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tv   News  RT  December 9, 2017 7:00pm-7:24pm EST

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trampas c.n.n. runs a full story on alleged conniving between we pick apart other stories that time to answer even the chief prosecutor most entirely by my quince is fast becoming more so. you're watching all to international live from almost as today would mean a day or two to welcome to the program clashes have again erupted in jerusalem and the west bank palestinians declared three days of rage following president trumps.
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injury slim protesters three stones of police who responded with stun grenades and tear gas several protesters were arrested and a naughty create is in jerusalem right now our correspondent solid defense case and a camera witnessed the violence first times. and jack we're in the middle of a presidential policy and you have been shaking against the fact that president trump has named us saying this is really kept. so he's just trying to take a few moments to get some safety equipment on as we are in the middle of this protest here in jerusalem as you can see in the distance there are a group of youths who are here to protest that decision by don't trim to name jerusalem as the official capital of israel and if you look down this street you'll see some of the security forces present. from the israeli defense force. some
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offices or the host back they're used to the easy way some of these players. didn't. just come to the store to the street because some of the protesters are actually throwing rocks and bottles down in your direction towards israeli security forces which are behind this. as you can see the security forces are just coming persis know these are israeli security forces who are going to different courts the streets to try and break up with the protesters you see some of them still running down behind me. almost from those who are in grief and they are on the north shore right were showing their shoulder to see the street. protests also gripped the west bank
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and gaza palestinian authorities say two people were killed in the unrest and more than a founds and injured janice ten counts read reports from casa. well anger is to mood of the palestinian streets especially after the air strikes launched on the gaza strip. how much belonging sites and facilities to members of hamas were killed the tensions are increasing we were just now on the buffer zone and there were a lot of confrontations between the palestinians and the israelis hundreds of youths are now on the buffer zone at the ambulances are waiting on the freezone everyone scared for a new injuries. protests in support of palestine a ping out across the world. of the security council israel's right to determine its capital foundation the system is geared. both israelis and palestinians fairly
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israel the un has done advance east jerusalem as its capital of its illegal for this for this position including statements made by those who really all of it from a to z. is wrong. is not reflective of realities is not in line with international law and security council resolutions themselves the man three is that we're here for already seventy years all our government institutions are in jerusalem and if anybody opens the bible well there will five that since the time of day king david was the capital of israel the surest is actually not just a matter of capital of the choices where the. people want to
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respect history culture see ology and whether they want to respect their own promises what the president trump respects his words you promise to move the embassy you promise to recognize your oath one and here thousand it's a very good example for other people to be loyal to closest allies. in the quest to prove donald trump completed his russia shows no signs of letting up c.n.n. recently had a story that donald trump jr had been sent a direct link to wiki leaks documents on the democratic national committee before they were made public. it was september fourth two thousand and sixteen at the height of the campaign that's when candidate donald trump his son donald trump jr and even trump jr's personal assistant they got an e-mail with a decryption key and a website address for hacked wiki leaks documents the documents were made public on september thirteenth via wiki leaks twitter feed c.n.n.
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claim that the e-mail was sent on september the fourth which later turned out to be false the e-mail was actually sent to trent jr on september the fourteenth the day after the data went public he later tweeted a response to the fall c.n.n. story i know that you can't help but spread freak news c.n.n. but now that you know the truth you should have the decency to retract the full story make the correction take down the b.s. tweet and apologize to the two or three people that still believe you to be credible your welcome u.s. president also slammed the story accusing those behind it of gross incompetence while wiki leaks founder julian assange has called for someone to be fired the network later run a correction given quote the proper context for the timing of the email we discussed the story with several independent journalists they believe that c.n.n. ran the story without fact checking simply to cause a scandal. i think they've become a victim of their own mania that they have themselves helped create more than
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anyone else we've had a long long list of errors that had to be corrected in this long running hysteria about russia suppose it interference in the american election even more disturbing stories where there's no real factual error but there spawn in a way that leads into the story they're trying to prove they have lost control of how to report this story they never had an objective view about that don't forget this kind of relationship between media like c.n.n. and what you might call proceeds of the state where they brief people to give them stories then they just repeat what the told all of these sources. this case of course like the same information the c.n.n. jump in times past and see haven't stopped that anonymous source save russia's equivalent to facebook got in touch with. that explosive information comes from a nonprofit jr meeting with a russian lawyer back in june of two thousand and sixteen c n n issued an exclusive
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report thing those emails are the first indication there was any follow up after that meeting and not follow up centers around what goldstone allegedly referred to as a cute marketing idea scandalous here's what happened the director of partnership marketing v.k. rush hit up team trump to set up a page on firm they made an offer to our people we welcomed international network risers to trump not really sure if. putin while apparently about didn't impress the trump team they didn't reply to the network's request. we never received a reply from donald trump's representatives it is absolutely ludicrous and it is part of covered this entire story for this entire year and plan to continue to do for months and months and months as long as it keeps their ratings elevated because it's russia that's why this is so exciting to the media and a way for them to store up a story that is absolutely baseless and yet another one of hundreds of hundreds of
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stories that have been and will continue to be nothing but sensationalism and russia phobia. is fast becoming a war zone according to chief prosecutor why after this break. the war zone you on the idea that dropping bombs brings to the can or forcing you to buy the battle that. you thought for the tell you that will be gossip and public but. that doesn't tell you are not cool enough but. we along the border will want. let me explain something terribly out there is one has to be successful like
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there's two ways to go you can either become educated to do that by yourself go to the new york university website or the galaxy division and get the syllabus of the book was that all gal to the vision students after i was a gal to the first year to the first project two hundred fifty plots starting with aristotle reveals books now you're educated the second way you could be a success in life if you got to know three bridge. looking for things and steve. welcome back to the program news just in a group of men in mass threw molotov cocktails at a synagogue in the city of gothenburg on sunday evening in sweden jewish young people were holding a social function inside the synagogue when it happened they took refuge in the basement for security reasons until police arrived the police confirmed that the instant didn't cause any injuries earlier today in the center of gothenburg against
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donald trump's decision to. write population is becoming a warranty of the suburb of ring could be the city of seventy kilometers from stockholm has been criminals have even used grenades to target police stations and fire fights is now require the backup of military style law enforcement sweden's third largest city mom has also witnessed a sharp rise in crime but this year alone there were shootings a fifty nine shootings have left seven people dead and dozens injured almost eighty percent of the local population say they live in fear while over a third say they're afraid to be aren't alone on the streets at night meanwhile police have been deployed to project protect joggers at nights we discuss the situation with political scientists and commentators stick beyond. he says offices now have to risk. bond like an army formation. there are places that are.
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part of the time dangerous and we're there to police it so that is moving into their. lives like that form that a. combat situation or as a formation of a heart fund it will shoot down any drones including american ones if they violate the country's airspace it comes to weeks after the u.s. reportedly conducted an air strike on the country's border with afghanistan we will not allow anyone to violate our airspace i have ordered the biggest on air force to shoot down drones including those of the u.s. if they enter our airspace violating the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. pakistani officials say that us train tanks have done significant harm since two thousand and four almost a thousand civilians are believed to have been killed by strikes including around two hundred children we spoke to so highly force captain he believes islam
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abides r.c.t. to washington is changing. in the near past the united states has been playing good cop bad cop game but i could start one of. the positive. strong threats in the past the drones have been attacking targets in pakistan a leader it was but helps with the approval of the government of pakistan but in the past couple of years the government of pakistan has not provided any such approval the united states should actually. its options because it has been using pakistan as an ally and if. it will be detrimental to the peace in the region. meanwhile pakistan's air force chief has questioned whether america's long standing military engagement in the region is even helpful so while i'm on also slammed washington strike for act of the on promoting democracy abroad
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. no outside power can engineer democracy inside a country nor is democracy the solution to every problem examples in iraq and libya are in front of us after the fall of gadhafi and saddam what happened in this country's did they get democracy it is a syria currently and of course yemen afghanistan iraq all of these countries they have lost the stability and they are in serious problems in fact the moment there are some scribes in the new york press in the washington press who are predicting that if pakistan doesn't go the line of the united states of america if syria like situation may be created over here because pakistan cannot allow its territory to be used by others to engineer in the name of democracy and me farcical moves which will destabilize the country. america is in the grip of an opioid
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crisis the worst drug epidemic in recorded u.s. history that's according to the u.s. national safety council twenty two thousand americans die every year overdosing on prescription painkillers the council has launched a campaign to warn against the risks of taking the drugs. every one of those little girls represents the person that lost. and i want to tell you about my son relative to the age of eighteen someone who prescribed medication. the consequence of which i asked my son age twenty four instrument pain medication because a doctor. that the doctor knew what he was doing i never actually thought about my diction too much and i was really makes me see things more clear this can happen to
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any one this can happen to you. don't let it. the girls of the n.s.c. are to make people aware of the dangers of addiction and sixty four out of every one hundred cases misuse began with people using opioids prescribed to someone else while almost two thirds of americans don't know sharing a private medicine is illegal national safety council program manager test ban them says overprescribing the drug is the main concern. it was recent emergency and many organizations like the national safety council are taking action to find solutions and save lives it's a multifaceted problem which is why the national safety council developed our stop every day killers campaign opioid pain medications were involved in about a third of drug overdose deaths last year and overprescribing is definitely
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a factor and so we're taking measures like implementing opioid describing guidelines educating our doctors and nurses but most importantly starting a campaign like this to educate the public about their breasts we have less than five percent of the world's population but we consume more than eighty percent of the world's supply of opioids and so it's a huge problem here in the united states everybody has a role to play including our government to begin to implement solutions that are going to save lives and help us and this crisis. ferocious wildfires have been burning in southern california for six days authorities say the fires have claimed one life with hundreds of thousands fleeing their homes president trump declared a federal state of emergency in california on friday and ordered further relief efforts the largest of the six fires has charred over one hundred forty thousand acres of land in northwest los angeles is thought firefighters could face more difficulties over the weekend as strong winds are predicted to strengthen the blaze
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. the former georgian president turned ukrainian opposition figure mikhail saakashvili has gone on hunger strike it follows his arrest in kiev on friday during a rally demanding the impeachment of ukraine's president petro poroshenko after. rest his supporters gathered outside that tension center where he's being held setting light to tires and sustenance his lawyer read a letter to the crowd calling for another rally against president saakashvili was first detained on tuesday on suspicion of assisting a criminal organization on that occasion he tried to evade arrest by climbing onto the roof of his apartment block he was seized by police but a crowd of supporters pulled him from their van really later claimed that his detention had been purely political in nature. this is a dirty lying operation completely freak it's only being done to disorientate
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people and to prolong the life of. keep these armed cults i'll save them for poroshenko. earlier this year really was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship while abroad in september the supporters formed a protective crowd around him and marched him across the ukrainian border from poland he has since been pursued by ukrainian law enforcement. bringing a lawsuit before a court isn't always an easy task especially when animals are involved that's what a danish land found to his cost when he lost a kind of damage to property against beavers.
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we were just doing our job. our roundup of our top stories and i'll be back at the top of the out with the very latest news right so watching. i. i thank. you.
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they call me a useful idiot. and useful idiots great especially my opinions on r.t. there are thousands of us doing it behind his record is the same strategy we attack persons instead of talking about what's next why stop me from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group code pink why not ban the color pink one hour stretch beyond the rock i should be sent to the town to be hear me and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out i'm in good company i'm in good company you want leaders because we are free thinkers. no russian flag will fly at the twenty year eighteen winter olympics but there will
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be russian athletes. no russian national anthem will play out during official ceremonies but founds will probably acappella rendition you can take the athletes out of the country but can you take the country out of the athletes. oh here this is max geyser as you report you. you know america's being disenfranchised by other corp ocracy they don't tell you buddy when your local news station because they're part of the conspiracy and like crazy no is it real yes he'll tell us more is the wonderful and gorgeous to see herbert max we're still in durham north carolina where it's nice is
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sunny and warm and we're going to be heading to new york city for the next few episodes and that's going to be kind of cold but you know over the past few episodes we've been talking about the american oligarchs we've been talking about the new robber barons jeff bezos now worth over one hundred billion dollars cities are handing over the keys to democracy for him to come bring amazon second headquarters there we talked about bill gates not quite worth one hundred billion dollars but he is a philanthropist giving a lot of money to help create clean water over in africa and we found that the people of alabama and his own home country which has made him so wealthy well he's not helping out down there so much and now we turn to warren buffett yet another one of our favorite cuddly billionaires he's the most cuddly of a.
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