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hansei crucifixion but up the arse you want to mayo's he was as was he. you know that i want to do bottom one as you sees it. is keep us. safe even if we give and also. keep. it exacts to release it jillian allie teach paveway yes. they're generally treat religion but you don't let cars actually use up was the department of justice. she jewelry the new clothes she did. take her i love you very equal she like you take it that that this is actually a debate you said i'm. told. to. secure base it among. all.
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your pulse is american is up and. up all the fuss idiot is is still up on the fall so the. show will all street plant. december the nineteenth twenty fourteen ninety nine percent of holders approve the sale to general electric a triumph for patrick crone who will distribute four billion euros between three days later the company pleads guilty in american courts it recognizes all charges of corruption of which it stands accused this is the conclusion to several months of political scandal and the end to years of judicial pressure on one side defeat masquerading as victory three quarters of the group is sold and on the other a confession and admission to a debt. of corruption as if the applause of one day was a condition for reaching
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a legal compromise on the. did the sale influence patrick runs impunity along with other senior group executives why did no arrests follow. if general electric had made the largest acquisition in its history and if patrick cronin managed to rid himself of all his problems before retiring what of france. had its industry its economy and its sovereignty nevertheless been preserved by our want to bourg. was it a total or partial american victory was the alliance with the french the internet. or reality. when you. come to speak to it. on film is. going to go. it is.
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fine i'm one of these back to the twenty first of june twenty fourth team are no man to book turns the sale of else dome into an alliance three joint ventures a created run equally by general electric and the first and networks the second in renewable energy and the third in nuclear power it appeared to be an equal partnership between france and the united states. going to take. on an oil. price a. divorce she said every year good. news some ask. those yet have it jeep who volunteered. i just i'm a while. no more.
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you did it. you know. on his own. five months later on november the fourth emmanuel mccrone concluded the sale the final agreement turns out a quite different joint venture companies are no longer equally shared with us the deal covering nuclear is controlled more than eighty percent by general electric. this comes with an option for him to sell its shares in twenty eighteen twenty nineteen in other words the energy sector could in just a few years be in u.s. hands as per the original plan. to management. this discovery angered a number of m.p.'s there you saw it as a symbol reshuffling of the green once defined by the alliance. to go on.
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a bit. to drop. down the. creek. you. was off. the court. don't. know you don't. know.
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educational technique of secular dosage and i don't it and i cook in it. even if. its longstanding mayor and advisor to the known to book on the l. storm case is surprised to discover the agreement with. you did more for us i don't know for sure that it is. doesn't it if it. puts out a clique. it could be agreement. who who did. see me on the moon walk us through said that he said that you know your. math annoyed us all and it was as if. we. got your monkey well. how did our no more to himself come to talk about alliance in twenty fourteen handover else dom's purchase today.
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is you know lodged a silly. trick. for me on. do fred lefebvre all said. the former minister had forgotten that the person in charge of that agreement was himself. a bar fair. who you should bomb dong was going up to new for both b.c. he did i see joy that he says i want to ask you about it this is i mean. you. are no more to bargain sister however that the agreement reached did provide real leeway you could be any books reporting their only live year is as. you pull continually a few. who leave the really good walk may even
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potty on every measure need i knew because you were buffett my proposal you. are no money bugs succeeded in obtaining two prerogatives the partial nationalisation of alstom would first of all from twenty eighteen onward allow the state to block the total sale of energy related activities then concerning nuclear activities the state maintained its sovereignty through a right of veto but france has never used either of these two shields today else dom's website no longer mentions energy sector activity and general electric's makes no reference to the joint ventures in belfort or the else tom logo was taken off factory buildings and replaced by general electric signs the alliance never really came into existence. the
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two. year accepts. two more how i city the eighty believe him you proceed to. the next year now dawn you don't appreciate kitty from the multiple who. may. you. see. when the time came to seal fate government representatives met at the elisei palace . most of the actors present agreed to put conditions on the sale emanuel not grown then assistant secretary of the elise a is unconditionally campaigning for general electric and is we are not in a position to intervene legitimately this is not a controlled economy this is not venezuela the next day. welcomes the final
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agreement. to new. niggas just. two months later emanuel replaced at the ministry of economy and in charge of the case the partial nationalisation driven by berg vanishes with him now seems free to sell its home energy business. what might the consequences of that purchase be for fifty years france has invested in nuclear power and now has fifty eight reactors producing seventy five percent of the country's energy those plants therefore represent three quarters of french power production. each reactor has two
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main parts first the nuclear reactor designed by a river that's the part that involves radioactivity the second referred to as the conventional part and manufactured by allstar is built around the famous arabella turbine the plans are operated by e.d.f. and through those three companies france once enjoyed the rare privilege of a comprehensive nuclear industry that energy autonomy is now in question on a god you only moan control to secure it in as your nose will apply nuclear. guy digital crucial do you know a lot you know nuclear bomb gallup between want your word on it or he's a degenerate legally purpose in knew could only repeat because it it indeed he it it. looks on as in you care more the other eleven want to push it both have a peek at it it cost you could you do superimpose year they feel their forces and
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the idea gingerly of all says see him it was on. and yanked him all set up was in the diplomatic spot at yourself about you more. than or constitute involved it's on time you clear ok on that and it hardly. if you. see me don't. you think in general. she knew our. use. does it you do just shown what you think you knew to be. the thing about saudi arabia. the oil as a weapon and they get too close to investigating what's going on over there they
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push the price of oil up. last ten years because of fracking in america america position to stop us energy independent and no longer subject to the political pressures that can be borne upon the opec and the saudis so we're going to see a real test of this because. all of the. cars coming out of saudi arabia is making people. run out of the with. the best out of the jewels of. the concepts to pain to perform i actually prepare myself to. read what.
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i am sure. this country was. i was just that yes scared moorcock i did nation so i took it education thing and it. was. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so if you want to be president. or some want to. go to the right person it's like a korean war people. i'm interested in the war the how.
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to. see if you don't recall no use you don't usually i'll go on the multi you know use the nuclear file says city boss employ more. number still is i mean i guess what i wish said to some promise of a good soul. somebody you know it. exposed the elite military it was a game early days until really the policy we're going to sell is america apple made the button on the cisco new way you will be silly along the lines on top of the men and you still so you deserve your don't. do seem. to be made of a good these objective the. strategy that fuels volman them to. be a level beyond the effect the molecule told you about it with anyone else that independence is already under severe strain february twenty sixth in the american
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group wants to renegotiate contracts with e.t.f. to put pressure on them they put a hold on maintenance of french power plants john bernard levy c.e.o. of e the gaffe declares that the interruption imposed exceptional safety measures going beyond the usual emergency plans if the american group is capable of such blackmail for. simple contract renegotiation today to do in the event of a political dispute with the united states tomorrow. but i don't if you do need. to treat me. yes or if you would use a. new very chill be. says. it is on. corporate america he said but your point.
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he. is a national news. start. plenty of sources that if this is false. start to. keep up stories in the best. picked. also you know fundies to yell. down demand is national in. another disturbing consequence is that storm has designed manufactured and maintained key assets for the french navy in particular sixty one is w. turbocharger on the shoulder gold a craft carrier that affects a tangible part of french sovereignty if not its military pendants. need it but he didn't. and you don't need.
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to do a new phone you. said. you know he selected he did not. have to be next year. he said. the new book is a. senior one is aquatic. and. is said to be. given. it's just for producing envoy be an. employee clarion would never
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ever leave. your personally. business scenario like that conceivable. was chief of the french defense staff his testimony on the american reaction after france refused to follow them in iraq provides an edifying answer. to the one mass. go. again this is an issue of designing horses. their photos on. that box on this are no. these are not these are live on says so fussy for us it will be our move not a prisoner will be in a. secure good luck about the sim is you because the other guy don't gossip about open on. saturday offered as him
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usually in a commentator to tell more new reports when it couldn't you have it under men present during. the preview do the sunni schumer they are this is video is it is a look at the part of your. pen no your behavior could assume that you only pretend to improve it the pizzo short poor look at the cute. norm does that they really. have to put your. nose of you on a piece predictably will devote all your weather to even your remote. or more to see more norm was to also be should i did that you see with yoko for it if it's even more the sue when to look at least at this he did of course the pot luck to him on the second best cd and. yes of course russ is equal to please.
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and all put to fit on a vanity fair we call if you needed the men don't get enough. sick i'm behind look sad to say we're fair share. of the tar they defy me design the genius that stood in. danger from that if they started to look and survive. because he's on sunday. and this you now see. possibility invented that ties on the cities to our diseased economy. but it's how could such a sale be concluded auchan the inaction of the political class in this case be explained did an aggressive acquisition by americans and the loss of a whole strategic sector really take place right under the noses of france's m.p.'s
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not really just two weeks after the scandal broke former deputy mayor. called for a commission of inquiry commission look at. it in this is how do you work it could be interviewed m.r. . fair celebrate this you defame. yet in the national assembly each opposition group has a drawing right meaning that it can open a commission of inquiry without majority or government approval called for a commission on the seventh of may twenty fourth. twenty thirteen to june twenty fourth mean the opposition could have used it's drawing right that right has never been used neither over. nor any other case.
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you know what they are allowed yen. it takes only a cursory look into some of the names of the main players in the general electric. motors multiple links with the political class even before else dumb shareholders had validated the sale to people representing state interests resigned and accepted positions with the power banks of general electric and a year before his contract ended director of the state but as a patient agency. was hired by bank of america advisory bank for the recruit an. advisor and negotiator joining the case was hired by a general electric's advisory bank that's just two strands in an incredibly dense mesh. vice president of the publicists agency employed by his one of nicolas sarkozy's longest standing collaborators as his director of communication from when
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he was first elected as mayor of new we to when he became president of the republic meanwhile general electric retained the legal services of. the co-founded by the former head of state for its communications group engaged to have. an old political friend of mine who will. once again general electric chooses credit. swe says advisory bank it's the vice president is false well who was also a mentor to the minister of defense his chief of staff the coordinator of the merger with general electric. is the husband of valerie chris president of the elder from storage and and the president of general electric fronts cloud again not is the wife of their of a gay male form a human being minister together they are one of the most influential couples on the french right none of these relationships would probably have favored the issue being seriously addressed know them by the french state nor by the opposition is
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that why the commission of inquiry was never formed the maybe no direct evidence but some questions remain. your dilemma is all oh it's just a dossier if it demoed deja. will. stop and it will bend you see at it you'll see how many operate in a suburb and yet it is all it no me is all saudi city of paris a commune previa talks on it it. is fall from being an isolated case. other leading french companies in the energy sector are being prosecuted by america the other french nuclear giant river could soon find itself on the d.o.j. is radar another french company targeted by the us is extraterritorial judicial system becomes a threat to french industry. data to data is only she took data
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and. you have you don't totally complete bodies i mean the jones you would have to do that because you want him. to put you on the all is army for. your fate which also. unique on top just wanted to american was eight dignity. she. was a look at daily kilometers to walk us. through a gate devalued by. the idea point of focused our young men. who have been big those who knew it would have felt it had been big one in fifty uniforms to not have been because he don't so if you google him is it by finney jadhav what is sold on could be mental disease as union arab use center shows yemen was mcconnell seen . said a few. days up in association out but it will.
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not look any salsa as it is just simply. built on a vine model of the streets from heathrow observable in this case. i can solve the problems. well the french authorities dead and on the even able to counter these american offensives apart from a few low key legal efforts new strategy has yet been proposed to arrest the billeting meanwhile some a turning their eyes to train the only holy french own sector of the company and they wonder if that national know how will also be swallowed by a foreign group. has
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been coming up with a lot of statements saying that the arab states of the gulf should take care of the middle east or other we're still committed to the middle east so there's there's a lot of incoherence there but i think saudi arabia is hugely important to the united states and i think trump and stance that and this is this is exactly what was driving his kind of commentary on the. killing i think at the end of the day it's not going to change the status quo of america's policy.
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fracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars. truck so i chose to drive truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was among the employment rate of zero percent is like the gold rush it is very very similar to. this beautiful story ended with pollution and of a station a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here anymore slow down too much they lost their jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. it's a tough reality to deal. with that.
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it is. the leaders of russia turkey germany and france needs to lay the groundwork for peace in syria but serious differences remain about how to tackle extremist groups in the northwest of the war torn country if radical militants oppose this if they make the cations from inside the ad lib so that russia will reserve the right to help the syrian government eliminate this threat of a military offensive by the syrian regime.


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