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whatever that means is the cowman a nomination again. the old saying you know we need to go back and buy more foreign force that's not so position that's also the position of the government that. we should do the song goes in the nikkei this even though there is a number of contingency they've got to go back to the to the country. that. was. the headlines on donald trump doubles down on his latest claims against china telling journalists that beijing is meddling in america's upcoming midterm elections. that softly ratchets up the pressure on iran and north into a basin to write against its leadership at the u.n. security council where the u.s.
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needs a face significant pushback from our lives. and the smoker who helped. get this deal together she's trying to hold a deal together because she did it. washington's envoy to the u.n. is also pulling no punches she issued a harsh rebuke to the e.u. everett's efforts to save the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal accusing the bloc of egotism and pride. let's cross in the line the ones that britons brags that coverage has gone too far off to the sun newspaper the bloke's leaders wrap. live from moscow you're watching us the international good to have you with us. after a day of terrible and talks at the u.n. security count. so don't trump made some stunning claims to the world's media on
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wednesday the u.s. need to lash out at china reiterating allegations that it's mentioning in the upcoming midterm elections he also claimed he had to vetted nuclear war with north korea and had singlehandedly prevented a devastating assault on sirius in a province with all the details caleb maupin has this report us president donald trump is here in new york for the united nations general assembly he gave the press conference and the focus of most of the questions from the journalists seem to be on brett kavanaugh the supreme court nominee who's being questioned in facing widespread scandal however there were some questions related to international issues in particular trump accused china of meddling in the upcoming midterm elections a significant allegation against the chinese government you suggested that the try to use middle or are most right that's what i hear the term election that i hear what evidence do you have that sir is there and we have evidence we have that and
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still to come out or i can tell you now but it came it didn't come out of nowhere that i can tell you referring to the situation in syria's province of he did live donald trump actually said that he was responsible for stopping the bombing that he had put on social media for bombing to not take place and that that had been the result i put out on social media and elsewhere i gave my pump john bolton everybody these orders don't let it happen i said don't let it happen that doesn't mean they can't be selective they can't be you know go in they've got to do what they've got to do with terrorists assume the terrorists. but don't kill millions of people. and it's tough to sort of trump thank russia turkey and iran for their help regarding lip however that was the only good thing he had to say about iran. trump also has more harsh way it's the iran and blasted the twenty
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fifteen nuclear deal calling it's one of the dumbest and maint he suggested to iran will soon be looking to rico shaping landmark agreement. this week you put out a call to action to other countries to rally with america to put pressure on iran rouhani still calling for the u.s. to come back into the old deal but after meeting with world leaders this week did you make any progress towards a potential new deal does it matter what world leaders think going to run iran's going to come back to me are they going to make good do you. dress to the security council say reveals growing tensions between america and its allies has tough stance on iran was met by a wall of opposition from foreign media as. reports. donald trump who was chairing a u.n. security council meeting for the first time ever once again used this opportunity to leave the so-called wynnie and move your deal in tatters and it seems that
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instead of trying to diplomatically convince other countries which by the way this time were represented in many cases by heads of state mr trump decided to stick to threats whether that has had any effect on these countries for now see for yourself i ask all members of the security council to work with the united states to ensure the arabian regime changes its behavior deeply regrets the united states unilateral withdrawal from the agreement the decision with far reaching consequences that makes more on see bolivia categorically. the unilateral actions imposed by the government of the us against iran. the u.s. president's objectives on the run but we disagree with. them is abiding by its commitments on the deal it remains the best means of preventing iran developing
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a nuclear weapon this is something that we are actively working on together with china iran and the e.u. so this u.n. security council meeting has been further proof that there is a deepening diplomatic well between america and pretty much the rest of the world europe in particular on monday a top diplomat federica moghul rini made it clear that europe wald to bend under american pressure when it comes to the agreement and the e.u. even came up with a way to defy u.s. sanctions through a special scheme for payments to keep doing business with iran now just before this un s c session began came a response to federica margaret any from the american ambassador to the u.n. and you may find the toll of that statement quite surprising the european union has
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the so wrong and it's all because of their ego and their pride. and their smile graining who helped. get this deal together she's trying to hold a deal together because she did it but she's not looking out for the best interests of the european countries who number one don't want to do business with iran so indeed this appears to be a direct attack by a senior american diplomat against a top e.u. diplomat i just want to point this out once again and washington has been sending this kind of message throughout this week to everyone those who don't see eye to eye with washington on the. iran you will face consequences here's the american national security advisor with more on that we do not intend to allow our sanctions to the of aided by europe or anybody else. this you want to see
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session was originally meant to be on iran however then the agenda was changed to non proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and a number of speakers immediately used that to tell russia off for the script all poisoning scandal on the other highlight of the meeting was donald trump directly accusing china of meddling in the u.s. midterm elections it's not saying they don't want trump to spin on the offensive either nikki haley attacks the eighty's foreign policy chief on tuesday over the broke decision to second venti u.s. sanctions on iran she accused to europe of an excessive price we discussed america's attempts to isolate iran and the impact that's having on washington's relations with us allies the libertarian twenty twenty presidential candidate has been for. the reason that she's attacking him based on ego and it is because it is
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deflecting the fact that the united states has had nothing but ego and pride when it comes to the way in which we're mishandling trade deals mishandling the way we treat other countries what the u.s. should be doing right now is actually trying to go in that direction which is to open up trade with other countries let american culture spread would businesses and consumers in other countries learn more about the way we think and the way we are the ideas of america the ideas of freedom freedom of the present liberalism these are great ideas but we're not going to spread them by cutting ourselves off and there is nothing more arrogant nothing more foolish nothing more counterproductive to cutting ourselves off cutting our ideas off from the rest of the world. the u.s. national security advisor launched a scathing attack on iran on tuesday and demanded that the independence with payment system which banks around the world rely holt's business with iran banks and financial messaging services such as swift must take
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a good hard look at their business with iran and ask themselves whether it is worth the risk you know the european union is strong on rhetoric and weak on follow through so we will be watching the development of this structure that doesn't exist yet and has no target date to be created we do not intend to allow our sanctions to be of aided by europe or anybody else. the statement came off that russia iran china unveiled a new payments mechanism to bypass u.s. sanctions on iran europe a need to also want america against attempting to make decisions for the. it cannot be accepted that the united states would decide with which world regions european companies can trade where they can develop economic activity francaise emanuel macron has also highlighted that sanctions on iran will prove costly for western economies due to the impact on oil prices which is sensitive to president trump's
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comments on the rise of oil prices but i think if you follow that thought to its conclusion you realize that it would be good. that the run be able to sell to. an economist an investment fund manager we spoke to believes this possible swift will bow down to us the mound and cut ties with iran. u.s. does put a lot of pressure on the on many actors so swift might do that we don't know but of course the u.s. has had a very unilateral and very aggressive policy of sanctions so swift will certainly listen to those words the u.s. has put a lot of pressure on various issues and it has used the sanctions weapon and the economics weapon ever more aggressively even against the european companies against swiss companies and this is as really. put a lot of tensions on european companies and especially since the financial crisis so at some point europe might wake up and say this is too much i mean we have to go
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or own way and we have to find strike a new balance. still to come on the investigative journalism grave that in cats says it's identified one of the suspects in the salt spray nerve agent poisoning our story and more coming up after the break. one of the most important if not the most important pillars of western society is the rule of law and the equal application of the law this is now being put into down we are told it is the court of credibility that rules whatever that means is
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the cabinet nomination again. the democrats are not socially liberal they are pro war and so are the republicans and the problem people have a trump is that he's pro peace and that's not acceptable in america today that runs except for against iran. well you know that. walking the walk and you know you have to do it happen do but he's totally going down the path that hillary clinton clearly was going. welcome back to r.t. the independent investigative group that in cats has issued a new reports claiming it has been able to identify one of the suspects in the soul spree poisoning case it gives not only risk the sheriff's and last real name but
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also some other surprising details sally reports. the online blog belling cat run by higgins is alleging that they've found out one of the real names of the two men held responsible by the british government for the nova chilcot stuck in. this you know of course the british government named those two men examine the petrol. and it's the latter of these two men which brought in claims to move on. cover they say that his name is and that's an easy chair pick up and that here's a colonel in the g.r.u. which is russia's military intelligence agency now bella katz says that according to sources in russia mr chepe is a high ranking colonel within the g.r.u. but the same source within their article says that this type of operation would have been usually carried out by a low ranking field officer no higher ranking than captain now in the past there
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have been those who have called into question belling kat's billeted to carry out these types of investigations independently and without any bias what is doing is nothing more than reading tea leaves era level analysis is a method used by hobbyists never been to syria. doesn't speak arabic and he can't duck says press and research from the content of his armchair now ever since that incident in seoul very early this year the u.k. government have held the russian government responsible for what took place and that's a theme which repeated itself today in the un general assembly the u.k. saw the consequences of these norms being the road it insults pretty this year when russia recklessly deployed a nerve agent on our streets the united kingdom has presented to detailed evidence clearly laid out in charges of attempted murder and the use of possession of
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a chemical weapon against agents of the russian state. uncorroborated rhetoric on the incident is on the rise the u.k. is stubbornly rejecting the idea of a joint investigation with russia which we have proposed on numerous occasions that's disappoint the fact that such a joint investigation is exactly what's called for in the chemical weapons convention and if they don't want to cooperate it begs the question then of whether the u.k. has something to hide. now there's been no reaction to those allegations in the belling cup blog here in the u.k. the metropolitan police and the home office declined in to make any comment whatsoever but since this whole incident took place the russian government they've denied any involvement as well saying consistently that they want the british government to show whatever intelligence or evidence of a have so that they can help with the investigation after the investigation was released the case defense secretary took to twitter to thank those who had revealed
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true identity of the souls recess specs but it's twenty minutes later gavin williamson to lead to the tweets without any explanation the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman maria sachar over has responded to the developments by claiming that banning cat is peddling false information about the attack in salzburg. dirty rats and you're a mobster is just a taste of the anti brussels insults printed in the british tabloids over blacks in negotiations and the e.u. is now fuming that the press have gone too far charlotte dubinsky explains. it seems there is a feeling a little vulnerable in the wake of some media headlines in the u.k. hold the front page the sun the u.k. zariah eaning tabloid used a clever play on words to get its feelings across of the recent salzberg summit you
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know the one where the needs of the e.u. outright rejected the case breaks it proposals well that headline has caused rather a tailspin in the e.u. and the commission is now calling for a more responsible approach by the media in the way that it forms the public about issues like breaks it and there i was thinking that freedom of press was a cornerstone of the new media build the culture of dialogue should build the culture of dialogue on the contrary we see divisions spread disinformation and. exclusion the black sea debate is the best example of that. again remember the front page of a popular british daily calling the judges the enemy of the people. just last week the e.u. leaders called dead rats on another front page and i voted
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for a european approach to lead based on quality and smart regulation if needed this song on the front page which set the justice commission off is not the only hard hitting act on the part of the british tabloids known for pulling no punches and surely the breaks of debate coverage is no exception. but oh yeah headlines like this really that offensive earn so it deficient to the extent that some sort of regulation is needed to rein them in i think a newspaper can write whatever they want to but if it's aggressive towards
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a community in terms of law regulation. it should be forbidden to media needs to to remain free whatever use written in those media and that's it i think the freedom of speech is important so we should be able to write anything if it's necessary to respect why they have expressed by the public should also be respected . it seems the e.u. justice commissioner is proposals all prissy unpopular at least hey in paris from what i gathered the view on the street is mostly don't touch the press we asked the same questions in london and it seems opinion across the english channel is divided and also influenced by reader's preferences i think they've got the discovery regulations in place to keep everyone. by playing fairly i don't encourage strong language here that kind of headline could be offensive to people but that is
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going to want to have a free press in this country first going to look after themselves they won't print that i think it's proper readers let's face it i think the paper should be. deemed to be. appealing to those called global overgaard it would say. if the e.u. was hoping its complaints would promise the british press to change tack it seems the sun didn't get the message on wednesday the red top ridiculed commissioner very as an obscure figure nobody's ever heard of the outspoken newspaper added that he would be better off disclosing any peace expenses than trying to muzzle the press. to afghanistan now where hundreds of locals have brought to an entrance to a german military base the protesters have worked in the country for the german government and snout amounts help from berlin they say their work has put their lives in danger but it seems their request for asylum for lying on deaf ears.
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just not. just. on the you know. just the we. i was working at the front line with them. together german senior mentors with the german generals when i started my duty they told me. we would help you if you fire some problems. in the. knowledge we have this german war in afghanistan in our forehead so we are
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german officer this is the look at us to the safe place. we received direct and direct threats. sixty days ago by the militants case tortured and. his face is smashed on. the other hand not family. should show them that we are really in danger we are not here for picnic we are not here for our time we are here to show them that we are really in danger we have really a big problem. with our fans. working on.
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austria's walling coalition has been accused of trying to restrict media freedoms after a man i would fight in the country's place not to share information with setting media outlets this leaked. all of our picks up the story the austrian interior ministry has been left red faced it's after an internal memo was leaked in which they instruct the police how to handle the media essentially if they don't write nice things about us give them nothing i would suggest the communication with these media should be limited to only the most necessary levels and that they should not be allowed to contain suis such as exclusive accompaniments the leak included some of the media organizations on the do not engage list editors raging with the ministry and interior minister. this is informational blockade for bad media suites for the good ones our democracy does not have to be in darkness just because
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a minister feels too weak to withstand criticism and appears unfit for the sensitive ministry the austrian interior ministry of justified the email saying it had nothing to do directly with mystical saying that this was an attempt to try and establish a united front between the interior ministry and the police against a media that they say is biased against them this is their rights and the best way to communicate both from a legal perspective and for the journalists themselves considering this is my eyes again certain media does not come out of thin air but austria's top officials have been unequivocal and expressing their anger at the news that this e-mail existed governments and public institutions have a groove responsibility to protect free and independent journalism and any restriction of freedom of the press is only acceptable freedom of expression media and press freedom of the cornerstones of our liberal democracy. and of our
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constitutional state in austria any restriction of press freedom is unacceptable that can't be discrimination against individual media the austrian chancellor deemed this leak important enough to take time out from the un general assembly to comment on it it doesn't look like it's going away from the austrian press any time soon we'll have to wait to see if mr kurtz follows up on his words with actions when he returns from new york. for more news and analysis you can visit our social media pages on facebook and twitter fame in thirty minutes time with more top story .
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leeks los lonely guard. when you. pull doesn't that it would look in the distance was most of the book moves at the sub but. it's cool that it's about seeing me up there. just for the.
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fish. when the whole make just manufacture consensus instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts and we don't want to say that. we can all middle of the room sigma. diluting the real news is really. great. and salutations the syrian conflict has gotten all the attention all of the
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money and all of the fabulous gold statues from hollywood but less than fifteen hundred miles away the country of yemen has seen some of the worst fighting in any country in recent memory since two thousand and fifteen a multifaceted civil war that includes a never ending cast of foreign and domestic armed groups that have destroyed much of yemen's infrastructures schools marketplaces and health facilities this means that according to figures from the international rescue committee seventy nine percent of the yemen population is fully reliant on humanitarian aid once. trading hubs of the ancient world it is now a place where every ten minutes a child under five dies from a preventable disease the bombing campaigns of the saudi led coalition which includes assistance from the united states has meant that there is little to no safe drinking water in yemen the yemen people are now suffering from the worst cholera outbreak in modern history with over a million cases being reported to the international committee of the red cross and
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this week a new report from the are in conflict location and event data project reveals that civilian deaths in the yemeni conflict have are grazed by one hundred sixty four percent in the four months since the hood fence have started claiming lives about one hundred sixty six people a month so while the mainstream media continues to ignore the death destruction and war crimes being committed against the people of yemen let's educate ourselves and start watching the hawks. was. told. that the threat was real that this would. be a liar for the out of it. was going to be like you lie down and i got. the complete. their education. we.


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