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weaning this country of our foreign oil dependency. america would sell its own mother for energy. i live in st george utah. my family's down there i needed to come up here to make some money to pay off debt and stuff were getting there. i went to school and became a teach school elementary school i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year and drove a truck so i chose to drive truck. and i were usually twelve to fourteen hours to get my truck around eight o'clock in the
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morning and i were till eight o'clock at night you know somewhere between me and my . aunt's mentally. not only my physically fit. but it's a mental fatigue. this is the moment that i like the best. enough to be everything stops vibrating all the noise goes away.
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i live in company housing it's provided by the company. thirty five foot r.v. trailer with. three hundred fifty pound guy. because. friends are. in july twenty second team set up a freelance journalist working with. militants shelling in syria. to his sacrifice
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quality has established a memorial they will recognize more reporters who often risk their lives with the sake of the truth and through this piece you can submit your published works in a video form until june twelfth go to a little. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. theory dramatic development only and. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. wrong. i mean you want to see
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how he's going. to. engage me. when find themselves well then why we just in the common ground. running around trying to find a job and work here or there and it's not a good life. and my children have had some some problems so i spent a lot of money helping my children and cumulated debt so. the original plan was to come up here for six months. and get out of debt but as i came up made money paid off some bills there were other things. i happy birthday celestial.
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six six stitches yes. well i'm glad you're feeling better celestial i mean. i love you too and talk to you in the morning. already of you. i usually park the truck come back to the trailer here get a frozen meal. throw in microwave sit down to need it and. if we're not too tired. my roommate nial have a bowl of ice cream and and watch part of a d.v.d. a little after. but most of time it and go to sleep
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i don't take a shower every night because we don't shower well there's a shower in the trailer but there's no running water. we don't feel she. just boom has not solely attracted oh well workers. it was an opportunity for people like jeff and constance to change their lives to open a small business. before i moved to austin i was in the health care industry and then a hospital administrator for several years in kansas. my project was going to live and i wanted to be with my family first and i remember talking to some people was talking about wilson and about north dakota and the oil boom there's a lot of oil at your there's a lot of jobs you know lot of opportunity for business willesden seemed to have the best opportunities for us and my family and so we drove up to the local and we
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realized immediately there was a huge opportunity out here so many people out here there must have been the least thirty thousand people going through here and there were only five restaurants at the time and then we looked a little bit closer and said ok what skill sets do we have that would be a good system and we thought that maybe you don't shop for so many other businesses have done here and the old timers they all think that foreigners coming here to take their money and go back home they don't think we're like that and i think that's one of the reasons we're that's it's not just. a business for us we are part of the community if we were embraced by the community they supported us they definitely didn't help the south. we are current of it and we've always contributed .
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to. be a good fit a. lot of kids are going to be really excited to have know it's. we came here they didn't have a donut shop they hadn't had one for over. eight years most of these kids never had a girlfriend till four and. they come into my shop all its high school who wants what go it's. there are more families that are coming to my list and now i go pick up the land at school and i see other kids you know on the asian kids african hispanic you know it's a good sign that the community is growing in. healthy ways you know to. create lives in bozeman montana
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a small town six hundred miles away. has run out of options in his hometown and has decided to settle for willis and he knows he will not see his wife and two kids for several weeks. long hours behind the wheel with the hope that he will find work when he arrives when i leave my family like this i usually feel you know pretty lousy at times there was one incident years ago where my daughter was just in tears as i was leaving and it's like it's hard it's it's not fun it's hard but it's what has to be done. they're getting better at it they're getting used to it i'm getting used to a but i still like a brother be home. created is the way he's usually gone you mean anywhere from about four weeks to this last one was eight weeks really. didn't see him for about eight weeks and then hokum home for about a week or so i think it's been hard for the kids because. they were told me that
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they feel like it's a broken home you know it's almost like we're divorced because we see so little of each other so it's just been really hard for them this is very similar to living on a ship or being on a boat you're gone for months and see you come back and you see the family for short periods of time and then take off on your ship again your it's a great analogy it's exactly where it's why. we've all talked about this and i think we could do with a little less so that he could spend more time with us and be more of a family. so i think i would rather have that happy family over here some of the stuff that we transfer died for us that watching my kids grow up it's difficult and dylan it's almost five years now there's no doubt about it but it's just it's what we have to do.
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and him had just lost his job in the oil business when he met us and constance the couple was charged by the courage of a little power of this young man ready to do anything to save his family from misery. since then out of spends all his nights eating donuts. and doing three jobs right now working every day. trying to get some money i want to relocate my family oh. i got two girls two daughters i want something better form where we lived in southern california is not a very nice place to live so it's a lot of crime to gangsters and so the north dakota a be a better place to raise a family. is a lot of resources here and you've got the salvation army and they feed you here at
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the methodist church over it lutheran church down there. but i get food from work too at the donuts trying to send all my money home for my wife to pay the bills and rent it's enough to get by you know just be there it you know. one hundred a week right know a guy me understand i have a family he wanted to say one hundred twenty five but if you drop it down to a hundred a week. you. the american dream is that you can always chase i really believe that even during the recession there were still opportunities for each is going to look for you got to be overwhelming or move to change that to get going and go go chase it go do it. now a lot of people don't do that but the ones they do with usually come out ahead in the long run. because our country's never stable across the whole world it's very
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rare to have all fifty states doing well it's also rare to have all fifty states do and poorly so we're always moving around that's part of our national character it's always find new opportunities wherever they may be. what i do here pretty much is remodeling homes and handyman work fixing other people's mistakes and other people's problems mostly for homeowners residential it keeps me real busy. i bill out usually about sixty hours a week i can easily put in a twelve hour day no promise you have to run you know my go to bank post office go see clients check on supplies orders stuff lot of running around to do i love to work now i am a workaholic there's no doubt about it the money's nice but i like work just the way my family is. and.
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these are some of the old cattle pens in corrals here some of the fallen apart completely but this is where they bring in the cattle to brando and have the calves i have the vats work on them and stuff but now i can see it i don't use it anymore . it was kind of a tough life i mean you lose cattle they die and the winners and so on the hot summers and you know drought is just on i was going to happens gamble every day never made a lot of money doing that most of the ranchers and farmers but they really don't want to do that anymore because they've got the palms down there that they can make money off of. and the oil's put a lot a lot of money into her pocket so now they can do what they want you know take it easy work whatever they want to do so it's not as risky life's not as risky as you used to be.
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a letter. you don't meet many people that are from. when i'm talking to a bunch of people i don't know and they say we're you from i say here they go what . most the people that lived here then they were dismayed to see this many people coming lot of people made a lot of money so i mean they like that the older folks that lived here on a fixed income renting an apartment they went from three hundred a month two thousand a month and. so they're gone. i remember the first time i drove over to the place and i was eighteen miles about and i counted fifty or oil rigs that i could see from the road and that's when it started getting
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crazy i thought you know the oil companies for the most part they're good until we start thinking that they can power right over here because they're big and powerful . one thing they do do and i asked them when they came out the first time they always found a woman along with the initial group to comes out and i asked him straight out i said is that because we will shoot a woman he's the yeah so. we never walk the house now i go take the key i. all the time my pickup relock the house we have alarm system in the house that changes just about everything. going to get my mail. power yet more and more neighbors. it's not the country anymore like it used to be. a lot
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of these are people who have moved in with the oil. there is no place to buy in town they bought lots i would hear probably three four acres watch and build out here. with no make this manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. to lose any more you need
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to. apply for many flips over the years so i know the game inside guides. the ball isn't only about what happens on the beach or the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill the narrowness and spending to twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing. i also want to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so well more chimes for. and thinks this minute. fifty years ago breaking within two grounds again as a sleeping pill does this is what i mean because i like to does. the scientific
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sweat terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch one for. the war. across europe. legal battles demanding at least some compensation something to wait till the physical damage itself as well as the constant mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been the justice and there's been a couple of. the ah.
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there's the old law. the headlines on oxy an f.b.i. informant or a spy us politicians on the media get into a model of how to describe the role of a cambridge professor who infiltrated donald trump selection campaign. it will be political crisis deepens father a failed at euro skeptic coalition says the new was behind the italian president's decision to appoint a brussels friendly interim government he called up but it will be a one consing no minister put his name to sleep move to the donald duck by me because he's not approving that it would stop america and the financial freedom of some of the european capitals is the. the israeli parliament debates a new law that would ban the filming of i.d.f. soldiers who are currently in the spotlight for allegedly using excessive force.
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welcome to the program here on international we do start with this first piece of news coming to us from belgium where two police officers have reportedly been killed in a shooting. is said to have opened fire after taking a woman hostage in a high school. this video appeared online purportedly showing the area of the attack of the gunfire could be heard a moment ago police say the attacker has been mutual ised while the city's mayor says the attacker has been apprehended and the situation is now stable and no motives behind the assault have been repealed as of yet.
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while america is split not just along democrat and republican lines this time it's about one word that holds spygate that was used by the u.s. president donald trump to refer to the intelligence services planting of an alleged mole in his election campaign the department of justice though refers to that person as informant. now explains the semantic model america finds itself in. there are many out there who would and do call into question donald trump's business process but there's no denying the guy is a branding machine and his labels have a tendency to work like gangbusters little mark you know little bark he's a lion ted and they you know that's his name we can't have met rocket man sick puppy shooting rockets all over the place through kid hillary crazy very he's crazy is a bit but you know he does it with terms latest hash tag where the buzz word is spreading like wildfire he came up with this one to remind anyone who follows his twitter
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which is everyone that the f.b.i. may have spied on his campaign through a confidential informant but that sounds all official and is definitely not scary or catchy q trump we now call it spygate. spygate adding a gate at the end makes it so much better doesn't it watergate deflate gate russia gate priceless and according to some anonymous sources that spoke with the a.p. terms choice of the word spy was not an accident he allegedly picked the term believing it to be more sinister and likely to be picked up by the media and if that's true boy was he right the revelations of the obama era political targeting grow more ominous by the day trump claims the f.b.i. may have been spying on his campaign he's kind of upset with me read an article in the new york times seems to feel that there was a mole or a spy in this campaign ok no surprise that fox picked up and ran with trump's phrasing but seriously it's common knowledge that if a toddler is throwing a tantrum you simply don't give them the attention they clearly want the fake
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scandal the trump scripted for us in the media this week as a name when we're not going to repeat this morning it has tweets to go with it which i am not going to read because reading those tweets is what he wants us to do see even enjoy get m.s.n. b.c. could have been a shining beacon of rationality for the rest of the media to look up to and not give trump exactly what he wanted but no. president trump has seized on this new branding effort to discredit the discredit the russian investigators and i don't really know where kid spy gave and it just went on from there after running out of steam either supporting or contradicting trump claims little hint either way it still works for trump they went on spending air time defecting to semantics at play here we give you the great debate of informant first by what's your reaction first the tweet and second to the distinction between a spy term on the president is using an informant there one in the same
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a confidential informant is someone who is informing confidentially in other words spying you may call this person a confidential informant that sounds perfectly fine right but what if it's a spa funnily enough and a breakdown of the coverage of trump's latest phrase by the washington post we were mentioned as having not picked up on it but you still haven't said it this whole time i haven't read it ok well then spygate spygate spygate can we move on now. the individual at the center of the spy scandal is cambridge university professor stuff on help who was allegedly collecting information on several of trump's aides but they were suspected of having links to the russian government of something they deny the information was reportedly used to stir up the whole trump russia collusion probe and we discussed spygate with legal and media analyst lionel it's amazing how they focus on the word to spy versus informant
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when in fact the real question is what is the role that this gentleman was involved in what was mr helper. who cares is he a spy what do you mean by that they also go through these great graphics of how many times you used the term and and did he needed in this context the same thing happened when trump used the term wiretap they said there was no wiretapping and they technically were correct because they were focusing on the the age old wiretapping of your verses surveillance in the law i mean are they that serious did they miss the point the point is not whether this gentleman that by the way was out here by the media. the question is not whether he technically falls under the the definitional rubric of spy versus informant question is what was he doing there in
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the first place why was mr trump the subject of this type of directed intelligence scrutiny in the first place. to be led by an interim pro european prime minister that's after all euro skeptic coalitions bid to govern was old by the italian president and the head of the leak party one of the failed coalitions members things this may have been a brussels waiting here's a short recap of the last two days of political drama in italy. approved all the proposals for the ministers but did not prove the name of the minister of economy but one can say no to a minister with his name goofy pluto donald duck because he is not approved by the stock market the financial world or some european capitals is this a joke didn't i mean i accepted the mandate. many italians hope
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for this government to get started so this was an ugly serious baseless act. i want to speak again of friend my. supports her presence motorola has a crucial task ahead. of me to them furious and i'm going to be furious today. the next day we also have principles inside the euro zone even more but they should tell us every government must have the stamp of approval of burley in paris and brussels to me this is crazy the euro skeptic coalition failed to form a government after the italian president rejected the euro pig for economy minister and surprise surprise the president is now appointed a former international monetary fund of fish although interim prime minister that means fresh italian elections now on the horizon the failed coalition has called for the president to be impeached accusing him of bowing to e.u. pressure charlotte reports. you can win an election create
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a coalition put together a plan for reforms and a ruling cabinet but turns out you still don't get to govern well that's if you're in the e.u. and you have a euro skeptic agenda if you're president i asked for the ministry and authority it's of political figure it was not seen as supporting a line that could provide italy's exit from the euro essentially this means that the majority of voters who between them did for the five star movement and northern league two parties with an anti e.u. agenda in march actually don't get to decide the president awaits a red card because he doesn't like one proposed minister and q political crisis possible snap elections is this really how democracy is supposed to work. i mean find me your constitution the government can't commit to changing your appearance this is a limited sovereignty it's a piece of democracy there is
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a way that brussels hasn't shied away from warning the new italian government against disobey the e.u. rulebook. and it looks like it's got its way no matter what the tally in voters want it and when has that happened oh yes back in two thousand and five a referendum was held on whether or not to adopt a european constitution here in france as well as in the netherlands voters rejected the idea yet despite that clear unease the e.u. pushed ahead well branding it as the lisbon treaty three years later which contained many of the changes the constitution had attempted to introduce but this time the majority of the public didn't have a say because parliament simply ratified it island the only e.u. member which stuck with the referendum rejected in this country.


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