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sol street district hospital received three people who required inpatient care search and. and detective sergeant nick bailey nick was discharged on march the twenty second. all three had been exposed to a nerve agent a highly toxic chemical which ends to prevent the nervous system from functioning. in the four weeks since the incident in the city center both have received round the clock care from our clinicians have been able to draw on advice and support from world leading experts in the field we've been keeping you updated on the condition of you layer and surrogate whilst respecting their rights to privacy to which they and all our patients are entitled. while i won't go into great detail about the treatment we've been providing i will say that nerve agents work by attaching themselves to particular enzymes in the body which then stop the nerves
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from functioning this results in symptoms such as sickness hallucinations. our job in treating the patients is to stabilize them and showing that they can breathe and that blood can continue to circulate we then need to use a variety of different drugs to support the patients until they could create more enzymes to replace those affected by the poisoning. we also use specialized decontamination techniques to remove any residual toxins. both patients have responded exceptionally well to the treatment we've been providing but equally both patients are at different stages in their recovery. we have now discharged from salisbury district hospital yulia has asked for privacy from the media and i want to reiterate her request. i also want to take this opportunity to wish her well this is not the end of her treatment but marks
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a significant milestone. her father has also made good progress. on friday i announced that he was no longer in a critical condition although he's recovering more slowly at the new year we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course. finally i want to pay tribute to the stuff here at salisbury district hospital the past few weeks have been enormously testing for all our staff they have pulled together not just to deliver outstanding care for the individuals caught up in these terrible events but to all our patients as they do day in and day out. both our clinical staff and our stuff behind the scenes have been a credit to our hospital to the n.h.s. and to the city of salt spray thank you. so as you heard we're two officials from district hospital reporting on the news of us being discharged confirming her
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discharged from hospital recently and also confirming the recovery of her father who is getting better slowly but still they hope to this charge him from the hospital at some point they reiterated that this is not the end of us screwballs treatment marks a significant milestone in her recovery no questions taken of course after that confirmed has requested privacy from the media will of course bring you any more updates on the condition of the scruples and that all go investigation as they come in. fake and stage to that was the verdict of russia's envoy to the united nations over the latest alleged chemical attack in syria reports on saturday claimed dozens have died in the city of duma after chlorine gas was dropped on the area where russia's envoy failed to convince some members of the un security council with the u.s. to be considering a tough response to the attack. so just as much in the dark because the rest of us
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relying on. you know we're down to this issue at this point to independently verify the allegations history will record this as the moment when the security council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of syria either way the united states will respond. no good decision for the prohibition of chemical weapons which said it's ready to investigate this matter should be tomorrow good to damascus a. few years ago literally it. will be letting you know british people are actually launching your first. it was obvious from going to certain communication channels with. actions on the
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fourth pretext against syria my russian troops are located legally could lead to consequences. to be world police investigators prosecutors and executioners. these pictures from inside the scene of the alleged attack russia's military and chemical experts have searched the area though traces of banned substances were followed according to the russia's envoy to the u. when confirmed. russia said it wants an independent body set up to investigate reports of the attack the move won the backing of the u.k. as well. as more on what was said during the session as the fifteen member body convened and we had a meeting of the u.n. security council we heard first from the representative of the russian federation he went on to talk about the fact that anti-government fighters terrorist groups like al nasr and others there have been occasions in which territory has been lit. raided from them and it's been discovered that they are stockpiling chemical
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weapons and that they have in the past used chemical weapons against the positions of the syrian government. but you consciously good move them because they didn't correspond to the doctrine no retirement of those who sleep in the liquidation of the official government contracts from there we heard from nikki haley the representative of the united states she went on to blame the syrian government for the attack and from there she said that the united states intends to respond to this alleged chemical attack regardless of whether the u.n. security council approves of that or not she she says that the usa intends to take action now her remarks come after donald trump said the usa was in the process of making some big decisions regarding the chemical attack and. that. militarily it. will be letting you know pretty soon. that nothing's off the.
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nothing's of the. action launching here for. now benzema pointed out that when donald trump said that nothing was off the table in regards to syria and the action that he might take these words sound very dangerous the implications of possible aggressive action from the united states in syria could be very severe and that the whole world should be deeply concerned about this kind of rhetoric and this kind of language coming from the commander in chief of the united states on the u.s. delegation echoed the statements of president trump during the security council meeting as you can see they even stood up and left as they said and boy again this . media outlets don't seem to be holding back and giving their advice the president struck with we spoke to former u.s. presidential candidate ron paul who's the chairman of the institute of peace and prosperity. this is a time when
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a crime is committed in this country the stations when they're not sure they're careful they say this is allegedly but they never do this under these circumstances they have zero bits of information it's only been over again they had to the person is guilty and that is that person is you know the russians and the syrians are guilty of a crime and it goes over and over again you know did that is the script and then they finally had to give up hey you know that nothing can pay and out so they had to go on to a new one so it's one runs out of steam they create another fake news program. i think the least likely would be his sawed this whole idea i saw it's over and over again i probably heard ten times today i saw it as gassing his own people and i've said it every time i haven't saw it in a month or two later they proved it was absolutely wrong so i cannot see any reason why assad would do this there's no reason for a russian have done this there's somebody who wants to serve up trouble and the people who want to stay there. other scripts help always think of
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a subsequent diplomatic fallout have given rise to a number of voices telling football files to think twice before visiting russia for the world cup this summer. the president says the action on the pitch what's happening outside of it should remain focus johnny in france you know opened up to peter schmeichel the danish football legend who's got a new show right now here on auty it is no sequels a lot of tension between the world and the will cup host nation. afifa how are you dealing with that i mean how are you sort of. coming in making this a past event in the world with all that's going on at the moment by focusing on football i think that's the key and that's the secret you have to focus on full but i think there are enough. people around the world to try to just. you know divide or argue or dispute or whatever we have to try to unite
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football easier knighting some of the spin from western media is that it's not safe to go to russia you know security is not good enough don't go off scene you know in england they're basically saying to the fans don't go it's not safe. what what would you say to that this is safe to go to russia of course it is safe to go to russia. for this and it will be very safe but it will be even safer to go to russia during the world cup because the authorities in russia very much aware of what the world cup means and they want to show as well and welcoming country and preparations in terms of security for the world beyond. any other. event or any other situation saw the conditions will be there for a very safe world cup and obviously those who want to enjoy football and enjoy
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a part of the summer they should go to russia those who want to go to have riots or whatever. exactly goes home. over to the u.k. now where there's been anger amid claims british aid money has been used to buy books for palestinian schools which could promote violence the books are said to contain questions such as how many martyrs does it take to destroy the enemy it's led to accusations the u.k.'s damaging peace prospects by promoting anti semitism these are some examples of the task set to children in those books this is one mass question students must find a number of martyrs who died during the two palestinian revolts against israel a physics task here a picture is used of a boy with a sling shot targeting i.d.f.
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soldiers. the u.k. government says it's against all forms of violence and tries to have dialogue with all sides of the conflict to promote quote a positive portrayal of each other my colleague neil harvey put the issue up for debate. it's a huge tragedy that a hardworking british taxpayer is funding and subsidizing palestinian terrorism huge amounts of the money from the preachers taxpayer unfortunately goes in to inciting violence against innocent israelis or is outrageous is actually typical people like richard who are apologies for the israeli the zionist occupation and now he's saying he is trying to make us to believe that those who are occupied should not even defend themselves according to their right on their international law it is actually
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a right to resist illegal occupation and indeed is their right and is their right to teach their children if we see in a physics task a picture of a boy targeting israeli soldiers can you not see that there's a great danger that that's promoting an aggressive viewpoint in the children promoting violence in their minds you know what i mean you know look at the reality that child is being brutalized by those soldiers on a day. all their lives their family their culture you know. you know she didn't just as. she was only she was in the cult of who was shot in the face these people are going through brutality which is unbelievable by ourselves richard would you be happy to see books of a different type in their sport promoting something more diplomatic.
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yeah of course that would be fantastic but it's just not the reality because a palestinian will follow it see how mass massud very well in the state of israel to exist. they don't want any peace that happen to see the bloodshed continue while he's living safely in london he can talk on the walls he's encouraging the varmints that we're seeing in sergeant by these textbooks the protesters have been burning barricades while police have to tear gas you know the french city . that's a stand off by environmentalist continues for a second day we'll have more on that story for you often a short break. light for many clubs over the years so i know the gang even so i got. the ball isn't only
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about what happens on the pitch for the fun of school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money. to spend spend be true to the twenty million like. it's an experience like nothing else on it because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game like great one more chance but. it's going to. zia's says harlan kentucky. boy you could very easily. be. a coma any city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines are said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of
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a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. before selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle is going. to do socks for the tell you that what we gossip the public but the point. isn't tell you on the cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along the gulf will watch.
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the program protesters have been burning barricades while police have deployed to a gas near the french city of not started off by environmentalists continues for a second day now police have been trying to evict protesters from their camp all to shot at this report from the scene. well the focus in the clashes continued today down just take a look to my left hand side and you'll see that there's a group of the saddest say about say twenty meters in the distance that's where the c.r.s. the gendarmerie are now they've actually been moved back and pushed from the earlier position when we saw them when they had started to bring chunks into this area because that's what they're trying to do now is to bring them in to help with the bulldozers to raise new structures in their attempts to expel all reservists from this area but the c.r.'s were actually moved back when it seemed for a moment the tides were turning and the scientists were able to really gain some ground here but the police are pushing back now if you just look at the other side
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of me you're going to see this is another area of the saddest the using row barrier case some of them of even taken barriers that look very similar to that that would have belonged to the police previously but they are trying their best to hold it and that's because they're trying to save the homes that they've built here some of them have built since two thousand and eight and we've been speaking to one young mother who's got a fifteen month old son who's been living here for seven years and this is what she told us about her thoughts on losing her house which looks like it's next in line to be demolished i think i'm pushing away any kind of real emotional attachment to the buildings right now maybe a cry later to me where all in this together and crushing everything on the on that is crashing a building on the sides i think i cried first on i think i. for me it just means that we have less buildings for all of us together and that's the shame i don't
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think i want to particularly attach a sentimental attachment to these buildings i happen to live in have a fifteen month old child who lives here as well and he's not here right now because. because there's some horrible people there until well the tear gas is continue to rain down here. day two just behind me you can see that they're actually just soaring down a tree anything that they can do they're bringing doors in or anything they can do to barricade themselves in from the police to defend this land this land that they say is that learning to defend the government has a very different view on that of course let's take a look at the events on day one hey exact. so get. your new york people here if you're a police or just about a hundred meters down in the distance ready and waiting for whether they going to charge forward.
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the police and are trying to push everybody away a tactic that we've seen earlier in the day whether you choice right getting rid of all of the sadness or the activists. well we've still got clashes going on here is the dodgers are trying to reclaim stake their hold on this land that they have been able to reclaim this morning a lot to tear gas we've heard some people injured medics are out in force and you can still see the smoke surrounding us this is remnants of that two gas continuously being fired it's also being sprayed directly into the faces of some protesters when they get too close to the police this is tape to the police c.r.'s have a lot of work to do if their aims to raise are this entire site is to take place it's unlikely it's going to be finished today because the ziad resistance is very strong but we know that the force of the police is also their own two and a half thousand gendarmerie are here and the government is determined this will be
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it once and for all the end of sant. weather headlines the leader of the lebanese political party and militant group hezbollah has revealed washington offered to remove it from the terror watch list i'm given financial backing only if it dropped its resistance to israel parties me for sufi picks up the story. the u.s. terror lest arguably the most dangerous list in the world and if you're on the database you just seem there's no way out of big brunton international threats right wrong if you want your name scratched off for good harry options you could become a friend of a friend the chief of hezbollah that any share political and military may have meant with links to iran says the united states offered the group the chance to be removed from its national terror watch list but there was a catch jay you believe salim indicates to me a good message from the us was president saying that the u.s.
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is ready and that will be a part of the lebanese government's billions of dollars and be removed from her list but on the two conditions first one is that would work for the americans and the second is that will stop resisting the israeli your patience israel's are very firm a strong ally so basically as long as you're nice to washington's friends i'm for fair the proof that money talks look no further than the people's moshe dayan organization of iran doesn't matter that you killed american personnel and civilians top notch lobbyists will do the job politicians will back you at rallies if they are islamic but what martin and secular t.v. ads will proclaim your innocence from t.v. screens. any k. is a ranch democratic opposition working for a nuclear free iran founded on human rights unjustly listed a terrorist group is the victim of. their rocky allies this
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next option is simple just sits and waits until the tax for me if noble peace prize winner nelson mandela waited till days before his ninetieth birthday what a nice present from washington and five years later at his funeral all was forgiven and forgotten to the day said that the world thank you for your know so not only with us. this photo was yours. but the people who were the birds and those great her brand of detroit is that. same mentality now widely seen as an international hey wright was branded as an international threat a decade plus even when it comes. to things. you have never done this. is just like a red line for you if you're not designate. in this land it's going to you know on the battlefield there are groups that nest together or individual fighters or
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groups of fighters it's not a clean situation all the time so it depends that being on the u.s. terror list may have little to do with that big terrorist however it is using what you might call the carrot and stick approach and rob the handy way for a government to achieve its strategic goals if you look and see who has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the united states they are always the governments that seek to be independent from the united states or have challenge us hegemony in their area or in their country thus the label is purely political it doesn't really say anything about terrorism or about the people who are saying under the f t o foreign terrorist organization label it's a form of bullying on the grand scale. u.s. department of homeland security setting up a new media monitoring service last part of the scheme that the h.s.
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plans to keep a close eye on more than two hundred ninety thousand global news sources as well as social media is going to monitor data and more than one hundred languages and also set up a database to include all people involved in news critics on all that surprised of course given president trump's much publicized lack of love for the media. as you know i have a running war with the media take news media or press the crooked media as a failing pile of garbage fake fake they are among the most dishonest human beings on. the plans of sparked a strong reaction on twitter maybe the trump homeland security forces would like dissidents we're monitoring bracelet and submit themselves with tattoos to cool the office of homeland security once the docs all the journalists in the country this isn't bad at all when you have a president who has called the press the enemy of the american people i think in
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sunder standard for people to be concerned when d.h.s.s. announces that they want to create a media monitoring platform journalist chris hedges believes the u.s. is acting like a rogue state. first of all i would say they probably already are monitoring. you know this may be a more concerted effort or this just made public a knowledge meant what they've been doing but you know they're very worried about their international. image and reputation and ability to control the message both domestically and internationally the united states much like israel is becoming a pariah country. in much of the world and i think that rather than address or even acknowledge the reason for this they are tempting to impose drac wholly and forms of control on systems of information. and i said to a yeah vermonter of our top story doctors in salzburg he have now confirmed unesco
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paul has been discharged from hospital following last month's love agent attack but she's asked the media to respect her privacy a father saga is also on the road to recovery but at a slower rate they have no discharged from salzburg district hospital. has asked for privacy from the media and i want to reiterate to request her father has also made good progress. on friday and i'm straight he was no longer in a critical condition. although he's recovering more slowly than yulia we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course. that's it for this hour see just a few moments for more global news updates. up shame downstream you know the name change where all the feel of the upstream you had better off in here because all the all the garbage and everything flows
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downstream and in the financial world if you live in proximity to where the money is being printed the cotillion effect is meaning that you get first use of that money and then compounds out to rape me you get a compound rate of return based on the first you time is on your side your downstream times writing against you because you end up with a savings account paying zero percent or you have no wages or you're behind inflation currently. applied to many flips over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money joe killian a loan has been spent each year to the twenty million and one player. it's an
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experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy played great so what will chance with. the bigs it's going to take. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be rich. to go on to be first this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. to. try to.
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avoid a standoff between police and environmentalist's enters its second day in for all the sub barricades of burning police fired tear gas we've got reports coming up from the sea. headlines today you do a script is allegedly discharged from hospital that follows last month's nerve agent attack exceeding doctors initial assessments that she may never recover. also in the headlines alleged chemical attack in syria was staged no trace of substances were found at the scene that's according at least to russia's representative to the you know it's.


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