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tv   News  RT  April 3, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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big story tonight from our three international the british military experts saying in the last few hours that there are unable to establish the origin of the nerve agent that chemical used in the poisoning of a former double agent his daughter in the u.k. . we have not verified fetus a source but we provided the scientific information to the government this after weeks of the u.k. and its allies pinning the blame of course on russia resulting in that big political standoff and diplomatic expulsions right now. are going to even start international with me kevin
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a big story we're going to roll with for at least next few hours as these details continue to come in is that the head of a british military lab has surlier on today said so far they've been and eight they've been unable failed to determine the country of origin of the substance used to poison the former russian agent service crippled his daughter a month ago that's despite of course the u.k. government number less very quickly having laid the blame firmly at russia's door. we have not verified the precise source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish at porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide eight you know the scientific evidence that identifies support that particular nerve agent is but it's not our job to see where that actually was manufactured so to be clear you're not able at porton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been
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able to do that. let's go cross to london the epicenter of all this britain and this is a church in the joins me now sudden turn of events in the last couple of hours. definitely kavin the major developments in this whole months long now screwball saga the poisoning of service chris paul and his daughter that has been creating one of the biggest diplomatic rouse between russia and the u.k. in years and the latest development that we have is that leading british defense science board tory their chief executive has said that not only do the scientists here in the u.k. have proof that russia was behind the poisoning but they don't know the source of this military grade nerve agent and where it could have come from and of course this is a massive development given the rigorousness with which we saw russia being named the culprit here in the u.k. pretty much as soon as the name screwball was announced and his some of the
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background information about him was revealed to needing at least here in westminster the dots were connected to russia and it was left to really prove it so in a sense while being considered guilty let's take a listen to some of the language that has been used in westminster as events on robert here. is highly unlikely that russia was responsible we do hold russia koku culpable culpable for the attempt to. escape the scope of calling. you likely to do. well and of course we also saw the leader of the opposition party the labor party jeremy corbyn talk about potentially leaving some space for dialogue potentially giving some time to evidence or presenting some facts let's take a listen to that. as the prime minister taken the necessary steps under the chemical weapons convention to make a full request for evidence from the russian government under article nine point
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two. how has she responded to the russian government's request for asylum full of the agent used in the soles read time to run its own tests. as a resolution trace analysis been run on a some pull of the nerve agent and has that revealed any evidence as to the location of which production all the identity of its perpetrators and can the prime minister update the house on what conversations if any she has had with the russian government and while. and while suspending planned highlevel contacts does the prime minister agree that it is essential to maintain a robust dialogue with russia. well of many of those questions were left on answered and certainly despite russia's please to see the sound hole to see
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evidence or to present some of the facts to it or at least get it involved in some kind of conversation what we saw unravel was an ultimatum given to russia to present to print to present itself as guilty really and measures were taken by the u.k. as well as other european countries in response to this incident while all of this was unraveling of course we have to keep in mind that russia is a member of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w who have been here in the u.k. to conduct an investigation of their own where yet to hear what those findings were and of course at the same time the police have been conducting an investigation of they are their own they have been saying that it would take weeks if not months for them to determine what exactly i'm ravelled and while all of these very serious politically charged and diplomatic consequential i can see. patients were being made of course russia was just left on the sidelines to wait and see what the rest of the world determines in this case and now we have this major development with
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the scientists saying they don't have proof and they don't know the source that said we have already heard from the foreign office here in london who have said quote it is our assessment that russia was responsible for this brazen and reckless act and as the international community agrees there is no other plausible explanation and quote so while scientists are saying one thing so far the officials are sticking with their approach to the situation you know roy. who was named highly likely perpetrator all of the attack of the former russian spy and his daughter goes to war correspondents but extensive recourses story recently kicked off. so two were jumping the gun here so we're hearing the head of port and saying . saying the other go. they cannot. identify where this toxic agent was was made you think that would be top of the list top of their priority list no the source the message in the press from the
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british government in the early days of this was that you know no the choke ease our russian thing now we're hearing other opinions for example the head of prudent that was asked whether britain has its own stock of new rich uk he refused to answer the question all he said was that nothing left the walls the four walls of the bar to work meaning that you know he doesn't believe it was there presumable stocks. i was talking to a russian military research as chemists who work in these in these labs and the sheer. very interesting information with me for example for britain to have soup quickly identified the substance you heard about it in the first few days they would have had to have a sample of it synthesized or quiet somehow in their own way to much against
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exactly we won't go into the you know into the deep specifics technicality of it but every single chemical mixture in the world has a mass spectrum it's just and i identified there are libraries with medians of these identifies you know anything would metal and it could be identified and have this number for them to have had this number in their database means they synthesized new which work themselves or somehow acquired it more than that we know there are instructions there are books where research is laid out how the synthesize the substance we know in the united states research published sixty varieties of new york we know of course no which isn't a single chemical nerve agent it's a subgroup of look at he wrote a book on. that's exactly the formula was. put in there but just because the formula is open it's not so you can kind of make up on your kitchen sink is it it isn't that all all the research i've spoken to agree that you need a professional
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a board or a professional chemists it's all very dangerous very difficult work to map manufacture a nerve agent nevertheless. they shared with me various details that really only a chemist can can see about this case that to them just don't match and indicate that others including great britain also have new truck. as the group of toxic agents known under the umbrella term the chocolate we first came across them in open sources back in two thousand and seven that's when the publication was made in the u.s. where multitude of formulas were included with as many as sixty toxic agents then each of them was assigned an index and the chemical expert system so they're all available in open sources least for me listen no secret if it's true or not the chalk we're dealing with here i must say it's no real problem to synthesize such
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a toxic agent all the components needed to easily available on the open market the synthesis doesn't call for particularly sophisticated procedures and it can be specializing in all gannett chemistry would be able to make it. so not only of the british did so far in this investigation that they can't establish the source of the origin of this nerve agent the was used in this attack but we're also now learning that there is a high degree of probability that my many other countries especially with advanced chemical industries programs that they also may have stockpiles of moving truck if anything else to make it into to make. but you know that runs contrary to what we heard in the first station over chalk russia you know there's no other explanation has to be a russian state attack or the russians have lost. control of their stockpiles which the russians say they want to clarify regarding that just to remind our viewers
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this is such a complicated story russia as far as russia's officially concerned those stockpiles anything left they went a couple years ago didn't they exactly russia has the clear that it has the stronger. of its chemical weapons stockpiles the united states for example has not yet done so and they promised to do so by two thousand and twenty three but there's been no communication between russia and great britain absolutely none other than threats and automate thems and you know. new sanctions and the russians have been saying you know give us something give us information about the assassination attempt about the chemical keep did you hear anything when you're talking to the chemist and you get an idea of how you would go about trying to trace where this chemical was made to get my point i mean if you buy a bottle of bleach you can see what how it's chemically constructed but it doesn't need to even if you take it apart it's constructive chemicals it still doesn't tell you exactly where it's made does it or does it have
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a scent they said there aren't many places in the world about two dozen so where these could reliably nerve agent could reliably be made it's incredibly difficult you know forget basements and forget you know additives that this is the source be narrowed down to twenty countries around about surrounding that but the other problem is of course we must mention that in the nine hundred ninety s. russian side to smuggled out and sold on the black market samples of noble truck a quantity of neutral which was used to kill a banker we don't know how much he smuggled out perhaps perhaps there was more but with regards to the investigation so far the russians have been entirely and completely excluded and they've forwarded a list of questions to the british to the b c w do b.t.w. what's coming up soon not tomorrow morning and promises to respond very soon but the russian foreign minister says eventually they'll have to talk. you will not
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be possible to get away from answering the questions. obvious now and what else is obvious british colleagues have conceived fast with this game. so a lot of twists and turns in this investigation from you know the investigation and being unable to identify the source to now strong suspicions that britain amongst others may also have stockpiled some quantities of the ritual curious to the head of port used what it was when. discourteously you carry on saying it was not our job to specify the source of the poison lose job is it because that's one of the key imus's that's needed here but he said during the huge political ramifications really intelligence agencies and the politicians i believe this who is referencing let's get the thoughts from mars mccauley off russia around lists watching on these twists and turns there martin how are you today hello are you surprised by this one of the what the head of portadown said. i'm surprised that
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a scientist would come out and. we haven't yet proved the origin of this because i would presume that he would wait until he had absolute one hundred percent proof to be either really or country b. but actually come out. he's saying that. only a very sophisticated state actor. or not adept by the country could actually manufacture. a two three four but so far we have not been able. to do it and he added the u.k. foreign office saying again the government has been quote clear from the very beginning that russia was behind the attack and at the conclusion of the lab which is part of that investigation so i still don't understand how they could be so clear how they're making that assessment do you think. one presumes that the intelligence services have information which they have not revealed and presumably the foreign office is basing its judgment basing the statement on what the
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intelligence services are telling it and therefore the television services say we have information which obviously we can't divulge the origin of the information but we have information which identifies the source of knowledge like a two three three four now they may never be willing to actually reveal that this is part of the problem with the diligence services you can't have an open debate because if you identify your source in russia or some other country that's that is fatal for that source and therefore in tellico never publicly kind of close is the case does it that's the problem you know or that it goes on and on on and we're left with a position where we know the nerve agent no joke a two three four it was manufactured in the soviet union and in russia and it was there but where did where did this example come from we're still back to square one we actually don't know if intelligence services know they're not revealing the
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information. so what is actually going to be cutting to the chase tonight politically there's no change the standoff still continues this sped line we're hearing from from from portland that while they don't know where it where it was made does that change anything in relations tonight. it makes the british government's position weaker because it introduces doubt because they made the statement that the origin was probably in the balance of probability it was russia and therefore they went from there to expel russian diplomats which in turn resulted in russian diplomats being expelled from various other countries and it was inevitable that the russians would in fact gaijin countermeasure so we have a situation now where lots of diplomats are being spilled have been expelled and so on. and doubtless been introduced about the source but the origin of. it would be for many of them must be wondering why we expelled because the
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information may in fact have been faulty well the foreign office is just simply and said that you know the assumption that it was russia that was behind this wasn't me only from the fact that this was nervy chalk. but also. based on other sources including intelligence that former russian agents were risk that their lives were in danger so so you know given that there's a lot we aren't hearing about is it fair to say that. this investigation may yet have its twists and turns. it has of twists and turns and the danger for it is that only a part of the information is provided in public sources the government will only reveal some of the information is held they intelligence services never reveal the sources of their information because that would be fatal to their sources and
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therefore they if you like they always operate behind curtains and in dark rooms and so on and they don't want anyone to identify them or dr ed identify what they're doing or their sources is enough we're left in a world in which the british government the form of or says it has sources and presumably they are russian sources but they will not reveal those sources and that is normally an intelligence intelligence work why motive is the u.k. still refusing to hand over a so-called sample of this not to chop that they found it or how much of it the found that we were speaking to some chemist earlier on i guess small amounts of this maybe they're going after hand over i don't know why are they refusing to do that publicly do you think. i think they don't want to get into a straight fight with moscow because the situation is so tense a present and as somebody else has said there's no communication lavrov is not
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talking to boris johnson and the russian government is no talk of the british government and never there really no communication and they don't want to provide a little piece of evidence they don't want to provide a little piece of knowledge drug eighty three for the bigger the danger might be that the russians resent there are. we can identify this as being manufactured in another state it was manufactured in russia never that would upset the whole british narrative and therefore they're not willing to go down that path at present and would be interesting to see because this story is going to run and run because it comes down to intelligence sources in russia with russian actors and so on how relevant how true in fact is the information and if it turns out that information case collapses and they don't want to do that because that that risk is far too high but at present they would provide very little evidence until they can identify
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they are certain about their intelligence sources that they can identify it came say from russia or came out a macauley rush what should analyst thank you for being on the program to give us your thoughts on this big story today thanks maura to bacteria in a bit so russia's been playing before course without any conclusive evidence ever provided here's a look at how the russia did it equation works in the script case. ok
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we're going to get back to the scruple case and the latest developments in the ted important but now another live news event taking let's go to turkey vladimir putin in ankara and is holding a joint press conference with the turkish president let's listen in the most of this is started to come here to visit of mr putin or is it allows a demonstration at the on to the high level of relations. between our countries. you know also would like to express bus depots going galu service because it would people of russia because of the tragedy which happened in
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camera. and the tragedy. of such a mention of maggots here. and the grief so did because many children died. in that tragedy we've just completed. meetings between really. counts so. i mean but i mean to tell you the meetings meeting between the delegation members we compared our notes on the current state of affairs carp arrangement with the cook countries during our one on one meeting. and during the meetings between the council members. and a number of questions have been discussed. we need.
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one thing republican dialogue we have. very positively our relations in other fields cultural terril economic cooperation is also. on the rise. into the last year the trade cultivation has increased by twenty one percent and is now exceeds twenty two billion dollars there's no doubt that our tasks are even more ambitious goals and more ambitious we would like to reach the level of trade. as one hundred billion dollars. terms or service investments. we need to follow through the current projects as soon as possible and that will help us to advance. at a faster pace on the track of reaching that one. billion dollars. level
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we've laid the first brick at the. peace side. we. like to see the commission of the first power unit in twenty twenty three i do hope that this process even more fast paced. that the commission will happen to. take place even sooner so far. over twenty two billion dollars will be invest. all. my friend has contributed much to the successful implementation of this project thanks to.
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these achievements we. meet. our country and the second pipeline of the turkish dream. is currently in construction and given all our military and ties our social ties so all see your joy in your eyes. twenty nine teen who will have a number of advanced did you created to fostering our cultural asians across years of culture and education the cultural far. here has been opened in moscow and a similar sense has been opened in one career and that is another that has pointed to the fact that we are determined to push forward our relation the number of russian citizens we have with it has reached the figure of four billion seven hundred thousand people that means that russia is the.
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top country in terms of the number of tourists coming to. this year i believe the number of tourists will reach a figure of six million people. lie to you. fast track the station of the visa real change. first and foremost we paid our attention to the syrian issue in our regional matter is part of how our talks to. us in the process resulted in creation discolorations. almost. luckily we have overcome many difficulties from that way we prevent it large scale mass violence and loss of lives.
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we respect the memorandum and i'm sure that rigorous compliance will yield more results on the way to also have a number of meetings with our counterparts as per group and toss during the summit . and we will discuss in every detail with syria and other issues as well. who will be discussing the matters would have to do with the settlement of the crisis using this opportunity lifesaver my honorable friend mr putin we discussed the all the ranger operation on syria i. briefed my counterpart on the operation in the french. operation.
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means that we would like to ensure our integrity and our safety as well as the dignity of syria i do hope sincerely that we will continue cooperating with russia stalling greater peace and security in the region. our russian friends and we are in constant dialogue on this or many other shows on our agenda we believe that the future of syria. should not be left. to the i.c. so the so called democratic union groups we are focusing our car peroration on the interests we share. so. then the last fifteen years are good neighborly relations respect. that have to was a child had been the manifested in many many examples all that goes to show
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truly. high level of relations which is for the benefit of our people and for many. countries. so they have tried to poison the relation between russia and cuba but largely with stude to that. all these provocations yielded no results and our relations have been reinforcing. damascus steel. the today's high level cooperation in the council is another step on the way to reinforce our relations. to a greater of the magnitude of life to welcome my counterpart and geishas of russia and i hope that this our meeting as many others as well yield more results and more benefit to our countries. thank you very much on the ball mr president of
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turkey ladies and gentleman first and foremost would like to know that today's agenda. is very substantial if it is full of meetings and discussions suppressant and i discussed key issues pertaining to our bilateral relations as well as a number of issues of regional and international importance so later on during the high level cooperation council which we together with has of major companies and ministers discussed in every detail the whole gamut of car peroration in the fields of politics security konami ex military and ties have also been part of the discussion.


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