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not stating anyone this moment are the ones that has a son that is a she lied to the federal you have a difficult that either side got hit with that on the floor of a muppet it will be that girl with a. baby missing under the rock i have a problem i said i took the. welch out of the pharmacist but i have you three and they got help from rob he is not i wanted. for heartless me. one of the sick. when the so. i somehow don't have a clue how. ashen i'm sure now sending less as if it i thought it or have a dish. refuse. to look . at. it. wasn't that. much is.
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he. taking. the. government still. in that seat and that. muscle and the feeling that it's not. because of the whole of them going to move. in their lives was that it was.
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in fiction you are the only. one superman but i'm going to you know you must. you know you can do you know when the old buddy movie you're all going to go through for most of the book and i wish you. the i'm going to school slow going to school is the least nobody knows a single movie in that knows who is where you are going to be. played much
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nothing that you absolutely have to suit. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. to. the global economy is so tightly wound that these sanctions don't work but it has to because the supply chains are completely overlapping and what is sanction in one country drives economic problems in another country that you're not trying to sanction suffer get sanctions a spell longer workable and the global economy has to come to integrate and to
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fragile its two. interdependent. i'm sleeping. because i went. through some allow. them.
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to keep going to the clinic and i know you're going to do. this little leg with their two kids have been alluded to me look a little you. know try that little. bit. jimmy or something all that much. because i let it. go out i just. i let you know them personally. but it fits him. that thought that a sunni i don't think it will cut it but i'd be out of it.
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if. he did. the remote look you just see up close. and you look at the would tell. the jury upon it comes it comes in. to be good just the cutest emotion to be done poem of much of the guy that does this i mean obviously get out to be fun it was definitely been put forth a lot of talk on the beat to be a lot of. punches thrown he said looking at me i'm carving but i'm just a month off fuck enough to get the feeling of the month monkey fuck off on the musharraf phenomenon the people so like out of the money i'm so dizzy from i
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believe even my fellow they pull up not of me that do the same about them are obviously a. little different date. and if i was to go solving the stuff yeah the most up. for class challenge at most. being i'm a young pup and we know he. would listen a lot. more not to such. foolishness because we have the most something out there not believe it to be me and move on even if it is. still there are. those who. do. get out of their inability on the leave. us it wasn't up to the people of the city and do.
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stuff to downshift yet if any of you for sure enough to come up with yet. found that there were. plenty. of it. maybe a couple. you know that. was enough of a joke to have a difficult time because a little similar to such. lists . cut. she didn't. want to. use up on the i mean if i'm going to leave and i'm not up a few i love my phone number the see above the child what have you got hopelessly
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up over and she's a massive overhaul five months old use it or the best kind of milk i'll give you just the feet. of the most you're going to doesn't hold on most of the. games i'll give you the shuttle.
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if you go to those who. serve the country ahead of the boy. at the funeral if you can look up some of them give them a little scoop the one of them looked. good. suttle of the whole muslim got. something going on all of them. here on the morning of book the song fusion and must have loved them the lot of the old one of the map to. the south in the fall for i'm. not going to. look odd but that's about an interface
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a band i like the midwest much but i found the house more than i am just lacking southdown wakey thomas innes well. it's not a matter of fact like most of. the time mail the fact i'm home from san angelo from the club and i'm visits a bank and the phone only what is it on my shelf at the end. if i thought sebastian and someone looked like a slash your mouth was from some back behind muster and what is your head up pete baggage.
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if you. get to. see a. kid on the way still. not a man off the length of the day. i saw violation and i fear that if she stopped friended years and they've all caught and there are no doubt i wish they more and the pump will soon and will you measure back every single year i'm sure in the dutch i've never heard the concept this article.
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that i would. take. the other look with. the lobby i look with all the data from. thanks. bill. and as before. just that it was somebody in the media is the. thought of my little. daughter and i saw two hundred in. a day and more so i look. for them to be delivered but if i see. steve i can run he said looking.
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at the. sun. i'm tempted to. talk. to. you. on that level but i know that you are wildly out of shape and be that into. you know the. sorts of fun. and then i go to the boys to cheerlead. like and the mom my dad mentioned and my
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job new software so i start doing the seven minutes of lame down. below well that might be a good side of the school o'connor and there should be a lot on she would be a strict limits. because she might be out of. staters to hear a little bit. in the. world of behind beauty of us is the more the peanut with the still a lot of. order to learn of. the heart of. the limitless. and the more you know if you look at the things that. actually. told. you to.
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other arabs had been. the target but they didn't. jump in home and that's a. good. one and. that's the first year that a little bit of that overlooked the. subtlest. against the book i tell that to my mind to continue. i think that you know as you go to the yankee market one hundred one. is that that movie is a little bit there anybody was so surprising as i think it's kind of in my. head
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because i thought you know the sort of. the way some of the i'm sure i don't i'm not. sure he did. one of my a couple times. this year but i have to look at it now but maybe it was time. for the. change in one ear and then change it i meant i don't have to look does he'll be i can love the. most awful i think i did but i think at the limit the. fact got. to be that the idea and i thought about been is that i've gotten older i am making the right you. know guard going to have to be out there with and i have got it have been you know to have been just adds.
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thomas hell is one of the most controversial products of outside it's a solid vegetable fat that's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty
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three million tons that rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion of kamel plantations which means the destruction of rain forest. get into the zero a lot more than ten million typed as of unique rain forest has been destroyed and it's a process that just keeps going. antigovernment
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protests held across russia two days before putin's presidential inauguration and. tens of thousands protested in paris the games president labor reforms made type curacy following we see why a. global chemical weapons watchdog saith unable to determine the amounts of the nerve agent used in its power poisoning despite earlier claims from the head of the organization. the latest on these stories you can head to our dot com will stay with us for the financial news in the kindly report coming up next.
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guys or this is the kaiser report the robots taken over yet there's still room to appreciate nature in all of its glory and in all its wonder just rub the bark against my skin and feel feel nature i think to become one with. with. the heavens and earth the sea. max. i think you're scaring everybody that they've tuned into some business journal fashion listen. anyway you know actually you bring up nature and i saw the adam schiff this past week is that democrat who's big on russia gate but he came out and said that because of donald trump's irrational and basically unpredictable nature
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kim jong un has come to the negotiating table and there could be peace in the korean peninsula but you know i also want to look at another story relating to donald trump and his arrest is unpredictable nature and that is in terms of the sanctions that were placed on. in the aluminum producer if you're in the u.k. the l a mini i'm producer that that the unpredictable nature of setting up barriers or a downs in the flow of commodities and free trade is often unpredictable as he found out e.u. hit by massive aluminum shortage chunk considers easing sanctions this is from year zero intelligence and michelle locke is talking about it and they point out that the big story over the weekend is the clear and present danger that u.s. sanctions against russia pose for europe's manufacturing industry the f.t. has the story that the e.u. faces imminent supply sorted dj's of raw aluminum an aluminum oxide one of the companies targeted by the sanctions is the russian aluminum supplier roussel which
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the e.u. depends for its aluminum supplies the price for aluminum have skyrocketed in the last few days as shortages are becoming acute it sounds like the illuminati. get that well you know the global economy is so tightly wound that these sanctions don't work like they used to because the supply chains are completely overlapping and what is the sanction of one country drives economic problems in another country that you're not trying to sanction so forget sanctions as the longer workable the the global economy has become too integrated and too fragile it's too. interdependent on each other big just like the forest just like the ocean just like everything i think what i think yeah i mean that's the point is that since the one nine hundred ninety s. early one nine hundred ninety s. america has led this empire basically of global trade and its attendant on globalization and supplanted on you know we're also entering
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a trade war with china for example in the fact is that a lot of goods around you huge percentage of consumer goods in america come from china so part of our power as a nation king from opening up markets around the world but then we also see the fragility of having nationalistic policies it's not really possible to have nationalistic policies in a day and age of hyper globalization where you know supply chains are so wound together and so last minute mode so much unpredictability that is an asset because it forces everyone to adapt in real time into think and be present in the moment remember that blind faith is predictable and it leads toward dead ends of predictability whereas having more doubt and the more science based mine results in more of a multitude of solutions that's what's kept humans spinning for millions of
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years that's what keeps life going in the cosmic dimensions unpredictability need to drive evolution not the same. cycle of predictability that would create monocultures and evolutionary dead ends stay cis and death so trump is political equivalent of the duck billed platypus that arrives on the scene to baffle us all and if survives in the wild i'm going to say that word. and i know our british viewers and we have many of them are going crazy now at me saying aluminum aluminum aluminum over and over and they're diving . is is the word used to describe the white of an egg it doesn't refer to a base metal or a commodity brits are know nothing of the english language they're the only people
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that use that phrase so such bottlenecks are evidence of the acute dependence on both russia and the us even diplomats are now begging the trump and ministration to exempt aluminum from the sanctions france is leading an effort by e.u. countries to get the us to ease a sanctions against moscow and also the article goes on to say that the e.u. is also heavily reliant on china as well i saw an article by the way this past week where the china has a new. they actually loaded up a train full of cargo from china and it's now the first time going across by rail and that's going to basically cut like two weeks off or three weeks off of the delivery time transport time sanctions against russia were a figment m.s.n. bases imagination and the propaganda speech by rachel maddow that's now all been discredited and the bunked in the wake of the russia gate hoax which is now widely understood to be purely
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a trick to confound americans and disappeared and yet another one but the nature as we're talking about the nature of a free market globalized system is that you can't have barriers it can't have censorship you can't censor you can't create a swift global financial system based on your dollar and want the world to have a u.s. dollar standard for example and then start saying no we don't want you to participate no we don't want you to participate and that person can't actually exclusive yes so you either want to have a global trade system with a dollar reserve currency or you don't you can have selectively pick sanctions that would create choke points in the dollar reserve global currency that's what i'm saying right that's true isn't. well free market system is not a financial suicide bomber like jamie diamond he's more of a global trade guy i think i've got a what he. got a woody i mean i've got wood i mean i've got what. they call that stuff after that you can throw it away because i love causing any trouble right now to think people
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are tired of that right now i don't see why they want to move on they want to live no tone for mother nature. so i'm going to move on to you know we were talking at the dollar and a lot of the dollar has facilitated enormous debts you know the u.s. is going to have a trillion dollar tree deficit you know fiscal deficits for the next looking out onto the horizon is going to be a trillion two chilian soon but you know right now while the going is good what is loading up on junk debt and junk that is still we still had an easy time last week a member last week what we saw was a ten year treasury yield soared to overthe to three percent were for the first time in a few years and yet jumbo market had an easy time netflix raise billions more than they expected and there was a have. put it on to their pile of eight billion already in debt you know to fund all the content that we're watching while sitting at home well here's another article from well for about the junk bond bubble peak bubble for junk bonds says we
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work bond sale the junk bond market is still in total bubble bloom simply ignoring the bloodletting in the treasury market that pushed the ten year yield to three percent finally for the first time in over four years but investors are last thing after higher yields and companies are taking advantage of them while they still can which makes sense particularly if it's a unicorn with long term lease obligations up out the was due whose net loss which doubled to nearly one billion is bigger than its revenues so they did a five hundred million dollar bond offering there's a lot of crazy data in here but you know in terms of this system this nature of the global financial system and trade system which we've been. talking about on two sides of it are the u.s. and china and those two as the i.m.f. pointed out are the biggest debt monger in the world and escalating rapidly and you have these two sides of a perhaps precarious ends but that's why you want in order for a more anti-fragile system maybe not to have so many barriers and sanctions and and
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restrictions and censorship in the way of that so that the global financial system oh well i mean to your point about interest rates if in fact interest rates are on the way up and the ten year treasury bond is over three percent and heading to a more normalized five or six percent then junk bond market would head to a more normalized thirteen to fourteen percent yes from the current five percent so these companies like we work or netflix are trying to lock in cheap money now before it becomes a lot more expensive but as you point out in the case of we work they have a long term lease obligations so if in fact rates spike and the economy slows they're not going to be able to fill those properties up with tenants so it doesn't matter what the price of junk is because they will be driving no revenues and they want them to service the debt at any interest rate we saw that in the two thousand and seven two thousand and eight crisis is a lot of these banks like goldman sachs were borrowing long lending short overnight all these like junk bond basically entities and they ran into.


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