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tv   News  RT  April 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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facebook admits eighty seven million users may have been affected by that data breaks that thirty seven million more than previously thought the social media giants accused of improperly sharing private information to the political consultancy. also in the headlines that's not the u.k. foreign office deletes a tweet claiming british experts had pinpointed russia as the source of the nerve agent used in the script poisoning. and connected with that story susan other developments on it in the last twelve hours or so the e.u. rejects russia's proposal for a joint investigation into the attack. and russia turkey and iran agree in a joint effort to rebuild syria but a warning from the militant attempts to potentially sabotage the peace process with chemical attack.
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by just a midnight here so good morning from me kevin the main studios first facebook's back in the news than facebook has admitted in the last few hours that the scale of a personal data breach involving the research firm cambridge analytic was far from previously estimated caleb maupin has the story well at first we heard the number was only fifty million but now we know that it's much higher eighty seven million users whose data was harvested without permission by this cambridge analytic this this research company now this firm was taking this data that was unauthorized and that they had access to and essentially selling it to political leaders and political parties. who are using it in order to craft their campaign strategy and
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their messaging essentially this data that was in the hands of this firm and sold it enabled political campaigners and you know politicians to craft their message in a way based on kind of a suck psychological profile of voters and citizens in various countries the most specifically the united states now this is the story was broken in mid march by the new york times and it's quiet quite a stir now the social media giant they at this point they're not saying that they had any malicious intent and that this scandal and it's really tarnished facebook's reputation now we have heard from mark zuckerberg the chief of facebook and he actually apologized to the fact that so many users the majority of which were in the united states so many users had their data harvested by this political firm without permission this is mark zuckerberg we need to make sure that there aren't any other cambridge general because out there right or folks who have been properly
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access data you know we need to make sure that we don't make that mistake ever again now at this point facebook is changing the way information can be accessed in securing that that certain apps the event app for example a won't be as excessive goal to those that they are cooperating with to share information so quite an interesting development of thirst first we heard only fifty million now as many as eighty seven million users of facebook may have actually had their data compromised and shared with this political firm now we've seen recently there's been a trend on social media a call to delete facebook kind of a campaign of different figures and different people rallying around the call to delete facebook so we'll see how this all develops but at the moment mark zuckerberg is apologetic about all of this and the reputation of facebook as a social media app has been significantly rather significantly tarnished. yeah coincidental lawyer expert joining us now live hi there is
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a cozy looking man ten you've got lebanon and a way back to the business it happened as a correspondent mention it turns out that around eighty seven thousand facebook users were affected by this chemist surprise to you that now we're hearing you're nigh on a third more out of the blue let's be clear eighty seven million users are in relation to cambridge and now there are other. patients that have been allowed very easily what. facebook uses accounts we have the numbers yet in relation to those but we did here today to trace because made some very significant changes. in relation to how the body. can access uses data it is surprising they suddenly work it out in realize the ease by which uses data can be accessed but. yeah i think they're as you say they're
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restricting these third party apps. and who can access private data but doesn't it feel a little bit like too little too late to you it is too little too late i mean what it does. facebook is known all along the extent to which uses they think it's been it's been compromised in fact facebook they've created the rule because group facebook creates its own rules and various books rules allowed. cations to walk this millions and millions of users they that. which is absolutely extraordinary just a quick photo by the way we found out about this tonight it was made in a blog post by the company's chief technology officer so the right way to drop the bombshell i wonder. well yes and the figure of eighty seven million will said oh he did he end of very long boats and to be fair hemorrhaging a little case of you know i think the figure they claim there is only thirty
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million but i don't think it makes a lot of difference very thirty million a late in million is the principle behind this and we i mean this is this is one of the first occasions where facebook doesn't mention russia with a news release in relation to kim originally previously pay facebook apologize full allowing. russia two to mention russia but they didn't because it was you know a lot of russia to meddle in the yeah it's old but about a year now live in these constant claims of russia meddled in the us elections it's kind of undermined i guess now but isn't it by the can by the cambridge analytical scandal. totally and i think they are the old story about what about the use of internet robots as we call them bots in order to meddle in the u.s. election is now still story seem now a little bit out of date a little bit ridiculous nobody is talking about it but it was very interesting to
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hear mr zuckerberg only a couple of weeks ago. almost apologizing for allowing the leading to have boxes today that it was then being you doing election is if the story was about influencing election but by party say russia rather than accessing uses they download here quick final thought if it can be proven eventually the cambridge analytical did use the private data of millions of people will find no doubt it will be clear out of many in the coming week oh so a suppose to swing the us election or political shockwave should we expect it's going to be far bigger than this facebook or isn't it. i think it is. of course. now the question is who gets better. still a friendly face too much of the media so i don't think. it's like this is actually
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. here i mean you know i suppose the worst the media might you know like like much better used to. put in important for you for your thoughts internet loic spent year cohen i see you tonight you ok the other big stories making the rounds this hour the u.k. foreign office is deleted a tweet saying experts in the military lab would confirm the nerve agent used in the school poisoning case was produced in russia picking up the necessary chicken a part of a team in the u.k. reporting next from westminster. before an office has deleted a tweet that it had initially posted on march twenty second which read that analysis by world leading experts of the laboratory at porton down made clear that this was a military grade novacek nerve agent produced in russia now a couple of days before that boris johnson the u.k. foreign secretary also said that there is no doubt that russia was behind what happened you argue that they're sure of. the chalk in russia
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how did you manage to find it out so quickly but when i look at the the evidence from the people whom important they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy where so i said are you sure and he said as they dodged well it seems that all of that was going well until yesterday when the chief executive of porton down came out and said that not only were the scientists not able to prove that the nerve agent came from russia but generally speaking they didn't know what the source was we know verify the for say source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide eight you know the scientific evidence that identifies for the particular narrow feature is that it's not our job to see where actually was manufactured to be fully you
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will not tell you to look cool down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that at the same time the foreign office is saying everything is still the way it was and nothing is inconsistent well suffice it to see that on social media things are not so clear to anybody who's been following this and there have been quite a few tweets posted here in the u.k. calling for the resignation of boris johnson we also know that the labor party has challenged the u.k. foreign secretary to explain himself in the situation. according to what we're going on there is the doctor we are rushing production. is the government going to accuse russia. poisoning of surrogates creepshow is not an isolated case but the latest in a pack of reckless behavior by the russian state the russians the russians russia russia russia russia russia i'm afraid the evidence is overwhelming that it is
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russia and boris johnson the serious questions to all you claimed on german television this was a russian produced. porton examined it and said all they claim to have to fight was not the truth they couldn't say where it came from well now it remains to be seen whether or not boris johnson is going to be answering any of those questions given the vigorous ness with which accusations against russia have flown very early on in this case pretty much as soon as the name of the man poisoned her paul came out into the spotlight well the response has been active on twitter he said though to accuse they were probably the jeremy cold would have sided with russia for a start instead of supporting we u.k. like he said the twenty eight countries that expelled russian diplomats did other nations have questioned the u.k.'s measures against moscow over the scruple case notably austria opting to remain neutral but claiming it was pressured to follow suit. when the situation gets tough you have to keep channels open the u.k.
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ambassador to austria issued a demarche on wednesday in order to encourage us to take specific measures on saturday to demolish was repeated on monday while i was in kosovo the chancellor and i spoke over the phone about our position which is now public it's our tradition to bring people together especially in difficult situations. i spoke to a british journalist and broadcaster john gone t. told me he's surprised by the u.k.'s actions here thus far i never thought i'd be living in a country where we delete text from the foreign office and the foreign secretary boris johnson either exaggerates if we're being polite or lauri's not just to russia but lies to the u.k. population we were told we were led to believe that poland down would decimally back up again what boris centuries has been say she was a bit more careful with the words but boris johnson in that german injury said he'd
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been told categorically this was the case so it was not a joke and it came from russia there's no other way of interpreting that and i thought the moment that hit the fan they would start damage limitation and that is what they're doing that's what the attacks on call been about now as well you know people are me i'm certainly a russian shrill i'm certainly in the pocket of the kremlin for daring to say as a british citizen i just want the truth the evidence other developments this big story today at russia's proposal that wednesday's o.p.c. w meeting failed to get the required votes needed to be adopted british and some european politicians moved to block the joint investigation with accusations still therefore sternly against moscow our europe correspondent peter all over next the hague with this report and the day started with russia's permanent representative. putting forward russia's proposal which was for what we call a commune. inclusive. investigation involving all members
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of the the o.p.c. w. now that was dismissed by the by the executive council it was voted down by by fifteen to six with seventeen abstentions however russia's representative he was speaking to us just behind me now at the embassy here in the hague he said it's also the emotion didn't go through it did show that more people didn't support of that they were actually in favor of it. unfortunately we didn't manage to get the needed two thirds of votes for the resolution to pass obviously the brits and americans voted against and then nato and some e.u. member states and u.s. allies followed suit but twenty three countries have refused one way or another to take this western viewpoint much more than half of the executive council was viewed very differently by boris johnson the british foreign secretary he referred to the
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motion put forward by russia or is being ludicrous and said that it was defeated because of that he said that this was being put forward as an attempt to divert attention away from an investigation that was actually focusing on russia this was also backed up by a very strong message from the european union as well the representative from the nation saying that russia has provided basic information to the united kingdom that it should have been saying that. in fact there was a concern that showed russia not accept the findings of n p c w report that perhaps they could pull out of the chemical weapons watchdog altogether however the words coming from the russian permanent representative also the ambassador here in the netherlands was that perhaps some of these nations don't want russia or involved in a investigation because of. maybe found you know. they fear the truth
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they fear to take responsibility for their work the plates an accusation and the provocative statements from the head of u.k. diplomacy it looks like they're scared that the investigation will help to dot the i's and cross the sea and find out what really happened it's a fear it's a bear responsibility for slumber it's been a very long day here in the hague but it's been very short when it comes to answers to some of the questions that we were perhaps hoping to move forward on here. many of those remain up in the air and open questions as to just who was behind the poisoning. and who will be taking part in the investigation and how that will permit out. the u.k. statement the o.p.c. dibley meeting contained a number of arguments to to back its case against russia some more controversial than others going by the reaction britain brought up a chemical incident in syria which took place a year ago to the day and led u.s.
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president donald trump to take military action against syria the u.k.'s former ambassador to syria bahrain peter foldes things this shows the u.k. is struggling to find strong evidence now to blame russia for what's happened with the script pearl case. the british authorities jumped to the conclusion that they wanted to see the atheist on a pretext and then invented the evidence to justify that. was circumstantial evidence that russia might have been involved and the british government quickly built up on this but when you look at the statement today the only additional evidence is speculation it underlined the fact that the british argument so weak. and therefore it with
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a diversionary tactic to bring up the earth and her three the allegations concerning corn. in fact the. mission weakness on the part of the british delegation if they were convinced of their case about solsbury they should have concentrated on on that exclusively the u.k. statement here designed precisely to muddy the waters and near. russia. a number of russian diplomats to give their reaction to the latest developments in the schiphol case covering that side the smalling are caused by that off. there's a good share of irony in the u.k.'s latest accusations against russia well you know that russia is refusing to share any information on this cripple case with the u.k. because from the looks of it it seems that now london is a shamelessly boring lines for
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a most closed book of concerns for weeks russia has been calling on london to disclose at least some information on their investigation into this cripple case and has been criticizing london for their blatant refusal to do so so now it seems london is turning more schools argument against itself so really russia's reaction russia's response to this has been hardly a surprise alba writes if people and you can assure that russia denied the information on the case was not willing to discuss the question and denied any possibility of corporations this is one hundred percent or prism absolute well this is far from the only thing with heard from the russian diplomats the foreign ministry has said that basically london is interested in sort of fanning the flames around the whole investigation around the whole assassination attempt a not interested in an actual and transparent investigation itself we've also heard
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from the foreign ministry that now with all the with the berridge of accusations flying the russia way all trust towards the u.k. in this situation in this scandal has been lost and amid this hail of mutual jabs between russia and the u.k. here in moscow we've heard from the chief of the always see thomas graham he's he's delivering the making a speech at a conference on international security he said that basically the corporation between russia and the u. is vital for european security and i managed to get a few minutes of his time and what i was really interested in is whether or not he believes the whole situ. around the scruple case hampers the said corporation and he told me that he believes that it is not rights when one side doesn't hear the other i'm truly worried about. these bristling.
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relations between east best. day it seems to get worse on a daily basis and that is. a matter of concern i think to all security politicians that we need to end to revert to dialogue we need to sit at the same time table we need to again to listen and try to understand development but more empathy towards the security perceptions of each other i think that is listening trying to understand that's very important if we want to come out after this current mess kalahari logic well judging by the latest events the dialogue the vital and the most basic trait and tool of diplomacy is something that is seems to be for now impossible to achieve in this situation or action to help from ken livingstone the former mayor of london he believes that three's
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a maze governments more interested right now in bashing russia than actually establishing what did happen in the poisoning. i mean that's that really because he was literally threesome i was up there virtually from day one and i'm blaming russia and president putin for this basing these claims before they've even been the first report from the people investigating the incident and we still haven't had their final report and i would be at all surprised if it is never made available to the public the british government has set out to blame all of this on president thirteen and russia from the very beginning but the simple fact is our country has a principle that you are innocent until proved guilty but here we had our prime minister on the television immediately denouncing russia and starting to order the expulsion of russian diplomats and this has been taken up around the western block our politics is just about the holidays and smears are get repeated overdraw and i
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four corridor johnson into marrow elections lab say he just says what he thinks he needs to set a time i've never known a politician so completely and utterly unrelated to facts i mean he wouldn't even read his briefings before we went into those debates he just says what he thinks will go down well at the time so my broader advice is pay no attention to anything that's ever said by a foreign secretary it will invariably be rubbish. president putin said he's not expecting an apology from western powers which have been the expelling russian diplomats over the scruple case. and you and yours do we are not waiting for anything we just expect common sense to eventually prevail a little too much so that international relations will not be harmless as much as they are right now in the game as opposed to. the limit putin was speaking there the media conference alongside the president solved and around which leads us on to our next story the three leaders met in ankara discuss a peace plan for war torn syria and despite the differences they managed to find
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common ground it's not easy for trying to pull. the three guarantors have met here at anchor us presidential palace there's absolutely no doubt about the three countries commitment to what they're doing together though they're all here with their own different missions. so i buried on keep saying that his country won't tolerate any armed kurdish militias in northern syria so the so-called branch military op will continue no matter what the iranian leader hassan rouhani says that external powers although he did specifically mention the u.s. and israel keep trying to use terrorists on the ground to reach some of their own goals for tehran a strong foothold in syria is a strong message to tel aviv and some of its other regional adverse rees a lot of our putting proudly he speaks of russia's evacuation efforts and he's
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which have paid off although perhaps the most important point from the russian president here and herat was that moscow is in possession of some intelligence that points to plans by some radicals to destroy the road to peace with a chemical attack. at the joint strategic goal is to eliminate the terrorists who keep trying to destabilize the situation on the ground and sabotage the peace process but if you they are doing this in every way possible we have obtained on the nine eleven so of plan provocation by the military because with the use of chemical waste. and then something that wasn't planned happened then suddenly appeared on encourage the journalists to ask questions we heard one that we've been waiting for for two days about america being back and forth over its future role in syria and here is what i mean by that will become another syria like very soon very soon very soon we're coming to saudi arabia. is very interested no decision
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and i said well if you want to say maybe you can have to pay we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission so it was the first one to jump in iran's hassan rouhani couldn't miss his chance to throw a punch at washington. the u.s. says one thing one day and then a completely different thing the next so we cannot trust the words and actions since they want to benefit from syria as much as possible a lot of reporting didn't seem to be impressed either with u.s. officials not being able to make up their minds about their future presence in syria all he said was you should go and ask the people across the atlantic and all mr aired on what is to say to the americans stop funding and arming the kurds. washington's back and forth over its military being taken out of syria or not was
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mentioned there and it now seems in another development tonight the u.s. army said to state media reports in the last few claim that donald trump was persuaded to u.-turn on his promise to get troops meeting with military officials and choose day the white house added on wednesday that it remains committed to eliminating the remaining pockets of terrorists in syria and none the less we discussed the general situation on the ground in syria with the president of the international committee of the red cross. now at the present moment we see both movements at the same time we see active combat from this with a lot of emergency these placements and at the same time we see that people are also returning to some of the places in syria which are more quiet than the sinful or the northern from around the human ethiopian corydoras at this certain moment were you wished by people which shows that they came to the conclusion that they were useful tools to get out of the beseeched situation of peace and we have seen
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a lot of people killed and injured by also explosives remnants of war so this is a very complex situation where different tactics and violations also of international humanitarian law by by different sides. to an awful. lot of conditions for disobedient population. donald trump has lashed out of germany for the country spending billions of euros on a project that stands to benefit russia the remarks were made before meeting with the leaders of the baltic states at the white house on tuesday. germany is paying one percent and they're not even paying the full one percent of nato germany hooks up a pipeline into russia with germany is going to be paying billions of dollars for energy into russia and i'm saying what's going on with that how come germany is paying vast amounts of money to russia when they hook up a pipeline that's not right well the u.s.
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president's remarks came after the nord stream to gas pipeline project received the necessary construction permits from germany it set to deliver natural gas straight from russia to germany across the baltic sea other major investors include austria the netherlands france and the u.k. dutch company shell fifty five billion cubic meters of natural gas is set to reach the european union each year through it with a plan start date of late twenty nineteen european companies have already invested nine and a half billion euro in it last month the u.s. senate is trying to block the new pipeline going ahead in the letter to the u.s. treasury secretary earlier u.s. senator tim ryan didn't mince his words over why russia's energy sector it was being hit with sanctions we must continue to focus on how we get our gas here in the united states our natural gas to europe to our allies so they're not so dependent on russia. german lawyer mixminion crowd told us that washington is
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unable to block the project. right now donald trump. has made some strong growth it is a little bit rhetorical the course a lot streamed to is now and a space of construction so they just bring a little bit strong words for their entire russian public and forty energy competitors the u.s. and russia are competitors on the energy market since the u.s. is an export or energy but it is unfair to do that competition with political pressure so russian gas is cheaper when it comes directly on the pipeline because russia is competitive at one tips and i guess the americans have to accept that a lot stream is really really important or do i'm a critical of metals their own men and i don't think she's very brave i'm quite optimistic that she will make it happen kim crossed all a sound on faith.


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