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reportedly big to be a script releases a first statement on a condition as a recovery opens a new chapter no then into the investigation without submerging over russia being the source of the nerve agents. also this hour a gang grips a neighborhood in paris r.t. gets a glimpse of what life is like for residents there terrorized by migrant teenagers . plus a campaign for israeli women to keep their seats on airplanes instead of switching with the dogs jewish man is blocked by or at least that story is coming up to.
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you know in this is r.t. news at ten live from moscow this thursday our top story again tonight the latest in the script developments to bring up to speed within this hour the u.n. security council called by russia is now getting underway in new york with nation set to discuss the poisoning of double agents scruple and his daughter here and we have an imminently and we'll be going live to hear from the key permanent members there including the u.s. russia and the u.k. over the coming hours and when that happens meantime other developments in this story the daughter of the former russian double agent yulia script pole has given her first official statement since the poison attack on her and her father last month in the english city of souls bring said quote the entire episode is somewhat disorientating well our london correspondent part of our team there in the u.k. and this is said churkin or as the latest. the starts to look like a puzzle that potentially the u.k. had pieced together a little bit too quickly as now some of the key pieces of it despite some of the
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denial seem to be falling apart now some may have hoped that this would be the spy story of the decade with some russian involved in immediate conclusion immediate accusations and of course the media and the court of public opinion had shaped their opinions pretty quickly given the fact that politicians here were repeating the same words over and over like a mantra it's highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia koku culpable culpable for the attempted murder but is kate is culpable for calling putin's criminal as a woman you're likely to do with his decision well of course the the attempted murder conversation is now potentially going to take on a different shape now that yulia screwball indeed has released her first official statement where she said that she's been feeling ok for a week now that she's woken up where she think for those who those who helped her out and her father when they were incapacitated as she put it and certainly lots of
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questions this is there about of course many times we have heard the lines about the russia having a history of attempted assassinations with some of course questioning that possibly a new chapter will now open with potentially yulia and hopefully eventually sergei when he gets out of the coma could share some of the information about what happened to them and of course the porch and down revelations were huge but. for some reason not really changing lots of minds they were highly anticipated findings from this major british wellbore atory that found that there is no proof that russia is behind this and in fact no particular source that they could name but the narrative has progressed so quickly and has taken up so much of a public and media and public political of course and diplomatic attention throughout the world. but it seems that it's a little bit difficult now for this whole story to potentially slow down especially with situations which we have seen where for example the times newspaper had an
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article on where they said it would it might be hard for to reason me given the latest porton down revelations to keep the alliances against russia and those kinds of statements are not welcome at this point because the circle are completely wrong . nothing has changed what it gives is vladimir putin a master builder to find the information for the propaganda war and will clearly we're still waiting for the official results of an investigation that is going to be hopefully eventually announced well the first journalist will clog told us britain is struggling to keep its claims on truck right now. just a week ago i remember reading in the british papers that she was on death's door in the life support she was going to be switched off and now she's made this lousy restart recovery which is extremely welcome of course but the problem of the british government has got now is there is the narrative is totally unraveling day by day hour by hour we already have this week the announcement from porton down
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that they couldn't confirm that the nerve agent the government said was used actually came from russia and we had to sort of backpedaling on that one from the likes of boris johnson and co and now we hear that you describe police is is up there she's talking she's recovered well and so you know if this was not a chop which we're told we were told before don't forget is the deadliest nerve agent no into mine it would kill you within two minutes probably. how is she recovered and so there's a lot of questions to be asked here and of course we're now getting told the navi truck was probably on the door handle of the triples house but if that was the case then how come they were able to walk around solsbury have a meal go up or drive for the next five hours so this really this narrative really got more holes in it a large slab of swiss cheese isn't it and it's hard to see where the government can go from here really because you know everything they told us in the beginning is so far been contradicted nonetheless britain has been quick to point the finger at russia but it's been left slightly red faced after some claims are beginning to
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unravel. highlights that. it's a right old kid on drugs on the one hand you skip the trial screamed guilty and jump to the punishment part on the other your own guys come out and say hold on there's no evidence and i was his by were living experts at the defense science and technology laboratory at porton down made clear that this was a military grade nobby choke nerve agent produced in russia we have not verified the precise source you have not been able to establish that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide you know the scientific evidence that identifies what the particular nerve agent is there to be clear you're not able at porton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that well that's embarrassing alright keep calm first goo back on your word and just to be sure delete any old tweets then that riposte experts who say the
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opposite of what you said our experts have precisely identified in their region as not be chuck it is not and has never been our responsibility to confirm the source of the agent now pretend that nothing happened which is hard to do in the end to that really the brits ended up having to explain themselves and conveniently scapegoated the poor fellow who transcribed the briefing one of the tweets was truncated and did not accurately report her master's words we've removed this tweet you remember what i said about scapegoating he really did but barge johnson himself had said almost the same thing said it's on video you argue that their source of is russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly when i look
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at the the evidence i mean the people from from portland. they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no doubt wouldn't want to be in their shoes right about now yet they did find a way around it a simple statement saying that boris johnson didn't mean it like that what the foreign secretary said then and what putin donna said recently is fully consistent with what we've said throughout having taken things so far so fast they can't afford to do a u. turn this investigation could end in two ways with proof of russia's guilt or with an uncomfortable silence and hope that everyone forgets until then boris keep doing what you do every day you're the one thing on earth. is the government going to use russia. for existing of surrogates of
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people is not an isolated case but the latest in a pack of reckless behavior by the russian state the russians the russians russian russia russia russia russia i'm afraid the evidence is overwhelming that it is russia and france and a serious questions to answer he claimed on german television this was a russian produced nerve agent and porton down then examined it and said all that if i was a sniper trial they couldn't say where it came from. or the labor party m.p.'s have been running on boris johnson on twitter to the shadow home secretary said that perhaps mr johnson might also want to delete the vilified german t.v. interview he gave other stress the need to check evidence while labor m.p. chris williamson called johnson downright dangerous and said the incident is being used as a diversionary tactic. seems to me the government were indulging in political point
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scoring particularly boris johnson who raced ahead of the evidence and used this terrible incident not so much as a smoking gun but more of a smokescreen really it was a very convenient wasn't for the government to use this as a way of diverting attention from their own difficulties of a. policy and you know at the end of the day it's pretty clear that boris johnson did not tell the truth he told german interviewer that a. scientist i doubt it said it was without doubt that the agents had to come from russia so i think jeremy called in was absolutely right to caution to ask for clear evidence before we start to raise international tensions but we need to get to the bottom in the evidence and jeremy said this seems to point towards russia but let's be absolutely clear before we start raising international tensions in this way this is huge implications far more sensible to take a measured approach and be clear about the evidence and let all the evidence. all
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right well we told you we going to the u.n. security council in new york in session after russia called a meeting of the scruple case in the u.k. let's see what's being said we just saw a silly bandz of the areas again the russian federation let's listen in and debate to you on to the letter of the prime minister of great britain to reason may know that letter you can retain is horrific and when the new uncivil stanch accusations against russia in the use of chemical weapons on the territory of the united conspirators the new representative going to be shall be the united kingdom you know much who give us the promised us at the time to brief the security council on the course of the investigation regularly however we didn't have any such briefings. so removing as it may we will brief you in detail we thought you wouldn't use of has been a month. in the british city of solitary this is not by any russian
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citizens or good script and his daughter yulia were found unconscious but i mean you know he needs to be said to chemical weapons if this did indeed take place here it is a threat to nonproliferation and as such it is a topic that deserves to be considered by the security council especially since we do have quite a bit to say and we do have some questions to ask our british colleagues of mine and so what do we know about the crime and its victims to reduce group on sergei screwed who was convicted in two thousand and six first spying for great britain when you after being amnesty in two thousand and ten lived in the game of the united kingdom while maintaining his russian citizenship would you just really radically his daughter yulia citizen of russia visited him on his do not assume you're quoting to the version spread by the british side of russia who did not forgive him is treason and decided to eliminate him. will that given that there was
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no threat that this individual represented for russia. i think that is obvious so a number of questions begs to be asked first of all just regarding if we speak. very cynically jim was not he would why did we have to wait eight will years and decided to do this two weeks before the presidential elections in russia and just a few weeks before the world cup you have your if you'd like to do so why was even released from the country such impulse that i had you would like him why eliminate the individual through this strange and dangerous for people around him and such a. highly public. method samples of who did you q everyone who knows. crime novels. one of them for example the midsummer murders which is very well known as british british series and they all know hundreds of very clever ways of killing someone you're however also going to
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use those who sought to kill sergei screwball and his daughter supposedly chose an extremely toxic chemical substance so the most risky and dangerous method possible at the same time they didn't really finish the job. because the two individuals seemed to be alive and you live thank god seems to be improving rapidly with the union boss so in this very complex case there are lots of lots of questions and the further we go the more questions keep some rubbing up from the very beginning the british side. represented by said share or said expert chemical chemist as prime minister to resign may and minister of foreign affairs boris johnson unequivocally stated that in the case with the screen. the substance used was so-called not the joke and that it is highly likely that
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this substance comes from. russia. has now if this is a very powerful substance was spread in the house of the script or on the door and the door knob of his house i mean look at them with food and that seems to be the version that the investigation seems to be pointing to so how could sergei only have remained in normal state a few hours following that one given that the surgeon of least making bailey the first individual who helped them immediately lost his consciousness. of how with how in with able to survive after all this. only in some sense i expect in a show is that. you do they. an antidote was immediately introduced into them immediately it was doing it the way you know to do this and quoting to the unanimous view of experts and even the fact that this sample of an exact same
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substance not a similar substance but exactly identical substance had to be present somewhere nearby if you were going to have several kilometers from the scene of the crime a british research center porton down is located which is well known for its development of chemical weapons were used and there are a lot of questions that we have about the activity of this and one hundred however this is what's interesting got it in here gary i want to but i can head to head of the laboratory important down stated on tuesday that his laboratory has determined that this was a a toxic nerve substance. but then you could not confirm its origin if that was that was a quote. furthermore he said look at that and what you know antidotes were used were all introduced into this greenhouse he assumed that the british government and i'm like him may have additional information on the top things like you know we
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have to pay tribute to missed. and then he didn't and he did not he did not put in danger his professional reputation to service the guesswork or the versions put forward by the british authorities on bugs as i did at the same time he assured like everyone that he had nothing of the car no substance of the kind could have left the premises of his laboratory so the question is what was this last when you mughal but he couldn't leave the premises of the laboratory. and does the o.p.c. dubey know about this substance god within you believe the matter what happens because all this means that the main argument of the british side about the questionable russian origin of the substance has basically. is no longer valid now all of the system of evidence about the highly likely version of the involvement of
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russia was based on that premise but that statement by mr lay can head only adds even more questions into this case though that is before us. once again we want to state we would be or be very good when you know the joke is not a he does not know how you write it by russia instead in spite of the obviously russian name the one you believe it is a name that that was that was invented in the west for a line of talk going to toxic substances which which is no nothing new for experts around scientists who were developed in many countries including in the united states and in great britain. where boris johnson was in response to a direct question of don't you bella directly confirmed that great britain does have samples of that substance important down here last night before yesterday on the site of the british foreign. ministry of foreign affairs the tweet about the
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russian or. region of the substance was deleted. this already led to some scandals and some serious. talk behind the scenes however george johnson and the british foreign service immediately got extra support and assistance from the british for the british special services as like just like chippendale which through using the times newspaper yesterday stated that they were able to on the basis of a scientific analysis and intelligence data determine the. probable origin of the substance already a few days after the chemical attack in salzburg it is stated that on the seventh of march the cabinet of ministers knew. that the chemical substance. was produced in russia with a very high degree of probability that
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a british intelligence service to the cause you consider that they have to term and with a location of a secret russian laboratory where the nerve agent was produced and furthermore and begin and we'll be very attentive to what i'm about to say to this source of the british security intelligence services can you not cannot speak openly about the location of the lab laboratory however there. their knowledge of where it's located there there's a certainty of where it's located is very high their degree of certainty and they also consider one that the russian side conducted tests to determine whether know the joke could be used for politically motivated murders or sasa nations. there's even more really with the daily mail also yesterday revealed that
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british intelligence services have. highly secret information. from certain sources that the fact that russia turns out to be just before the attack in salisbury tested the nerve agent you know the joke on every day targets like you are in here like a door handle for example or everyday objects you know good gentlemen ladies and gentlemen i don't even know what to say about this little it's some sort of theater of the absurd. who couldn't shoot come up with with a with a better fake story watching them a bit not going to mean we all know the how with what the worth of british intelligence information is based on experience with tony blair we're going to have told our british colleagues that you're playing with fire and you'll be sorry. you would because it's one thing to put in the forward unsubstantiated accusations and
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it's quite different if you're going to music you to start speaking using professional terms why you go which requires not which means not simply who who will speak louder than diplomacy. but what it requires clear answers to two very specific substantial questions i don't think have the british investigative a body is are grateful to the british government for their hasty and unequivocal statements and conclusions through the motions wanted to meet the woman you all this of course your politicians never thought about all this didn't they had no idea that there since there how i picked up statements might boomerang and hit them not of them and hit them where they used not a very very useful and timely anti russian canard you know. the me topic like the russian or chemical attacks or god so of course they didn't they
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weren't aware that one. the dust settles they will be held responsible for their words and yet london new london started started poisoning our relations with other countries lots of it not to use it is a sign of solidarity of a number of the states that are allies of the united kingdom some one hundred fifty russian diplomats were expelled we know that your ambassadors around the world are putting pressure on sovereign states and are forcing them to follow this very terrible example we would have all of you started a wave that even reached new york washington i used to know your allies in the united states have undertaken an unprecedented expulsion of sixty russian diplomats including twelve. staff members of the permanent mission of russia with the u.n. you believe without providing any proof. for this
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without concrete conducting consultations with us as provided for in the agreement on. headquarter is. pretty presence at headquarters and hence when they go who will make a clearly big they clearly. they clearly didn't comply with all the provisions of the headquarters agreement of the united nations. and lived up to their obligations and by the way it's not the first time that the united states has not lived up to their obligations in this area i want you to. now also. also the united states. it's forced russia to give up its diplomatic property but in the united united states force to russia to give up its diplomatic property. when the united states the united states seized from russia diplomatic property the wrong including and that was the russian ruling property
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here. in the permanent mission at the united nations in new york you relieve them established a twenty five mile zone for our diplomats or restrict restricted zone the one you would know you are not understanding and they're not issuing them american visas we presume and we call on the united states to be responsible he said their responsibilities as the host country and to return everything that they illegitimately took from us it was developed and refrained from similar steps in the future. mr president if we didn't do anything so we are witnessing truly remarkable events and i'm always loathed to steam when you know what doesn't and you know this new this new approach in law i already mentioned this where you have accusations based on simply without any proof.
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mention this i had the meaning of the fourteenth of march simply on the basis of. suspicions when you mean you do however know less surprising something alan when i look at the debates interviews and statements of british politicians i'm simply stunned. motorists. what happened to good old england. and i just a lack of professionalism or a deterioration of political culture the mode with or or is this need exactly the need for the kind of new political culture we're seeing i really don't have an answer. perhaps will allow those present here to draw their own conclusions but if not you must be prepared to lose the british authorities are trying to almost make fun of russia by providing some thirty versions of what has happened to you i now know that these are not versions of the russian author provided by the russian
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authorities these are opinions by experts and. journalists' views you know but it's true that there are many versions because there's not enough facts were evidence. in russia and everyone there here wants to get to the bottom of this dark story not what you think but the british authorities in fact don't have a lot of aversion he was branded they have just one version on you with a review and which they have put forward as a verdict their trial would have been and the same time they can't determine they can't they can't come they can can come to grips they can determine what the the source of the toxic substance is don't spit upon is it could be the house of mr scruby dorton. is a flower is buckwheat grain or a laurel not a bit as much to know we have to have knowledge that citizens and experts from
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great britain and from other countries those who are capable of thinking also have come up with a whole range of different version must come up and there are many questions to which they don't have answers. just here are just a few of the questions here would be finding where we were this group calls for four hours with their telephone switched off. how were the samples taken up with did you do the study who can confirm their reliability with human use mostly thoughtless why of what we weren't why weren't relatives asked for their approval of for to take blood samples of those also on how did these antidote against an unknown chemical substance appear so long weekly or was it injected into the script when you miles what was screwball doing what who was he communicating with with now used to where was the where did it where did he go was he traveling who was he talking to three judges know him did they meet with anyone on the day of the. and
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not on the eve where the day before where or where the where the the data from the video surveillance camera was on your side now how are these i.q. zation forwarding hate in haste how did they correspond had they gel with the statements by the scotland yard that they were require several weeks or maybe months of investigation or and why. why is russian being given consular access to russian citizens against whom on the territory of great britain possibly terrorist act was carried out in the british authorities decided quickly that their their insinuations without evidence will. will not cost them at all believe me my friends this story and this investigation is far from being over. in fact it
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hasn't even begun there not too much on the twelfth of march we sent to the foreign office and noted with a request to you to provide us access to the data from the investigation including the samples of the chemical substance that the british investigation was or for referring to before our experts to examine it in the framework of a joint investigation with the mobile as we do this way we were acting in the framework of article d. of paragraph two of article nine of the convention on chemical weapons we need your according to that convention member states can on the basis of an exchange of information and consultations on a bilateral basis really resolve any issues that could cause any doubts regarding the compliance with one this is a. will this is. treated now based on the provisions of the that article russia is ready to would be ready to respond to a request.


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