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tv   Sophie Co  RT  June 7, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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particularly affected eastern europe many polish farmers went broke and even committed suicide. in the let's say in the in the poor.
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russia china trade is booming and is believed to be at its highest level ever so how washington's tensions with moscow really post russia and china into each other's arms i talk about this and other things with china to russia. the united states has started a direct confrontation with its longtime challenger china exchanging tariffs on goods and using diplomacy to keep its competitors economy and trading ambitions in check but with the 2 largest economies entering into a standoff how will the rest of the world cope with the ripple effect the crumbling relations of the 2 superpowers lead to something a lot worse than just taxes. good afternoon your excellent seaward really happy to have your program today yes there are lots to discuss so let's get started. that
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the belgian wrote form in china the presidency said that russia and china face similar challenges and you know that they should develop in coordination to recommit this challenge and that side is developing at a far greater pace compared to russia that is there was so in your view how could russia and china coordinate or synchronize their of development. yes this is an interesting question. i am ready to answer as you know in may 2015. been our president proposed a one built one road initiative we all agree with the contempt it was followed by a very. active response from all the countries involved. with that i mean i think it makes sense. because the built in the road initiative offers new opportunities not only for china but for other countries in
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our region as well it is a chance to enhance our economic and trade cooperation but most of the belt expands the horizons for our own economic development you are right we will be facing common challenges in the future. but i think that the main challenge but it is whether we are able to strengthen and develop our economy now and in order to do that. all the countries in our region should work closely together. it is very important belton road. with the economic union will give us a chance to develop our economies together. the
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recent years we have seen significant improvements in the russian economy for us including trade and other sectors. infrastructure which has been one of the most successful areas in russia. we are very surprised to see that growth. and road will be. when you platform for successful integration or the eurasian economic union you're probably taking our economic cooperation to the next level. that will. let me ask you about russia china relations especially about the economic aspect you said that our 200 days are growing ever closer relations are getting stronger and that both economies are on the rise and putin and presidency have met many times presidency has been called mr putin his best friend however over the 1st half of 2018 chinese investment into russia to crease by 24 percent
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today clad the same time china is invested quite a lot you know worldwide which makes russians wonder why is china investing less and less and to russia that actually growing the let's couple from russia. as you know but our leaders agreed that china and russia will develop their cooperation in various areas including economy and trade. and it is very important to push forward your economic cooperation and investments . but i can say that in recent years. china has been investing actually more and more. i have the exact right now but i can tell you that it's quite a significant increase. sometimes the economy follows
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its own. you know just said that in the 1st half of 2018. have gone down a little bit and most likely there is another explanation for this trend. for example a very important political event. took place in china last year. china's national people's congress if you put it in the 2nd half of the here investments went up and so our enthusiasm about our relations with russia continues to grow and grow significantly and i think that there are objective reasons for the slight drop in investments that we have. because in the 1st
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half of 2018. our agenda the ministers have their own very tight agenda and a busy schedule. there are however making plans for further development of our cooperation needs in different areas including economy water and investments you see. there was also the issue of sanctions imposed on russia by the west who are technically china is not involved and the sanctions but we've heard about cases when gen is being said been either unable or unwilling to perform transactions for their russian clients and russian companies so even those that are not under sanctions let's say so my question is technically china is not in favor of sanctions but like it or not it has to obey these rules but you need.
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sanctions so it's very unpleasant and the nasty word as you may know china is strongly against sanctions being imposed on any country. that i mean our added she worked towards sanctions against russia which is clear and unambiguous now with the chinese leadership is you know numerous in how they approach this situation. yes for individuals for example bankers by yeah i think that at the same time. sanctions are a reality. every country regarding that needs to think of how it can better regulate its. work with sanctions in place. to achieve progress in economic operation anyway and making it ever
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more fruitful. and then official. the chinese regulators do not know all the specifics. related to the operations of this or that because that's you know particular blank. they cannot be sure what we've got every single individual. is like. they still have to regulate the work of the banking sector under the not real life conditions that we have right now and they need time for this and so all this is our approach to developing trade and economic relations to russia in any case this russian relations obvious are growing stronger and any other approach would be impossible but what that more. i would like to get back for
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a moment to the beltway initiative they report about the person facts of this projects as a mountain road is an open and inclusive platform and that it's not some sort of an exclusive china include which in turn backs to questions that could which he were pain countries specifically china planning to invite into the belt and road initiatives which and pillage but in place which. you are right to say that one build one road is not exclusively a chinese initiative per se so i think it also affects china's neighbors like russia and it also affects the regions that neighbor china but it also goes beyond that even to africa and it affects some european countries as well potentially and up to ring the 6 years since the launch of the bells and road initiative with the corporation has brought very impressive results which have by far surpassed all
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expectations and have built on road initiative has become one of the most interesting little public products with a very broad coverage around the world all free trade tangible benefits to the nations located along the belton groomed initiative area made communication easier and it helped establish contacts between people along the route many new cultural projects and facilities you have emerged from the regions affected by the one built on road and initiative helping raise the living standards 3 of the local populations and just recently actually italy has officially joined the built in road initiative inviting more european states for cooperation and after multiple documents signed by italy and china were published more and more european countries started to realize that the agreement actually complies with the european
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standards and their interests in this project has been growing ever since chinese position has not changed and its approach to the belt and road initiative has been consistent with the project is open for everyone we welcome all countries including european states but join china in this endeavor and work together to make sure that the results of our joint efforts. it's to the population of participating countries . when we come back we'll continue talking to.
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nobody could see that false confessions would. in this population of. any interrogation. be is. probably. the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most culpable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer. she said forward. so i stayed there i would be home by the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers no. misconduct that has nothing to do with all the crime. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be
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an arms race on the very dramatic developments only really. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. so you say that brings this to the end of the series we could just. josie marino walk away and say we decided to treat a stone post to a very special farewell party. we walked along and interesting parts of the day but this time to go back to the punchline and thanks for putting on so suit bought it. we were. the only thing that i didn't enjoy was my then sink. in moscow my dancing.
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on ice cream. well thankfully we nailed it literally a week ago. paradise with some ground turned into a round the experimentation field the agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while
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the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. and we're back with china's ambassador to russia. price your excellency let me ask you about the trade war between china and the united states that if 2 countries tried to agree on a set of conditions that would benefit both of them was it seemed as if they were close to signing an agreement but as of now not only is there no agreement but the
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u.s. has imposed was even heavier tariffs on china and that's 2 way it is today so hard are these new terrorists of acting china's economy. as you know in recent years the chinese economy has being moving in its own. development that. now probably have vast markets of our own internal markets as well. mystics consumer demand for chinese made products which is huge. and of course china has been developing close cooperation with the outer world you would as well as you buy ever since the policy of reform and opening up. has been started.
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it's not just the outer world. rely on we have our own internal strength as well hire terrorists and affects china in a negative way surely it's a good news but they are damaging for those who impose it as well. what we all know that should this conflict escalates to an all out trade war it would be disastrous for the entire world bigger economies are so intertwined that the consequences would ripple across the globe and factoring at the very last the americans themselves 1st thing that comes to my mind is inflation and the rate of inflation is going to rise in the united states that does this mean that china as well has leverage over the united states. as you surely know. globalization has been underway in recent years. of course this process is
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especially active right now no country is able to develop its economy. without cooperation with other countries one country starts a war against another one not. it always inflicts big losses upon itself damages itself is always like that but i would you try and it has always supported equality fair and mutually beneficial grappa ration with other countries i would believe it should be a 2 way street though china has its advantages and its partners have their own advantages should be complementarity between them china does not want to fight. the fights over the same time we're not afraid of it china is bold and resolute and is able to defend its legitimate rights and interests. still holding the door open for the us china trade negotiations if the united states wishes to proceed with them needs to be more sincere principles of cooperation and a certain red lines for china china will never back down on matters of principle.
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issues with the chinese hopeful that both sides be open for compromise in order to achieve a win win trade agreements. respect. and in line with the promises that have been made if the existence system of cooperation is irrevocably damaged it will be a huge loss for them to me that's what i think. also like to talk about the n.f.l. not long ago but i don't trump has announced his intention to draw from the treat banning any intermediate range nuclear missiles he proposes a new treaty as a replacement which would also include china into russia and the united states maggie i recently interviewed an official representative of china's national defense ministry who told me china is not even considering joining such treaty as meaning fish as its nuclear arsenal isn't comparable to those of russia and the united states but still if china were offered to outline its own conditions for an
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agreement to replace dan after what would those conditions. i can say that this treaty signed. very very long time ago by 2 countries the u.s.s.r. and the united states of america this means that these 2 countries must observe this treaty and as for china as far as i understand we are not a party to this treaty that this is bilateral but the treaty was not a multilateral one. and china is strongly in favor in preserving it many countries around the world strongly opposed the unilateral withdrawal by the united states from this treaty but as far as china is concerned we have nothing to do with this treaty we are however feel it is paramount for the parties
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to maintain i.n.f. treaty as part of the system which was established a long time ago to make up with but not up with us i says we should let me ask you a question about why a way the united states is planning to blacklist a chance company i want china is it going to retaliate in any way could it for example kick apple out of the country from me. regarding your who are they are monsters i have already said that the government of china is going to take all the necessary measures to protect our company's legitimate rights and interests as for foreign companies are you not china as long as they operate legally. means in full compliance with the chinese laws they have nothing to worry about. but i would like to stress the trade and economic relations between your
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interests must be based on the principles of equality that the mutual benefit we pray and mutual respect but each key. to thank china. has recently claimed to be and near arctic state even though it has no border with the arctic what exactly does china mean when it card itself a new arctic state same logic all countries of the world being near arctic states collect each. china is an important act in the arctic and we would and has long been involved in the arctic affairs in 1925 china joined us fogarty treaty and officially started participating in arctic affairs and since then china has been constantly ramping up its research activity accumulating experience increasing its involvement in facilitating cooperation with other countries. china has been developing an integrated scientific system for monitoring oceanic atmospheric
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biological and geological processes in the arctic being an important member of the international community china actively participating creating and regulations regarding the arctic and of course china has launched a build a road initiative to build the so-called ice road together with others to create new opportunities for cooperation. transportation. and to promote sustainable social and economic development of the arctic region. china and russia share common interests in the arctic and our advantages complement each other. in the arctic is becoming a new landmark in developing collaboration between our 2 nations we have been working together to develop the jamal energy project and these joint efforts prove to be very efficient they can serve as
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a role model of win win cooperation between china and russia. so countries have many other joint research projects we hope that the relations between our countries will grow even deeper and we will. continue our strategic cooperation and partnership in the arctic. and we cut the. like you said china has been interested in the arctic for a long time and since 2015 china has invested $90000000000.00 in the arctic region russia and china are developing new sea routes new shipping routes in the arctic and at the same time the united states is worried that china's growing involvement in the arctic may result in chinese military bases popping up in the region are these concerns justifying. the problem at the. allegations. have any base of these concerns are not justified we are willing to participate in the development of the arctic region to ramp up our
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economic can get on and deal with other countries but our involvement is limited to economy and trade and so cooperation with certain countries in trade the concerns that are voiced by our american partners are completely unjustified we did not. thank you very much your excellent save for this interview and i wish you all the best of luck thank you very much. the project is good if you. don't believe people what.
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the response from all people. here for all. of north. just. do the note must feel you've been easy in this loop i'm going to miss louie you must feel the rhythm they used to do this in both of us and i was going at the main machine going to steamboat in the evening of their history of faith that. you are never. going to pull treats because you're going to tell you what more you more you would almost to. the old freedom doing it will go. to some good and you'll meet someone who knows the. new. and also a way yes. join
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me every 1st week on the alex salmond's show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the 4th.
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floor. so. it's. slow. and a very warm welcome to you you're watching us in just. i
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. i. was. i. was going to do this is going to be good to. be on the road for theresa may the british prime minister officially steps down as leader of the conservative party triggering a contest with 11 candidates for the job. while the u.s. sanctions. suggest washington is failing to unite the country against president.


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