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the power of dialogue washington declassifies hours of conversation between former u.s. and russian president boris yeltsin. palestinians continue to protest israeli occupation of the gaza border. growing split. skeptic and right wing parties. whether it's the first of september. update from r.t.
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international first for you this saturday morning in the u.s. . six hundred pages of private conversations between former american and russian presidents bill clinton and boris yeltsin they took place between one thousand nine hundred three and one thousand nine hundred nine when yeltsin left office election collusion nato expansion and the future russian president vladimir putin with month one the many topics that they discussed our senior correspondent being taking a look. now that we are at rock bottom in terms of relations between russia and the us it's bad now we pine for what they work backward presidents could talk frankly joke laugh heck even collude for elections bill for my election campaign i urgently need for russia alone of two point five billion dollars i'll check on this with the i.m.f. and with some of our friends and see what can be done those were the days when you could funnel billions to get your pals reelected real friendship right there
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clinton even helped yeltsin with a heart operation their wives now in the yeltsin and hillary clinton visited each other shopped together unfortunately it wasn't very equal friendship nine hundred ninety six the united states was strong russia was in its knees crime corruption stagnation it seemed to get the rule or end of every deal it remains a mistake for nato to move eastward nuclear and conventional arms cannot move eastward into new members to the borders of russia i've told you no one is talking about a massive all out accelerated expansion two years later nearly a dozen european states were invited to join nato the czech republic hungry poland bulgaria latvia lithuania rumania slovakia slovenia
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so yeltsin tried everything he even begged. let us have a verbal gentlemen's agreement we would not write it down in the statement that no former soviet republics would enter nato i cannot sign any agreement without such language especially ukraine consider what a terrible message it would be were still organized against russia but there's a line across which we won't go pleading didn't work so we'll turn tried warnings russia will pull out of the agreement and consider it nolen void i know what a terrible problem this is for you but i can't make the specific commitment you're asking for not even complaints could get through you are conducting naval maneuvers near crimea it is as if we are training people in cuba how would you feel it's unacceptable to us the spite of all that they remained friends even joke together
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three months of the pre-election race has taken its toll i feel somewhat tired i saw the picture of you dancing with the girls in the band and you looked wonderful i'm disappointed that no one sets up events like that for me and my campaign they were frank so frank in fact that they're generals would get a little nervous yeah they discussed ditching their nuclear briefcases what if we were to agree giving up having to have our finger next to the button all the time perhaps we could agree that it's not necessary for us to carry the chima down schick well i'll have to think about this all we carry of course are the codes in the secure phone yes you and i are the only leaders you have to do this mr president given the responsibility of your office and president yeltsin's it makes more sense for the two of you to have these devices with you at all times it was simpler in those days the world was younger and no one knew what the future held for example would the united states pull out the viewer up. the u.s.
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is not in europe europe should be the business of europeans russia is half european and half asian so you want asia to sure sure bill eventually will have to agree on all of this i don't think the europeans would like this very much not all but i'm a european moscow is in europe and i like it you can take all the other states and provide security to them i would take europe and provide them security well not i russia will bill i'm serious give your up to europe itself europe never felt as close to russia as it does now good days good friends and then yeltsin just up then left leaving behind a successor that clinton was sure he'd get along with shortly you will have a meeting with mr putin i would like to tell you about him so you will know what kind of man he is he is a solid man who is kept well abreast of various subjects under his purview and he can easily have good relations and contact with people who are his partners who
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will win the election in of course he's a democrat and he knows the west he's very smart he's tough he has an internal ramrods and he will when you do business together strange to think that most of the issues problems they discussed in those days are still the main themes of today nato expansion and quote european security trade and loans what's changed is that russia's grown up turns out it's much harder being friends when you're more equal. thousands of palestinians are continuing to protest against what they say is the israeli occupation of their territory for months demonstrators have faced live ammunition and tear gas at the gaza border local journalist in her diary has more from the scene of the protest. the palestinian tell. you to participate in the where much of a chance for the twenty third we demand to meet the need to. doing duty returning
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to their home that's been they were driven out and let down back in nineteen forty eight. that israeli forces are intensively shooting your gas canisters on the palestinian protesters one of the palestinian protesters i'm running away from the tear gas that's being. fired. this lady never happen everyone does it but it didn't really do serious fire on us suffocating for the tear gas the israeli forces killed hundreds of palestinian protesters and injured thousands with live ammunition and tear gas canisters since the beginning of the great march of return on the thirtieth of march the policy of protesters continue to march to the fence demanding the right of return and demanding breaking the siege for more than twenty three weeks now and they will not
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stop until their to their demands everyone listen for taking this was the first time i see thousands of people on the ground not being able to even take a breath i was affected my cameraman was affected and all of the journalists paramedics and protesters were affected by the tear gas the protests continue to gas canisters continue to be fired on the policy of protestors and still we can also hear more live ammunition targeted on the palestinian protesters where the israeli forces continue to target the palestinian protesters. just to follow up on that the israeli army says that soldiers opened fire to disperse palestinians who had thrown a grenade a robot in cars at the fence israel in the united states blame hamas for the bloodshed in gaza. thanks to tough confrontations expected during sweden's general election with the country split over a surge in migron numbers that could see the governing left wing social democrats
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lose their upper hand in parliament at the same time that nationalist opponents are being widely criticized with claims of racism or if an optional reports. nationalist sentiment is putting on the positive change that's what the posters here are predicting for the upcoming general election the n.t. migron sweden democrats party looks set to make big gains they define themselves as social conservative with a nationalist foundation but the swedish media is warning of something more and so are rival politicians i mean my mom came to sweden fleeing nazi as marcy's last year she passed away so now i'm even grateful she died before she can see all these nazis marching along stockholm streets we must protect freedom and democracy democracy says but it is a racist party will not that's what i've always said he has to hear that we need to fight extremists what they dislike fundamentalists or not since at least we're not doing enough for the sweden democrats deny their racist and sadia focus is on
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smart immigration policy this is like the old or way of trying to scare people off from voting for us i don't really care about those accusations because there's nothing nothing to be founded on i mean our policies are not. extreme in that sense i mean sweden is an extreme in a european sense our part of our policies are not extreme our politicians are not extreme in general however when and your racism group has been doing some digging and found candidates to the parliament from this weekend democrats had links to the new nutty group the national socialist front so yeah we had some bad eggs in our party. just today it was revealed that even you know the center party or the liberal party they have people who have killed people who have sexually assaulted young females so unfortunately that happens in every party but because the swedish
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left wing media hates the sweden democrats they tried to bring that up more than for the others critics of the sweden democrats are still convinced their defining feature is racism a central point for them the central goal is to keep sweet and white thoughts to these people that came from. skinheads now two white power organizations during the night they are now the second largest party in yet there are remaining medical forces east released far right camp and tentative for sweden formed by those expelled from the sweden democrats for being too extreme but say that the sweden democrats are quite good but they are getting more and more liberal more and more politically correct and they are not the ones to save sweden today so we have to create a new party a tougher party which is not politically correct a party which dares to speak out about repatriation because it's the only solution
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to sweden problems we gave the immigrants everything in this country we gave them housing we gave them benefits we gave them social welfare we have tested everything and sweden is today a country in a real mess alternative for sweden's chances of claiming a seat in the parliament are slim but not as lean as the nordic resistance movement basically present themselves as heat loss surgeries but you lied when they call you like they're not even the people gather you sound like no not is not the reality of right here yet well written reports the right brain watch out for the wrong and very wrong what is your opinion on our. great while they were great not just a noted law is the greatest. one really have huge and i know it's nothing i mean as a practical nothing is it no longer national socialism in fact the number of the supporters barely reaches two hundred and significantly more people accounted for
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testing new flittering from the country's communist party thinks the threat posed by swedish nazis is very much exaggerated but that they have a really good media strategy when politicians gather they would go there and threaten people and make a lot of noise and being really tough and dangerous and look we need their. media will write about this but i mean they're not so many they can be a real threat to the individuals but on a societal level they are just. they are nothing if former swedish police officer with african origin stuff and sherry quit his job to help make himself the beginning to great he's known as a voice of reason. is getting too much attention for a different explanation for that sometimes. they get a bit. too much attention because once again if you look at them they're like two
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hundred three hundred members maybe sometimes it is easier to focus on them because look not see we know who they are we have the knowledge and when it comes to. make more extreme subjects we don't know so much so we don't want to say the wrong things or we don't want people to think that we say the wrong things despite being shamed as narcissus by the media and politicians far right movements are still winning people over in this once liberal nordic state but these parties are showing they will confront current migrant policies head on the need for better or worse. reporting from sweden. called for web retail giant amazon to be taxed to make up for low wages and poor working conditions for staff in the united states former democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders says some employees at the nine hundred billion dollars paid so little that they qualify for food stamps so
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american as the details. the story of the american leftist movement bernie sanders is ad war with amazon the world's largest online retailer accusing the company of not treating its workers sparely it is important or to take a look at the power and influence out the answer is that all over this country amazon employees are paid wages solo. but they are having a real hard choices getting boy force the upon power explain upon the programs and you know who pays for those programs you do this isn't just empty rhetoric either sanders announced that he'd be introducing legislation that would require these big corporations to cover all federal benefits their employees receive from the government like food stamps and public housing if they can't pay them a living wage he's also encouraging amazon employees to speak out one former employee claims she was forced to work with an injured foot it was like a something there was a loud crack i really feel it was an injury they really really don't seize your
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footsteps tolliver any fish that just goes to it just so the surgeon supplied you through fish your fish could see their finish your shift. cliff face at one time however amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos presented himself as an employer who truly cared about his employees and the environment they were working at i am very proud of the culture that we have with them so if you're giving great customer experience. there's the only way to do that is with happy people and now it was on his sister to response to sandra's criticism something that doesn't happen very often urging employees to write to the senator and prove him wrong senator sanders continues to make inaccurate and misleading accusations against amazon we are encouraging all employees to take senator sanders up on his request and respond with their actual experience some did respond positively to the senator's tweets but that didn't change his mind he
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called on amazon to publish info on the number of employees it hires along with hourly wages and benefits amazon says its median salary in the us is just over thirty four thousand dollars around what jeff bezos makes every ten seconds now imagine how much money he's made in the time i've taken to report the story. samir khan r t washington d.c. america's top diplomat said. and president assad claiming that trying to escalate the conflict in syria we'll have the latest developments there for you in just a couple of minutes. plan. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over twenty
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trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent flies last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelms. the only numbers you need to remember is one one does not show you can afford to miss the one and only boom box. cutter. going.
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hello again the u.s. secretary of state is accusing russia and president assad of escalating the syrian conflict calling plans to rid it live province of islamic terrorists and assault my pump aoe says the civilian population will end up bearing the brunt russia's foreign minister earlier emphasized that it was the last terrorist stronghold in the country and should be liberated that shook the church this is the last place for the terrorists so from all points of view this abscess should be removed or been a haven for rebels and their families evacuated from areas retaken by the government now almost three million people currently live in that province though according to the u.n. there are also thousands of jihadist militants there to leap has another fact and we have to reconnect with an extremely high concentration of foreign fighters the mates of the old north or whatever name they want to call themselves is it more or less our own intel think of them. investigative journalist rick sterling thinks the
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u.s. and its allies won the conflict to keep dragging on elements within the united states and nato for that matter want to prolong the conflict they basically want the syrian government to let the terrorists stay in the province we can just imagine what might pump a a would say if there were thousands of terrorists in oregon and washington states in the united states they wouldn't have any patience at all for that the situation is complicated right now it's difficult because there are thousands of foreign fighters there these are trained terrorists with a lot of battle experience and they've been supported by the west they've been supported by the gulf by including including turkey turkey and none of the countries that have supported the terrorists want them to come back to their own their own countries that course and it's kind of hypocritical for my pump aoe to criticize syria for trying to expel terrorists from its own its own territory.
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american consumers might be facing a tricky time ahead the new chief of the u.s. consumer protection bureau was until recently on the other side of the tracks using his needle expertise to defend big business he represented facebook and the consumer credit rating agency equifax before taking up the position and its kind of reports that are now ickes ations of a possible conflict of interest. it's job is pretty simple protect americans from the might of big business the job of the consumer protection bureau of the united states is to make sure that the products americans purchase are safe and to make sure they don't buy into false advertising the f.t.c. was given the power to investigate and stop unfair methods of competition and deceptive practices so meet the man whose job it is to protect american consumers from dangerous products he was just appointed by the trumpet ministration his name andrew smith now anderson it knows quite a bit about corporations who get dragged into court for harming the public why does
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he know all about it well he's been representing those corporations for most of his life as a corporate lawyer in fact the two most high profile cases facebook and equifax are both his former clients now that little fact did not go unnoticed instead of demanding that go debility the f.t.c. puts equifax is hired gun in charge of the beauty to that's supposed to protect consumers this is corruption plain and simple he's on the wrong side of these issues i can't imagine words choices but not money so an activist group calling itself public citizen filed a request under the freedom of information act to find out if there were any potential conflicts of interest in relation to andrew smith consumers deserve a consumer protection advocate in this position not a hired gun for corporate sharks they were provided with documents over four hundred ninety five pages on the new consumer protection sheet and potential
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conflicts and cronyism associated with them however almost all of it was blacked out nearly every page was redacted so no information was exposed there so no new evidence about alleged conflicts of interest that certainly doesn't ease the doubts this is andrew smith in twenty eighteen my name is andrew smith and i'm the director. of the bureau of consumer protection at the federal trade commission were dedicated to pursuing law enforcement actions to stop unlawful practices including front against consumers but this is andrew smith less than a year ago representing equifax a company investigated by the f.t.c. for a massive data breach my name is andrew smith and i'm a partner in the law firm of covington and burling i'm appearing today on behalf of the consumer data industry association which is a trade association of companies we have the mr smith a twenty eight team heading the watchdog that is still probing the corporation that he defended in twenty seventeen
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a clear example of the revolving door between the federal government and its trade secrets. r.t. new york. a passenger jet has overshot the runway and caught fire in southern russia leaving one thousand people injured including three children the boeing seven three seven operated by the siberian airline uta was traveling from moscow to sochi when it got into trouble during landing all one hundred sixty four passengers and six crew survived but one airport worker died during the evacuation after apparently suffering a heart attack. was making its second attempt to land in bad weather but skidded off the runway and into the river one of the engines also burst into flames. if it's a deescalating tensions on the korean peninsula have hit another snag plans for a storage railway meant to link north and south korea being blocked by the u.s. led united nations command the u.n. units control movement across the demilitarized zone separating north and south since the end of the korean war
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a joint field study for the project was planned last week but it was cancelled by the u.s. military the into korean rail project was supposed to improve trade and tourism between the two koreas it was also intended to set the stage for future investments in the north if sanctions on pyongyang lifted technically north and south korea still a war no peace treaty was signed off to three years of war that ended in one nine hundred fifty three zero human rights. what can think the united states should stop meddling in the korean peace process these are all great through steps you know. the united states would frankly get out of the way which is unfortunate you can see the incredible efforts and be incredible craving for peace and reunification that we saw in the eyes of the family exchanges recently we've seen the hopes for peace on so many levels with president moves and chairman kim jong il and so consequently those are being thwarted now all. as a quite
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a reminder that the u.s. still holds quite a military draft in the region the are there are people within living ministration who frankly benefit from instability gives a certain kind of an edge it allows us your level of military spending salon's us to have our bases paid for by south korea in the south korea it allows us to export billions of dollars of weapons there so consequently there are always people who are going to fight against pietz but in this period at this essential time when we're about to have another summit between north and south in september it seems to me that this is a reminder to both north and south that the us has never given up its wartime authority in south korea i'm not sure how many
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a day for masie international i'm calling braille but we didn't act well news off the redacted tonight. chose seemed wrong. but old rules just don't call. me old it is yet to shake out just because to add to it and in detroit it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the hand. all
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four have different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. john mccain and his republican cohorts like the bush family and others they will break cozy with ken lay financed the bush campaigns of the bush presidency and when they got caught committing massive fraud on the same scale as the savings along crisis the machinery was already in place thanks to john mccain as a bag man for wall street for decades yeah to bail those guys out and make them whole at the expense of the democracy slash economy of the united states which is to celebrate.
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every day are to deny the company room americans in america a covering american news called foreign agents. yes we're here again no matter what last week the d.n.c. the democratic national committee voted to take a big step towards actually having a legitimate primary election this was huge just was tremendous this was not as big as everyone thinks that it. would do you had fish voted to strip some power from the super delegates as you'll recall from the twenty sixteen primary abortion super delegate. are the internal party elite such as representatives in donors and the guy who arranged all the hookers. he usually gets a couple of votes well gotta give him gotta keep him happy because as we all know the most democratic thing for the democratic party is to have elites with voting
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power that far outweighs any normal people. so i watched a massive can have a quibble and power to. me as we all know we all know democracy is a dish best served like tea at a little girl's tea party right and. the power of the superdelegates basically handed to hillary clinton the primary election before it even started doing big news the d.n.c. has voted to not allow superdelegates to vote in the first round of ballot at the convention this means the candidate who wins the primaries will almost definitely get the nomination so that we don't wake up carney said you're trying to get poison when next time around. but then i started thinking.


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