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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 29, 2018 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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right. the headlines on arch international in a fiery address to the u.n. general assembly russia's foreign minister rails against political blackmail economic pressure and brute force he says western governments are using to maintain global dominance. after a dramatic emotionally charged committee hearing that donald trump orders an f.b.i. investigation into the claims that sexual assault leveled at his supreme court nominee. judge the police for
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a major terror attack arresting seven men reportedly trying to obtain suicide vests . making equipment. crowds gather in berlin to protest against the president's first state visit to germany as russia. and chancellor merkel look to build bridges after a sustained period of tension. you can read all about those stories over on our website r t v dot com my colleague will be back in time with news that would be. look forward to it right now it is time for crosstalk.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all hoping to consider i'm peter lavelle u.s. president donald trump took center stage at the united nations this week the middle east was very much on his mind particularly in iran for some sitting in the general assembly trump's words were simply laughable however what is happening in the middle east and beyond is anything but funny. cross talking around and the middle east i'm joined by my guest in london he is a military analyst and in new york we cross the road he is a partner at global growth advisors international strategic consultancy group all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated let me go to rose bay in new york first i'm sure you saw donald trump a speech to the united nations much much of it had to do with the ran and how donald trump sees the world we all do know that in the general assembly diplomats
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heads of states well found some of his commentary funny they laughed ok a short montage of what he had to say using his words here iran's leaders so chaos death and destruction disruption so to arabia that king and crown prince are pursuing bold new reforms and israel proudly celebrates its seventieth anniversary as a thriving democracy. that created a lot of giggles and smiles. what was he trying to say is this a path towards conflict because we're going to talk later in the program about how the europeans are trying to move away from the dollar system by creating its own swift system and we can talk about what's going on in syria what happened in that speech is it has any meaning consequence in your mind go ahead in new york. peter
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you're right the president i think he kind of makes up his ideas because he starts of thought by again as a self center individual that he is and i think he thought that he's talking to it to his constituents somewhere in west virginia rather than to a global body so what we saw with the president he came out and he said his administration has done much more than any other administration in history of the night state and if you can make german diplomats laugh you are really doing something wrong with security on the u.n. g.a. united nations journalist that general assembly opening but also the president of the united states had a very very harsh words for iran just that morning the president of the united states tweeted and called mr rohani iranian president a lovely man and then a few hours later. acted on the center stage of the us also i have to say the numbers that the president throw out in particular with the numbers of the climate
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those are wrong we did not lose that many jobs as he said that you're trying to be lost and want to make here in the united states and he gave some really in a way wrong assessments about global politics he also further furthermore peter introduce a new doctrine that's called the trump doctrine he called it replacing the. doctrine of globalization with the doctrine of treated somewhat separate that mean cancer and he also talked about he also talked about he had read the nice words for the north korean leader and that was kind of surprising so all in all the g.p.a. of his political g.p.a. off if you will u.n.g.a. speech was that. was a big gaffe and it was not good for american leadership and certainly was not good for the for the executive branch having this kind of a show on a center stage of the united now it's become i think rosie makes a really good point i think the term always mistakes a large crowd for. one has
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a bone. in his base here but come on one of the things i found rather peculiar to be in the extreme is that drum talked a great length about the importance of sovereignty then turns around and asked the whole world to destroy the sovereignty of a sovereign state sovereign state of iran i mean it was intensely contradictory how can you talk about defending one country's that sovereignty when trying to destroy another's go ahead in london. those speech full of contradictions but specifics i would regards to iran and sovereignity of other nations makes no sense one could see there is a path that the americans of the trouble laying out and they laid it out there against iran later on. in the u.n. see council that is chaired it doesn't make any sense and if anything what he's doing is he's isolating even the closest american allies who you could see them cringing in their seats you could see people feeling very uncomfortable about the
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language trump was using because the european specially moving towards a different path towards iran it's not looking good for the u.s. with regards to international organizations whether it be the u.n. nato the world bank all. looking the other way because the u.s. is saying things which no one is happy with ok well i'm glad you brought that up about our allies here nikki haley was on the fox news channel trying to explain how the united states is dealing with these of the iran in her take on it i think will be very different from from what you gentlemen will think and our audience let's listen to what she had to say the european union has this so wrong and it's all because of their ego and their pride. and that's now graining who helped. get this deal together she's trying to hold a deal together because she did it but she's not walking out for the best interest of the year. plan countries. go but to me i mean. so nikki haley
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is looking after the best interest of europe i guess that's what she's trying to mean. ego and pride i think again those two words are misplaced on the wrong people in the wrong country is this show how much the united states particularly of the trumpet administration in its in its foreign policy is out of step with the world i mean this they're trying to develop a special purpose vehicle that will be include the european union russia and china this is all at the expense of the u.s. dollar that is really the key to american global dominance without the dollar it's a different game go ahead rosemary in new york. well peter the long term that's going to be the case in the long term this eight hundred on financial greed that is the control by space is not going to be in place it's going to be replaced with other financial mechanism but let's talk about the short term first of all i think
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about that are we and others in the white house in particular trump administration or furious over. not what the europeans are doing they thought by even to iran you know j c p u a will fall apart it has not thus far now let's take a look at what the europeans are doing do europeans are following what the international community has committed to do the same international community the same u.n. security council that the united states voted to if you will enact. if you will the security council receive resolution twenty two thirty one which again president. very much so overtly violated the backing may well let's go back to this financial making the same if we look at that in the short term the europeans are trying to help iran but in the long term what the united states has done through the mechanism of sanctions and punishment in that tank be a unilateral manner it has a. way divert the attention of its forces allies since the second world war we're
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going at the u.k. politically got trance and we're looking at germany to go together with as the americans will call it strange bedfellows such as russia and china to find a mechanism to in a way reduce the influence if you will this eight hundred pound gorilla so the bigger signal is the iran deal and if you will the j.c. feel it is becoming a preview for the world to do first to fight it wait it's my national making them from washington and from play actually frankly new york at our national events so perfectly put come out and you know one of the things again one of the ironies that you know donald trump wants a new deal of some sort with iran and the iranians will come to him but. at the same time he's demonizing a government that he says he's willing to sit down and talk to is demonizing a government that he'd like to see overthrown i mean that is a contradiction go ahead in london. any talk of
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a new deal is unlikely to go down well even in the european capitals because however flawed the deal might be all the european countries supports it and it's working we heard quite a few heads of states even yesterday say that iran is sticking to their side of the bargain there is no need to finish this deal and we see the u.s. is also putting pressure on countries like india japan and even turkey not to do business with iran but again if anything else it's backfiring because even turkey is moving extremely close to iran on loads of business deals and turkey is a good example where a nato member which is feeling more and more isolated within the nato and is now feeling closer to russia and iran with regards to the middle east but also business would respect sort of dollar a lot of countries in there are deciding to trade in their local currencies china is trading in the yuan than most of south asia in east asia so it's a recurrent theme all over the world the more the u.s.
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pushes or rather more trump pushes against institutions and countries the more it seems to go against them you know we go back to new york with you i mean we're going to in the second part of program i want to talk about syria but our come our really mention it it is quite interesting and i'm glad you have a historical perspective here we have we have now a deal that turkey and russian made these a v. syria to deal with and we'll talk about the as three hundred but that deal was made with a member of nato in russia without the united states involved that is something new we haven't seen something like that before so you even within the alliance the united states is not being able to control all of its members go ahead in new york . you're right peter first of all i think the deal that has taken place right now if you look at much of the article on or frankly anybody else need to be gen they realize that by that is that international person at the end of the day is local they are in that vocation so what the turks are worried about is they're worried
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about the refugees frankly what even germany is worried about is worried about the refugees and. if this if you will war will not be and we're going to have a problem at the end of the day what we realize that through syria the jew politics of the region has been changing the chapter is changing is moving away from this new long seven year civil war into a period of hope for the people isolation and reconstruction in database what we're seeing from on corruption what we're seeing in moscow and tech run and frankly elsewhere there is think we want to be part of that future dialogue and that's why we're seeing in a way that realignment are a trip and turkey's leading the charge on that rightly so ok gentlemen we're going to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on iran's and the middle east staying with our.
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out of them out so out of a lot of i'm up a mob of people and got. out of my with them. as i asked by the. things about the truth so yeah i'm not it's. about keeping the last an olympian film in the middle. and with you if you. join me every flows on the alex song i'm sure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see about.
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that officially. need to push a little of this if not to the life of the instance of indians and by all means this weekend we'll clock one think even. a little and with you only. committee i was to say is that the national this said a lot of it's exactly as you mentioned and again also a lot of principles and values. welcome back across like we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing around the middle east.
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ok let me go back to come alan london here i guess i'll use an american phrase but i'm sure you understand it is there a new sheriff in the middle east because we have the situ after the fatal shooting down of a russian plane. and the russians put blame on the israelis for it. s. three hundred anti-missile system is being deployed there syria's wanted that for a long time and it was after this dreadful incident that russia finally agreed how much is this change the game on the ground or in the air as it were go ahead in london. i mean it's a significant change and they're just goes to show you the trajectory of the middle east over the last two years since russian intervention in syria russia is definitely the biggest diplomatic player not just in syria in the middle east as a whole to give you an example the buying russian defense systems qatari the saudis
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even the egyptians are but the s three hundred going back to syria means everything changes in the air because syria which had a very weak air defense system which kept getting attacked by israelis almost on a daily basis will now be able to stand up to the israelis effectively makes it extremely difficult for these released to attack syria because effectively that means simply attack the russian air defenses and so this really is a made a colossal mistake in downing the aircraft which they say is an accident you know rosemary in new york you are you have to think that the russians and the syrians are doing something right when john bolton you know goes nucular about it because your ears are by a bad decision by his logic it is a destabilizing. decision i can not counterintuitive thing it is a most stabilizing thing that could happen to avoid having this war continue and to spread i think it was a remarkable political military and diplomatic move go ahead in new york.
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right peter first of all i think what the russians did was a political move. the sell of the s. three hundred and let me let me elaborate on that the few weeks ago or near this month we saw that the russian plane was shot down by the syrian forces because they thought it was that israeli planes trying to go after iran in target this is a complex if you were dealing with in syria what the russians decided to do is that purely a political move and here is the reason why deploying s. three hundred russians are containing quote ensure all danger and trick ssion point between the iranians and the israelis in a syrian geography that's purely what the russians are after the russians want to deescalate the situation their goal is not to put anyone on often more or defensible and they decided the best way to do it this way which would need in this . new chapter the new chapter is if the israelis decide to take any
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unilateral actions against iranians. in syria they will probably think twice or they probably will not do it or probably discuss it with the russians so that is called the escalation mechanism all in all i think that's what the russians did and mr bolton i don't think is the barometer for russians thinking or frankly russians satisfaction with when it comes to this issue of law so made a strategic political decision by sending the s. three hundred it was not a military decision and i think it was a long term wise decision and it was a long term game that the moscow played in syria you know come on come on you know we're a military expert do you think the israelis will test this missile system and that is being set up in syria do you think that they're going to go that far there. they get a probe what do you think i think we'll be very careful and highly unlikely that they'd go said that the israelis always test the limits of all the norms of war and they go to the extremes the syrians have been trying to get the s.
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three hundred for almost ten years and one of the key reasons it didn't get it was the israelis were able to convince moscow don't give the syrians s. two hundred as i said even before the war because they know the s two hundred was a game changer in the region so that's why i think it's significant for these release to still go off to targets in syria and becomes extremely difficult and for them to test it would actually be quite a task because they will be putting their pilots in grave danger. in new york do you think now because it was you know everybody has their red lines when it comes to syria and when the prior to the deal that the russian turkey made there was a lot of noise coming out of washington actually the british and the french and even the germans were even thing about parlaying in this here there's this change this now because. if they're not going to be able to use airstrikes to support their groups and we can leave it unspoken what their friends are in. little bit
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around i mean do you think that this is a another move or are they going to actually consider stop supporting these groups here and actually find a conciliation point where these terrorists can be moved out where they go i don't know that's heir to one's biggest nightmare and but i'm skeptical of the deer the deal with turkey. it has to get some legs for me to really believe in it. because turkey has a lot of culpability and a lot of responsibility to defuse the situation in italy because you know i've used the word sovereignty in this program many times all syria is a sovereign country and it wants solver in control and once. it live is taken care of then the americans must leave syria because they're not they're not invited there they're there illegally under international law go ahead in new york. true peter i think it is a strategic we put it equally and frankly. geographically doesn't last rebel held
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cation region in syria and it would mark the end of the civil war in syria however i do not believe at this point thirteen actors in the region as well as the people in washington would like to see that and to have the problem if you will complicate so what they try to do is to try to shy the damascus moscow on a run to run from making an attack and we saw as a trump ironically bank that iranians church sent the syrians and the russians for for their position and that the bottom line is this situation cannot be contained this way on the other hand we have a humanitarian catastrophe any type of conflict could make could probably need to get one to one point five million refugees moving north towards the turkish borders so all you know i think that what the challenge for moscow caracal of damascus and
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iran will be to find a way to wage separate from the regional actors in the g.c.c. countries and as well as head of the from washington to find a way through congress some sort of a peace process with them and if that doesn't happen we will see some sort of office the factions and i think it is not the interest of the people but if you look at the time from a three thirty thousand feet peter the biggest and the most important thing is right now washington has of the and g.c.c. actors who would like to drag this conflict using that is not to the best interests of syria and i think what that's what that is the point that moscow ron and others are advocating you know the kamali one of the interesting thing caviar is that russia is the only country that can talk. you are most every single actor in this conflict here and you've seen it ceasefire attempts where the other parties didn't want to see a ceasefire with the s three hundred zero. syria literally how it has its own
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sovereignty within its grasp this is send a signal to outsiders to stop supporting their proxies because eventual e alternately it's a lost cause and i've mentioned before on this program the us is there without a mission it's searching for a mission but if we have the regional players and i'm talking about riyadh as well and the israelis. you know they owe the russians right now ok this is an interesting moment and interesting diplomatic opening that could possibly be pushed forward because if airstrikes from abroad are off the table now maybe there will be cooler thinking what do you think. absolutely because if you look at the russian diplomatic maneuvers as you said they have been able to talk to every side in this conflict whether it's the israelis the turks very soon groups the syrian government
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of course and all the other arab league nations as well so the s. three hundred basically means it's of relative the syrian arab republic is restored and this is something the russians said they were here to do they want to support the state institutions of syria which is a legitimate recognized government in the united nations with more than half of the arab league also having their embassies in the mass that is and this is important because a lot of people in the u.n. and nato keep saying the syrian government is not a government it's a regime it's a government and even within the arab league more than half of the ambassadors are in damascus so that means syria's government is recognized as a state and the russians have helped them in the international level and diplomatic scene the chinese have all to come in so the indians to brazil. south african which completes to bring troika to the s. three hundred i think is the final. sentence that say's the syrian back slowly but surely their military is also rebuilding while by other countries
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and proxies biffing twice before attacking a country which sits in the un table if you. go back in new york is finish up on iran here we had. a personal lawyer giuliani rudy giuliani attending a. meeting in new york as well a group that wants to see the illegal overthrow of the government in around the united states is a really big supporter of it now most every single way. is this and with the saying sions and all of this i mean is do you think ultimately the trumpet ministration will attempt some kind of regime change within because they're nonstop talking about around i mean they have they have iran on their brain one minute rosevear new york go ahead. short answer is i don't think so unfortunately everything that has come out of much of trump's mouth and his national security advisors and secretary of state as hectically the latest example of that is the
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state department i'm going up with a publication called the out blog it is not think a lot if you will. think tank based ideology all iranians are iran activities are bad but that is another strategy so at this time however i do not see a strategy behind mr if you will. what i do see is that they can not having a strategy could get us into very dangerous cross ground and also interest grounds which could lead to any of the on intended consequences that would be the i hope it doesn't happen that way but i just keep too many tactics no strategy and that is precisely the danger peter yeah good example of that is keeping american troops in syria is some kind of contingency plan waiting for a strategy to be had very very good point gentlemen we have run out of time many thanks to my guests in london and in new york and thanks to our viewers for watching us here to see you next time and remember cross-talk rules.
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unfortunately. destroyed that country don't tell maybe they don't understand things but they destroyed the country as they lost not only crimea but they lost their own people to regions ukrainians and russians they really have is talking to larry deep religious and to cut today's so. center trying just to show you all styles that you absolutely separate and be friends with from russians this is absolutely stupid the
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way this is a way to nowhere. good politicians do something to. put themselves on the lawn. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president interim. or somehow want to be rich. but you'd like to be close to see what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my. first sip.


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