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tv   Documentary  RT  August 29, 2018 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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think about. it is to give up he did and it went off to do what do i want to do now do i want you to want to know that how. would you know what are. you going to do without you in any county that includes the former see what i was i mean i don't bad mouth. really gets to people to ever put your kids to problems all to. a managerial people that whether they are good i'm ready to speak to everyone i'm ready to. tell my soon to have people.
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in my needs right. now faster than. both of them. my own restaurant. shows what it is that. my father has more to. during a two thousand and fourteen sheer quantity that is violence in guinea will follow our family almost me one did not know we've went out this is on the border and as i was in freetown in a basket you'll see where you go seven days everybody gets sick thousand nine on the. my father called me on.
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the way that time it was only to ambulance to st i took a while though by starting to two then two by two contacts finished to two then to the most recent. from. god is where i was on my family. i did there i was discharged. x. discharged officer i want to see my family. they are all passe we. set you on water she is our life. i came back to the community.
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only obvious talent on the road. towards him. the people we are the. lived life. on that. i am a mansion on the road sittin down i said it's everything which is a problem set out for me because i was able to survive. right now you don't have a job even something to eat to feed his family. i know him before us a project single largest grossing there are due to to be stats projects in how to broadcast have to talk to your comp being it would also like to convince people that this thing where we go down to dinner i have fifteen all found and presently with the hour long. the our family all of this shit all of the are from of these
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guys it's not easy. really falls. just. to clear and. feel. that it is this and that if that's that. we have streets to get in those so the obvious ones also like the mystic writing in. the big thing traffic and says it's not use it because this one most abused by one of. the soon. to be out. by the bottom of the. you have more than five hundred so why was. this organization six killed them. ah. love the title most of the fled the
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lab didn't know much about it. then you leave flew out to us today and said in the light of wilful and. them only to give over now and then it's over us the cell phone rings and i'm doing a lot of pulling things and i'll call one last. the first it is obviously. a lot bigger than a bad. feeling i'm not one i'd add to them. just yet cindy got it changed. everybody got so high for that he pulled out this big one the one he was going the i didn't know what it was so today. we know it's just koons to hospice as to markets business something. my ties to nokia we name the are human beings
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having the bios anymore. we move them inside it's in our culture all of those i missed this sixty plus days on looks educated to buy you have been on. it. well as do you have to be soft read a few that's a survival media is it to miss that search and find a virus to demps it as why do you need to feel the stigmatized issue of a suicide. in the. movement has a. lot of. snow. coming down. i left university two thousand and fourteen. i was in moscow and occasionally.
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i have no morning to complete my call to. the post is my life i can write it by. the fact this is a motorbike. i used to kid from my colleagues and by meant power water left on my hand history of how the us. sometimes has two thousand. people receiving right in a moto by those who know guys are viable they will break me. they'll break on our bike. not my zipper why will it be this way. where do we called out all the idiots. that is riding on what are you this had meant. for. people.
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and they were survival. you. called it is out on the road to go to the. wildlife. oh. like me. people from a. few. i . probably going to. are going to. my dad believe this house. and he did finish it orders who were before he
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he. what i'm try to finish the house when i got money we are not living. like this. because over the evil we are living like this we are very sad for this list because my home. to those who. wrote. me back in the. old the judge was sad when they're not talking asks me for a house rent i'm not getting money for be it down. i mean money did the house for. well there are all diet bandis sickness in india for not going
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on not as saudi come in and then say i get. the old girl in the morning i was really pleased. but i don't know about of you. very well about the little one ronald reagan. taking me. two days old but he does well good for floyd through knocking you get the. job right now. i'm not go daddy feed me and begin then and it became safe enough john's full game.
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to. become a satellite about. going to. be. able to rule in and out meaning easier if you see what i know to you susie morning knowing that any action when she's on the floor dodging in some dust she got she got a new one in the front because all the obvious bios and i don't have a bias and that is an item only model by the way. we do already told all dogs if anybody is to the moles we've got to get. the ball when you take these are going to be because producers i had as i had always bowed when he didn't. we want i want
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to eat a body. they're not going to come. out of the club though because a. lot of the money out of the money that they let actually.
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this was a good time to. try to move there i'm. told that ultimately not why not. why it generated the old people we believe to be here. all of my kids i don't want them up aside johnny followed the moment i tell them about how we would all accusers are the little i'm a little white kid might be old enough to want to think i don't want to put out a look tomorrow are you without all the mother bloodletting. my name is vang and i am your last survivor was. i had only seen over
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a year he was talking in with you all i got is for like i call him as he does this is sort of the social to not do something to me my community told me oh i have to. you. in this town was not easy. because i lost my mom my god with full of my put us on the stuff in the sim and everybody. was if you knew docs in. my feelings without effect of evil or force this stuff is left behind it should be pointed out. some of what you were contacted before you of course if i was one of the items. i know we are going to this. by removing good us to stop our come up to me to kill do skis. i deserve more
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projects it to me anyway. i will sponsor understeer she caught up on me she's alone will get down to me minus your stars on the i did you would hardly be two boys. upside down for the next house with your book. and i think you went after that but you might have you know that watching was doing that while he was.


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