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tv   News  RT  May 4, 2019 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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donald trump and vladimir putin discuss the crisis in venezuela just hours after a u.s. congresswoman is slapped down by the secretary of state for suggesting washington's actions there have only been making matters worse. bullying in the use of sanctions to eventually into america first this way it's not only ignored it's disgusting. u.s. school is considering whether or not to paint over a mural dedicated to founding father george washington after the artwork was deemed at risk of home ties and native american and african-american students this part of work which is a tribute to this person to the legacy of this person is a thing to. go his goal oh my god you are the one you go to help
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more and more psych meds this is a big deal with us. and the exchange of fire israel has targets in gaza after claiming it intercepted dozens of rockets from across the border. you're watching r.t. international bring you your live news update from our studio here in moscow to the program and bottom reporting have spoken by phone on a number of global issues including venezuela the latin american country saw violence this week amid what some are describing as a failed coup attempt donald trump said he had a productive discussion about the crisis with his russian counterpart. he is. not looking at all to get involved in venezuela other than he'd like to see something positive happen for venezuela. and i feel the same way so we want to help for
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humanitarian basis and i thought it was a very positive conversation i had with president putin on venezuela next week the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and his u.s. counterpart mike pompei you meet in finland where they expected to discuss the venezuela and the crisis continues in the south american countries some in washington have been looking closer to home about where some of the blame lies more and reports. the schism over venezuela isn't just international it's domestic too in the u.s. from the regime change activists who are guarding the venezuelan embassy to congresspersons democrats. committed an unforgivable sin she spoke speakable a lot of the policies that we have put in place has helped lead the devastation in venezuela particular bullying and the use of sanctions to
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eventually into the and. make change really does not help the people of countries like venezuela there are some things you just don't do like blame america anything for her troubles with the vice president and the secretary of state called basically an idiot for a member of congress who frankly one who sits on an important national security committee to make a statement blaming america first in this way it's not only ignorant it's disgusting congresswoman doesn't know she's talking about in simpler terms obama is ignorant for saying that u.s. meddling threats sanctions that have deprived venezuelans of desperately needed billions but all of that has exacerbated the crisis in venezuela that apparently is ignorant but recognizing why do as president despite the fact that one voted for
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him or listens to him the military nor ministries nor any state agencies recognizing him as president isn't ignorant also black is white the earth is flat pigs can fly and it's not a coup for one go why don't you try and take command of the venezuelan military if you throw out all sense and relinquish all ties with. reality then yes this wasn't a coup well why do did was call in soldiers to mutiny take up arms and violently seize power from people who actually have power why do those behalf totally not a coup you know the only coup in venezuela would be for i was arrested we're now living under a dictatorship and then terry nation rejects it. and while why do prepares his next not a coup trump be standing by to assist with these known coups the brutal
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repression of the venezuelan people must stand at the most and soon people are starving they have no food they have no water and this was once one of the wealthiest countries in the world so we wish them well we'll be there to help and we are there to help why do not a coup didn't go to plan aside from a few dozen soldiers that appeared with him at the start no other military members he did his call to rebel his attempts to storm a military base fell flat neither did it go peacefully with his supporters firing wildly at police and the military then firing back as well. they say they won't give up calling of course for more protests try to topple the
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venezuelan non government and i'll continue to grace the front covers of more men's fashion magazines who knows perhaps that's just what they need a little more photo shop aside from venezuela trump and putin also discussed in their call the possibility of a nuclear arms treaty between russia the u.s. and china r.t. america host rick sanchez discussed that prospect and journalist chris hedges. port's from the white house today that president trump has reached out to president putin on the subject of nuclear arms agreement between the united states russia and china of course we really don't know what they discussed but that is what the president's staff is putting out if it's true and we take them at their word which we should it would be kind of strange considering that the u.s. and russia already had a nuclear treaty in place negotiated by ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev that we our country chose to just no longer author just
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a few months ago that decision was made so it's curious right speaking of mr gorbachev he has just penned an editorial in the wall street journal where he's urging both sides to stop the madness of nuclear deterrence he writes that the idea that more weapons make us more safe is just mad right. joining us now is politic prize winning author chris hedges to talk about this this article by mikhail gorbachev it's called the madness of nuclear deterrence do you get his point on this gorbachev is exactly right this is this inability on on the part of the world's two largest nuclear powers to speak and negotiate. rationally is very very dangerous but there's this there's this thinking out there that's been going on for a long time he talks about margaret thatcher being a disciple of this most of us grew up with the cuban missile crisis we've always been told as long as we have big nukes and the bigger our nukes the bigger their
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nukes that's fine because then no one will use them so it's the fact that our weapons are large that keeps us from ever having to engage in a war that's kind of the thinking guys like you and i grew up with and that's what some of those leaders you just mentioned also kind of believed in is that true. well no of course i mean it was it was reducing the nuclear. stockpiles. and monitoring those stockpiles that made the world a safer place getting reengaged which we've now done in a nuclear weapons race and remember the russians have now put up any ballistic systems that they say cannot be detected because of course we've moved under nato missiles up to russia's border this is extremely dangerous you have various flashpoints syria being one where this conflict could go wrong really quickly
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and so you want communication you want discussion you know you don't have detente what we know what he has to you know love lot of our putin or love russia or anything else but what's kept the world from committing acts of massive self-annihilation has been forms of communication which figures like my palm pale and john bolton have no interest in doing as we're seeing in venezuela i think they're probably incapable of speaking to anyone but themselves. high school in san francisco named after u.s. president george washington may remove a mural commemorating the life of the founding father that's after a working group looking into allegations that the work of art is offensive to minorities deemed that it traumatized the students and community members thirteen pennell mural entitled the life of george washington dates back to the one nine hundred thirty six the working group objects to the fact that it portrays native americans and african-americans as victims and slaves removing monuments now deemed
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inappropriate by certain groups has become a bit of a trend on u.s. campuses two months ago students at the university of mississippi voted to remove a statue of a confederate soldier and last year protests broke out at the university of north carolina resulting in the knocking down of a nother confederate statue r.t. spoke to attorney and author reese everson and media analyst lionel about the trend . that owning bus we remove any reference we must provide tranquilizers and narcotics to our children lest they perhaps see or come across anything that is discomforting historical has become hysterical it's not about hysterics that's not the issue at all the issue is that our history in this country has been one that's so so damaging some little group so painful and here's the issue the issue is that even two hundred four hundred years later people are still hurt
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oh i can't go to scole like they have cured one would help more and more psych meds teenager this is ridiculous what we should be doing is teaching these kids do us a favor sit down and shut up what we're doing in this country is unacceptable and i choose not to think down and shut up i choose to think and up and speak out and i want the children in america. george washington high school to continue the children in george washington high school to continue to stand up and speak out and let their voices be heard of these rogue chew signaling social justice warriors these people who were sold said incident in philly that this paving has been there at george washington high school get ready george washington now must be removed because the east children come on let's turn this ugly history on its head and you think as
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a launching pad so that people who have been hurt by this country gruesome history can finally began to have an equal footing what happens when you then say now let's open up the history book we took the sign down now all right children you happy good ok now let's talk about this wait a minute i don't want to read this book we don't like the story of. tear that out we don't like this about the way they treated native americans which is true we don't like world war two war war one the holocaust vietnam war we don't like any of this when this this triggers we would like to rip the pages from the textbook that's actually not what was said at all they simply said this artwork this artwork which is a tribute to this person to the legacy of this person is offensive and because we find this artwork to be offensive we would like it to not be visible please never let these students go to
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a museum please never let them go to the louve never let them go to washington never let them go to battle grounds never let them see anything the point is we are having little snowflakes decide what they want to see and what they don't want to see and that's fine but life doesn't reflect those sensibilities. and israeli air raid has reportedly left one palestinian dead and several others injured the israeli defense forces reportedly hit multiple hamas and islamic jihad targets across gaza it comes after one hundred fifty rockets were fired from gaza which were said to have left two israelis injured with more details here's a local journalist. there is a buried of rockets that was launched from the gaza strip towards the central and south israeli towns this morning on saturday much full of houses where direct li. hit and struck by the rockets on the palestinian side we have different kinds
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of we have to fifteen injuries different kinds of injuries to critical and one palestinian killed. forces have launched a lot of airstrikes in the gaza strip. there is a lot of tension in this situation between israel and gaza now the palestinian. factions and israel have been threatening each other all this collation happens after the four palestinians that have been killed yesterday in the friday protests to look them were directly targeted by israeli snipers and two others where. we're killed as they were struck by a rocket by israeli forces while other fifty other palestinians were wounded in the protests yesterday this also happened after. officers to ease reilley
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officers on the border where shot by palestinian sniper fire so until now we don't know if this situation is going to keep on escalating but what i can tell you is that the diction. this time has failed to try to restrain and to bring back calmness between israel and gaza. to germany now were a rising political figure has drawn attention after urging top firms like b.m.w. to be brought under collective ownership the remarks were made by kevin kuhner a leader of the social democratic party's youth wing he is about to shift the party's policies for the to the left since joining the s.p.d. as youth chief has also been a vocal critic of surging runs and big property developers however his latest comments have led many and berlin's halls of power to distance themselves from him as peter all reports. socialism the idea that a society is only as strong as its weakest member but does it belong in our past
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our present or our future well if you listen to the leader of the youth wing of angle of merkel's coalition partners here in germany it's very much the latter particularly when it comes to the german automobile industry there is nothing wrong with the b.m.w. brand the only question is why b.m.w. should belong to a few people who have the sole rise to the profits the distribution of profits must be democratically controlled that excludes a capitalist owner without a form of collectivize ation is unthinkable to overcome capsule ism well those comments have landed the s.p. their money in hot water with some critics in his own party or going as far as to question his mental state or it's a nonsense what was you smoking whatever it was it can to be legal the social democrats that kevin community represents is traditionally the party of the working class but they have had a horrid time of late and are currently polling third nationally behind the
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chancellor's union bloc and the greens germany of course has plenty of history when it comes to the left of the political spectrum but ideas of a return to east germany or the g.d.r. certainly got between its critics fired up thirty years after the fall of the burden wall the left wants to return to democratic socialism the ayres pretty leadership must clearly distance itself from search fantasies as you may well imagine people on social media of had plenty to say about mystic units ideas or collectivism. b.m.w. is a great company no despite a liberal market economy but because of that the dreams of the socialists on the working theory who wants to own property only by force and repression. is a living example of someone who has never worked in his life and lives outside reality it's hard to believe taxpayers are funding such people. can have his
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socialist dreams but what is scary is that the press and parties are listening to him despite his lack of actual knowledge and experience. does may not sit too well with everybody but if you look across the atlantic senator bernie sanders in the united states who is able to draw an army of young supporters to his cause saying pretty much similar things and clean it may well be looking to do the same thing peter all over our table is coming up our correspondent goes for a spend with new york's first ever it was on patrol that after the short break. what holds us do something. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich.
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but you'd like to be close to see what the fuck three of them or ten people get. interested in the waters out. there should. seem wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out just to become educated and in gains from it because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back to the program a new community watch scheme in new york is promising to help keep local muslim safe in the city to find out more artist kilmartin was invited on patrol. we know there has been an increased rate of hate crimes and we're just here to help provide any protection we can any safety we can. you know they're not cops and they're not a private army either they say that they're just a community watch keeping an eye on the neighborhood and helping law enforcement but here's the catch they're muslims the muslim patrol was started by an immigrant from yemen and it's got roughly thirty regular members in brooklyn they have met with the police to be sure about what they can and cannot do as they operate from patrol cars keeping an eye on the neighborhood.
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some in brooklyn think the muslim patrols are a good thing after all hate crimes and attacks on muslims have certainly escalated however other voices are saying this could be a gateway for sharia law and extremism here's what some local residents told us they think muslim patrol is i think it will be much safer are you concerned about muslims wearing uniforms and patrolling in cars like police almost gives you sure as long as there's no one in harm or anything that they should be free to do whatever they want. so you. know. we have muslim community are
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told and services we're here to help bridge the community together by the same time we're offering counseling therapy as well that's reading you homeless and many of us. this is well we are the years and the ice for the community so we make sure we take in reports of whatever might be happening from the community local issues that even from then why be to help go around back and forth to the blocks to see what we can help with you all don't carry guns do you know of course not right now and that wouldn't really tell you know what terms nothing and if you see like an incident happening how do you intervene so we use the lights we use the siren we speak to the radio try to prevent it from there but before all of that we call the nine one one we call the authorities we let them know so we get them on the way so you only function in coordination with the actual police well it looks like this is a thing now acetic jews and asian americans have already set up similar
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organizations but they haven't raised the same number of eyebrows by far so could something like this be coming to your residential neighborhood it's probably only a matter of time. archie new york. you know of us protesters have gathered in paris for the twenty fifth consecutive week of their demonstrations once again voicing their anger against president micron's economic policies the rally comes a week after the french president addressed the nation and his speech mccrum down to cut taxes in order to ease economic pressure on people last week's protest on clashes with police after thousands took to the streets across the country. thailand has crowned its new king marking the beginning of a grand three day ceremony the last time such an event occurred in the country was almost seventy years ago when the king's reign officially began back in two thousand and sixteen he still had to complete a number of buddhist rituals and the allow him to symbolically transform himself into a living god and permit him to proclaim himself the royal patron of buddhism the
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king ascended to the throne i think the time of large political uncertainty in the country he was also recently making headlines when he married his bodyguard. donald trump has accused social media platforms of censoring right wing thinkers that's after facebook banned a prominent conservative anti-establishment figures from its platform the social media giant started its policy against dangerous individuals and organizations the ban also applies to facebook and instagram the people on the list include alex jones just and his info worst page along with former breitbart news editor while you novelist political activist laura limor and you tube are paul just watson their content allegedly violates facebook's new regulations that facebook has stress it's always been individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate were guard lists of ideology but some of those banned by the social media giant claim the moves purely political i was given no reason whatsoever for being
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bound by facebook or instagram this is punishment this is a political purge this has nothing to do with hate violating terms of service yesterday not to call about how i was leavin in the still gulag on holocaust remembrance day and today even though i was honest and have dedicated my life to competent jew hatred these nazis in silicon valley ban me facebook's action has sparked a censorship debate with some saying the company should ban more people on others warn of repercussions on free speech every conservative should be concerned about alex jones prison planet and others getting an obituary banned from facebook's platforms you on the. censorship is entering a new more hysterical phase soon there will be no right wing activists all commentators laughed how about jag benny donald trump from twitter for violating the company's rules against hate and violence so much damage chilled ready dan so
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many demented and delusional followers have been radicalized and many people ate it by cause phase back they're reacting to. election results like the brits like the election of donald trump and it would appear that they feel is a company that they want to put themselves on the side of the debate they need to be regulated as such as it is a political actor in the debate rather than a platform for three debate which i think it's now very clear they are not facebook you very clearly putting themselves on one side of the political debate it is absolutely it could tell them to free speech because they're saying these individuals are dangerous well and many people like myself see them as perfectly reasonable act is it a political debates they have huge following across a variety of platforms facebook is clearly pushing itself as a political act why is expecting the regulation that other media companies face
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that's in his wrap up for now but i'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest thanks for tuning in. montes holiday temp international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries the media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media or part of a global news conference to participate in sunday published works and video all richardson. go to award dot com and enter now. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and
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a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not three or else you can think i was going to go . by the way ways and such like here. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on offense very dramatic development only closely and going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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it's. just. a combination of eight nine and three it's also the worst possible hand of the japanese equivalent of blackjack. in other words good for nothing another term often used for the a closer. look of joy that are what she will do anything done up in this. film are thought and i
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know given there she wore them one by any moustache and their father and son to ourselves dare to what they did you have to create the state of our film mind to criticize senator bob i guess he's going to. ask you the wal-mart. theory why you might get all. that on the skin at the more the more yeah you can would you like it on their skin. and i disagreed on their must get it up on the door to look at the quote and i thought didn't. mr schiavo the sixty nine. spent twenty seven of those years with the tokyo police homicide division. dealing mainly with the accuser.


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