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today they were going over themselves to get a picture or to talk about how great his speech was how strong it was whether he said good things about them or not they. are just what they were and laughing at me they were laughing with me we had fun well at the news conference trump attacked old enemies like china and iran but also he talked about syria too and the success achieved there with more his any progress. syria is on the road to peace that is mostly because of dialogue. for its at least that's the way the president sees it i put out on social media and elsewhere i gave my pump john bolton everybody these orders. don't let it happen i said don't let it happen. that doesn't mean they can't be selective they can't be you know go in they've got to do what they've got to do with terrorists assume
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the terrorists but don't kill millions of people. and it's stuff up to you so that it was quite surprising to hear the president repeat the words thank you to syria iran and russia for putting the offensive to halt but whatever else the president mentioned the word iran it was nothing pleasant to say the least very strong language and also at the press conference mr trump continued to bash the iran nuclear deal very hard we know that pretty much the rest of the world disagrees with the american leader on that but during his speech mr trump made it clear that he doesn't really get bothered by that this week you put out a call to action to other countries to rally with america to put pressure on iran rouhani still calling for the u.s. to come back into the old deal but after meeting with world leaders this week did
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you make any progress towards a potential new deal does it matter what world leaders think going to run iran's going to come back to me are they going to make good do you and that's even after president trump's first ever chairmanship of the u.n. security council where he can't have misheard an entire round table of other world leaders and government ministers i ask all members of the security council to work with the united states to ensure the arabian regime changes its behavior deep great's the united states unilateral withdrawal from the agreement a decision with far reaching consequences that makes more i'm saying well you get it to live you categorically condemns. the lateral actions imposed by the government of the us against iran. might be we agree with the u.s. presence objectives on iran but we disagree with the methods for achieving them is
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a violin by its commitments under the deal it remains the best means of preventing iran developing a nuclear weapon this is something that we are actively working on together with china iran and the e.u. the e.u. and the us have fanned selves in a fresh raw over iran in recent days and monday brussels foreign policy chief announced that europe will work with russia and china to create special payment channels to turan bypassing u.s. sanctions and washington clearly wasn't happy. the european union has this so wrong and it's all because of their ego and their pride. and that's not graining who helped. get this deal together she's trying to hold a deal together because she did it but she's not looking out for the best interests of the european countries who number one don't want to do business with iran the reason that she's attacking based on ego and pride is because she's disliking the fact that the united states has had nothing but ego and pride when it comes to the
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way in which we're mishandling trade deals mishandling the way we treat other countries what the u.s. should be doing right now is actually trying to go in that direction which is to open up trade with other countries let american culture spread when businesses and consumers in other countries learn more about the way we think and the way we are the ideas of america the ideas of freedom freedom of the present liberalism these are great ideas but we're not going to spread them by cutting ourselves off and there is nothing more arrogant nothing more foolish nothing more counterproductive to cutting ourselves off cutting our ideas off from the rest of the world well as part of washington's moves against iran the u.s. national security adviser demanded that the independence with payment system which banks around the world stops business with the country but john bolton's comments and america's stance against iran with quick response banks and financial messaging services such as swift must take a good hard look at their business with iran and ask themselves whether it is worth
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the risk we do not intend to allow our sanctions to the evaded by europe or anybody else. it cannot be accepted that the united states would decide which world regions european companies can trade with they can develop economic activity much as he sometimes says if the president trumps comments on the rise of oil prices but i think if he follows through to its conclusion he will realize that it would be good for oil prices that iran be able to sell the economist an independent investment fund manager max r.c. believes that swift may end up going to u.s. demands and cutting ties with iran. u.s. does put a lot of pressure on many actors so swift might do that we don't know but of course the u.s. has a very you know that's for a very aggressive policy of sanctions so swift will certainly listen to those words the u.s. has put a lot of pressure on various issues and it has used the sanctions where the
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economics are more aggressively even against the european companies again swiss companies of this is really. put a lot of tensions on european companies and especially since the financial crisis so at some point europe might wake up and say this is too much i mean we have to go or only way that we have to for a strike a new balance well during the u.n. session that triumphant design gets here against china accusing it of meddling in the upcoming u.s. mid-term elections but as. donna now explains such claims have been heard before in fashion the talent to dazzle on has a design as bright and bottom in political fashion donald trump markets himself as chief. and it looks like russia is going out of style not once was it mentioned in trump's un speech regrettably we found that china has been attempting to interfere
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in our upcoming twenty eight. election coming up in november. against my administration they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade washington's needlework has already retailer in their agenda actions that china has taken undermine a rules based order unfair trade practices particularly by china the chinese are very active we can watch very focused efforts to steal american information well china we here at r.t. know what it's like to be showcased in the window of the white house political boutique first things first accusations of election meddling are still in vogue so make no mistake what used to be russian hackers and the presidential vote in twenty sixteen giving way to chinese hackers and the mid-term ballot this season from its
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continued hacking of our defense secrets to its focus on collecting vast repositories of personal personnel to. information to better unable to vote is china exploits our transparency and open society china is also being introduced to the concept of sanctions being thrown in the same basket with moscow over beijing's purchase of russian weapons in this narrative the trade war waged by the us on china fits like a glove after all the purpose is the same to hurt and nation's economy our trade imbalance is just not acceptable. china is market distortions. and the way they deal. cannot be tolerated when it comes to pushing an independent foreign policy china and russia are cut from the same cloth this trend is also propelling beijing to the top of the u.s. diplomatic kill list we do monitor very closely what appears to be an effort to
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expand their in their own region in places like africa latin america the pacific islands asia and we are concerned by some of the tactics that the hunt for chinese spies is in full swing too as if the land of the american dream has been rid of russia's agents and what seems to be a new fad in this china dominated collection military rivalry taiwan is a breakaway province from beijing standpoint while from washington's it's a lucrative arms export opportunity no wonder the massive new us three hundred and thirty million dollar weapons deal with taiwan fell flat with china washington is definitely afraid to china isn't the passingly many economists are predicting that sooner rather than later china will have a larger economy than that of the united states of america that from washington's
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point of view presents a crisis for the united states of america likewise you see there are states trying to recruit other nations into its china cobol particularly japan australia and india this is a very combustible situation so it appears like russia is indeed stepping aside this fall winter season replaced by china in pretty much every dimension or do you know the boogieman dress is one in. you know world big. it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that. stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the show because. it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time
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is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back now in the u.k. it's come to light that the terrorists behind last year's westminster attack had been identified as a threat by british security services only to taken off the list five years before he carried out the crime when in march of twenty seventeen khalid masood rammed a car into protests treasons killing four and them fatally stabbed a police officer and situation has been following the official inquest into the case and inquiry into the westminster attack of march twenty second of last year where six people including the perpetrator had died and dozens were injured has now
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revealed that the attacker a fifty two year old believed masood had apparently been on the radar of u.k. security services dating as far back as two thousand and four now by twenty ten he was linked to al qaeda training in pakistan and had been identified as a threat to national security this is according to a senior mit filed for officer who was testifying in court here in the u.k. this week presented only as witness al to protect the officer's identity he said that must sued had been given a holding code identifying him as a threat to national security but was later downgraded that same year by december twenty ten. to quote an individual who may be of interest to national security and then by twenty twelve this man her lead masood was already characterized as a quote closed subject of interest and remained that way until the attack in march
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last year and according to this m i five officer who was speaking in court as part of this investigation he said that thousands of people were monitored by the u.k. security services at the time and a terrorist threat at the time was unprecedented so he says the actions of officials were adequate we have reviewed the decision to close masood as a person of interest with the benefit of hindsight and we conclude the decision was sound it was logical necessary and proportionate to consider him a good well according to this officer he also pretty much confirmed that there is always a danger of somebody slipping through during those hearings and there's there's always going to be a chance that somebody might get through and of course this is far from the first time that concerns about people slipping through the net when it comes to such terror attacks and not of course just here but also in europe come to the forefront when it does get revealed that officials had known something about those people
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involved but somehow failed to stop them from carrying out those attacks. the u.s. news website the daily beast seems to be suggesting that the russian foreign ministry itself is now turned into a troll factory this new report claims that moscow has upgraded its supposed to troll campaign by using the twitter accounts of its diplomats and also its embassies the database insists that the ministries trying to confuse the public by blending the truth with multiple competing narratives. but.
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you know. the. article to single out one particular russian rooting the contest for the most ironic post about russia's relations with the west and who can say the winning picture for the best scouting on boris johnson following his anger at the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman being invited to the house of commons we discussed the story with the columnist and author ted rao the united states government does this all the time u.s.
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government officials make jokes all the time the president of the united states uses social media extremely effectively and makes lots of jokes on it in fact he probably would not be president if he hadn't used twitter extremely effectively so it's mystifying why anyone would say that this is somehow inappropriate the united states. has has house official channels on twitter and otherwise that make jokes i've even seen jokes about things that are pretty grim for example the department of defense twitter account has made jokes about drone strikes and weapons that civilians in afghanistan and elsewhere. those are pretty tasteless jokes so i guess you could say that a terribly tasteless joke might be something that would cross the line but jokes themselves or why not they're an important part of dialogue. ok let's return to the trans headline grabbing speech at the u.n. because it wasn't just foreign powers he attacked socialism or so i came in for
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some stick to this kind of muffin i reports it is an argument we've heard before. trumps un general assembly speech this year contains some old material not long ago venezuela was one of the richest countries on earth today socialism has bankrupted the oil rich nation virtually everywhere socialism or communism has been it has produced suffering corruption and decay but all nations of the world should resist the socialism and the misery that it brings to everyone stops at roughly the same thing and last year's un speech and he got a similar awkward response the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.
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trump doesn't seem to realize that the cold war is over and the specter of soviet style marxism leninism is no longer hanging over eastern europe meanwhile trump also doesn't seem to realize that socialism is rather popular around the world the german social democratic party the british labor party many political organizations and leaders across the world adhere to some vague form of socialism in fact socialism is getting more popular in places that are a lot closer to washington than venezuela. who believe that every working class american to serve the opportunity to change their economic destiny and their children's future that is well that's the message that we need to brain seven in terms.
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of piecing this. crimes this in our democracy where people will like the same laws don't apply to the rich. hand and we should absolutely have a health care system that provides help here for every citizen in our country socialism is quite popular among millennial is in the united states more popular than capitalism in fact some pollsters say that if donald trump had run against bernie sanders in the twenty sixteen presidential election he might not have been able to pull off his victory we decided to ask the kota lily a young activist why he thinks that socialism is on the rise in the united states to people my age especially the really sick of you know the ills that capitalism brings upon if you look at the student loan crisis right now the student loan debt
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is the largest holder of debt in the country more than credit card debt and we have poor profit you know it educational institutions that charge sixty seventy eighty thousand dollars per semester per year you know the unemployment rate trump says it's four percent or three percent in actuality it's eight nine ten percent third half the room is made up of socialists you know it's made up of people from bolivia and cuba venezuela china you know angola south africa it's made up of people who completely disagree with come on by you know if you look at last year's speech he said you know socialism in venezuela is not failing because it's being you know put to use wrongly it's be put to use completely correctly no one said anything for a good solid five seconds and then this year they laughed at him actually so when trouble repeated his anti socialist tirade at the un the question is was he really aiming at caracas or was he aiming at a new source of opposition to his policies here at home where it seems that trump
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has unwittingly made socialism great again hey look him up and r.t. new york. police in denmark are investigating one of their own female offices for hugging a protester wearing a hijab at a rally against the country's ban on this from face the issue of been raised by an mpeg. the photo of the office and the protest can be interpreted as police in denmark sympathizing more with the demonstrators supposing the nic card ban than with parliament legislation therefore i want to complain about the officers behavior where the hug reportedly took place when the demonstrator burst into tears after hearing that she wouldn't be fined for sitting on the ground the protester added she was terrified that police would forcibly pull off her face veil and she took her kids to kindergarten and the officer told her that that would not happen well the stop the is nies ation of denmark group joined the police complaint against the officer independent police appeals authorities investigating the case
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the officers lawyer insists he acted in accordance with police guidelines that mark spann against face veils came into effect on august the first and follow similar restrictions in austria belgium and also france critics concerned where the complaint against the officer is taking society. but communities are made up of various groups and the police need to police all of those groups violate. the nature of the complaint. could effectively be summarized as the police aren't far enough. and that that isn't what the police's job is other places job is to facilitate protest in a liberal democracy and that seems to be what the officer went along with doing policing the population of a country is not an easy thing to do and you cannot have the police enforcing. any law. at the lower end of the scale we have absolutely no discretion whatsoever it doesn't work like that in a democracy washing out international good to have
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a company the saving will back again in half an. manufactured. public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. nor middle of the room. during.
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the worst drug disaster in history would spread through more than forty six countries and produce up to twenty thousand badly deformed babies worldwide. but historians today single out one birth in one nine hundred sixty one that changed the course of history.


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