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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 12, 2018 2:30am-2:53am EDT

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well the world watches the horror story i'm told with and a flawless so top of the incredible obviously. wow really we're. going to know but apparently what we do. i mean you see the this cycle you know it's interesting to live through an entire cycle of this obviously it's something that other people have talked about from vietnam war to the iraq war where they are seeing people doubt they were fighting now become leaders and defacto victim in the fight against terrorism. yeah i don't know how to sort of i get really upset and i get that it's it's that thing where you can get your emotions involved and you try to look at it intellectually but then you look at it intellectually and in this situation it's
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even more infuriating when you look at it intellectually. so you know we said there's a lot of you know there are. a seat at the philly. and these are mostly things that the groups that grew out of out of and what happened during the iraq war and sort of have spread throughout obviously you know it's sort of. star but we preach from watching the hawks please please before. all the rest of the healthier civilized world practices some level of socialized medicine we are in the united states to continue to plow our way forward down the rugged i'm randian path of privatized health care despite the fact that the united states has the highest rate of deaths to healthcare among comparable countries meaning deaths that could have been prevented with proper health care that hasn't stopped their health care industry from still worshipping the almighty dollar over there have a crowd of goats. has even more startled. numbers for you. a
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recent study by the moran company found that one in five hospitals in the us spike medication prices by at least seven hundred percent this means that if a hospital purchased his medication for the cost of one hundred fifty dollars that cost for the patient could be up to one thousand and fifty dollars in some instances that mark up was even higher one in twelve hospitals mark up the drugs over a thousand percent this is important as drug prices continue to rise president trump has already addressed the issue in may of this year trump released american patients first the plan to lower drug prices and reduce patient out of pocket costs american drug companies spend millions of dollars in lobbying and according to the center for responsive politics just last year their lobbying efforts totaled a staggering one hundred seventy one point five million dollars the moran company also noted that almost fifty percent of medicare hospitals in the us participate in
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the three forty drug pricing program this was created in one thousand nine hundred two to help vulnerable or uninsured patients access prescription medicines at safety net facilities now according to the study the average mark up at three forty b. hospitals the hospital's out of tane discounted prices on covered outpatient drugs is likely higher and could be the cause for driving up health care costs and given the state of the opioid crisis president trump is calling on the justice department to bring a federal lawsuit against big pharma companies who are abusing the law thank you very much for. your courage which up on the roof grows from the strong growth world in our country to screech and we can stop we can certainly make a big dent and with the overprescription of antibiotics and medicare discounts a group of hospitals are pushing their way into big pharma with civic are x. the new nonprofit generic drug company that's taking initiative to offer generic prescriptions at a cheaper cost. their priority lies in making drugs that have been on the f.d.a.
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shortage list and those that have higher prices because they have no competition now according to the journal of the american medical association brand name drugs make up a whopping seventy two percent of drug spending across the u.s. but as concerns continue to grow over the rising drug prices we may be seeing more hospitals turning to the not for profit generic drug companies in washington thera montecito r t. one. spittles boost up the cost of service resolder the cost rejoins it costs one hundred per cent higher than what they paid highway robbery now if there was a box of the room number back in the ninety's when it came out the hospitals were charging one hundred dollars for aspirin. nothing's changed they just got better at it they figured out even better ways as they charge ridiculous amounts for simple
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things to it seventy five eighty five eighty five one hundred dollars for sale. for a white for those if you really look at your bill when you go in the hospital and it's astronomical it's a room and again it speaks to i'm sorry you can call me a dirty evil's socialist of the day i'm sorry. life liberty the pursuit of happiness you can't have liberty and the pursuit of happiness without life you can't have life without proper health care and right now we're failing at that our privatized version of the system has failed it's done it's dead what more evidence do we need at this point doesn't work i mean. no i mean i'm just going to say i mean look at you know we have more and more health problems in this country than we did twenty years ago yes we have more obesity more heart disease more and you know what the only thing we can get the f.d.a. or anybody to do about it is to complain about coconut oil. you know i mean that's where you're concerned. people who literally are dying of cancer left and right and
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for entire families being taken out more worried about coke and i don't know let me drop this on really quickly because these numbers are pretty incredible to when you look at the rising cost of health care i mean the united states health care spending is projected to rise five point three percent and twenty eight team the u.s. centers for medicare and medicaid services estimated twenty seven thousand spending was up four point six climbed nearly three point five trillion and i was going to jump up to five and it gets even worse yes because what they're saying is there's a lot of numbers in between but ultimately what what's coming out is the c.m.s. projected that by twenty twenty six health care spending is projected that it will reach five point seven trillion trillion with a t. wow all right as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered a big book and twitter see our poll shows at our t.v. dot com coming up sean stone sits down with mark stage the director of studies for the institute of medical studies to discuss the. factor and then texas finally
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lifted the oppressive bad. swords swords. strange esoteric thought some sword play coming up next stop watching the hawks. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution here to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just no lawyer i mean your list book video in the new bill is that i mean you split needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that
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will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. peering into the abyss the syrian arab army is determined to liberate did live and to eliminate the terrorists there essentially ending this international proxy war the us and its regional allies are dead set against this why is the trumping ministration siding with parents. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building
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two point one. billion dollar a day but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need remembering what one does so you know for him it was one and only. free speech in the united states is a delicate thing despite being and trying that our very first amendment to the constitution currently the debate over free speech on social media platforms has reached a boil politicians like mike warner out of virginia been putting the pressure on social media companies to clean up their act and just recently social media giants
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like twitter and facebook are once again that called in front of congress to answer to what they're doing to police political speech on their platforms in order to protect the supposed thank to be of the midterms from evil russian me and this recently in august tyrol sat down with famed journalist and writer for rolling stone matt to discuss his article on the slippery slope of social media censorship and government pressure that is driven facebook into the arms of the atlantic council take a listen to the corporate policing of free speech. and political content of the kind of his medicine asked of itself you know recently with kind of facebook executives teaming up with a group of the atlantic council to decide you know what is fake news and bad political speech and what is good news and good political speech. how many different ways is this a really bad idea it's it's unbelievably scary and. even if you take the worst case scenario view of what happened in two thousand and
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sixteen with russian meddling. this is this. prid. and extremely terrifying political development that has been going on for a long time even independently again of the russia story because a huge part of what's happening now with this whole situation with facebook zapping sites that you know some think tank full of excess i gave people like the atlantic council that would would not be possible had not. the news landscape been extremely concentrated in the hands of the century two actors now would like seventy plus percent of the district distribution of news in this country is either facebook or google so if you have a government. group meeting with facebook to decide what news to distribute and what not that's essentially like a you know a government run censorship program and we've never had anything even close to that except in wartime in this country and this is this is it's an extraordinary
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development and there's a there's a lack of. like a lot of things is i think there's a lack of an ability to see the forest for the trees here because you know down the road you know having the white house and the congress meet with facebook decide what news we see i mean this is pretty fast and that's last was so frightening and you know given the you know the i don't think we ever really saw this coming or we didn't read again lack of foresight that you know when you suddenly had facebook the internet you know social media pressure you don't chat group you know all of that kind of come up in this kind of unrestrained free speech at the market i don't think anyone predicted it would get to the level that was out today even back then . how is that changed how we need to view the first amendment because normally first amendment is that protects free speech from government you know government can't tell you what you can or can't say. allows private industry which is you know
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facebook. snap shot all these and they can decide what you can you can't say because tigris private industry how do we keep free speech if suddenly corporations are going to decide what is a pretty speech it's a very important question i think. one of the things that people need to understand is we had we had a pretty decently functioning system for a long time in this country that was based on the idea that bad or noxious or libelous or defamatory speech we dealt with in a very specific way through litigation we deliberately set the bar very high to prove what libel or defamation was going back to like nine hundred sixty four. but when the internet came along we created a carve out for internet companies and we essentially the law is called the communications decency act i think and this law basically says that you cannot hold an internet carrier responsible for the defamation or the libel that takes place on
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your platform so that means is all this speech flowered on all these platforms and you can't sue the companies for it so it created the shield for defamatory libelous fake speech everything right. and people are now overreacting in the other direction they're saying there's no natural. way to go back and suppress this so now we need to just appeal to them to be been a benevolent censors for us and that's the really dangerous thing would be if it goes all the way to the point of asking facebook to start working with the government to decide what is and isn't isn't that that's bad it is about it is bad and it's interesting because it's like it feels like we were talking a little bit about before it feels like everything involving russia is now this kind of catch all it's a lot like al qaeda was right after nine eleven that it's pretty much like any any
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neat thing we were thinking no need to them but you know it's terrible for us that was would like you know we want to kind of use the russia name and use that fear to been passed something through internet free speech everyone's talking but i think we need to kind of rein that in maybe we can you know i don't know if this is the direct thought butt. you know there's that kind of thing of like maybe now we can use this kind of russia thing to help rein that him because we're scaring these platforms is essentially central self-censorship yeah absolutely it's it's analogous you know the. after nine eleven you had the pentagon the security state they had all these things that they probably wanted forever right they wanted to be able look in our libraries searching histories they wanted to be able to do warrantless the tension they wanted to be able to do enhanced interrogation they wanted to do drone attacks all this stuff they want to go to war without having to ask congress. and they got it up because people were terrified after nine eleven and this is so you know it's obviously politically
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a completely different situation but it's similar in the sense that all you have to do is really add russia to the equation and it's it's sort of an instant freakout. and i think facebook. was so terrified of the public relations consequences of being tied to this political story that they you know they turtled and now we have this very dangerous situation we're. money type media distributor is working and with the government and that would never happened you know three years ago people would have been up in arms about it but here we are . you know we're it is this is go i mean you know because it's like all you see is this kind of condensing down you know ok we have like to give google and facebook are now controlling free speech you know you see you know what's five companies now only all of the media i mean it's just this complete condensing down is there do
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you think we're going to get past this is there hope do you think that we're going to break out of this of some point i don't know because what would what it would require is some kind of anti-monopoly like a you know and i trust action against these companies and i don't really see that on the horizon. i think that. you need a lot of political bravery and what i was really worried about i saw this like a bird hearings earlier this year i wrote about this you know the only person. who brought up the idea of an antitrust action during that entire hearing was lindsey graham. and everybody else what they seem more anxious to do was use facebook's monopolistic power rather than split it up or diminish it and i think that's that's where we're at we're in this dangerous place where these two gigantic companies that have you know sensually a stranglehold on information not just in america but all over the world rather than try to diminish that power that we have politicians who are anxious to use it
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and that that should be something that scares everybody i do think some of the problem that we were facing today is that you know we're getting a lot of our leaders political leaders even a lot of the executives and media organizations what it is that everyone is kind of looking two years down the road or the next election cycle down the road rather than thinking in terms of like what happens fifty years from now right yeah no i think that's. it's it's a it's a common problem that's going on across politics right now which is that people are not thinking about the long term implications of things you know these sort of embrace surveyable and tools right leg where does that lead if we let that go on you know unimpeded without any oversight for another twenty years you know like are they going to continue to sort of push the envelope on what they're allowed to do what they're not allowed to do like people aren't realizing how quickly things can
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develop in a negative direction because america has never really had the experience of sliding into full blown to you know totalitarianism or something like that but the technical ability for something like that to happen is there you know and i think that people need to worry about that like it was a snowden so it's turnkey dictatorship is kind of already on the books i just haven't had the group come in to really do it right right it's it's there it's there it's possible and all it would take would is a little bit more acquiescence from the population on some on some key issues and this frankly to me this is a big one like the censorship one like it happened last week and it was almost like the entire media landscape just sort of shrugged about it and i was amazed by that it is it is truly amazing last i want to ask you september is coming up which actually i think marks the ten year anniversary of two thousand and eight crashing when lehman brothers fell or it was september fourteenth or fifteenth or whatever was yeah it was out of the yeah yeah i mean it was going on since two thousand and eleven but that's kind of the ten year mark. what have we learned in the last ten
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years from the bottle nothing yeah yeah and that and i've been hearing i've been hearing about this for about a year now that a lot of the same behaviors that we saw prior to two thousand and eight with the mortgage markets are going on in some other markets you're seeing you know an explosion of commercial lending instead of instead of mortgage backed c.d.o. as you're seeing. commercial loans with c.l. lows this time corporate borrowing has just now gone above the levels the preachy thousand and eight levels that we have it once again a giant pile of leverage just sitting atop the economy. you know it maybe they'll have more of a read on it this time and it won't happen but. i think the failure to really institute appropriate rules last time creates a lot of danger that it could happen again. while most of the united states has
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been debating gun laws on the effectiveness and danger danger of concealed carry permits last year texas decided to go old school cone an old school and pass a bill h b one nine three five or better known as the sword and carry bill introduced by texas state representative republican john for yes h.b. one nine three five legalizing texas residents right to carry and public swords and knives specifically any knives whose blades are longer than five point five inches this list includes the legendary jim bowie knife dagger stilettos throwing nice machete swords and spears but for all you large birds a knife aficionados you can't just take them anywhere your swords and bowie knives are still banned in schools universities airports racetracks hospitals nursing homes amusement parks religious buildings just to name a few of the places on the very very long list so the next time you find yourself attacked and you see is on karen at three broadsword just a robber there can be only on. one move or move the
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texas was so hungry to carry a sword i mean it's a bit overly long list so people know that's a sword free zone don't you think there's going to that's where the. i mean i'm just. so nursing homes or even some of tell you about the bring a broad sort of members will rise out of his first show if we're going to hurt remember what it was world we're about told her love the love so it's all you all i love you i am i robot and i'm part of the all of people watching the large number great the market what.
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russia's u.n. envoy with his u.s. counterpart over syria with russia get insisting on separating the terrorists from rebel forces. coexistence with terrorists is impossible those are all branches of al-qaeda which we've been fighting since the terrorist attacks in two thousand and one let's not waste time with the december mation distractions and out right lie more or a bit classes.


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