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if so he thought through. few he thought you'd think. after u.n. general assembly russia's foreign minister rails against the political blackmail economic pressure and brute force that he says western governments use to maintain global dominance. protests take over barcelona as police use force against independence demonstrators in catalonia just two days before the first anniversary of the region's
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independence referendum. emotionally charged committee hearing as an f.b.i. investigation into claims of sexual assault levelled at his supreme court nominee. watching this if you are seen as from moscow. first off russia's foreign minister wraps up his participation at the un general assembly on friday with an attack on western foreign policy. condemned what he called the parochial self-serving ambitions of a small group of countries and said those states are undermining the organization and its principles and you're trying to reports from new york. the number of states to seek you to preserve this. global leaders and prevent a natural transition to a multi-polar world order to that in this been mean. including political blackmail
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economic pressure and brute force subject to these lead to devaluation of international law sergey lavrov saved all he and russia had to say to the rest of the world for his final day in new york the foreign minister kept himself within the boundaries of diplomatic language however his criticism and told the war strong enough the international community has paid dearly for the self-serving ambitions of these countries diplomacy a culture of negotiation and compromise have been replaced by a unilateral restrictions like un security council approval such actions are not just illegal but also just ineffective like that long serious statement the press conference where covered the same global issues happened to be an event where the audience had a giggle a few times so there is a policy new policy now of the land express appreciation in south africa that the
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that they're implementing is a parliamentary process people could lose their farms without compensation and this talk that russia is trying to take the gap if you will and some of those disgruntled. but. no time for this is too far too far but what if. somebody wants to assure you from that sure that was the president. so the question is not. what do you think of the future two of the united nations. while the most awaited speaker and this building and also at the u.n. security council was still president trump this year his pick for the planet's greatest evil was a red blood. the rest of the world didn't fall for it and even america's allies in
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europe didn't serve you lavrov pointed that out once again and said that moscow will continue working with china and the major players to do everything to preserve the so called iran nuclear agreement when i spoke to the person in charge of dealing with the media at the russian foreign ministry she couldn't help talking about how it took president twelve months to make a complete u. turn what it comes to his take on little rocket man kim according to marie is a harvard there's still loads of room for improvement for the u.s. administration for many years most of korea was in medieval and this country and. the leaders of this country and the country itself and the people of this country it was mentioned as the world's hugest problem and in the evil was the world which was used to describe the country and now yeah and now i think the you heard mr
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trump think several times korea so what happened to the city and i was not north korea has changed nothing like that happen but united states change their position then their policy toward north korea probably the they can use a similar approach to iran and the things will go better yeah who knows what kind of twists and turns another year will bring about. new york i will ask former u.s. diplomat jim johnson what he thought about the russian foreign minister's remarks. i have noticed that mr lover of tends to be very diplomatic very polite very gentlemanly in his expression but i did notice a certain level of impatience today that he i think his patience has been tried one time too many yes we are talking about whether or not we will have we will
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continue down this road of the united states seeking. in a very sterile way and destructive way to hold on to this notion of global hegemony or whether there will be a peaceful and national natural transition to a more more multi-polar world so far we don't see the people making policy in washington willing to make that transition and i think that is something extremely dangerous and i think maybe that partly accounts for mr lover of sense of impatience well as we heard from our correspondents it was the u.s. president who grabbed the most of the attention so far that she has u.n. general assembly here's how donald trump's appearance went down with diplomats that .
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in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america hears so true i. didn't expect that reaction but that so. many will become totally dependent on russian energy if it does. not immediately change course. but all nations of the world should resist socialism. and the misery. that it brings i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade. on f.t.
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and it's not diplomatic and they find it funny. they were laughing at me they were living with me we had fun. now the u.s. president gave plenty of attention to the north korea issue at the un don't trump took the opportunity to praise washington's progress with pyongyang however when north korea's turn to came to take to the stage their foreign minister left a very different impression. so i mean. the continuing sanctions deepen our mistrust of the u.s. the u.s. heavily relies on coercive measures that are leaked it's a trust building without any trust in the u.s. you have no confidence in our national security and under such circumstances there is no way we will unilaterally disarm ourselves. old rivalries have been rigged
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night at the u.n. general assembly to after the israeli prime minister announced he had knowledge of a secret iranian atomic warehouse around lashed out saying rather that it was israel which was the only country in the middle east with undeclared nuclear weapons here's our senior correspondent but i guess the if. the general assembly is never dull the drama threats ultimatums and i q's ations but few relationships are as heartfelt or as emotional as radioactive as the one between israel and iran i'm six disclosing for the first time. another secret facility into iran. a secret atomic warehouse for storing massive amounts of equipment and material for me secret nuclear weapons program with this now traditional back and forth you will never have to wait long for a sponsor you know arts and crafts show will ever obfuscates that israel is the
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only regime in our region with a secret an undeclared nuclear weapons program including an actual atomic arsenal time for israel to fess up and open its illegal nuclear weapons program to international inspectors fair play to israel has a policy of nuclear ambiguity where it neither confirms law denies its nuclear weapon program and an arsenal of nukes yes no question for you does israel have nuclear capabilities and nuclear weapons yes or no. we've always said that we won't be the first to introduce who we have been introduced so here's what we actually know about israel's nuclear hobby it's one of only five nations not to have signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty the cia reported that israel had its first new call most awful a century ago well you know they've got one nuclear weapon israel has what three
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hundred or more nobody knows exactly how many in one thousand nine hundred eighty six former technician mordechai vanunu spilled the beans revealed the location and details of israel's secrets nuclear complex photographs of the control room and information about how nuclear warheads were assembled in a covert six story deep underground complex there's troubles midst of a new new was kidnapped in room by israeli agents and taken back home charges included treason espionage intent to impair national security he spent eighteen years in jail eleven of them in solitary confinement israel wasn't happy. not very well after everyone already said i have two hundred bumps i don't. know america i know you don't know anyone know there's a ron have a point should israel come out of the closet with its radioactive little secret
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perhaps but while no one knows for sure the israeli prime minister can continue to log about thinly veiled threats that would give a geiger counter a seizure while standing in front of his nuclear weapons in a bar or research center. human whoever threatens us with destruction puts themselves in similar danger and in any case will not achieve his goal. is an absence of a sad and tragic absence of any movement toward a middle east peace process. and mr nathaniel instead of climbing to the u.n. and had last seen this media each year that he is responsible for more than anybody else in the world he just zero zina and focuses on iran demonizes iran and that's not watching it with anyone in the world community today and beside that there was a very muted reaction to him and for all the good reasons. catalonia has one year
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anniversary of its independence vote is looming and clashes have erupted in barcelona as a pro independent protests turned violent this saturday lunchtime at least twenty four people have been injured and six others detained. i . a riot police used force to push back crowds of protesters responded by throwing paint and powder demonstrators started gathering on friday night to counter protest another group marching in support of the security forces monday marks one year since the separatist regions controversial referendum on independence from spain
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which sparked the worst political crisis in the country for decades but riddick led the vote illegal and the national police and civil guard were heavily criticized for a violent crackdown twenty seventy journalist martin robertson madrid believes tensions have not faded one year on. but push came to shove last year pro independence politicians in the parliament unilaterally declared independence the international community either rejected that or ignored it completely so that's one thing you have the legacy of the last that the unilateral route last year did not work it looks so unlikely to work again in the near future. has divided the independence movement the may be no clear road map for the independence movement at the moment pretensions of so remain high they were running high last year memories are still very fresh on society still very divided the wounds have been healed yes . all right let's return to one of our top stories we were talking about the u.n. general assembly and how donald trump brought up north korea hailing progress
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between washington and pyongyang but when north korea's foreign minister took to the stage that wasn't exactly the same case now let's go live to brian back and get his thoughts on this he's the coordinator of the antiwar answer coalition either pyongyang state when we had a few minutes ago contradicting how the u.s. president sees relations between the two countries right now what do you think north korea up to to make this public confront to the u.n. general assembly. well it really does not have a lot of options here the united states is playing a double game at one time donald trump says and just a few days ago over there is our press conference no rush we'll get it we're going to get it done and we don't want to put too much pressure on the os the next day my company or the secretary of state says in a very insulting way look north koreans are starving they have no running water they have no roads and they have to make a decision do they want to come to like a certain sort of you know doing security you really want to continue with your
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weapons program it is up to them i mean this isn't so dealing with the united nations and with the d.p. r. k. a foreign minister said today is to the extent that there is no forward progress get probably rest in washington and not in pyongyang numerous unilateral measures concessions to the united states and then again virtually nothing in return for the foreign minister said today step by step this recent recall we will not desire unless confidence building measures are taken first by walsh what north korea was claiming was it was the internal power political struggle in the us as being the main reason for the mistrust between the two do you think that's really the root of the mistrust. well you know what they're trying to say which is that donald trump seems to be the only person in the donald trump administration who favors a peace process john bolton and healy they seem to be subverting it trying to overthrow it trying to stop it so i think that's what they mean that trantor is
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only able to go forward because he's surrounded by career peace heart suit who are trying to sabotage the process but what the real reason this isn't going forward isn't simply to debate is only trying to ministration it is in fact that there is a positive consensus between democrats and republicans the pentagon and the intelligence services and most of the trying to cabinet who actually don't want this to succeed so in essence this is a bigger problem don't you million internal debate the two big regional powers that are trying to russia they've been trying to get the u.s. to pull back and i'm assigned to this against north korea because i have been some progress with the talks and they nuclearize ation is rolling back the sanctions really the answer here though. yes it would be a definite answer unfortunately china and russia are headed in because they originally voted for those sanctions and the u.n. security council of course the united states says it will be so they're urging that
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washington government to take a different road both washington doesn't want to and doesn't have to you know they try independently it is security council which i think they still should be washington will be you know it so they're somewhat trapped by the earlier decisions of what really happened i was by lateral relations going to strengthen between d.v.r. ok and china you are gay and russian and if you are a key and south korea i think that's the root of who or what i think i will say that it's the sanctions that have been playing in bringing north korea towards the table how effective have thank you think. absolutely irrelevant in fact the north koreans have been consistent over the years they have said in the beginning they're willing to suspend we're weapons test in an i.c.b.m. test and make other concessions in return for a cancellation. or a suspension or a moratorium of us for korea to simulate the destruction the annihilation of north
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korea the united states agreeing to do that at the singapore summit and as a consequence of the ark a view to you to move forward but that was a step it's not the final step and there haven't been more steps from washington so it's not the same shit as as the foreign minister said today we're not traveling we're not an early days and no amount of fantasizing that we will get down and surrender before you know that it will actually make a difference ok we'll wait to see what happens next for now that brian baca from the other once a coalition thanks spare time. you're watching i'll tell you still ahead this saturday the latest from indonesia reeling from that seven point four quake and subsequent tsunami the number of deaths is rising this control to see about how the warnings will hold the details on that when we come back.
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along big except to reject. so when you want to be president. want. to be close this is what we look for three of the more camp you could get. interested in the waters of. unfortunate ukrainian government destroys that country a don't know maybe they don't understand this but they destroyed the country and they lost not only crimea but they lost their own people to regions ukrainians and russians they really have very deep roots and to cut this center trying just to show us that you are absolutely separate and different. from russians this is
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absolutely stupid the way this is the way to nowhere. welcome back more than four hundred people are now known to have died in around five hundred others injured after a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami in indonesia on friday but the vice president fears the number of deaths could reach several thousand waves up to three meters tall had power. so the way the island where a beach festival was taking place after several strong and shallow quakes rock to the region the indonesian authorities issued a tsunami warning but it was removed just thirty four minutes later and they defended their decision explaining it was based on the data they had available to them the earthquake caused a major power cut that happened communication for the rescue teams thousands of homes along with hospitals and hotels collapsed while the local prisons walls were
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also destroyed by the force of the waves with almost six hundred inmates attempting to flee for their lives. the us president has ordered an investigation into accusations of sexual assault leveled against his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh on the judiciary committee meetings put the brakes on the vote to proposing a one week delay before confirming the next judge but the divide was evident among committee members during the heated hearing. feels like alice in wonderland around here rather than working with us my democratic colleagues chose not to participate in this process and yet again and again their refrain has been the same delay delay delay i'm very disappointed were here today voting on this nomination this is supposed to be an independent equal branch of government we're no longer that we are now in a very weak arm of the trump white house is the beginning.
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of a process. that will tear this country apart the u.s. senate judiciary committee has been conducting confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh nominated to be a supreme court justice by donald trump they took a vote to take the nomination of brett cavanagh to the floor of the u.s. senate now as the vote was preparing we saw kind of a last minute proposal from republican senator jeff flake he proposed essentially that a final vote on the floor of the senate wouldn't take place until the f.b.i. had been able to do an investigation i do think we can. have a short pause and make sure that the f.b.i. can investigate and i understand it is that some of us would have to and i'm prepared to do it make a request to the white house to ask the f.b.i. to do that investigation it would be short. and limited in scope to the current
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allegations that have been made i would like to support the motion for that investigation i've explained many times a mother if the investigation is not necessary the nomination of brett kavanaugh has certainly divided the united states of america both sides very fired up about it and it appears that next week we will have a final vote in the u.s. senate regarding his confirmation as a supreme court justice in the united states the highest court in the land but it has been quite contentious protests all around capitol hill lots of accusations on both sides lots of anger. united states u.n. envoy has called for regime change in venezuela during a street protest outside the u.n. headquarters in new york.
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venezuela's come in for some extra attention from donald trump over the past week as he announced sanctions against the president's inner circle over corruption allegations nicolas maduro is accused of driving up hyperinflation as well as human rights violations trump said millions of people have been turned into refugees and washington could use its military to oust madeira if need be. it's over e-mail that frankly could be tumbled very quickly by the military or the military decides to do that i just want to see you this way great yeah you're on the day. and the lessons are all in every out there you know a place where all that israel is a mess and it's got to be cleaned up and people have to be taken care of the united states has the longest the wrong as history of any country in the entire globe
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meddling with other people's. affairs and when and when the u.s. i'm going to be here only talks about capitalism and trump talks about our socialism it's very hypocritical us as long have it out for this well before with little chavez now with manure oh and it has a lot to do with the fact that it's an independent socialist state in the united states this is hyper capitalist they've had no problem with they have no problem with dicta gaiters around the world especially those that that embrace capitalism grace us imperialism and you know function as their you know quasi allies the us will resort to any alliance they know that they will play upon the geopolitical end of a vast amount many united states citizens and will do these things they're trying to do to try to foment you know some kind of made up scenario to instigate war. and that's the way looks for now wherever you're watching us this weekend thanks for checking in without saying help me back to you and about thirty seven minutes from
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