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the leaders of russia and north korea concluded their first ever summit after more than two hours of face to face talks both lot of near putin and kim jong un expressed a willingness to work towards the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. to contribute something chairman king also be directly to tell us about his position and about the questions he has in connection with the situation on the korean peninsula. human rights groups condemned as grotesque saudi arabia's beheading of thirty seven people to be mostly from the shia minority one person's body was even strong up in public following the largest mass execution in years. and the un
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report notes government u.s. and international forces in afghanistan are sponsible for more civilian deaths and the militants they've been fighting we get reaction from locals. the child a woman killed in afghanistan the afghan government should all the foreign forces about them but there is no one to walk we have come sun we want the americans and i says to stop killing our people we do when the u.s. and nato. you're watching our national bring you your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program. the first ever summit between waldemar putin and kim jong un has come to an and the leaders of russia and north korea spend more than two hours in a closed meeting discussing everything from denuclearization to expanding bilateral relations our correspondent summarizes events from the city of a lot of us talk. well it turns out that in
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a sense john is counting on volodymyr putin as a kind of a middleman in delivering his messages to the rest of the world leadership by the way mr putin's next destination is beijing there you have it but it looks like chairman kim is hoping that his message will get all the way to washington through russia as well but it's. also be directly to tell the u.s. about his position and about the questions he has it today with the situation on the korean peninsula we also found out that the russian leader is confident that pyongyang essential desire is international security guarantees guarantees for sovereignty and when it comes to dealing korea's ation according to mr putin the only way forward is through these kind of guarantees i would like to remind you
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that for years russia's peace road map was about mutual concessions from both sides of north korea on the one hand and south korea and allies on the other and china is backing of this while the russian president believes that for years every step forward made by washington was followed by two steps backwards it was do it get to you but with some confidence building measures to be taken which could have been taken back in two thousand and five when the u.s. and north korea came to an agreement with it later on for some reason the american partners thought this was know if they needed to add something more to this agreement that's when north korea with drew from the treaty if you're making a step forward two steps back and you will never succeed. after what we heard on thursday it is definitely fair to say that there is a lot of potential and kim putin some. and by the way the president of south
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korea a few hours ago said that this summit in blood of all stalk should act as a springboard for further top ranked diplomacy between washington and pyongyang so chairman kim has been joining contacts with the most powerful politicians on this planet to his two historic summits with the american president donald trump were followed by one with a lot of more putin and it looks like mr kim knows what he's doing when he's playing his geo political game. north korea expert surgeon lim told us these summits part of a key mediation role russia can play on the korean peninsula. or. it looks like now he tried to see someone else to help korea in between a recent bilateral meeting between north korea and the u.s.
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he was so sure that leaves the meeting between the u.s. and north korea but now he needs. some help for put inside he was sent to the achieved new election and or so now he can have a spot lies from the international community by playing the role for the korea over the korean peninsula as a peacemaker so it would be. for today's summit currently now south korea having air exercise read u.s. and south korea cannot be free from u.s. pressure because of a sense for south korea it could be a good to have a russia if russia can play the right role as a mediator because for south korea itself it could be a little bit tricky to work conviction a u.s. and north korea. let's take a closer look at the atmosphere during the talks and how president putin welcomed his north korean counterpart in russia's far east.
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it. was a. body language expert howard feldman breaks down what the leaders movements could say about them. one of the interesting things about of that to me putin and and we see this often with him if he's meeting he's very protective of the obvious own space it's very rare for somebody to come into his zone or close to his proximity when they shook hands he was quite dominant kim kim jong il would end by dominant i mean his and takes all that down would position we saw that kim jong would want to try and establish a bit of dominance very himself when he got to that point that's when putin kind of left got just quite
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a long handshake and i think vet and shake was what was very important but the time that there was sitting on those chairs having that conversation there was very very little movement from king kim jong un he was quite. uncomfortable i think there was a sense of relief that this was over actually for kim jong un. and there's no doubt that the summit was really about just having a summit the he it was an easier discussion in that it was really just about more about the historic event he was quite relieved when it was whether it was over but i don't think by any means that it had gone exactly how he was hoping that it would go. international human rights groups have been scathing over saudi arabia's execution this week of thirty seven men are probably mostly from the shia minority on terror violence and unrest related charges the body of one person was even strung up in public following his execution human rights watch states it marks an
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alarming escalation in the use of the death penalty in the country the rights group describe the punishment as were task. reports. few things so it was much fear into the hearts of your own people as mass executions the men were executed for adopting terrorists and extremists thinking and performing terrorists else to corrupt and destabilize. allegedly among their crimes was this respect towards authority some of them can you believe that like the king protested against him so serious with their crimes that one of those executed was also crucified yes crucified and two thousand and nineteen his body strung up for all to see for all to fear. today's mass execution is a chilling demonstration of the saudi arabia no authority and callous disregard for
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human life it is also yet another gruesome indication of how the death penalty is being used as a political tool to crush dissent from within the country's shia minority in fact almost half of those killed were executed after taking part in pro-democracy protests see the arab spring didn't skirt saudi arabia the shia minority rose up they wanted change better fairer life the king obviously thought they wanted too much. one of those executed by the way was sixteen years old at the time of his arrest
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attending a protest apparently he was still a kid now is an example you wouldn't believe how creative the saudis are when it comes to killing prisoners in fact the current king began his reign by staging a massive execution forty seven people behaved it shot for crimes that included disobey. saudi rulers biggest blood show since the nine hundred eighty s. who said fictions and common peaked in two thousand and twelve five people were strung up paralysis reportedly is also in a judge's arsenal seriously they can sentence a person to be paralyzed punishment roots back to a four thousand year old law that someone wrote on a stone pillar to through a tooth and literally in this case a knife or and i. took that stone very seriously in two thousand and
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five a cordon saudi arabia ordered a migrants i gagged out as punishment for getting into a fight and q taishan also a favorite especially for theft chopping off people's arms and feet stealing and of course stoning reserved for crimes like being too friendly with the opposite sex what can you say you want to cherry on top saudi arabia's on the un human rights council. what a world. has defended its decision to execute the individuals that adds it will not hesitate to punish anyone threatening the security or stability of the kingdom the spokesperson for the gulf institute for democracy and human rights the two met yasbeck believes the saudi justice system cracks down on those whose views differ from the official position it's not the first time which so to be used that if you
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know t. to punish prisoners of conscience who had to spoke out about the human rights violations in the country we've not just there and i think. of executive people who where really charged by terrorists did is in charge and we don't trust the. system we don't trust how did how did the saudi authorities handled the magic in the eighty's that are just there's no took to the streets to demand rights and freedoms and who spoke out about what was happening in the country. as most of the gulf kingdom saudi arabia is to did you show the system to fabricate the charges against the dissidents especially against the activists who spoke out over the. media outlets all rules participated in demonstrations then a taboo in the gulf kingdom especially in saudi arabia no one is just speak about
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what's happening in the country. and afghanistan local government u.s. and international forces have been responsible for more civilian deaths in the militant forces they've been fighting that's according to a new u.n. report the findings reveal in the first three months of this year almost six hundred civilian work documented in the country most of the deaths come from airstrikes conducted by international forces led by the u.s. and nato the number of victims is up almost forty percent in the same period last year we asked locals for their reaction. mangum but then you know we always requested from the american forces and the afghan government if you want to bombard any areas please take care of the civilians there don't target civilians for any child or woman killed in afghanistan the afghan government should ask the foreign forces about them but there is no one to watch we have concerns. both of our people have been killed or injured we have become widows children have lost my fathers
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people have lost i we want the americans and i says to stop killing our people we don't want the u.s. and nato here we will work with each other it's not a good look i would think that we request from foreign forces and afghan government forces and from the taliban if you are fighting with each other do not use residential areas as a position if the american forces do not take into consideration the civilian casualties in afghanistan and they continue killing civilians by name in them insurgents the future will be very bad for them u.s. military forces have launched investigations after previous u.n. reports washington currently has about fourteen thousand troops in afghanistan most of them are involved in non operational need to lead training missions and this summer it was reported that president trump would reduce u.s. forces in the country although there's been no sign of that being put into action the white house has been seeking the peaceful resolution of america's longest ever war but there are concerns that any deal could lead to a new wave of instability in the region we've spent close to one trillion in the
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afghanistan all of that is a true if you screw up on the day after a peace agreement a dramatic decrease in not only troops but financial support for the afghan government will mean the collapse of the government you have five hundred thousand some troops and police who are trained and have weapons you have sixty thousand taliban who are trained killers they want to be reintegrated plan for that. for more on this we're joined live by writer and commentator abdel bari atwan welcome to the program now what do you think of the system statistic that a large number of civilian deaths are from pro-government forces does that surprise you at all no i'm not surprised at all and to be honest you know after about eighteen years of the american invasion occupation of afghanistan you know the american forces are above they receive indian areas so the outcome will be big but i see we can see many years civilian were killed that this war has no end that all
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old talks peace talks which the americans indulge with that if it's a given though on the other parts. now it's a tool of beer and a fruit to be honest so i think this killing will continue up of about fourteen thousand american troops about five hundred thousand. people were there with the afghan army all of taliban so it seems it seems is very very depressing story. why are u.s. and nato operations causing so many civilian casualties. well that's not a mission to be honest you know they don't do what they're doing now people are killed the bombing policies are bombing. civilian areas bombing schools so i think this kind of bomb and should be stopped because the civilian people are paying the price for this american i suppose it is and that's part of
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the work for the last eighteen years on so so i believe the only way to put an end to this wall to put an end to the casualties and just people killed people for the american troops to admit defeat pull out from the whole of of an extent that granted people so thousand of problems talk to each other. this is the only way otherwise the bloodshed will continue is there any chance pro-government forces will be taken to court for the victims. we only say it depends. what the american wants from the peace talks serious actually would like to leave the lid. on the peace process and to dive that kind of hands they are in control of more than seventy percent of the afghani areas so i think this is this this could be different we know that we are on the edge of the spring offensive by
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columbine and i believe that american will suffer casualties are going to government forces will suffer as well and i wouldn't be surprised if more civilian also killed because of the american conduct. what would you say is the effect on afghanistan of so many civilian deaths. well actually it is this that's likely this the civilian death will continue i believe the afghani people are freed up that i made a kind of promise them that their country will be absolutely stable and they will have better life but until now we cannot see i mean i need my time my but i was not a ball out that afghani people in that part of the words so i think that unfortunately that bloodshed will continue that among the civilian will continue and i agree with those people who say please leave us alone please leave our country we want to have peace one time stability writer and commentator abdel bari atwan thank you for coming on the program today. and stay with us for more of the
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latest news coming up in just a mullet. montes how does how to the international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries the media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist what for alternative media or part of a global news conference to talk to someone or some to show published works in video or its influence go to award dot altie dot com and then to now. you know world a big part of the new lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back the head of russia's military intelligence agency the g.r.u. has made an extremely rare public statement he told the moscow conference on international security two thousand and nineteen of the destabilizing steps being planned by the us and latin america. despite the lack of any military threats to u.s. security in latin america washington has a lot of military presence u.s.
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central command has deployed twenty thousand soldiers in central and south america and may increase to forty thousand. on the eighteenth u.s. president trumps that. goal of overthrowing left wing governments in venezuela. and cuba washington thinks that that will help to turn latin america into a territory under u.s. control or sharing a concrete steps taken against venezuela to destabilize it from the inside through consolidation of the opposition organization of protests and launching a hybrid aggression against the country that comes as the white house insists that as well it does not have a professional military institution u.s. special representative for about as well elliot abrams claims the country relies on armed gangs. venezuelans deserve to be protected by
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a professional military institution and not have their leaders rely on armed games or all or on foreign powers who send thousands of soldiers or intelligence agents. on the story we're joined live by and former british intelligence agent welcome to the program now why do you think the g.r.u. may have decided to go public on u.s. plans and latin america. i think it's become very obvious that america has never given up on the idea that latin america has its own backyard we've seen over the decades that they have intervened and overthrown democratically elected is often left wing governments across the continent to the great detriment to the peoples and to the economies of those countries across latin america and it's been very clear as well that america over the last few months. very very strongly been trying to overturn to effect a coup against the democratically elected president of venezuela maduro and it's
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not going to plan and i think they're getting frustrated with this so they are beginning to think about what next steps they can take such as trying to claim that it's a terrorist state or whatever and i think one of the interesting things from my perspective is that i think venezuela and the people of venezuela very lived the classic playbook rules that america has used in previous coos across latin america and that is why they're not falling for it this time and america is trying to ramp up the game and get rid of maturer by any means necessary so do you think that the g.r.u. of concerns are fair and will anyone be listening to them. i think they're extremely fair yes i find it ironic that for decades america has always proclaimed to the it's the world's policeman and yet now time and time again we're seeing russia and indeed china step up to the plate to try and protect regimes and governments which are being illegally threatened by u.s.
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intervention so yes i would suggest that in this case particularly russia is right to speak out about this and let's not forget that her so-called interim president was accredited by the u.s. government only back in february i think it was in january and that was effectively an undemocratic an illegal coup attempt against president dura and it was only countries like russia and china and some of its countries in latin america that declined to recognize this coup leader as a legitimate president what do you make of abrams claim that venezuela have no real military institution. it sounds incredible to me i mean what we've seen is america trying to roll out the classic playbook of how to effect a coup in a latin american country and they thought that the venezuelan military and intelligence agencies would immediately play ball and trying to overthrow the democratically elected president they didn't do that which is why they do are still in power months after the initial coup attempts were first taken by america so i
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think it's it's important that other countries can provide a counterbalance to american global to get money as they wish to see it particularly china and russia and i think russia is right to speak out about this not least of course because you know there are very strong business interests for russia in venezuela as well particularly in the oil industry so you know countries got to stick out for a stick up for another. and then could you just give us a little bit more background on what you think when it comes to abrams comments on what he said when it comes to venezuela. i think he's trying to position america so that they can say well russia is trying to help them militarily they sent to eight airplanes across venezuela recently nobody knows what quite what that brought to venezuela but there's been speculation it might be in defensive weaponry it might be an intelligence aid we just don't know so i think they're
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trying to position it to say that russia is actually militarily arming venezuela and russia of course is not allowed to do it so i think what we're seeing here effectively is the beginning of yet another proxy war much as we saw in syria between the american secret state and potentially the russian secret state and for once once again america seems to be cast in the role of the baddies trying to overthrow a democratically elected government and russia standing up for that democratically elected government. as we mentioned earlier statements coming from the g.r.u. are very very rarely seen why do you think that they were prompted in this situation to come out and say something. they must have rock hard intelligence. but they they realize that there is a strong stronger and growing effort by the americans to subvert the government in venezuela and they need to take a stand so i think this is very unusual step as you say i mean most countries
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intelligence agencies never go on the record publicly so for them to do this they must be absolutely certain of what they're doing and they probably see a key threat looming very close to what is going on in venezuela and what could happen to the venezuelan government so i think this is really a sort of firing a shot across the bows of the american juggernaut and former british intelligence agent thank you for your time. that's a news break down for this hour and that's all for me as well but not neil harvey will be taking over and about thirty minutes. joining me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately there was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very first character that you type into the search bar it will always be one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate or. and how they can suppress certain types of results. what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more growth we give them the sooner we're all.
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greetings and salutation. you know what's so great about the world it has a funny way of reminding us about what truly matters when we get so wonderfully distracted you see while many of us have been whiling away the hours obsessing over the fallout from the ball or report wondering how many games the warriors will lose on their way to another n.b.a. championship and taking bets over who lives and who dies in the avengers and game of thrones the world is waiting for us to catch and the raw reality for many of our brothers and sisters living under the sun of the united states of america's comeback hard to knock us out of our pop culture haze with the recent viral video of the vicious police beating of fifteen year old luke roll in broward county florida and just want to greet just acted deluca commit to mitigate
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a blast of pepper spray to the face and having his head bounced off the concrete a few times well according to the arrest warrant affidavit while the police were cupping another team for trespassing deluca picked up the arrested teen cellphone and then according to two officers who assaulted him belated to his body and began clenching his fists. and that my friends is apparently was an up or two grown adult male officers with biceps to fear for their safety from this young skinny black teenage child in a red tank top holding a cellphone. and it's this kind of insanity that needs loud independent voices to help shine a light on and cup through our pop culture haze so that we can find real solutions to end the racial and class division in the us but far too often the voices of our leaders come from the hollow halls of privilege wealth and academia far too disconnected from the street level reality of the struggle so today let's throw out the.


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