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look at him up a little on his defense because i was just going to go with. the never work school and i see the. ocean. when the waves said often that these are things that is all in the writing done to his level just like going on inside of. the bus your book on the commute those i wouldn't know it was a people does it make you feel wonderful if it will let you know i'm stuck with the sound of don't want to have to do than if i keep my car. and it was funny even most businesses don't know what they think it will. so it will come with a high that comes out of pretty speaker didn't let me. know they should be speaking about what was in my movie because it is still sort of like a story as a music student from hell the father of the mole in a committed to social position was on the. second film a lot of. flaws in the book more thinking that this is the more votes for his or
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most of all to q. and a doubling of the money on us is much more on the show. you jerry to the point that no borne out of the defeat of the dust settle it the best of all for you see settle for. just about she going to join the would also go off but i was often to busy to listen a little for. some of what i know she was acquitted of all it will. have to do the basics are and. mr bush i don't think i was that it was me this and i want to use this. despite our frequent requests to the community of say john refused to grant us an interview. during our investigation we discovered over examples of the international transfer of three stooges used to get a feeling. we could have chosen to tell you about this priest from
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leland who after being accused of sexual abuse by one young teenager was moved to. this one with an international arrest warrant for sexually abusing children in france hanging over his head now in refuge in lebanon. for this one and italian wanted for sexually abusing eight boys transferred to mozambique. at the heart of the catholic church how many cases are there priests who moved from country to country due to suspicions of sexual abuse on minors. we tried to have them up. over three months we contacted the main victims groups around the world. each gave us their list of transferred priests. then we called whistleblowers. attorneys.
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judges. and all cross-checked with local newspaper articles. we only took into account priests moved since one nine hundred ninety s. . there were so many cases we had to see this on the big screen. so we booked the biggest panoramic movie theatre in paris. we compiled all of the data onto a map. to discover with us is far. more or less evil that has ever. a french clergyman with a unique profile is both a priest and a therapist he sees sexual abuse victims but also the priests accused of it. that's right and he's the only frenchman of the cloth to accept our invitation also a critic. lay cat the cat will do gooders you don't exist get it don't it they tell
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make on the. basic who they are as a part of the detour on a budget to work out a few minutes look at her and just want to. get along. on this i felt a bit of she don't go on a silly want that at all to visit do this on t.v. . and see if you saw the video appeared to be the nice old. that will have to stand dick still trust the pretzel to do a few shops on it let. yeah and you know miki said the plessy. made. the game on the do to pin down due to continue it yeah come and sit down with your can you comment on the video here with all these otoh the basic should down at the. net . liz over a year they toss this complete mo you've
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a small subsidy i mean it. gets this equal not because they're called to settle get look at you they're nico doll they quickly also know i could see to your show there's all foam suv and on is any kind of on need thirty in that zanny it is usually me that it costs fifty or not results in. eighty. four they say absolutely most i mean i said fawcett it among those who do as most of the song coupons to put into a. bar on a homemade don't know how the weave a poor hook clinical fairly meant theme your community go ahead you shout it is yeah to the walk and then you defecate go shows the sec or sit on a loss was what you did. please roof at the pebble emission and afaik. simpson it was he. saw it.
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on ash clique you've read it you see on i mean it does shoot it down to missile. sudden fame and yet come m. city dig a kid can't play that up with his off own. biofuel most evil an effete was evil and i think people are going to have to put off all of those also we. accept. see this point the match use it was over corky if you could publish a book with a very cool. into the clinics you are there to ski to shine a six ready the old keenness some back up up the who's on to us could do that now if you don't then i'll be successful i know that there are some critical but you keep chemically michael here a productive shows that have to sit there and about it have to toss at the high. people. or is it about horse josefa as copenhagen is letting himself that article.
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says. that i said. yeah call form discard it don't see the team so he's off own doing. sit by. sit. ins or phone disciplines who get the goodies. i don't have. to force it is obvious eminem is very go put it in sequester from systems that says something. it is this is just a marquee fortunately because we bought it combusted article by the us mint. as you can imagine after this interview our attention turned to the vatican the holy see the place where the churches longs are made. the place where punishments against pedophile priests are meted out. but we discover that even inside the vatican government high ranking officials have been accused of covering for priests accused of pedophilia. after several months of discussion the vatican chose this priest to answer all question. fathers older an advisor to the pope on sexual abuse issues he
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also sits on the commission for the protection of minors a body founded by pope francis two years ago you have been appointed to this commission what has the commission don't since then and you think it's enough we have people from all continents on this commission we have experts from different fields so psychology psychiatry law international law social work and theology and we try to discuss what can be next steps to help the pope to set up new measures to be more incisive in the life of the local church up there and there is still a lot to do you know my expression for this is this is a generational toss we will not finish within two years or five years we will have to work long term which means fifteen twenty maybe thirty years.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business. i'm show business i'll see you then. don't accept the salute just as the oldest was ready to be a little bit. it's. the speed. of television late. and i almost thought i could love me. one of them so many know how does know it's a mask you never know what's happening and what they're shooting with vertica. and
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mistrust the tibetans are. going to. be just like you know that in you but i'm a dick in the city that's been in the muslims all these clear when the. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth if you want to be old for rich the point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise minus two years some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and this morning rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's
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building two point one billion dollars a our industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need remember it was the one to show you can afford to miss the one and only boom but. i want to show you something these are the ten cardinals that are usually considered the last poll full of the vatican this is the c. nine right it's an advisory board ok and a here. miller trifecta of the congregation of the doctrine on the face among these ten cardinals four are accused of having covered up. you know that of course. what you think of it i have no no particular knowledge about any of them. i just said to me
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that you knew it i know that there are allegations but i don't know what dr what is the the background of these cases i am not the investigating if you want me to be more precise ok george bell so he's here in australia a few months ago in front of the australian royal commission on sexual abuses within the church ear recognised knowing sexual abuse is. from australian trius but did not denounce them to justice so what do you think of him being in this he nine with that story i have been to australia last year i've travelled i have been in the diocese i met with three survivors from the school where you are now powell was at that time the vice director of the school and an apparel willing gauge to cooperate with justice and it wouldn't cooperate in the sense of setting up
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safeguarding measures in the same will this is future but you didn't denounce sexual abuse it's day four and isn't this the night it richard that is it sucking for you or not of course the shocking for him to be in this you nine and not have been denouncing her sexual abuse of minors yeah for sure. the school it has always in chile here. documents after so and that is has waited five years after the first victim spoke out to take action and to remove the prized father correcting him out and sire father carriage about has been since a trough and guilty by the vatican of sexual abuses is here still in the city nine . yeah i'm not responsible for the balance of things what is unique of it i'm not the one who decides on that but what do you think i think they was they as long as
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the ball wants them back thank you very much it seems that the only the pope has the power to punish these cardinals so why doesn't he take stronger action. maybe because he too faced accusations in his home. long before his election. when he was archbishop of buenos aires he apparently tried to have a pedophile priest acquitted. when a serious along with god or rather diego maradona the pope is a star his face is everywhere. and yet some refused to share in the sick on a graphic cold. in the city center we've arranged to meet a group of victims they were abused by priests in the archdiocese appoint a serious. they learned pope
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francis when he was their archbishop. just a little support this bill. is it is this the move. or this is. all that it is that we keep the. can. so that policy first season can do without it was. still some also even moondog that really got it i mean. that the study that that's the answer to. that but is he the silliest. internet. if. that is it.
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even you know your kid care to know you know i know. he is doing this to me b.c. if he were to get if you're going to turn in you feel you to be want to be with. it. as archbishop of buenos aires francis was seemingly deaf to the distress of these victims. apparently it's worse in another case concerning other victims some believe he's willfully trying to divert the course of justice. if the father cross acase the biggest pedophilia scandal in the argentinian church. google says our grassy was one of the best known priests in the country very influential and often in the media spotlight doing well with a rather big. around a huge orphanage until some of the children there lodged
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a complaint against him for sexual abuse in two thousand and nine he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison still today he's behind bars. but the argentinean church did all in its power to have him acquitted. one public eye a go represented father grossness child victims. a trial spread a refused teen years and opposite him the most renowned attorneys in the land but also the catholic church. see no kit no sent down most in an annual mean this. up but he said oh no leave it was. almost they don't know what this will take us o.s.c. theater models over what is going to set that are going to see him in the open was sort of what a site is don't be fooled by the cover which makes you think it's a book this twenty eight hundred page counter inquiry is a confidential internal argentinian church legal text. inside the
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childer argues the falsifications lies deceit and invention even their own sexual orientation is questioned. the conclusion is clear the court's decision was wrong rather than rossi had to be acquitted on appeal. one paragraph caught our eye. this work was commissioned in two thousand and ten by the argentine. conference notably by its then president cardinal bergoglio now pope francis. so the pope did commission a counter inquiry to try to have a priest who had been sentenced for pedophilia acquitted. i did said that was labor gugliotta the future pope actually sent it to the judges with a shrewd sense of timing before followed rossi's various appeal hearings. one of
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the magistrates received a copy of the counter inquiry agreed to meet us. problems my case a former appeal court judge and former minister of justice is today a high court judge. it's the first time he spoke openly about across the case. he remembers very well the day he found this counter inquiry on his desk with a similarly is this this is leading to vision or. is there was no influential way in which you know enough of them. know anything. it is. now to see what equal that is and that will cost us more we thought of selling out to those. in for water they. get when it was easier that said. sort of places. them on you know the in the fields out to the car to sort the mail and.
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finally useless father grassi sentence was upheld at both the appeals court and high court. at the center of the counter inquiry commission by the pope when he was archbishop of buenos aires is the account of a boy. the main victim of. since the case blew up in the early two thousand it's the first time he's agreed to talk to a reporter. he wants to remain anonymous because he's still afraid of reprisals. assuming i mean. if i hear it. now nationally customer. calls us. also said as it is you're
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a whore to. us all we have in the midst of. the day to over the here keep keep can says this to stephen. is. well known in the muscle on. it sure seems a. loser and i want to know. it is a single male. the pope has never publicly commented on the grassy case. for eight months we tried to get an interview with the holy father dozens of requests all refused. so at the vatican we tried to meet his holy. he was to hold a public audience on st peter's square.
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we want to give folks francis a letter with all our questions on his suppose a brawl in the attempt to divert the course of justice in argentina. thousands of people have countered. we'll need a miracle to get to talk to the pope. few hours later the pope will be on the rock. was. the third time it passes we shall. do something bad. to give our last.
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few minutes later. he said that it. was something that ended up as old as the i don't think that i included used these out in. to sandy that. and then castle that i asked you i intend that the line through if the host you see out in the you. know if they do is this studio and castle get us. out on that. despite our quick chat neither pope francis nor any vatican official has ever answered our letter. at the end of this investigation there's one question how can the catholic church retrieve itself from
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these guilty silences. surging men from a number of countries such as belgium the united states and the netherlands are mobilizing and launching a national inquiry commissions on sexual abuse within the church. victims are listened to and the spotlight has fallen on the responsibility of the bishops. so let us pray may the vatican order a world wide inquiry commission. so that past scars may be healed i may still have faith in the future.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. cooked additional supposed to know what was and that's what the killing of some pieces of fissile material conditional on the moon. was doing is. simply yes swinging with huge notional closely. looked at with a showing of the clinton ships going to see is lost when the shit. you think it will ship. your fish and so to. both of shipping. you open most of those the book is the work of the books in your book which still you know so i do know what the move.
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was the latest news in the focus. boise the right to yet have put it this was going to say. we're supposed to do some really stupid as. it does the. us is trying to claim to this idea of the us dollar reserve currency empire they built over a post world war two hero for everyone gets into debt to the america and pays homage to america china russia iran africa mame and they're all saying no we want markopolos of payment trump wants markopolos up we want to go for it we want to trade directly bilaterally we don't want to be part of the globalization anymore. oh oh
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. the biggest. disruptions of the confirmation.


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