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to within their means people well the reason i'm asking this question is because. for many of these changes to happen you will also have to make sacrifices for example armenia has a very huge foreign debt and you know it too to manage it you will have to cod the government spending perhaps make other painful sacrifices and i think you know human experience shows that people's resilience also has its limits and one of the reasons people took to the streets right now is because they want first and foremost i believe and correct me if i'm wrong economic change they want to see a canonic development and democratic and political development as well but from my understanding that main motivations are all economic nature and i think dad has a set expiration point don't you think so you know i have to disagree with you on that but because actually if you look at g.d.p. per capita between army if you compare armenia and georgia for example it's quite
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comparable and in some cases armenia is actually has a higher g.d.p. per capita than georgia however before this revolution the feeling was that tomorrow would be better today than today whereas in georgia my experience has often been that the average georgian has often felt the tomorrow will be better than today so really it is about finally people believing and the fact that tomorrow will be better than today well we have to take a short break now but we will be back in just a few moments stay tuned. the way is. anti american and anti-democratic and we can look at that quite plainly by
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understanding the stock price approach or have it was never split so it's trading i think there are three hundred thousand dollars a share so the message from charlie munger and warren buffett to americans is unless you've got three hundred thousand dollars to buy one share of berkshire hathaway you're a player you're a peasant here you know they are the neo feudal lords that are building the system milking the system abusing the system and aggregating wealth as wrong see a coupon clippers and nickel and dime or they add nothing to the economy.
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welcome back to worlds apart but can you get an international media liaison for any called transition team but can i know that you hold a musters degree in political communications so let me ask you specifically about the political personality often he called passion and you said in a one of your earlier interviews that initially you didn't like him much i'm sure that has changed by now but still what were some of those things that initially made you skeptical about him oh quite frankly. my issues with
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michael question you know were less about nicholl question and it was more about his associations with the first president eleventh there but it was shown on. i have you know political disagreements with but nicol pasha has done is turkey has turned someone like me a skeptic into a true believer because he has earned that respect for years and years i've seen him speak at parliament and say exactly the things that is on the minds of the average armenian he has he has despite my best efforts earned the respect earn my respect and has shown the kind of leadership that i think this country needs right now now mr passion man's appearance also changed quite a bit in the recent months he's now compared to give our a because of he's beer that he's. action from military fatigues but you can still find pictures on the internet of him being clean shaven and wearing a nice suit how much do you think that change in appearance contributed to to the rise in his popularity daz image matter at all that visual projection of his
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persona i mean let's be honest. is p.r. genius. the way he has portrayed himself not just as you know an m.p. who wears a suit but as an actual leader of the people is undeniable so yeah of course that has an impact however i think it would be foolish to think that all of this was based on image because really more than an image it has to do with the contents of what he represents and what he stands for now one thing that viewers may not know about i mean is that it is a country where chasse lessons are compulsory for children and chest skills are something we usually associate with politics and especially geopolitics how good is mr pasha now. thinking through he is the moves and combinations house through these here as a political calculator well answer that by referencing former presidents. many
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often used to label as a chess master he was the president of the chess federation and i think what nicol passion on showed was that he checked and then checkmated the president of the chess federation i. think that demonstrates his chest skills and his political skills but i mean let's be fair it's only i mean it's not the beginning for him he has a very long and sometimes painful career mr passion and after all has been jailed for his political activists before but when it comes to governance it's only the beginning do you think keeping power and making and meaningful change will be just as easy as taking. well look i think demonstrates. certain attributes that are very rare in armenia and the world which is the the ability to reflect to learn from his own past mistakes and successes and also to critically
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listen to the people around him i have been really impressed by his ability to listen carefully to. the core team and to really be able to pick and choose the things that make the most sense and i think the success of this movement is really based on that is his ability to. really seek out the brightest minds and to know that sometimes he's not the one that has the right answers the guy that's sitting next to him now the revolution and i know that you don't like calling it i've. been actually you know i was very hesitant to call it a revolution and told police released a statement and the police labeled it a revolution and once the labels a revolution at that point is a revolution while in that revolution has a symbol there one that you are wearing right now i wonder what's written on that cap is it make armenia great again. i think it's just
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a way for people to visibly. signal to everyone else around them that they are in the spirit of the revolution and really nothing more than i was intending to ask you before about the armenian centric nature of this moment beach has been. really different from all the other transitions power transitions that we have observed in the post soviet space so far its lack of geo political component geopolitical competition has been really striking and some say it played a major role in ensuring that this power transition would be asked peaceful as it has been about a single bullet shot how do you explain that why was armenia spared the foreign meddling that more often than not i kompany. a change of power in countries of strategic geographical importance well i think you're right that this was
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a unique attribute it was an armenian revolution. i guess i would. say that the lack of geopolitics was a strategic move because once you remove geopolitics from the equation then you can really start to address the domestic real issues that people care about on a daily basis jill politics in this sense i mean it's no it's no secret that armenia is in a very. politically precarious. environment overall so bringing that into the revolution honestly would have just complicated it and would probably lead to failure so it was a strategic decision as much as a moral and value based one that misimpression and promised earlier on that if elected he would not change yet a relationship with moscow or the west but what about your muslim neighbors both to the east and to the west. i mean terry can i stand by john do you foresee any
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changes there i think as armine as foreign policies are structural and they are less about who is in power and more about the geo political nature that armenia finds itself so. with regard to our neighbors with regards to our strategic partnership with russia with regards to our working relationship with europe you will not find very much deviation from from the well the reason i'm asking this question is because before mr passion and was voted in by parliament he suggested that he would push for recognition of the sovereignty of not going to come back region which is one of armenia's most difficult long running problems and i know that he's about to visit that their region i believe on one of the you're supposed to kompany him on the trip what is the logic of disturbing frozen conflict
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. before addressing all the domestic challenges that you mentioned before i don't see you what he's doing is disturbing the logic and i think you'll notice that even during this whole revolution there really wasn't an issue regarding to go in a car about. his stance on the girl has been very clear. and it's going to continue along the same lines as previous administrations have but probably but the important thing here is that unlike previous administrations nicol passion is actually going to have the legitimacy to speak on behalf of the armenian people and i believe that that will allow for an environment that leads to a peaceful resolution much more quickly and quite frankly would be great to see a government and other by sean that could also speak on behalf of the people because that's the only way to really come to a peaceful resolution on this conflict misted. grigor and i'm sure you know that. i
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said by john is not going to take his visit to that region lightly there is also turkey be told that it's going to support. a very and whatever that means now there is russia which is treaty bound to intervene or support their meaning in the event of a conflict so my point is that they ask electorial potential here is pretty pretty unsettling i just wonder why involving the issue of not born a car bomb i have to disagree with you on the on the basis on the basis of what nicole question is doing by visiting a girl in a car both is nothing but is nothing more than what every other armenian president and prime minister has done in the past there is nothing extraordinary there it's it's standard operating procedure for all armenian presidents and prime ministers in the past and i don't foresee it causing any greater headache well it's interesting you believe that because mr passion and specifically said during his
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speech to parliament that this revolution that will lead to the jury recognition of the ride of car back to self-determination and we are talking here about a change of borders because now one of the formally still lies within the internationally recognized borders of john even though it has been under the control of the ethnic armenian forces for more than twenty years. recognizing i'm going to he's a major issue that would be a major game changer in the region and yes the nuchal posho spoke about the the right for self-determination for the people of the corner carbolic again this is a standard this is not a deviation from anything in the past every armenian government has spoken about the right of self-determination for the people in the corner car both and and again i don't see anything extraordinary in in his rhetoric there really i don't let me just clarify do you think if armenia was indeed two months these stan. on
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recognizing the right of self-determination of the integrating the car about the region is it likely to do that you know laterally or is it likely to try to seek some regional and international support for that. has always and continues to maintain that are going to carve a conflict needs to be resolved within the framework of the always the mint's group and one of the principles of the always siemens group is the. right for self-determination so again like i said there's really nothing there about can we have time for just one question and it may come across as lame to you but please indulge me we've talked every speech we've discussed the recent changes in passions appearance his recent efforts to look more like a military man despite him never having taken part in any active combat and some of the observers suggested that he deliberately tries to look like the armenian hero from there is early clashes in the go on the kind of bomb. they they all know they
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look like an identical twins at this point even though you know with the bad they tried the same on the same hand is that just a coincidence or is that also a clever use of political technology because somebody accused him of trying to appeal to that militaristic or nationalistic feeling on on the part of many armenians many armenians do feel entitled to not go in the car back so they had no idea here the suggestion here that he's trying to invoke some of that with his image i think of the observers. are absolutely wrong i mean the reason why you as a bandage on the hand where i had a bandage on the hand was because it was cut by barbed wire i think more than anything the put the political technology you want to be looking for there is the contrast between his military appearance and the peaceful nature of the protests i think that's the image that most tends out. any any visual
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appearance or similarities to mount a middle class i mean how. you know armenian men with a beard could get passed from one to milk on your own these days so i think those observers are just wrong and informed well about can thank you very much for being with us today we have to leave it there i really hope that and many of us here in russia hope that i mean you will make us both jealous and proud alfalfa at the chairman's we're looking forward to the transition and good luck with the reform agenda thank you very much well and our viewers can keep this conversation going on out of social media pages as for me hope to see you again same place same time here on worlds apart.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race and his on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time time to sit down and talk. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and that's what mike was hoping the board doesn't want the eyes of god the company just damas on the guns not with theirs everybody got on him to see it the must also apply to proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have
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a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under cyber threat and not only that he thinks office can put more that's what we call softness of the essence of the selling this is also one of the more vocal to more stuff on these two boards are. the ones this is the longest i didn't miss the all business stop and it was listing of all the fun is up and describes in the fine. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you on the us he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go i
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mean eighty percent of the beach will probably with you and you'll see all the great get the grid if you get. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one i was out of. meets the reno p.r.t. teams latest edition make up as we go. look at. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education low it's high education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you good. luck with these songs. could
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mimic. what is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now i'm an extremely more higher education the new global economic war. the u.s. president claims toronto quote and death in the middle east after announcing washington with grenade on its commitments under the iran nuclear deal. if you want to stamp life if you look at what's happening in the middle east with syria with yemen with all of the places there involved it's bedlam and death the british prime minister apologizes for the u.k.'s complicity in the rendition of an al qaida linked libyan opposition leader and his pregnant wife and the cia that current is thrown out of the confirmation hearing for donald trump's pick to head the agency amid protests over the nominee's reported involvement and torture program.
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hello there welcome it's five pm here in moscow are you watching international now after quitting the iran nuclear deal and promising a raft of new sanctions donald trump is continuing his war of words against iran he's blamed her run for causing quote bedlam and death. see how we do with the rare probably we want to very well with them but that's ok too. they've got to understand. life because i don't think they do understand if you look at what's happening in the middle east with syria with yemen with all of the places they're involved it's bedlam and and we can't allow that to happen another statement from trump and we're in for another treat it's so juicy you can't help but savor it
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let's take it from the top we'll see how we do with the rare probably we want to very well with them but that's ok too of course he probably won't do very well with iran he just we may go on a deal that let the country's economy breathe more freely for the first time in decades and by a chain reaction trump probably won't get along with a bunch of other countries either yes all those nations who decided to stay in the deal reiterating their support for it did trump see this coming the rift with his own allies probably doesn't matter that much after all the america first mantra got trump elected and if you don't get it you're in for a life lesson they. understand. life because i don't think they do understand we keep pedia has a whole article on american exceptionalism and this tirade could very well at a section to it we get it mr trump you say understand life we here understand how
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america wants it and roll over and play and here's why according to trump everyone should be on board with his iran decision if you look at what's happening in the middle east with syria with yemen with all of the places there involved it's bedlam and death and we can't allow that to happen what a set of arguments apparently it's ok to support saudi arabia and their bombings of yemen a deadly come pain that. is altered in the world's worst manmade humanitarian crisis war courtesy of american weapons american logistical support and american intelligence and with syria i must have missed the moment when iran joined the u.s. in sending money and weapons to g. hardest armed groups seeking regime change trump has laid out a list of demands to iran most notably he called on to iran to drop the quote quest
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to destroy israel an explicit indicator of who trumps trying to court here and this is how we run feels about trump's move. and the american flag isn't the only thing in tatters now so is the iran nuclear deal which has left europe scrambling for a response one thing is clear though they won't be taking a leaf out of donald's art of the deal. ok we get the thoughts now of journalist and political commentator and she joins us you very welcome thanks for coming on we were hearing there that trump blames around for creating havoc in the middle east although his critics are saying quite rightly you would say that the u.s. has done pretty much the same if not more so. well exactly just question of.
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pot. yes true i mean there indians sort of intervention various places outside the border have not been helpful at all on their own the israeli palestinian peace process all in the gulf or yemen or lebanon however there is quite a lot of the places where iran went it was the americans handiwork for example if it wasn't for the mess the bid by intervention blair and bush in iraq very and it won't be the first player if we go back into the nineteen. actually the creation of hezbollah was a result of the anneke created by american policies in israeli intervention the whole. new phenomenon of islamic fundamentalism and terrorism
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whether it's al qaeda islam because it is where they are stems from the cia to defeat the soviet. union troops in afghanistan and all this terrorism we see today was of the hatchet from the egg that america planted there and so on so it's actually a bit rich for the americans to accuse iran and they want. to believe describes what he did ok with regard to israel and the actions we've seen from israel just over the last day or so they claim they're striking iranian positions in syria in self-defense is that how you see it. well i would. probably it's actually retaliation for an ad by the iranian revolutionary guard in. its wars i mean the b.b.c. only started after several bulletins to the. golan heights yes
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it's true. it doesn't justify their indians firing a missile. i mean however there's also a question mark on the israelis long motives. obviously camped over as well to see their radiance establishing bases. in syria the way they created hezbollah and armed hezbollah on the other hand we see the terrorist groups like al qaida eight cells affiliations splinter group from their plan because states they are actually within sort of the stone's throw from the israeli borders and i think the israelis themselves who suffered from terrorist attacks they should really not go read that but we haven't seen a single bullet fired by the israelis. terrorists and again yes they have the right to retaliate against reunion at the bolshoi the should not allow
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this country valuation to tip the balance and let the terrorists win did she think this will there will be a further escalation then all she think things will sort of richness limit and stay here. well let's hope let's hope so i mean these very different amenities spokeswoman the b.b.c. this morning said you know we retaliated against a specific we don't want to escalate bit if you look at the current leadership and whether it's liberman defense or any oh no the wisest statesman in the history of the state of israel so that's obvious miniscule escalate but again there aren't actually that open lines between moscow and washington and. of turkey and iran these are the main players some pressure on the arab side to actually supporting the so-called opposition who are. contin
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some of their islamist groups and so on this have to be really sorted out between the big super powers then the we can see better situation of the ground ok and i will even f. analysis journalist and political commentator adam darwish thank you but as we discussed there israel has launched a huge strike against the rain pace in syria more details now we also heard from a local journalist there in both a television and damascus. here in the muscles we could be able to witness that action which took place after the. night. we could be able to hear to witness. how these syrian air defenses where that getting the. israeli missiles in the sky of the mosque was a syrian military source announced that the. truth.
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of that missiles. to hit. destroy some all through to. leg that one or both. air defense but to be owns one. israel says this was a retaliation to iranian rockets fired towards the northern golan heights now israelis seem to have gone into shelters while this happened there were sirens here in israel and. but now business is as usual defense minister victor lieberman. has spoken today in a press conference saying that iranians should be aware because if there will be rain here in israel there will be a flood nobody wants a conflict nobody wants war but everybody does seem to.


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