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this is the coffeecup of a convicted man. two months later and after a fierce jule the two men meet again same office different atmosphere. the ministers stand straight and tall but is stunned and defeated the last in the show of strength with the c.e.o. his defeat is also france's defeat. the c.e.o. is patrick cronin. the company sold to the u.s. without consulting the french data. in a deal that was sealed in circumstances where the of a spy novel from prying eyes and public opinion in. the sale deals a terrible blow to french industry and its energy independence today this affair of state is shrouded in a deafening silence. story
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begins in the city of belfort this is where the company was blown in eight hundred seventy two and since then it has literally shaped to the region initially gold as a c.m. the alsatian corporation of mechanical engineering the company adopted the name in nine hundred twenty eight when it merged with the company francaise thomas hoost and ever since then has played a major part in many major french projects it designed the propulsion system for the normandy then the world's fastest liner and connected france to spain by building a train tunnel under the pyrenees then built the turbo generators for the biggest power station in the world a gym. but for the people of bell fort else dome is so much more to feel it. as wonderful wolf will the vault usually to preach the early. this year in the seed if you look two days into this will go on. the tonight have to be.
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well the police will do view. it if you do that you know and it will do harm. to the smaller is this a pharmacist. in june one thousand forty four france had been freed but almost destroyed by four years of war contributes to the political project of rebuilding and modernizing the country to critique the us explain me don't do go next door as . i've been ship. before until you clear it's not any good enough look if you don't it will it be going. to. get anything out loud then you started in august when you. said either she omitted at the thought of there be a lot of ideas begin a plan not outwardly. it printed or do men pearl save him more.
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use for proof as to set up the military genie. faucet that genius brings the group international recognition and it will enjoy a golden age from the one nine hundred sixty s. on words dog set on this from now on they live to toss off. i may not be still in the sixth when there are. these new media but the nineteen nineties is when the fall begins a series of strategic errors led the group to bankruptcy in two thousand and three in all of. the swedish norse book evolve well jake sharp's and i preach in. this show and look as to what he does if who doesn't promote. me a. little piece should live in bus one say l. stone bounced back spec tax. in two thousand and seven the group recorded the best
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figures in its history boosted by the t.g.v. historic speed record worldwide by eight hundred million views why then in two thousand and fourteen did everything suddenly change on the morning of the twenty fourth of april bloomberg revealed that in a surprise move was selling its energy bridge which counted for three quarters of the entire group to the american giant general electric and the economy minister at the time. is done. so. thank you. to. my. year yes. now the floor do not use the four says.
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take the infamous you i don't get. any clicks. through all the under streets all says are no more hand however been questioning patrick grown over his intentions for months with his back to the wall his reaction is a media and a particularly strong. in a quiver care but take orders from your home he eats internet to mean that you own the best yep is. it to some to moan. and of on this you it don't you know what a fifty years out they are but all crazy dog doo set out cookies did not cover all action are by t. call i don't usually at all she do most so a name i still use my my to do you have it all come out as good mean is totally
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going to me. as dolly i did take the most old also be all crazy dog you got job you know policies really mouth that there are no war is declared between the two men and the first battle takes place in a public arena shows on the pleasure it new potential naked on. don't succeed to conciseness bustin except i also think if you look at the vatican's means a lot of you do you mean all false so on you i did a google search on deservedly willow to food on the ms i still eat the problem such as each suppose it should sit x e t in a she see you know but i think he does she do it on i don't. got a call shows of course when i press you can one go out and. we don't do this and you may not gave us in this time. gender when we used to put them on.
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the gift mind that they meant the me to see the shen it don't go well no one book the fight all she need professor to others ok i met. my half ago they tend to poke at it and as you know person from all. contempt is a pathetic when i see steve i felt unable to sway public opinion patrick crown receives heavy support from his american partner general electric together they launch a media counter-offensive upon us what if we don't use their i phone to do not post is that they did. that's done better to call it means of course not demagogue a long book six they made it easy on the exception as well as be visionary i like they gave him a good sources and also all of us all caught on to my screws just a little sadly they are literally out on the yellow dog out say israel are always well what you're going to face your car so it's a concern to single building or shia two thousand and four but now that you seriously don't they come to love point to point this in the us you'll see what i
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said are you that storm to get my place means tell you that stone it will meet you said do not donate and that any are no one to bug seems helpless against the general electric machine backed by major banks law firms and communications specialists the fight already seems to be lost it on the programs that that's going to prance around a power after our city now this unit has a dentist as soon as tim but in a dramatic twist the minister pulls a new weapon from his pocket and invites himself to the negotiating table you know now to take you on one booking point he and condi keep america then to india no i said not a place probably as most petitions he has termed don't through could a city of it would let us to proceed you know their policy and they have no trust on cars forced on do not really to she did nationality if i win. this is all tal i was told to place only only kush i'll say we don't do that if she says in
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a comp we don't grow up pasteurized them is to numb destroy as you've determined to sienna it good person have you been our no one to blood had achieved an incredible act of sheer force he had transformed. in twenty years and u.s. department of justice launches an extensive investigation into they suspected the french company of using corrupt practices for more than ten years to will contracts in many countries initial suspicions concern bribes allegedly made to members of the indonesian government in return for the contracts to build a power station refuses to cooperate with the u.s. department of justice but the investigation continues regardless and extends to
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other suspected cases in taiwan saudi arabia egypt and the bahamas systematic and elaborately corrupt practices are revealed across the globe. even then. do not. let us finish off that. more. difficult. to do now as you can i call them the. political. interests. then it's. already condemned abroad it's surprising that alstom should simply brush the u.s. prosecution of. corporate leaders are convinced that the u.s. department of justice has no jurisdiction over events that occurred outside the u.s. territory. even
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if it was it as you need to be able when you take the a playable u.s. law is the foreign corrupt practices act home you have sepia this allows the d.o.j. or department of justice to prosecute a foreign company for corrupt practices not on u.s. soil provided that the company has an identifiable connection to the united states . but in the movies it isn't do that who is it says it. can make it a lot us wants to see it it was a walk about a limo visit easy example system to communicate your door in. a battle did you move was it easy. example or a sat phone. if you. take it if.
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it is unique. with tom's refusal to cooperate the d.o.j. is prosecution intensified in april twenty first team while traveling to the united states frederick a one time alstom executive was arrested. you won't believe. just evaded. security. i think. we. were you. know it just for the routine who's under arrest three other former employees some of whom have been retired for years before american courts they
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plead guilty to corruption judges and the case against becomes overwhelming. you do i'm yeah i'm. sixty two i. don't. want to do long division i be. in paris on february the ninth twenty fourteen at the log serious bristol hotel patrick crone meets the general electric see this is the first encounter the first face to face meeting between the two men chronos temps above all he wants to sell for the company he hopes to free both and himself from the clutches of the american justice system therefore places a condition on the sale general a big trick. settle any fine for. the general electric c.e.o.
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accept and commits to the condition having killed two birds with one stone patrick pop the champagne. and its economic and legal difficulties are evaporating into the american sky perhaps the department of justice will even defer the payment of the five patrick crown this is the exact moment when irrevocably became america's. next. that's what he did genetically it be a that he. said. so you could call it if you
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see the fall of the elite people forget it and they don't think once it just kind of a new if you heath ask you know you know mom didn't have boarded up these are doing to me if you don't need to do if you get a fancy rules on today's date on it you said go up the army do. quickly zoe did you can do as i want if i'm all for peaceful to general sickly delusional talk is already a problem another country under circuity it is you need to create died to me and please always he said by the way and question because they were devoted to him. develops. these are truly differences but google more. exceptional they need the absolutely most. people who own hundred they look at all the folks that they have it is a daily daemon again. within days it is unique despite several alstom executives being arrested from twenty fourteen onward patrick cronin his team went
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to the united states several times never arrested nor concerned they could proceed with the sale to general electric and peace it's hard to imagine that at the same time very true she has been imprisoned for a year from executives are detained by the f.b.i. the moment they set foot on american soil so much so that else dom's director of legal affairs urges company managers not to travel to the united states strangely patrick cronin remains welcome tonight to news is false and use a simple ordeal look like tomorrow in france however patrick runs astonishing ability to enter and leave the united states on hindered is raising eyebrows he's questioned by m.p. jack ma at the french national assembly. hall. yeah. because fifty year. sure sutton on the cement be.
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a tank it surely sure sure sure sure like his junk sure. sure yes says. question thank you to the model. who sent you know that a fake works as well as a transceiver. spec but no proof i'm going for it by committee. surely can't ship. and on the other commodity today patrick runs a vase of makes more sense to. it at emmel is so that it on the over be accurate. he left you no money goes the place you're safe as a dish out of the economy social issue up there and at this hour the cuomo city postulate a total manali medicare bonaire merica. last many allege if i ask you do you see
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even canada mehlis sit on your car and it's a compliment of your commissions that our economy kick only monday call on it is that. the commission is that i can to meet all of the loss of innocent at it tonight but up or develop possibly. middle class or is it as you need intellect. just couldn't feel it of course it has to be until about among us at a fair listen illegal problem of western media loves that we are numb some peers e.g. a p.c. . thank you. and this isn't general electric's first attempt over ten years the american company has bought five companies that were being prosecuted by the department of justice for corruption the pattern is always the same an investigation is conducted and an
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acquisition unfolds under the threat of conviction and a severe fine which is avoided have been american british and french companies a twenty six million dollar fine was paid by the gray company in two thousand and seven after it was bought by general electric this was described as the biggest fine ever imposed under the foreign corrupt practices act eighty years later that record is beaten by these lawsuits have systematically put pressure on the companies concerned facilitating a purchase by general electric for patrick cron admitting a connection between any corruption prosecution against him and the acquisition of als dom is out of the question according to the c.e.o. the reasons were purely financial some experts and journalists even said the same thing at the time of the sale. if you don't get.
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it does she explain more. don't please. hurry. if you don't. wish cheryl don't. disappoint me. emanuel mccrum the. successor to on a monthly book in the role of minister of economy shares this opinion is it was it a trauma could you act. on this. moment pathetic that it can pull over so you do good i've been skate if it's made to fit on the shoe call it. on the fee as you say could end up alcoholic suppose you'll have you can a freelance. second look which went to my sugars and get up at mc we tried team
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knows what the level to sit under was until this woman never again we had let there be a no is a demo. tapes he explicit talk and all that lesson yet you only need one he said he can't do but on the night he click on his all knew that one day he did a cynical point i'll say also mean that they are still plush danced on a screws that hold that he needs to then they. really should hold on to it is it up all the persones. to do kwaku to sassy. y'all to please. a tweak citron surely sell your marshall she can be awesome good to me too but you know how to tweak. the whole mimo you have to leave out the money i did a bow as you feel would she. want to do an easy prion disease. duvalle division noticed i'm annoyed with people vehemently because i go above it
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all men don't composite. was image of wash day go to vote on who plays. it as sort of bhakti he concludes on chanelle it can only john be an almost spiritual being a little being there's so many to dos a lot of men can call to members of the which will be shy take it less free decide to join charlie clique elite almost absolute. teles if you dig because up a whole pond to say if y. did that toy before by davies and also said lesson plan it is defeat the communities action committee has announced and it. he played all salsa and yeah. he's a manic at was old remakes he's new get it could it be that just a b.s. reports almost surely he can image the form of the new at the mall v.l.a. the south. systematic mall do need to live video simple cliches then maybe you'll end up with spirit internet in uganda again you develop enough she didn't mean it equals you all it. was all geniuses.
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warm see the book of them so money. to build your hoover work was before. much of those who heard it's a preview or was he never refused to see him with the north we will. move. move in with a thief. who showed us look beautiful the bloke who meets those who collect or who are. more muslim also who his goals will review films for good golf. to go to school so look why do you distribute bullying kishwaukee explorer tune you should go. to starbucks to hold a film to get to me to fill it with the lid of the mist don't say look it is it's.
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your stuff's not a chance to just me not the mashed on the trail cool i struck up an egyptian piece featuring this morning i'm still. free of producers to post this for to snap them up when you will because the rest of the girls are with you for your supporters to whom she was stationed for you should cook door for the one who's devoted to the request for. join me every thursday on the alex island and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics all this i'm sure. i'll see you then.
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my why do you told me that i belong with the boys. my thoughts my mind. and along with the girls. still be of any particular. person. i was born a male had a sex change when i was thirty years old. i've now been living as a woman for twenty eight years and i fully regret this. probably should have gone away from my male but they hadn't so these surgeries are nothing more than plastic surgery i've had several female to male friends and you look at it and you just go oh god you paid for that it's horrible nobody can change genders is impossible. is delusional it's a mental illness. when one of my own flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman pushy with taiji.
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for. for. so. for. in the main stories of the week are things editor in chief speaks exclusively to the russians accused of poisoning. his daughter sending much of the media many british politicians into overdrive calling the man's claims a joke also to come terrorist film or false flag chemical attack to send to the un
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and post online with the hope of discrediting the syrian government that's according to the russian military and donald trump signs a new executive order to defend all future u.s. elections from foreign meddling less than two months before the come.


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