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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  June 5, 2019 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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the right democrats and republicans and all red blooded pro-business patriotic americans should support. friends like the all american may have began as pro-business capitalism rights advocates take on pro-gun rights advocates as we start watching the home. wonder what. the day like. this would. be the plot of. the day like you said i got. the. world you were watching our desire i robot during that time well that's. what i didn't do it. and to have this is like this is like watching this fight between
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pro-capitalism and lloyd pro-gun and i'm very confused by this is like a bare knuckle brawl taking place on the republican wing of this country the right wing of this country because i don't know how to go ever find a balance between these 2 things no it doesn't make sense because you know why it's our having such a hard time because they're literally like banging their head against a wall because they it doesn't make sense while the one sided view that a business should be able to decide who you know served to whether it's a wedding cake or software to sell semiautomatic weapons on. it's sort of like it's always a different set of rules when you go to the extremes whether it's all after the right there is a different set of rules for us well yeah i mean you can do that to other people which you can't do it and that that's where i think you're going to fall into a lot of ideological problems and philosophical problems with real conservatives who. actually our conservative in government yeah yeah i mean here's here's what
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big business is like the pro-capitalist side of the conservatives the you know that and of the country that really buys into this you know capitalism or nothing in that teeny tiny part of it a little bit of. their kind of thing falls into what for a mention of really what forbes conservative bruce weinstein declares and he said in a free society businesses have a right to create policies that are consistent with their values as long as those values are themselves consistent with the law you know which is basically the argument the gun sellers do not have a right to unfettered access to all those examples so he was an example of a body dies that's the deal sorry but you can't fight in this argument that corporations are people and i should be able to use my money to affect politics for my corporation and this and the government can't tell me how to do my you know treat my employees or what kind of insurance to give them you can't keep fighting
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that you get to make that decision and then say i want to take it away from someone else could point that's a very good point that's interesting this interesting because it's like in my mind i'm like i get like. i got i understand the fight between both sides to me absolutely crisp by it's kind of like if i just decide as i don't want to see the business as a hey i'm a public business i don't you know as long as i'm working off the government trough and i decide i don't want my software being used to sell goods that's the business is right to do that right. i'm sorry but you're not a protected group you're not in contrast people think you are crying because they won't let you use their software. to sell something that essentially is turning a semiautomatic gun into an automatic i mean you listed off what those were and this isn't every gun manufacturer it's very specific it's ones that we're talking about that have either been partially banned or we're talking about banning you
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know. you know it's a me it's there's a difference you're right on the point because it's like look this isn't the government. you can't have this gun and we're going to outlaw all businesses no this magical one where they're going to come and take all our weapons away from us that they never nobody came to get the baseball bat. or any of the non-lethal non gun like things i want to make sure we get to this but some of the businesses that also have decided not to work with certain. firearms people you've got amazon and even a prohibit the sale of guns but they do allow certain guns accessories shopify the e.-commerce formed an automatic and semiautomatic weapon sales and then united airlines and delta don't give n.r.a. discounts anymore and now they're just hurts or if. those 40 gun owners but what if the insurance company doing disclose to them you think they'd be working hard was. playing with we thought weapons. i mean i don't know i mean one of the things we're
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looking at is they're sitting there having you know a very emotional. reaction to a very minimal. striking of rules with a private entity it's very minimal it's not all that big of a deal and to me if you're crying about the fact that you can't get your bomb stocks in your automatic weapons and how dare they maybe you should look at yourself because if you can't hit the broad side of a barn with a semiautomatic you probably shouldn't be telling the rest of us how to sell it or buy it or handle great porn very doable. from one storm to the next the atlantic hurricane season has begun watchers and states along the u.s. atlantic coast i'm gulf of mexico are bracing themselves for another go around the awesome power of mother nature right in time for this year's hurricane season is the u.s. federal disaster aid bill for 28 last year is a has finally been approved by congress. and miami r.t.
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america's john hardy has more. at the national hurricane center in miami forecasters were watching this weather disturbance in the gulf of mexico for any signs of trouble they scanned the real time high resolution images streaming from a satellite 23000 miles above earth and on to their computer screens when a tropical storm explodes into a hurricane the men and women here work overtime briefing the media alerting the public and hopefully saving lives daniel brown senior hurricane specialist at the center said the $2900.00 season is expected to be an average year but all it takes he said is one major hurricane to turn an average season into a devastating one and there have been plenty of those you know the last few hurricane season we've seen a lot of devastating storms the harveys irma maria alas we have florence and
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michael on florence and michael both brought different hazards florent so was not only storm surge an inland flooding threat in fact to set record rainfall amounts of the. north and south carolina but then we have michael that had not only a diversity storm surge but those very strong winds a category 5 hurricane that brought those winds the most dangerous and often deadly part of a hurricane is not the wind but the water specifically the storm surge that's the surge of water pushed on shore by the hurricane that can range anywhere from $10.00 to $1520.00 even 30 feet above sea level flooding out cities like for instance downtown miami during hurricane arma back in 2017 as the population of the united states has increased so has the size of cities and communities along america's coastline that have been pummeled by hurricanes costing hundreds of billions of dollars in the last 3 years alone the effects of global warming and climate change
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are being blamed for an increasing pattern of destructive hurricanes essentially that warmer sea surface temperatures and rising sea levels are fueling more intense storms so i figure a couple things to be concerned about regarding hurricanes and in a warmer climate one is the higher level sea level the sea level is just a little higher already which is going to could exacerbate any storm surge that you know think could be just a wetter climate a more heavy precipitation we've seen that last couple years not saying that's that's exactly what's happening because you really can't take one or 2 individual events and tied to climate change but there are studies suggest we could see more rainfall more heavy rainfall in the early part of the hurricane season forecasters skin the gulf of mexico and caribbean for any signs of a disturbance but as we get later in the season we start looking further east where we see our tropical waves that develop over africa move off the african coast some of the most devastating hurricanes that have hit the united states in the last 20
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years have been fueled by the african easterly jet tropical waves of when that develop over the sahara desert and west africa during the monsoon season. and move eastward over the atlantic hurricanes or perhaps the most intense storms mother nature produces and nature can be unpredictable there have been cities on military bases specifically $10.00 air force base in the florida panhandle and a national guard base in raleigh north carolina that were hit hard resulting in the men's damage during last year's hurricanes raising concerns about whether they are prepared for another destructive season if that happens ready or not it's likely there will be more storms again this year question is how bad they will be that's why forecasters are urging people to be prepared for the hurricane season stocking up on essential supplies like water gas and nonperishable food in the meantime the national hurricane center will continue to keep an eye on the radar for anything
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that may be brewing out to sea and ready to churn towards the united states for our t.v. john hoodie. as we're going to don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we cover the facebook you tube and twitter. dot com coming up we discuss the journalism and politics up north korea and the news media with professor pawed university offer for the walk in the hall. has the time come for google and other big tech companies there's a growing consensus the near monopoly status of many of these companies is bad for competition bad for the consumer and even for freedom of speech no doubt silicon
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valley is lowering. taxes or survival guide books a single malt to start sampling at all these are the. cliches those are you going to get them back. oh heck no. repatriations look at the rest of 70 years. of the separate lives kaiser report. this officer has been told to get up off the ground and the officer began to pet him down. and then freeze on the sounds of kind of fighting into the grown man like wrestling essentially the officer hurling. through his or her own. wish to away from the officer pulling the toys out of his crib. they obviously did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then what happened on tree swung at
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the officers hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the 2 any kind went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and aimed it on tree. thanks to. her or her own. right. thanks. for. the ok we're ok i. am. thanks so much thanks so much
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thank you last week made stream media was abuzz with reports alleging that north korean leader kim jong un had executed multiple members of his staff after denuclearization negotiations with the u.s. had failed in hanoi earlier this year of course the report that those from c.n.n. to the new york times chose to legitimize was in fact a single anonymous source in one south korean publication but that didn't stop media outlets and state department officials from running with it after only a few days of a month old rumor being bandied about cable lose without a shred of evidence or investigation the very officials and family members that were alleged to have either been executed or sent to reeducation camps or see in alongside the north korean leader and an arts performance and pyongyang so are we seeing north korea playing a sophisticated game of intelligence or is the quality of journalism about north korea lacking in both fact and context well here to help us understand north korea
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and the news about it is professor at the university organizer for the answer coalition and author derrick ford thank you so much for joining us derrick so during can i can you tell us a bit about your research and experience regarding north crew what you would. the biggest misconceptions right now are about the. well that's a big question for sure so i've traveled to the d.p. r. k. i traveled to the korean peninsula multiple times and worked with the korean nice days in the united states for several years and i mean there's really so many misconceptions about about the d.p. r. k. you know usually when i tell my students that it's important to really forget everything that you think you know about the country you've heard in the united states because you know it's just ridiculous propaganda and i think that you know this latest incident is really another manifestation of of how ridiculous it is
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that these claims are taken from you know the chosen elbow which is an extremely conservative paper in south korea that has multiple times already gotten the is sort of propagated these these accusations and then had them quickly disproven so this isn't the 1st time. but to your question as to what the one of the main misconceptions is i would say relative to this issue. and the reason why we see these you know sort of sensationalized basically fake news propagating throughout the media is to present the d.p. r. k. the government there kim jong un as sort of erratic and unstable and out of control and in a state of chaos. the u.s. has really presented north korea in that light for decades the media has also and but if you actually look at the policies and the history of north korea you'll see
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that there is a really a rapid. sort of extreme continuity in policy decisions in domestic and foreign policy and so you know with that context in mind when you see these reports about you know the mass execution and purging of those who are so close to the top leadership you are really initially skeptical you take it i guess not just with a grain of salt but with sort of you know metric tons of salt. there's always been these sort of brutal reports out of north korea over the years of leaders executing officials that didn't please them in the stories go all the way to you know it's shooting them with a missile at a military base or putting them you know all this that's one thing i noticed was that in this recent story in the original story that sparked all of this coverage
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they're very specifically the end of it said the rumors have not been verified and this is listen translated obviously the rumors not verified and it is possible the regime is deliberately spreading misinformation let me ask you this about north korea is there a history of reports like this that are planted to manipulate the internet a small press and then if so because it seems like why do major outlets like c.n.n. and the new york times keep falling for it. so. i mean the d.p. r. k. obviously it's very sophisticated it's been. you know the united states has been at war with north korea for sense 150 and so they've never had a moment of peace and so they've had to be incredibly. i mean smart and add gyal in terms of their how they relate to the united states how they relate to the entire world and so there are definitely instances of the d.p. r. k.
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for example with nuclear negotiations with. conveying the extent of the capacity of their nuclear programs historically of sort of embellishing things there's where there's a gap between what's reported and what's real. but as far as these sort of sensationalized stories go it's really a propaganda war by the u.s. and the south korean right wing newspapers and i mean if you think about it in south korea they actually can't even access the korean central news agencies website right so the sort of official web site of north korea and so there the lack of information the lack of access that they have it makes sense that they would sort of you know really lack the contacts to to understand
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this and also that they really just run with with whatever sensationalized story that they want the most i think agree just example was there was like a satirical south korean newspaper most newspapers several years ago like the onion for south korea they ran a story about every every man in north korea having to get the same exact haircut as kim jong un and the corporate media outlets picked it up as fact and they ran with it and you know the headline splashed across social media for a day or a couple of days and then when you know the room when the retractions come there they never seem to make the headlines right they never make the front page of these these news stories then they're never given the same prominence as the original sort of hit piece and so the damage has really already been done seems to be the kind of. procedure for a lot of main cast news this days anyway is all we reported something wrong will bury the retraction you know deep in the in the back of the paper rather than put
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it up on top you know the people of north korea tragically through all this but they go treated more like an od of the than human beings by the international press especially western media because this attitude have affects what countries are going in the peace talks and is there of. cultural saw through the difficulties that we're talking about and there's this very look at these strange people these strange culture rather than treating them as this is a culture here on earth just like every other culture what how does that play into the treatment of north korea. yeah you know oftentimes the north korea is called a hermit kingdom or you know they talk about it being very private very secretive in the west but you know the reality is that it's not north korea isn't self isolating that the united states is isolated from the entire world and i think the most obvious example is the fact that as a u.s.
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citizen right now the united states government won't let me travel to north korea to actually speak to the north korean people and part of the impetus behind the travel ban for the d.p. r. k. and for cuba is is to prevent people in the united states from actually experiencing an understanding korean culture and what and what the people in north korea are like firsthand or you know it's to prevent your you're your neighbor your uncle or you know whatever your coworker from traveling there are so that and then they come back and they say well let me tell you let me show you pictures and let me show you videos of what it was actually like and what my experience is like and so the because really if you think about it most of the lies that they tell about north korea are really true things about the united states so for example the idea that they're all only subjected to. propaganda that demonizes everybody else well that's actually what we're subjected to. and you know the idea that they're like a hermit kingdom and so secretive but it's actually our government that won't let
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us travel there that is isolating them so i think that really the cultural isolation. is is tragic and is absolutely a big hindrance to to the peace process. what do you think the press in general. well i guess it needs to do better in covering places like north korea to help because they're seizing the 2 major issues one is this information that is helped along by governments the united say south korea or like you said you know whether it's factions within political regimes conservative side of south korea how do we fight against that this information and then the quick headlines that so many will use to make bones about that we've got 2 minutes left. yeah i mean i think that you know what i tell people is your default sort of way in which you receive news about the about north korea from corporate media should be either to not believe it or to
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sort of hold it at bay with extreme extreme skepticism and i think that if one has you know you don't need to be an expert in north korea to have some contacts and to be able to discern fact from fiction you know you don't need to be like an astute observer all the time you really just need some basic information about the history of north korea and also. this sort of disposition or the belief or the attitude that it's. actually i as was said earlier that this is a country and this is the people in this is a nation and they have traditions and they have customs and habits and they have a right to do things as they want to do without interference from anybody else and so i think that you know if you sort of approach the if you if you do some historical research cursory research even and then you approach the content that's being delivered in that way like you know even if it is true like ok you know let's
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think about all the listening about all the executions that take place in the united states right ok so maybe maybe there's a bunch of people in prison in north korea well you know what they have less they have a smaller percentage of their of their population in prison than we do in the united states so. maybe we should sort of really. address those issues and allow north korea to determine its own destiny i couldn't agree with you more because i always go when you don't throw stones when you're in the glass glass house clean up your own backyard and then you can start criticizing others and asking member clean up there is that's how a good neighborhood works i want to thank you so much for coming on our show today professor at the paul university organizer for the answer coalition and author derek ford always a pleasure to have your answer. thank you. some like to claim that environmental regulations have no real effect but new york city and its way 11 residents are proving them very very wrong according to the nonprofit gotham
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whale there were a mere 5 whales spotted in all of 20 time in the waters off of new york city but thanks to such things as the clean water alex the endangered species act and the marine mammal protection act as a 28 team and whopping 272 back whales were spotted in the area around new york city as comes as a hot heads and river has been made healthier in recent decades providing the very foraging fish that are a major nutrient major source of whale neutrik so it just goes to show you that when it comes to mother nature or if there is a well there's a way. yes yes many whales and i mean well don't you have to worry about the kraken destroying new york city not yet a good omen ship about it or something all right that is our sure hope and through this very remember everyone in this world we are not told you're loved so you will love i am sorry rolled winter and on top of that what people are watching all those parks out there that would break.
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the bridges was good if you will on your but we're like if you miss it you're going to believe people would. tell whether it's done so. cheaper food in the indoor. given our school years i assure you i'm over to that. just before the close to the no close you you presume this lawyer. museum must fear to move him
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he used to go there most of us building an evening showing ghost in bowling is an inning of their history kind of silly to. me no no no because. your group will treat you as such because you're from since you moved to you before the war you more you would almost date as. the old freedom doing are still going to . do so when the only slowly rules the. new moon the stars of the most the winds and also way as the. same wrong but old rules just don't call. me old but yet to shape out these days becomes agitated and gains from it equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. the swarm see the mood of them so moving. and good you are those who are local was before. much of those who heard it's a preview of few other movies to see him we will. we will. move. move. move show you this new video of the live look i mean it's going to look for
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a good. movie muslim also these girls will give you films for good girls. to go to shows a look but look you're the same you belong if you show your story to the issue go. to start ups to. get to meet until it was the littlest they'd say look it is it's. your stash now understands to just move on it's the mashed old truck to stop the president and please control this project until. those we have produced a ghost whisperer to snap them up when you look because that is the cause with you sir your supporters to your machine station shouldn't feel you should put dorothy one whose job is the request to.
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the russian and chinese presidents precedented the current state of relations between their countries as she jinping begins a state visit to moscow. a republican congressman defends a u.s. navy seal accused of war crimes say killing civilians is part of the job. and we fired hundreds of rounds in a palooza right probably hundreds of civilians probably killed women and children if there were any left in the in the city.


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