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tv   News  RT  April 3, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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at least three people are injured in a shooting at the headquarters of you tube in california police say the female shooter has taken her own life. but the scientists say that they are unable to pinpoint the source of the nerve agent used in the poisoning of a russian double agent and his daughter. we. had to fight the precise source but we provided scientific information to the government that is despite the u.k. and its allies squarely blaming russia resulting in weeks along a political standoff and a diplomatic expulsion. the russian hysteria has come about. going to be she sees to get the facts straight on this whole situation. and clashes
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erupt in paris as rail workers launch a nationwide strike against president drive to overhaul the state funded transport industry. and broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas glad to have you with us at least three people are injured after a shooting at a you tube headquarters in san bruno california this according to police the female attacker has died of self-inflicted injuries american has. san bruno police have confirmed that one person has died of the police chief said that they were still investigating but they found a woman dead with a quote self-inflicted wound that could definitely be the shooter the others were taken to nearby hospitals and now it is no longer being treated as an active
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shooter situation and this all happened after gunshots were reported just outside of you tube's headquarters in northern california san bruno california it's just a south of san francisco but armed police swat goals and helicopters quickly surrounded the facility and the facility was under lockdown now we don't know any more details about the shooter but this all comes amid a national gun control debate so we'll just have to see if this strengthens the argument for more gun control we asked mass shooting expert jack quinn the show's crowd and security policy analyst michael maloof for their views on the case. these types of events we're certainly seeing that individuals are choosing these types of soft targets where there is less likely they're less likely to encounter any sort should with other armed individuals gun free zones tend to be very popular among mass shooters because they're going to have less restriction or less friction for them to be able to carry out their plans the gun free zone. what does that mean bad
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guys or people who are determined to shoot somebody else don't care about a gun free zone people can use anything almost for a weapon but something that creates a lot of havoc over a short period of time a firearm is the best way to go about that and and if if they can implement more stringent security at the doors whether it's a school or an office building where a lot of people congregate who are not who are unable to defend themselves because they don't they're not allowed to bring in guns then i think there's going to we're going to probably see more of that that will be the trend i think in terms of. improving proving increasing security at locations were lots of people come together. the head of a british military laboratory says it is unable to determine the source of
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a nerve agent used to poison a former russian double agent and his daughter a month ago that's despite the u.k. government having already pointed the finger at russia. we know verify the precise source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish at porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide eight you know the scientific evidence that identifies for that particular nerve agent is but it's not our job to and see where that actually was manufactured so typically you will not tell you to look potent down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that or the findings from the porton down laboratory appeared to directly contradict a statement from the u.k. foreign minister here early told earlier told the german state broadcaster that the lab had identified russia as the source of the nerve agent but when i look at the
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the evidence from the people from important they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy my so i said are you sure and he said as they dodged well despite the inconclusive findings from military laboratory the u.k. government insists it always knew russia had a hand in the script all cases are she's an associate you're going to explain. almost immediately we're seeing some damage control taking place from the foreign office who have come out with a statement that says that this is only part of the intelligence picture they said that over the last decade russia has worked on ways to deliver agents quote probably for assassinations that russia has a record of assassinations and that it is quote our assessment that russia was responsible for this brazen and reckless act and as the international community agrees there is no other plausible explanation this despite the statements that have been now made here in the u.k. today and of course it's important to remember that this whole time all we've been
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hearing is that russia is to blame russia is culpable that it's highly likely that it went to there's no question that it's not russia still with no evidence proof or real facts or samples even provided to russia that it's been asking for however the accusations really have been harsh here in westminster is highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia koku culpable culpable for the attempted murder case is culpable calling. you likely to do with his decision so those were statements from the british prime minister from the u.k. foreign secretary also at some point throughout this whole ordeal we heard the u.k. defense minister say something like russia should shut up and go way in this kind of tone indicating no room for negotiation and there was one voice however which was the leader of the opposition party german corbet he wondered whether there is room for dialogue or conversation or at least providing some information to russia
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as a result trace analysis being run on a some of the nerve agents and has not revealed any evidence as to the location of which production or the identity of which perpetrators and. the i.o.c. spending. and. does the prime minister agree that it is essential to maintain a robust with russia most of those questions certainly remained unanswered and russia hasn't seen samples or any of the questions that jeremy corbyn had raised there in fact facing criticism himself or even asking those questions in parliament his position was extremely unpopular what we have at this point is again this is a war tory in the u.k. that are saying no proof of russia we don't know the source we know that there's a police investigation ongoing in the police have said quite recently that it's very likely to take weeks if not months we've also of course know that the
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organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w have been in the u.k. to conduct an investigation of their own russia has been asking to hear what they have found so while all of these investigations ongoing yet the accusations have certainly come we before any facts have been presented so far we discussed of the findings and the latest developments in the script case with our guests here's what they had to say. it's abject humiliation of the british government the prime minister and in particular boris johnson the foreign secretary in fact for him i believe this is a resigning matter because he did me just join in the chorus of russia who live on national television on the state broadcaster. i have spoken. portal to
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a very people who made brief statements on behalf. of it and he said the guide told him that it was russia that did it could only have been russia that did this was what's known a mistake it was a lie we're learning now through wiki leaks that actually the u.k. and the u.s. have been aware of the truth of how a modern chemistry lab can make this particular next generation agent maybe the u.k. and us have been aware of the significance of that book and have been trying to suppress knowledge of that book so clearly for a decade now the u.k. and the u.s. have known that it can be made elsewhere it appears that they have just rushed in as a p.r. type. action and i think that's really dangerous because we are in a fatal diplomatic situation with syria we trade with the trade with this campaign
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the u.s. china as well i think it's a very reckless thing steve has done and i'm not quite sure why they did it i mean perhaps it's because of practice it wanted to puff themselves off as a big animal in the in say i don't know but you know it's just not a terribly sensible thinks the u.k. has done at this point. earlier my colleague kevin on discussed of the screwball case and president putin's reaction to it with gusto. well putin these we didn't numerous times now on the script all case he said that you know scotland yard said that they had two months before the they established a clear picture of what exactly happened so it's a long investigation nevertheless putin said there is ease a media eight p.r. campaign underway what was it amazes me how fast this anti russia hysteria has come
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about tomorrow we're calling in o.p.c. w meeting to get the facts straight on this whole situation you know which we have proposed at least twenty questions for their consideration we hope a final conclusion will be reached there is the war happened in so. of course we're interested in a comprehensive investigation the interesting thing to me putin said is that twenty countries no less than twenty countries have the capacity have advanced enough enough chemical programs to make the nova chocolate nerve agents there's there's a whole multitude dozens and dozens of different ones united under the name we're told initially the initial vibe was it would just be maybe a couple of countries that number's going up the well of course it was the what you got the picture you got from the media from british politicians is that movie talk is what it was russia was never a couple yeah roku only russia could make it we've had interesting revelations important down today the head was asked whether britain has its own
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stockpiles of newbie chalk's and he refused to answer the question he refused to comment here but he did add that nothing escaped nothing got out from his laboratory indicating that you know presumably britain does have its own stockpiles whether they synthesize them or procured them by other means because there's a whole wealth of evidence to support this i was talking to a number of. treat chemists research as in the military chemical laboratory here in moscow and they you know as experts they had a few interesting details to share. took us earth as to the group of toxic agents known under the umbrella term of the chalk we first came across them in open sources back in two thousand and seven that's when the publication was made in the u.s. when multitude of formulas were included with as many as sixty toxic agents there
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each of them was assigned an index in the chemical expert system so they're all available in open sources these formulas and no secret. if it's really not the truck we're dealing with here i must say it's no real problem to synthesize such a toxic agent all the components needed to easily available on the open market the synthesis doesn't call for particular sophisticated procedures any chemist specializing in organic chemistry would be able to make it. good conscience because when we have zero information what toxic agent we're dealing with that is still possible to identify it applying a lot of resources and the process is likely to take a few weeks according to british authorities experts were able to do so very quickly so i assume the british chemists already had samples of such toxic agents at their disposal so that they could compare the who isn't at hand with those samples i mean that was a great explanation but just in case there's any confusion basically what he's
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saying is that the fact that the british identified never took so fast means they had it in their database they had already measured it in the past they had the identification it's mass spectrum which is how they managed to identify it so quickly which of course you know sort of soils the theory that russia has the know how and when asked he would not deny that they didn't have that important exactly the head of porton down did not deny that they had in their possession over talks or that they had synthesized. develop them so plenty of twists and turns in this story. as we mentioned the fallout from the screen poisoning case wasn't brought up during vitamin a person's meeting with the turkish leader. has been following those talks in ankara. the russian president vladimir putin learned about the latest comments from the laborde tree less than an hour before his press conference
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with the turkish leader type aired on began and it looked like right during the tug's his assistance passed on the message to the russian leader perhaps that explains the president's reaction to it it was rather short and restraint but it was obvious for us journalists that the russian government officials were going to have many more things to say about these conclusions by the lab so just as the president's stop talking we rushed towards dimitri peskov who is lot of our putin's press secretary and also is seeing here official in his administration and i can tell you there were loads of colleagues there so indeed that was the point when probably we heard the most harsh words on london's response to the attack on mr screen a russian officials ever said because because thank you britain's theory about this
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case will not be confirmed because it's impossible to confirm the u. case foreign minister who pin the blame on president putin will have to look in the eyes of his e.u. colleagues when he will have to apologize to russia somehow this idiocy has gone way to fall already and we're you know i said it will not end at once but it's another to both the group and say you were more direct all in direct confirmation so good so the duty of the you case position thank you thank you very moved on to the discussion on the conflicts that are on raveling somewhere much closer to where i am right now the middle east syria that was of course something else that the president of turkey and russia brought up during their press conference but on wednesday they will be joined by their arabian counterpart and son rouhani as well the three countries are guarantors of the syria peace process and it was thing. that we finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to sorting out the syrian civil war
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but still a massive number of issues there remain unresolved and hopefully we'll hear something about that when the leaders come to talk to the journalists once again here in ankara turkey. while the leaders of russia iran and turkey are set to discuss the war in syria u.s. president donald trump has been sending mixed messages on washington's role in the conflict. i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation and we'll be making a decision very quickly in coup ward nation with others in the area as to what we'll do saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well didn't you want to say maybe going have to pay well last week president trump said it was time for the u.s. to get out of syria and other people should take care of the situation when asked political scientist calling it cavil where the u.s. strategy in syria could be heading. maybe on that one. really does
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want to bring. u.s. forces out of syria but he's going to face stiff opposition. elements and beefsteak who do not want to do that they want to keep troops in syria . in the hole that the republicans will lose them it to a month's elections. where. twenty twenty and then they'll be back in the saddle again in which case they can again. raise their preemptive war to overthrow bash and go against russia. protests have swept across france as rail workers launch a strike against president micron's labor reforms in nine to more than two thousand students gathered outside the station in support of the strikers police used tear
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gas to break up the crowd. was was. it was. meanwhile in paris there was a tense standoff between rail workers and poise artists how different scheme was their force. if you just look behind you get a sense of the police who are out in force this is the gendarmerie and the c r s who are here to try and stop the demonstrators from going down streets and not meant to we've already seen clashes from those at the front of the demonstration they appear to be members of the anti father or the black boxes they known here in france has been smashing up business is throwing bottles at the police and setting the lights have been so what you see normally from these guys is they try to have
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as much provocation to the police of the c.r.'s as possible and then we see obviously the c.r.'s returning that in kind sometimes it's cast no tear gas as of yesterday but we are expecting things to stay heated now as if you can see in the background there is a a large group behind me this is the front of the crowds many of them have their faces covered because they don't want people to be able to identify them in fact when we were trying to film some of the devastation that they were causing just in the last half an hour they physically came up and stopped just from filming and told us we were not to film anybody breaking all damaging any businesses until they had finished and fled the scene. to face like you know. this is of course meant to be a strike by the ensigns yes this is the way it works here in france also efforts to
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offer on strike as well as some other elements of society that they're unhappy with my son's plans to change to create the the railways here in front saying that the proposals being put forward by macaroons government will lead to the privatisation over the rail. has denied that in fact so yes the strikes ongoing today this is the first day of around thirty six days of strikes between now and the end of june this is a huge. right between the unions to decide whether the unions still have the kind of power that they assume you see to get here in front and who was not going to terminations to push through his policy for the moment this is yet another violent protest with clashes between the protesters at the front and also to see how rice the police here in. the u.s. is stepping up a trade standoff with china washington has drawn up a list of thirteen hundred chinese products that could be subjected to tariffs and
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the announcement came a day after beijing imposed a duties on u.s. food imports and the new u.s. list mentions chinese construction machinery uyghur cultural equipment and consumer electronics has so far not been finalized by the trump administration the goods are worth around fifty billion dollars a year. and the chinese government has issued a statement urging members of the world trade organization to confront american protectionism economist richard wolfe told us that the trade dispute could have far reaching implications for the world economy all of this disruption of the world trade is the theatrical mr truck all the responsibility all of blame for whatever happens will begin with that decision of mr trump to break from the negotiated work in you know how deals that have been made in the past to present
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himself as an infinitely better deal maker this is about domestic political theater it's not a solution to the underlying economic problems of the united states the chinese will retaliate to make sure that that is not the case the chinese have all kinds of economic leverage on the united states and my guess is if you keep provoking them in the way that mr trump thinks is useful for him politically they will look at all of their weapons there is no way to know how this works out all we have is much greater uncertainty much greater danger in the world economy than we did well for mr trump began this approach. thousands of women rallied in yemen on monday against the saudi military intervention which has been going on for the past five years. i. protested
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sparked by the rape of a local girl allegedly carried out by a soldier fighting in the saudi coalition on the march was being held in saudi more planes bombed a port in yemen's east coast killing several civilians now mourning may find some of following images to stroke. bad as it was we were home having breakfast safe and sound when the coalition hit the apartment building and the neighbor was in his car and he left it in randori and when he came to take his family the second strike hit women were running in all directions it was a huge strike. on iran and there are. not any hearing or any more.
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we are not currently working with aide our selves but as we just said that we know that people are struggling people are tough to travel the long distances to the hospitals or medical centers. in any case many hospitals have temperatures not working what we have seen in the last year is the urgency of the cholera outbreak. big cholera outbreak later all the steady outbreak these are clear signs that the situation to that idiot h the that there is still a lack of access to care luckily it lacks a little access to vaccination medication so for the restrictions of imports the car is needed to actually to be leased it as well as to a low shore vital supplies to shoot fuel to enter into the country and in addition . governments donor governments must jews that we provide to kids went to try to to
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stop that these were many news we air strike comes days after the u.s. defense secretary told reporters that the pentagon is advising saudi arabia on how to avoid civilian casualties in yemen u.s. has a long history of supporting the coalition including weapons sales are these their hearkened explains. the yemeni civil war has been described as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis in decades it will surprise all parties involved want a swift effective resolution or so they say they will continue to work together for the stability of the region to reinvigorate. the revolution or in yemen were you in part perhaps this support as part of the whole ending the war plan the peaceful resolution may come later and attempt in the u.s. senate to limit military support ultimately failed some will argue that american troops are not out there shooting and getting shot at well please tell that to the
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people of yemen whose homes and lives are being destroyed by weapons made in the usa on target chosen with u.s. assistance general mattis argues that sending less arms to the region could actually do more harm than good and interesting take given that amnesty international drew precisely the opposite conclusion citing a correlation between arms flows into the conflict hotspots and mounting civilian casualties the question though of how exactly the u.s. military ensures their support stays in line with the u.s. values remains open does sit com track the purpose of the missions that it is refueling what targets it strikes and the results of that mission senator we do not ok on the up side according to a master tool are the saudis are making progress and learning lessons from their
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u.s. counterparts with provided training to the saudis and law of armed conflict how to conduct operations in a way to make absolutely certain that you're taking all necessary measures to avoid any collateral damage and we see now that the saudis are starting to slowly adopt some of the measures that we've suggested too slowly perhaps for the people of yemen with ever louder warnings about the ongoing catastrophe falling on deaf ears . by the dozen for me i'll be back with headlines in about thirty two minutes. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to put me to the center of the problem here with
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you and you go all the great great game you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one come on don't appreciate me to just take the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition make up a bigger. look. at the plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you know news and spending two hundred twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else on it because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so
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what chance with. the base it's going to. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. for twenty five consecutive years more than two hundred terror attacks on russian soil have killed thousands. survivors must now live with the memory of one fraction of a second that drastically changed their lives leaving them with one question does time really heal.


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