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tv   News  RT  June 6, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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how can we help citizens become healthy and happy. the 7th of july business program interactive exhibition open health congress festival details also been forum dot com 16 plus. headlining this hour. democratic senator slams the trumpet ministration for giving the green light to sharing sensitive nuclear technology with saudi arabia it was done just days after the killing of. the trumpet ministration has broken this precedent they kept it secret i worry that they're trying to hide information or sweetheart deal in this that they don't want the american public to know. the leader of the world's most
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populous country makes the president of the world's biggest nation russia and china push for improved bilateral ties with a growing pressure from the united states. journalists warning of a threat to press freedom and whistleblowers in australia after police raids on the media over the disclosure of classified data. was told by. the target of this investigation it's about the people who were supposed to keep these stuff confidential. across the world developing stories this. international from moscow welcome to the program a u.s. senator is demanding an investigation into secretive nuclear technology transfers from the united states to saudi arabia senator tim kaine who obtained the information from the energy department called the news dangerous. i worry that they're trying to hide information that would that would maybe lead us to uncover
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that there's some you know corruption or or sweetheart deal in this that they don't want the american public to know the concerns around the timing of the approval it was signed off a little over 2 weeks off of the brutal killing of saudi dissident journalist jamal khashoggi for which several high level saudi officials were blamed the u.s. energy department confirmed the transfer was back in march after the 1st reports of merge but haven't responded to the request for comment on the cain statement saudi arabia claims the atomic program is strictly for civil and peaceful uses of the u.s. congress is also disturbed by the level of covertness that surrounded the transfer but no time reference has been given by the trump of ministration credible and picks up the story. the fact that the trumpet ministration provided nuclear technical expertise to the saudi monarchy has got some in congress pretty rattled the trump administration has broken this precedent they kept it secret we found out in march that they had done a number of transfers to saudi arabia it turns out that right after the show he was
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murdered by the saudis and they were lying about it the administration said fine here here's we'll pass nuclear technology on to you now a quick reminder the killing of the journalist sent shock waves around the world when he was killed in the country's consulate in istanbul now the brutal death apparently sent shock waves throughout the world but it wasn't enough to stop some nuclear deals now it appears that the trump team was rushing perhaps because they thought the fallout from the killing would make it more controversial at a later date and following the shoji case a bipartisan group of legislators did indeed pass a law allowing congressional oversight of any nuclear cooperation agreements with saudi arabia and tom certainly does seem eager to promote nukes how many countries have it iran is going to happen at some point we have to say you know what we're better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea we're better off frankly if south korea. it's going to start to protect it's. going to cut into
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caleb's report there because one of the main events on the business calendars kicked off in russia it's the same petersburg international economic forum which gathers thousands of delegates from around the globe russia's president putin is speaking at the forum now live to listen if you will. held here in center because burke. this time my formal meetings begin with you and i would like to once again welcome you here i would like to wish you and nice pleasant and fruitful stay in synch but as burke doesn't it isn't working is there any problem. when you. drop. work you don't. know that you shouldn't i would like to once again welcome you here i hope this time everyone hears me and everyone hears the translation. these years my
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schedule of meetings where the guest of the forum began with this meeting and. i'm glad because we can have some to steer in today's discussion which will give me an opportunity to somehow maybe feel what do you might be of interest for your other partners for the partners who have come to the form of this year and this is the end of my opening remarks now with the floor to mr me high love and after that i'll be pleased to listen to each and every one of you and try to answer your questions as far as it's possible thank you very much mr president your excellency mr president thank you very much for giving us this opportunity within the tight schedule to mix with the leaders so our leading world news agency says that amount to almost 90 percent of the whole. news lol dear colleagues i'm grateful to you for your interest in the forum incident but as
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a book i'm convinced that today's dial up will be just as bright and useful as all the 6 previous dialects it is the 6th time by the way that we meet here since but as a book international economic forum which has almost 21 years of course history once again has been launched excessively this morning we've had a panel discussion this morning we discussed the role of media and global conflicts . with a comment today here for the 6 meeting already every year our circle crows you see some new colleagues. who are present here for the 1st time there are 4 of them and i will introduce each of them and we always welcome the newcomers whose experience always intertwines fruitful we were really that of the old comers and of course your decisions your decision to meet not late at night the way you usually spoke of this but right now in the afternoon before you.
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deliver your speech tomorrow the plenary session of the forum i would like to thank you for this in particular i come back mentioned that today on this exam june will celebrate the 2225th anniversary since the birth of alexander pushkin. this is going to be called the day of russian language that is it is this that is why it is a special day for us us has started the preliminary topics traditional. which we received from our time from our foreign colleagues before this trip there are various diverse topics you'll hear about them but there is one topic that is of interest for everyone without an exception therefore i would ask please generalized question on behalf of task during the last. meeting we always start it with the stage and the fact that our planet is going through a dangerous period of time. sharon countries are exploding regions are on fire
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there are sanctions trade wars fake news this is the contents of all news feeds of all music since this everyone is talking about a new cold war each country is convinced that it knows who's to blame for sure why ok well cut out of that early meeting of the some petersburg international economic forum where president putin has been getting the lowdown on the organization of this major event that brings in world leaders decision makers and captains of industry for the next 3 days and some petersburg as you heard president putin will be addressing a plenary session tomorrow will be across that and also meeting some of the key decision makers at that 4 of over the next couple of days here on r.t. international. so. the chinese leader to jim ping is also expected to attend the same petersburg forum as part of his state visit to russia his trip here got underway on wednesday with talks with president putin they touched on the venezuelan crisis iran and the situation on the korean peninsula among the agreements signed
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a deal between chinese tech giant weiwei and russian telecom company m.t.s. on developing russia's 5 g. network the 2 countries have also agreed to develop bilateral trade using their national currencies the ruble on. richard. coleman views on the situation in the korean peninsula and follow the joint resolution of the situation noting that there is no alternative to diplomacy for solving existing problems we'll continue to work with china for deescalation of tensions and strengthening security in this region we also continue working for a peaceful resolution in syria and villas where we remain committed to the iran nuclear deal. we discussed the development of our bilateral relations since there stablished been 70 years ago and included they've reached an unprecedented level new possibilities have opened for us the world is changing protectionism and unilateralism
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a raising their heads china and russia as leading world powers will protect the international system based on international law and multilateral trade cheese a 3 day state visit to russia 70 years of diplomatic relations and a national affairs commentator jonathan steele says moscow beijing ties are now better than ever friendship is hardly ever been well known stronger than it is the moment there's almost no issue in which you can find disagreement detergent is a $150000000000.00 roughly will trade richardson sounds enormous and it comes at a time when russian american tensions are high in chinese american tensions even higher because of the trade war that's been imposed by donald trump on china well i think it's a kind of warning to the west mild sort of way to say look russia can supply the world with the united states or can china and in fact they can get together in the cold war there was this russian china american triangle with american china more
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allied against russia and russia has supplies united it's the other way around americas isolated by russia and china the chinese leader arrived in moscow bearing gifts to jim paying handed over to giant pandas to moscow as part of a conservation program. 2 2. press freedom have been raised in australia now after police raids on a prominent journalist and then on australia's national broadcaster the a.b.c. and other cases police say the search is
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a based on the disclosing of classified information. the criminalisation and greg down on national security journalism is spreading like a virus the president is already having effect journalists must unite and remember that car itch is also contagious this police raid against our partners at a.b.c. is the next. ok back to the some petersburg international economic forum then we'll get back to our other stories a little bit later in the preliminary meeting attended by president putin appropriate this treaty article state clearly that launches cannot be emplaced on the ground that is our medium range and shorter range missiles but they have placed them in poland in romania this is a direct violation of the treaties provisions look at this medium and shorter range missiles and compare them to combat or trounce this is the same thing now have a look at the correct to restate targets for counter missiles these are actually
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the shorter range and medium range missiles and everyone pretends as if no one hears us sees anything as if everyone is blind and deaf but we have to respond somehow this is obvious and they are looking for someone who is guilty and blame russia. the threat is not serious of course but what we have no no agenda is extension of the new start treaty well we can choose not to extend it and when your system will ensure russia's security for it significantly lawn historic term. mean that we have taken an important step forward and without our competitors in terms of creating hyper weapon systems and we wish to do so if no one is interested in extending the new start treaty then we want to extend it but no one is even negotiate and with us we are ready with repeated
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a new mercy cages but there are no negotiations with us and with family. you know all. this when you formalization of this negotiation process has taken place and the treaty will expire in 2021 but let me draw your attention to the fact that will be no instruments limit seen the answer is and for example in place in what is an outer space do we even understand what it is ask the experts if mean that everyone's had. there will be nuclear weapons permanently all the time and that's where doing the same thing and weakly. anyone think about this will anyone talk about this will anyone raise any concerns about this no what we see is complete absence of anything or emotions creating low yield nuclear weapons using strategic missiles in non nuclear equipped for non nuclear weapons for example these missiles are launched from somewhere in the ocean the missiles of strategic range do we know how do we know if there are nuclear we've
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a non-nuclear equipped you understand how dangerous this is how serious this is. if another party answers in response immediately what will this lead to. typically convinced this should be the subject of an open transparent professional discussion. and the world public should be a part of this process as far as it's possible when we're dealing with such issues people at least have a right to know what's going on in this area but i'll reiterate again where ready we're prepared for this we are certain about our security and safety however we do share the concern of the possibility of dismantling this whole thing is i'm in. strategic arms control and nonproliferation it this concern still exists what is
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the way out of this is. the only solution that we see is the work the joint work in my recent conversation was the president trump gives me some reasons for optimism because donald said that he was also concerned about this and what the united states and all the other countries this money could have been allocated for some other purposes i fully agree with him for example state secretary recently to russia we met with him in sochi and he's shared the same ideas correlates but if the united states believes it so then some practical steps should be taken to ensure this joint efforts and i repeat. of course. as for today our negotiations are of utmost importance i mean the negotiations between the countries with the highest nuclear potential and nuclear capabilities but i believe that we should involve all nuclear weapon states a free show or
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a non-official if we only involve those who have been recognized as nuclear powers if we do not involve those who have not been recognized as nuclear powers they will continue developing the process and the process between officially recognized nuclear weapons states will be stored therefore we should build this brought platform for discussions and decision making and in this sense. this could be the certain light at the end of the tunnel thank you very much mr president the tradition goes very women very carefully and. the list of guests today we. met. your question will go 1st and i'll say that much as it is well known journalist and political researchers she's lived in singapore for a long time she's recently moved to long to become the executive editor of bloomberg in 2000. and she's is the 2nd time she's here and by the way she's
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interested. tight boxing. unlike in the runup scares joked that well the the. remains. look a gender means something we can teach well as church you confuse me from the very beginning speaking about box in what place you have the floor. one more time thank you mr president. my tire believe has taught me the value in appreciation of and to confront and control fear but i don't believe i would be brave enough to get in the ring with you. i have a question about oil. questions actually russia's deal with opec is up for renewal this month do you favor keeping production at current levels or is your preference
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for russia and for opec to increase output as we go into the 2nd half of the year and given the importance of oil to your economy into russia more broadly i wanted to ask you about the comments this week by the us president donald trump who said that he had been told that russia is pulling its people out of venezuela moscow has said that this is inaccurate it's not trump just getting bad information or are you still concerned that the ultimate goal of the u.s. is regime change in venezuela and perhaps the ultimate goal beyond that is to have control of venezuela's oil assets thank you. if you know which is. first of all i would say that i wouldn't dare go out to a rink with you myself not because you're a lady why because everyone should be engaged with their own professional things i have never practiced tie box i wouldn't go to
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a tommy with year but i'll have some competitive advantages in this regard i can assure you as for your questions. as for the questions you have raised well but begin with the last question you asked about so removing our people from burnett so a lot more knowledge whether we're afraid of a regime change or not we are against any intervention into domestic affairs of other countries who believe this result in tragic consequences and an example of such countries as libya and iraq is the best confirmation of this fact. the best. the vote to hell is paved with the best intentions this is a well known idea and an obvious fact as though we should be calm we should be patient we can work with everyone with opposition with. the foreigners who are currently in office but we cannot intervene intrade a mess to affairs internal affairs of other states we can not use sections measures
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because usually millions of grassroots sit ins and suffer from this that have nothing to do with authorities and government the global economy suffers. if we take a look at the fact that when us soil or has reduced its production twice. over the last year. if we take into account the tape in which millions of people leave now in the us well or. so who is fighting whom. are they fighting the do or are they fighting the population of and therefore would not approve of military intervention because this would be a tease suster is a virus i understand. based on the information that i have even the allies of the united states do not support military intervention into the us well i do not know such people i mean neighbors companies so even those who condemn madieu are for the mastic political process and that's good. but do not want anyone to do
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anything like this in the us well as for our people in our soil what you officially . don't know was sold weapons to even us well i'm. doing that quite a long time ago and. contracts and to you by the way represent. no . bloomberg. the t.v. channel and the publishing house or which is involved in economic issues we are going to maintain to service this weapons but in terms of the contracts provisions that is what we have to do our specialists have been doing this over the last years and they continue to do you believe this or not all. but everyone worked out technically based on the priorities of the soul and government they wanted us to service something and they wanted us to service something but this is something
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that we have to do based on the contract otherwise we're book suffer some sanctions therefore i'm not. i know that i start an amount of work has been done by our special is not just in terms of military work but in terms of industry as well and some of them come some of them go which are not established and it's in there on purpose we do not establish any military posts there which are not really cage our troops there this has never happened before and will not happen but we will continue to implement our contract provisions in terms of military technical cooperation. point regarding relationship. with the soil or and. other old producing countries i've already said that. jews did some production and this is not only related to sanctions that has to do with the current state of the oil and gas industry minister well itself. but 3500000000.
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credit loans often a swell in towards russia. but there is no debt. house being pain and service and always credits always credit obligations. and liabilities as far as our relationship with opec is concerned. we knew this relationship will continue to fall straight we're not going to. but we have a certain mechanism for cooperation with it. and our decisions will be consolidated we do have certain discrepancies and differences in terms of different understanding of or just prize fair price but this is also natural because there is no need for me to comment upon some things that you probably do not know but just look what the price per barrel. in terms of what price per barrel the budget of saudi arabia has been calculated this is much bigger than in russia we calculate it
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in terms of $40.00 per barrel and in saudi arabia this is this amount is quite large it would of course they have the price to be high and we do not have these need bearing in mind the diversified nature of our economy and what we do depends on oil and gas a lot but our economy is much more diversified and in the gulf countries and therefore our process and industry of the russian industry is not interested in too high oil prices. what we need is certain media shelves 60 or $65.00 per barrel we have might satisfied with that we do not have a need to go somewhere. we don't want to. but even with this price so we do have a considerable margin i'm talking about. shooting this sort of the budget calculated from in terms of 40 barrels per barrel our gold and foreign currency reserves are filled i mean the reserves of the central bank at the government for
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we should bear in mind all 3. conditions all the circumstances for adoption of what production in iran fell by one mail in inverness oil problems in libya. in nigeria we should bear all these factors in mind as well as a growing consumption. in the some appeared to. have certain arrangements now i'm not going to get ahead of myself i want to tell you right now what our ideas of what we should do in the 2nd heart of the year. however i will we're going to make consolidate decisions with our colleagues if you wish thank you thank you mr president we will you should. use this a president. yesterday with the presidency opened a great concert dedicate to 70 years of diplomatic relations between russia and china been an exhibition together with the task. we
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prepared for this major milestone to. also congratulate our chinese friends with 70 years of. published china and like to present my our long term friends and reliable partners. relations with its new mr and. mrs i take a take mark in this meeting 2nd time. i mean 2016 you remember his interview which was quoted a lot by many. of the globe. regular takes part in st petersburg international canonical form now i'll open i'll reveal a secret about his. dream about creating. about. chinese restaurants around the global just like michelin stars no one doubts the great expertise of the chinese chefs and i believe that the the best. the best
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chinese restaurant in news in. building mrs i your 4 you have the floor. in 2016 you know thank you very much mr president in 2016 in june. i took an interview with you and i also remember that time. i would like to thank you once again from one from washington thank you for that and just today she doesn't see that they have visited an exhibition dedicated to 70 years of. diplomatic relations between russia and china after all we know that this year. the motto of st petersburg forum is ensuring sustainable development is the biggest
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drawback of. dru's yet we know that show with your participation wouldn't usually russian economy has tackled those difficult issues which process faced before and right now they can immediately starting to bounce back for sure would like to know what specific plans you have in mind about further they were building of russian economy and also what plans do you have on strengthening economic cooperation of russia and china what are the key directions that you could i would like. is for rebuilding russian economy you said it yourself indeed we have to overcome those difficulties that we face several years ago for several reasons actually. that had to do with the so-called sanction and the sanction actions. that was not the main thing that did not play the main.
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first and foremost there were almost at the national going to decrease prices for our traditional exports. hydrocarbons and some metals is. huge group of 2 so therefore chemical production that had to do with raw materials and some of them also some pressure. when you look at it. not only did we overcome that pressure but we use now are on the path to sustainable growth that has to do with the global economic climate but not only with that it also has to do. it can manage the domestic economic factors you can image the political as well as that has to do with it with economic policy of the russian leadership. first and foremost that has to do with the stable macroeconomic situation last year .


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