a complicated process. yes and past experience has shown the favorite never wins so this is anybody's race each candidate has to have the support of at least 8 members of parliament from that conservative m.p.'s will be asked to vote several times in order to whittle down the crowd of power hungry politicians to just one final head to head battle now at that point the decision will be turned over to conservative party members that grassroots conservatives it could be pulled from
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down the road or treasure who lives next door and it is there a who will ultimately decide who becomes the next prime minister with such a crowded field of hopefuls this summer britain is bracing itself for a political popularity contest like no other as for 2 reason may the woman that's been forced to leave 10 downing street before securing britain's departure from the you will stay on as a lame duck leader her job now is to keep the chair warm for several more weeks until busy one of this lot finally takes over the top job. ridge will exist. he says whoever takes over from tourism is going to real battle ahead in parliament. well unfortunately she's left behind very very difficult situation for the incoming prime minister i think another vote unlikely in the short
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because this will be seen as not simply trial by those type of votes it leaves i mean it's kind of the mines the whole idea of democracy if you don't stick to results and then keep repeating the election over and over again and so you get the result that the establishment wants so that would really really further undermine trust in politics nevertheless it's going to be very difficult given the vast majority of m.p.'s are probably you're not going to probably block any real deal so if we get said pro bricks the prime minister he's really he or she's really going to struggle to get through parliament and could even face a vote of no confidence to prevent the u.k. leaving with no deal which point he or she will probably have to call a general election and that will be hugely risky. you know the states continue to ramp up pressure on president to do or his government in venezuela are announcing new sanctions against the state owned oil company now but it seems that washington is still unsure about the future of venezuela should step down
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a leaked audio recording suggest the u.s. secretary of state's funny and difficult to unite the fractured venezuelan opposition into one cohesive force him opens got more. like pompei always been caught making some comments about venezuela that were not intended for the primetime viewers apparently he's not sure who would replacement dural if his regime change efforts are successful there's alerted under one just to keep the opposition. groups devilishly difficult the moment you're only. everybody's going to believe there isn't anything that says. president of the us will be ruling class people. they're the rightful heir if you're going through. pompei i was pretty clear about the fact that this discussion was not meant for public consumption so we got a favorable response. this is what america's top diplomat said at the united nations when the lights were on and the cameras were rolling now we have a new leader. in venezuela who has promised to bring elections and constitutional
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order back to venezuela and security back to the region we cannot delay this critical conversation which has the world's attention for the sake of venezuela and the region we must support the venezuelan people and do so right now my pompei o isn't too concerned about what happens in venezuela after the current leadership is overthrown now let's not forget that the us meddling in the country's internal affairs is motivated purely by selfless humanitarian concerns about the people so after regime change there are 40 plus contenders who will then fight it out for power now does that remind you of any recent events in current history take for example the u.s. invasion of iraq dick cheney said that it would go well my belief is we will in fact be greeted as liberators but there's been nothing but chaos and civil war in iraq since the usa invaded there are 288000 deaths so far and counting and dick
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cheney wasn't completely clueless listen to what he said in 1904 when she got to iraq and took it over and took down saddam hussein's government the money going to put in place for take libya hillary clinton was delighted to hear that gadhafi had been put to the sword and we came we saw our died but now even barack obama admits that toppling the libyan government didn't come with a game plan for what happens next what he considers his worst mistake as president probably failing to. plan for. the day after. what i think was the right thing to do in. the intervening. libya but who needs planning right after all the people of venezuela would probably love to have their homeland go the way of iraq and libya nothing says freedom and liberation like having regime change followed by civil war and thousands of refugees fleeing for their lives it confirms something that we you know long suspected but you know now
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you know is out of the open that the opposition is so internally divided washington you know would take over the figures like marco rubio favor a radical regime change scenario which involves the effectively destroying the existing institutional structure that has been built in venice while also in the words of john bolton to open up banners was oil sector to us and you know to really return but as well to the pre 999 status quo where it was a reliable ally in the region and you know a reliable agent of the us in opec to maintain you know low oil prices as the u.s. diplomatic cables themselves acknowledge. thousands of politicians and international decision makers have gathered in russia's northern capital some pages both to discuss day to know the future of finance and business the economic forum a number of high profile talks are expected between top diplomats and prime ministers today it seems just looking ahead looking back at what happened last
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evening lovely evening and see this but it's time for chilling out albeit briefly all the after the official events russian president vladimir putin his chinese counterpart she jumping with a crucial never revert than they visit the symbol of the war a battleship the 1st shot of the 1970 revolution came for the history there then they also took in the most to pieces of the world renowned state who would teach museums a very nice evening and then another great productive day too we gather well let's find out let's go live to raymond is chairman from pricewaterhouse coopers financial consulting group in asia pacific in china sir thank you for being live in arts international with us how beneficial is this for we can see big old turnout there we're hearing it successful but what's your view on it. is it is it really coming up to the hype. i absolutely think so does a very important form and it brings in really the international business community into one place and specifically your relationships business community and is an important event because here is where you network here is where you share your
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views and exchange views and here is where you can look at some of the specific projects and transactions in detail and and of course the important part is president putin's. speech later on today which is going to talk a little bit more and give us more insights into you know the future direction of the russian economy yeah we got that covering the chinese russian leaders amongst others are going to be speaking in the next hour or 2 we'll take our viewers there live but what's the vibe behind the scenes there what's the feeling of things changing our traditional countries trading changed at all bear in mind the ongoing trade war now right now between the u.s. and china is there a wind of change. i think absolutely there are changes and there will continue to be changes obviously the u.s. china trade war is is having an impact in fact i think is excel worried that the
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collaboration in the trading activities between for example china and russia clearly is giving you know in any challenge you you see opportunities and here is an opportunity for both russia and china to create more trade activities to benefit each other more and for example you know the some of the infrastructure projects and and the belt and rolled initiatives you see some of those and specifically the one that i continue to think is fantastic and is going to drive so many activities between the 2 countries is the. high speed rail that is. at this point and into china going forward that's going to have a substantial impact in terms of driving new activities of movies etc etc so very very exciting look into the future medium term long term where is the smart money these days where president putin say yesterday anyone said in the world of ai
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that's really going to be they're going to be ahead in the world it's a good bet you agree or no. i think clearly the world of digital technologies changing the world very rapidly and very quickly in china's case an example and i think that will you know more collaboration more a sharing and more open trade will create that and drive more innovation and creativity in ai digitize asia and will drive many of the new things new products new services new economy going forward. talking about asia pacific china your part of the world you're an expert on it we had a guest on last saying that basically they thought end of the day that the current rift if you want to call it this trade war between the u.s. and china would be settled pretty soon maybe but it's broken trust screw crucially as far as china is concerned do you get that vibe as well.
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yes or i missed the last part talking about this trade war thing at the moment we had a chinese representative on earlier on saying that they expected that this trade war thing would be sorted out between america and china but it did say as china was concerned it's kind of broken trust a bit that maybe would take a long time to rebuild to get that picture as well no. absolutely i do. is we going to see the end of the trade or not i don't know but there's a lot of a lot of discussion a lot of the opinions that does into the long haul is not just about trade imbalance. it's more about technology and people calling a technology wall when. you are going to i suspect that you're going to continue to see a bit of volatility ups and downs and that's not good for the market it's not strengthening the confidence of the c.e.o.'s the businesses the investors but i suspect that
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there will be a fair fairly long period of a bit of a volatility has been a positive. again those days that seems to be the trend at this point but we'll see a big circle is that raymond thanks ever so much for insight and take the time to be with pricewaterhouse coopers financial consulting group chairman asia pacific and thanks for giving us your thoughts. i'm looking ahead today as well little bit later for more highlights as sale the 2nd day of international coming for i'm going to dip into that throughout the day we're expecting some. big movers and shakers to be talking over the next hour or 2 expecting the main address of the event to start in about an hour. and many other official taken. and what's going to happen in russia's northern capital very soon it's all ahead on this channel. heading to a break next is just after $160.00 in the afternoon moscow time right after that
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president trumps expected back in the u.s. of his trip to europe but there's trouble brewing from the u.s. democrats again demanding is impeachment believe with even more than before we will break down a few press we can their case against the president just one of the stories go by that for you right after this break. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see. 1 what is it called in. magic the new type of digital currency decentralized digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing
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a 2nd bailout for bank that's called the genesis blog for reason calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial death any it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history of this columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the backs of stacy. again a german nurse who murdered 85 patients and has been given a 2nd life sentence a 42 year old neil's hogle said he was endlessly sorry back in 2005 ogle was caught
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while timeframe with a syringe pump and administering a cardiac medicine without cause that led directly to a series with us to get a sions he was initially convicted of attempted murder in 2008 and sentenced to more than 7 years in prison then 2015 a judge sentenced him to life in prison for 2 murders and 2 tent this. was in the late. oldenburg festival hall this is where court proceedings had to be held the regional court hole was simply not able to accommodate all those people who wanted to attend and massive trial huge public attention the case raised many questions but gave few on cers and one of the biggest questions was what is the exact number of people that mr her girl killed we've heard from many including the main george of the process that it is still unclear this is him entering the room packed with people he's caused so much harm to someone who is supposed to relieve the pain and prolong life
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but instead brought death to his patients this is where news her girls started playing his german version of a russian roulette oldenburg clinic working as a nurse here for 2 years studying 999 mr hurdle would pick up a patient could be any race so done there any age or health condition or social background to make an injection that would cause complications so that later mr hurdle could calm and quickly and professionally revive the patient getting everybody's admiration he's calling us at the clinic or so impressed with his skills that they even gave him a flattering nickname resuscitation rambo without of a knowing that the person they praised so macho was in most of the cases behind the patients complications in the 1st place not all of mr her goals victims who were able to survive many of them died bennett was killed in 2001 and it
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was this. weekend when many people have been killed or maybe have been killed we don't know exactly everyone thought the operation was good everything is fine no but then there was a call at i guess 22 o'clock almost 22 o'clock in the evening and they said we're very sorry about your father is dead and expected me very unexpectedly. numbs you. know just. to punch and that's a run through becoming spurstow no suspected nothing until the statistics came out showing that the number of das in the clinic almost doubled since mr hurd who joined the team but instead of investigating the cases or reporting their fears they simply decided to get rid of the nurse but before they gave him a very good recrimination letter that he were here to this hospital in the neighboring town of delman horst mr her go get hired here and he's deadly game continued for another 3 years until he got caught in 2005 and yet another question
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many know i ask is how did this all happen and what should be done to prevent this in the future. president trump says things could be very different between washington and moscow without all the rhetoric surrounding russia he was speaking to folks news on 1st. well they have a good relationship with russia i think it's hurt by the folly which are you know i did have a good relationship with russia it's closer to months now since special counsel robert miller's report said donald trump did not colluding russia to win the presidency but the fires and the democrats are still desperately trying to find a way to impeach the president now building the case of obstruction of justice allegations a senior correspondent steve takes on the story losses. there are those who support trouble those who want him impeached and those who really really really want him impeached preferably now and in
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a painful way take for instance this particularly enthusiastic new york times contributor who has gone and written up actual articles of impeachment to save everyone's time i suppose or maybe just a hobby of his who knows others c.b.s. have impeachment track is literally counting congressmen who are calling for trump to be impeached like kids opening chocolate filled advent calendars 63 now out of 535 senators and representatives just a few 100 to go and trump will hiring just need a reason you can't impeach for annoying tweets about noxious hairstyles or nor existant collusion all that's left is obstruction when a subject of an investigation obstruct that investigation or lies to investigators it strikes at the core of the government's effort to find the truth and hold
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wrongdoers accountable here's a question that's been giving lawyers migraines how or why does one obstruct an investigation an investigation that later proves he was innocent of the crime he was being investigated for the special counsel's report states that his investigation did not. blish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities namely any sort of collusion with russia it's almost impossible to have an obstruction of justice no underlying crime what makes trump especially awful and obstruction is he voluntarily gave his investigators sometimes and writing material on how he allegedly tried to obstruct the investigation like when he reportedly told the then white house counsel to get rid of mueller 5 him and then allow that counsel to go and testify to mueller the faily new york times wrote
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a fake piece today implying that because white house counsel don my gann was given hours of testimony to the special counsel he must be john dean type of rant but i allowed him and all others to testify i didn't have to i have nothing to hide in fact trumpet boasted earlier about what a good boy he was being about how much workload he had provided investigators the white house handed over 20000 pages of documents the 2016 campaign 1400000 pages 20 white house employees gave voluntary interviews it's like trump was building an obstruction of justice case against himself and on top of that he was terrible at it. wasn't fod investigated for 674 days and only finished when he was done so this is it if you can
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figure out how to impeach trump for trying to conceal crimes he didn't commit contact your local democrat immediately i expect any time soon i'll be offering a reward it is not obstruction of justice in any way again this was the obstruction of justice not for a court proceeding of course this was not a court proceeding this was a. in formal investigation through an executive agency or an executive body and so because of that the elements are a little bit different it would have to be willful omission or willful concealment or destruction of evidence during an investigation which of course did not happen in this case i don't think in the end there will be any consequences for obstruction because i don't think obstruction can be proven i do believe that the democrats are still reeling in the democrats want to make sure that they are not seen as having wasted $40000000000.00 of taxpayer money in order to start or engage in an investigation and a spying campaign based on evidence that wasn't even legitimate so i think the
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democrats are going to continue to try i think that will be a term that continues to be thrown around just so they can save face because they're looking to retake the white house in 2020. and that's not short of a very many stories were around the world today this friday keeping a press for your next programs lined up in your part of the world for you after this break kevin up but also keep an eye on subpoenas because that big forum world leaders that many high profile business reps to well the big name speak we'll be across it if there's anything really big will take in their life and for me and the rest it's a great day. china does not want to fight like we are supposed to fight stop at the same time we're not afraid of it china is bold and resolute and is able to defend its legitimate rights and interests china is still holding the door open for the u.s. china trade negotiations if the united states she wishes to proceed with them it
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needs to be more sincere. so you say that brings this to the end of the series if we could just let josie marino walk away and say we decided to treat up stuck close to a very special farewell party and i guess. we walk along an interesting path as a team but this time to go back to the 1st line and thanks for putting on so secret body. with a red carpet the only thing that i didn't enjoy was my dancing on ice in moscow my dancing. on ice cream.
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made it. well thankfully we nailed it. literally there we go. to the bridge just was good if you give up on your birth or the like of you misses it or don't blame people but. what the response so most people assume that you do a. given task is i assure you i'm more to face the facts for god thought this before this new the nope must feel you've been easy in this loop i'm going to miss louie you must feel to move him he's doing this in both of us and us going out he may change it's going to stain bony is winning if there's just you kind of chasing. him you.
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just have to reach your eyes because it's a good move to you before the war you'll more you'll with almost 2 days. if the whole truth and doing it will go to. some list but really only someone who knows the. star of the most. and also way as. at the time a local television reporter from detroit is following the case closely bill proctor is well aware of the methods used by local police to close certain cases as quickly as possible. they did this all the time. they had people make statements whether in writing or the.


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