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the u.k. foreign office deletes a tweet claiming british experts had found the nerve agent used in the scruple poisoning case was produced in russia. rejects russia's proposal for a joint investigation into the attack on the former spy and his daughter claiming that moscow refused to cooperate with. the news russia turkey and iran agree on a joint effort to rebuild syria but what about militant attempts to sabotage the peace process with chemical attacks. from me in the team here the new center and mosque i want to call it brings wednesday evening at seven in the russian capital thanks for choosing us few news
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this hour first off the british foreign office has deleted a tweet saying that experts at a british lab confirm the nerve agent used in the scribal poisoning case was produced in russia it's a move that's not going on notice by others online with some seeing it as a damage limitation exercise as and us to see a check in the reports now from westminster the foreign office has deleted a tweet that it had initially posted on march twenty second which read that analysis by world leading experts of the laboratory at porton down made clear that this was a military grade novacek nerve agent produced in russia now a couple of days before that boris johnson the u.k. foreign secretary also said that there is no doubt that russia was behind what happened you argue that their source of. shock in russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly but when i look at the evidence i mean the people from important. they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy
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well so i said are you sure and he said that they died well it seems that all of that was going well until yesterday when the chief executive of porton down came out and said that not only were the scientists not able to prove that the nerve agent came from russia but generally speaking they didn't know what the source was we have not verified the for say source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide aid you know the scientific evidence that identifies for the particular nerve agent is but it's not our job to see where that actually was manufactured so typically you will not tell you to look all down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that at the same time the foreign office is saying everything is still the way it was and nothing is inconsistent they really have they've said quote the foreign
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secretary was making clear that porton down were sure it was another charkha point they have reinforced what the foreign secretary said then and what porton down have said recently is fully consistent with what we have said throughout it is russia that is putting forward multiple versions of events and obfuscating the truth and quote well suffice it to see that on social media things are not so clear to anybody who's been following this and there have been quite a few tweets posted here in the u.k. calling for the resignation of boris johnson we also know that the labor party has challenged the u.k. foreign secretary to explain himself in the situation boris johnson has serious questions to answer he claimed on german television this was a russian produced nerve agent porton down then examined it and said all the fight was over true they couldn't say where it came from well now it remains. to be
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seen whether or not boris johnson is going to be answering any of those questions given the vigorous nurse with which accusations against russia have flown very early on in this case pretty much as soon as the name of the man poisoned her paul came out into the spotlight. of the meanwhile rejected a draft proposal by russia for a joint investigation of the meeting of the chemical weapons watchdog reopen the c.w. brussels also accused russia of being unwilling to cooperate reporting from the hague here's our europe correspondent peter all of us. well the special meeting of the o.p.c. w. got on the way on wednesday with russia's permanent representative tabling a motion to say inclusive unified in what was called a constructive civilized investigation this was dismissed out of hand by both the united kingdom eighty years representatives we heard from the british side they referred to russia's proposal as perverted and of the ten to divert attention away
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from the investigation if they also when told to say that it was in poor taste for russia to put this forward on this day saying it was one year since the chemical weapons attack on a town in syria which left over one hundred people dead the u.k. accuses the assad government of carrying out that attack and accuses russia of covering up and stopping an investigation into that he said it was content for the lives that were lost that russia puts this forward on this day he was then followed up by a representative from the european union he said the e.u. didn't agree with russia's proposal for a joint investigation saying if russia hadn't provided information it should have done so the u.k. already he also went on to say that the european union had concerns that russia could perhaps pull away from the p.c. w entirely also a representative from the european commission saying that that laboratory important
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down wasn't charged with the terminating where the chemical have come from only determining what chemical in. our understanding is that. the rule of the expert there was to identify the type of agent was used as a source for your actions and that's also what the experts have found it feeds into free. agent which destruct. and for the rest i would refer you to the marsh european council where you can see the stuff to commit to position so we didn't get the answers to the many many questions that we may have hoped for out of this me thing we are hoping and should be hearing from the russian permanent representative in just a little while be asking him for more about what unfolded at this meeting here in the hague. let's get the thoughts now of ken livingstone former mayor of london
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welcome to the program mr livingston one of the words used by the british tell a geisha of the o.p.c. w. meeting was to say that russia's idea to have a joint investigation would be perverse does that effectively not preclude russia from ever getting a chance to try and clear its name. well there clearly don't want to know can an honest investigation because the british government has set out to blame all of this on president putin and russia from the very beginning and what is bizarre about this is that all the evidence that's coming out brings into question it's not just that this is a chemical that could be made many other places we've just recently discovered that someone who worked on the site about fifteen years ago was sent to prison first selling illegally so the idea that it can only be russia beyond all this is nonsense and in the simple fact he's a country has a principle that you are innocent until proved guilty but here we had our prime
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minister treason may on the television immediately denouncing russia and starting to order the expulsion of russian diplomats and this has been taken up around the western block i do think it's much more just a part of the politics of building an anti russia alliance again like we had in the cold war. as you and i both know there are always elements of an investigation the sensitive is this some things can be in the public domain some things aren't but the rush to blame russia without providing any public evidence of this do you think at some point to reason male number ten is going to have to come out with something . well i'm not certain they will because our politics is just about the highways in smears that get repeated overtime and most of the british media is tory and conservative controlled so they won't challenge on or undermine any of this literally we've just had decades and decades of this i i remember growing up
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in that post-war world where we were told we had to close the miss our cap with the soviet union and then when president kennedy won the election on that pledge his first briefing he's told well russia's got four nuclear missiles america's got three hundred fifty so i'm always a bit doubtful about believing what comes out of the lips of presidents and prime ministers what about foreign secretaries we were talking there we were just seeing some pictures of johnson i know you're not his biggest fan but if you think he's trying to wriggle out of his previous statements he was being very forthright from day one against russia on this do you think he might start backtracking a little bit now. well i i four corridor strengthen into marrow elections and i've to say he just says what he thinks he needs is that the time i've never known a politician is so completely and utterly unrelated to facts i mean he wouldn't even read his briefings before we went into those debates he just says what he
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thinks will go down well at the time so are my broader advice is pay no attention to anything that's ever said by a foreign secretary it will invariably be rapid you multiple that the foreign office civil servants might be a little more careful with their twitter though we've been reporting about that tweet that's now been deleted the one that had originally said that porton down and said yes it definitely came from russia which is you know as well as i do when something's out there on twitter you can get rid of this kind of stuff do you think it was an honest mistake or is it closing the door after the horse has bolted. well it could just be it was a general in the straits people rushing to make a judgment too soon but i have to say there's been such a consistently hostile approach to russia since president who can came to power and i think. there's a lot of concern amongst western interests that he's built a very secure and strong russia again following the catastrophic eight years under
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president yeltsin so i think there's a lot of fear and doubt about him and i think that's nonsense putin and russia would like to reach out to the west build better economically and so on and that's the best way of proceeding in the future not ramping up all this nonsense one other thing that britain said was that russia could have waited a couple of weeks before taking this to the o.p.c. w. of the hague given that it stands accused very vocally from number ten on words and also this admission from porton down about the origins of this nerve agent why would russia wait. i mean that's it really because we were literally threes and i was up there virtually from day one i'm blaming russia and president putin for this the idea that all we need a long before we can have a serious investigation very recently was making these claims before they've even been the first report from the people investigating the incident and we still
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haven't had their final report and i wouldn't be too surprised if it is never made available to the public ok i appreciate your thoughts of saving ken livingstone for maryland and thanks for joining us on r.t. thank you. of the u.k. statement of the o p c w meeting contained a number of arguments to back up its case against russia some more controversial than others going by the reaction britain brought up a chemical incident in syria which took place a year ago to the day and led to president trump taking military action against syria the u.k.'s former ambassador to syria peter ford told me last hour he thinks it shows that the u.k. struggling to find strong evidence to blame russia. the british authorities jumped to the conclusion that they wanted to see a thies on a pretext and then invented the evidence to justify that. was circumstantial evidence that russia might have been involved and the british
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government quickly built up on this but when you look at the statement today the only additional evidence is speculation on the line before act the british argument weak. and therefore it with diversionary tactic to bring up the anniversary of the allegations concerning contrail. in fact the. mission weakness on the part of the british delegation if they were convinced that the case about salt spray they should have concentrated on on that exclusively the u.k. statement designed precisely to muddy the waters and near. russia. a number of russian officials have already given their reaction to the latest developments in the scrabble case more on that from correspondent he goes
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down off there's a good share of irony in the u.k.'s latest accusation against russia well you know that russia is refusing to share any information on the scriptural case with the u.k. because from the looks of it it seems that now london is shamelessly boring lines from most closed book of concerns for weeks russia has been calling on london to disclose at least some information on their investigation into this cripple case and has been criticizing london for their blatant refusal to do so so now it seems london is turning moskos argument against. itself so really russia's reaction russia's response to this has been hardly a surprise i would like to have sheeple and you can't show the trash or deny the information on the case was not willing to discuss the question and denied any possibility of cooperation this is one hundred percent a lie. well this is far from the only thing with heard from the russian diplomats
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the foreign ministry has said that basically london is interested in sort of fanning the flames around the whole investigation around the whole assassination attempt a not interested in an actual and transparent investigation itself we've also heard from the foreign ministry that now with all the with the barry jones accusations flying the russia way all the trust towards the u.k. in this situation in this scandal has been lost and amid this hail of mutual jabs between russia and the u.k. here in most school we've heard from the chief of the always see thomas graham he's he's delivering the making a speech at a conference on international security he said that basically the cooperation between russia and the e.u. is vital for european security and i managed to get a few minutes of his time and what i was really interested in is whether or not he
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believes the whole situation around the scruple case how the said corporation and he told me that he believes that it is not rights when one side doesn't hear the other i mean truly worried about. these bristling. relations between east best. day it seems to. on a daily basis and bodies. a matter of concern i think to all security politicians that we need to end to revert to dialogue. we need to see it at the same time table we need to. try to understand development but more empathy towards the security perceptions of each other i think that is listening trying to understand that's very important if we want to come out after this current mess
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kalahari logic well judging by the latest events the dialogue the vital and the most basic trait and tool of diplomacy is something that is seems to be for now impossible to achieve in this situation it goes down while also reacting to the recent developments in the scrabble case president putin has said that russia is not expecting an apology and surely is doing we are not waiting for anything we just expect common sense to eventually prevail limit so that international relations will not be harmed as much as they are right now in the game as opposed. to me speaking there at a joint media conference in ankara where three powerbrokers of peace in syria have met in an effort to reduce the violence in the war torn country he put trying to report. the guarantors have met in ankara turkey and there's absolutely no doubt about their commitment to what the three countries are doing together though they are all still here with their own ambitions stipe aired on keep saying that his
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country won't tolerate the armed kurdish militias in northern syria so the so-called all of french military options well continue no matter what his son rouhani the iranian leader says that external powers though he did specifically mention the u.s. and israel are trying to use the terrorists on the ground in syria to reach some of their always goals a lot of uprooting proudly speaks about the russian efforts to evacuate eastern ghouta which as we understand has paid off with the evacuation of more than one hundred fifty thousand civilians and some of the rebels too although perhaps the most important point that was made by the russian president was that moscow is in possession of some intelligence that points to some radical splatting to destroy the road towards peace with a chemical weapons attack. but at the schizo leave you don't join the strategic
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goal is to eliminate the terrorists you keep trying to destabilize the situation on the ground and sabotage the peace process they are doing this in every way possible and we have obtained undeniable evidence of planned provocation by the militants with the use of chemical agents then came a little surprise for mr aired on there were no questions planned but the turkish theater encouraged the audience to start asking them and then we heard the one that the journalists had been expecting for two days about america being back and forth over their future role in syria and here's what i mean by that will become another syria like very soon. very soon very soon we're coming out of saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well if you want to say maybe you can have to pay we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission so it was first to jump in iran's
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president hassan rouhani couldn't miss his chance to bash washington in this case. the u.s. says one thing one day and then a completely different thing the next so we cannot trust the words and actions it seems they want to benefit from syria as much as possible and all mr aired on wants to say to the u.s. administration stop arming and funding the kurds full stop. let's get some analysis on all that now in terror on a society mustapha question as a political analyst welcome back to. the three you've been talking today using a shared common language along the way that's not always been the case between the three countries that were represented at that summit how realistic then do you think it is for these tried lateral efforts to rebuild syria especially of course the u.s. is still there. hello and thanks for having me well you
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know joe politically speaking in some seven years ago when the war was started by the united states allies saudi arabia turkey and qatar at least according to former us vice president joe biden and michael flynn the former national security advisor and head of the pentagon intelligence department they both blamed the saudi arabia qatar and turkey for the chaos in the middle east and they acknowledged that the united states was completely aware and informed. him and chaos in eastern syria and western iraq when they started they were one. of the willing to wear off the power of iran's regional allies syria and iraq and hizbullah lebanon and also at that time iran soft power was a good levels but iran's hard power was not where did not go any further than
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its geographic old borders. but now have to seven years both the soft power and hard power of iran and russia have grown in the middle east and they have now will in the offer hand in this syria in syria and in iraq. are why the ning and the rifts are widening i'm on the call leash in the form of quality that was made by the united states it's been there and saudi arabia between turkey and saudi arabia between turkey and the u.a.e. there are rifts that are why than income on these not just because of their problems in their bilateral ties but also because of their geo political differences turkey and qatar are distancing themselves from saudi arabia and from the united the say somehow with regard to syria and they have come closer to iran and russia even very recently we heard news from the turkish official. calls that
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even the french have requested partnership in the astana talks and the reason is that even the french have come to realize that if they want to become a part of the political decision making in the region they need to join iran and russia and of course now turkey so the united states has grown so weak in syria and in the region that we heard just very recently that donald trump said they want to pull out unless the solve these pay for their stay and syria away from the business formula that he is trying actually to milk or sell these are the point is that the united states has grown so weak that it cannot have any major say or any say in syria so what they are doing is that they are playing negativism they are trying to sabotage peace and you know welfare of the syrian nation and
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they are trying to sabotage the restoration of stability in syria and in the region in order to be given a part in there what the french and what the united states president have repeatedly stressed that they are to be given some part or they sabotage the peace process in the region we have to leave it there but for now political analysts must have a caution and tara thanks for your thoughts on saving. american photojournalist says he feels betrayed by the f.b.i. after he spent seven months held by terrorists in syria and claims the f.b.i. used him to track a jihadist instead of trying to rescue an. i kind of paid off my discover card caraway that's what it takes to fool the f.b.i. and they immediately started to look at me as an enemy of the state the lead case agent was you prudy she admitted this to me but i'm sure if there are some time went by they realized that it wasn't me and by that point they were buying so many
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laptops tablets which created an intelligence gathering dream come true for the f.b.i. if they entered into if they intercepted these laptops tablets which i know that they did and then delivered them into the hands of al qaeda it did not really matter if i was with them or not well i mean lower was gone by the time i discovered all this change told me he's basically he's a coward he ignored me ignored my emails he ignored my message on facebook. much tree was attempting to cross the syrian border into turkey when he was captured by almost a rope which was about time affiliated with al qaida he spent months in different rebel held prisons and then in twenty thirteen he managed to escape becoming the first westerner to do so he's written a book about his ordeal cold the dorm crab describing the nightmare of his captivity. i wrote in syria eighteen days before my abduction during the time i was photographing the war from the free syrian army side i was the air force
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intelligence and come out to bell which were two of the most dangerous parts of aleppo at the time and on new year's eve after i got the photographs i went there for i was on my way out forty five minutes from the turkish border when i was abducted by the youngster front ok i'm in syria and i didn't want anybody coming to rescue me there was no way you can land in the areas that i was in one prison yes it was out the country every other one was in a lot so there's just no way to fly black boats low enough we were not going to get shot down so i didn't want anybody coming to get me but i did want them doing the best that they could to keep me safe and then that was done the way it looks for now thanks very much for watching x. news from national shadowed on average just a half an hour. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers
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of all time but there was one more question by the way is going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to be the center of the problem here with you and you told all the great game the great you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. a low as i want you and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one come on top of. me to just read the review beyond the team's latest edition to make up a bigger. book. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. in the final merry go round the sun neither one. nor the room sick. greetings and sal you take actions. famously stated the cold truth that the degree of civilization in
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a society can be judged by entering its prisons i believe honestly the same can be said of entering its educational system you see the more educated of civilization the more chances it has to not only survive but the flourish and you will not have an educated public without proper teachers which is why lately here in the united states the hubris of american exceptionalism doesn't be beginning to fade when you enter its education systems this week in oklahoma more than thirty thousand educators staged a walkout in protest of the state's low education funding and even lower public school teacher salaries and the statistics back up these these teachers according to the national education association oklahoma ranked forty seventh among all fifty states in per student expenditures and forty eighth an average teacher salaries and twenty sixteen this comes just a month after teachers in west virginia successfully fought their state legislators for a five percent pay raise after staging weeks of massive strikes. with the skyrocketing
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cost of living in the soul crushing income bludgeoning student loan scam that's gripping the throat of modern education in the us it should come as no surprise that training for and becoming a teacher in the united states has not been a high priority over the last few years causing a shortage of eligible teachers in all fifty states of the union so as the teachers in oklahoma try and teach the first amendment basic basic math and civic duty to state politicians let us crack the books and start watching the hawks. if that's. the bottom. like you that i got. this.


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