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tv   Headline News  RT  October 12, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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it was. not a matter of your going to. the new york times editor and a friend who allegedly works that you cheat court of even the way mainstream and social media manipulate the news. very rare cases. to try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the truth but in those cases . you see somebody with intervention make sure that like to. encourage the thing to be basically. the wall sounds of people rally across catalonia of spain mops its national holiday with the region's future in the air after its independence declaration was postponed. and dotty films the
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legacy of islamic state in liberated areas of syria we go inside the terror groups form a police station and prison where many innocent people lost their lives. thank you for watching on t.v. international live from moscow with the latest headlines i'm kate. an online investigation website has exposed potential collusion between the new york times and you choose video was leaked by project fairyhouse which is going to name for uncovering uncomfortable truths behind the media very rare cases. to try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the treatment of. well the man caught on hidden camera is believed to be ernest petty according to his linked in profile he is you brandon diversity curation lead one in the video he admits you change
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intervenes to change trending videos very rare cases will. try to make up for the fact that something isn't in the treatment ok it's very rare but in those cases they. use some intervention make sure that they. do. encourage the thing to be basically well petty's friend as he's described in another part of the tape by a project veritas was also caught on camera saying he benefits from their relationship of trust resort to something of a you do for a page that your tickets out of i really don't know it's just words but for the security for our well nicholas today he is an audience strategy editor for the new york times he claims he's previously worked for the election campaigns of both hillary clinton and barack obama he calls himself a gate keeper for the top u.s. newspaper deciding what gets coverage what doesn't. there's a bigger part of the day certain scenes what grows out but doesn't go in what they
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wrote something to write a story that we've got you just a few basic. rights and that's the way you do all this is. all we requested a comment on the revelations from you tube but so far there's been no response while the new york times has already reacted well in a statements the newspaper admitted dudek apparently violated their own ethics code but it also times he exaggerated the influence he had at the outlets the communications director of project veritas steven gordon believe so called gate keeping by social media is a big concern. certain political entities certain media entities rise to the top of the pecking order there is collusion between the social media networks and the major media outlets what we did was we caught it we caught them admitting it would caught them being candid on undercover video admitting what most people want most americans and what most people around the
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world strongly suspect was the case anyway but just couldn't prove we've just proved that. mr dudek who's kind of the star of these first two videos and was pretty clear about having worked for two presidential campaigns and wanted to continue his mission working for the new york times i mean he was pretty clear about it there's no ambiguity in his words and what's interesting is in the new york times statement they didn't rebut the accuracy of what we said we kind of suspected that if they well here's a low level guy but they did they said he's a junior player but they didn't rebut the accuracy of what we put out they're just making excuses. for one of the worst the seats the mainstream media does and now major social media does is gate keeping it's their role it's not miss this is stopping most depressing story lines that they don't want to hear or don't want you to hear so they can bump up their narrative to the top of the list and most people trust as these major internet companies are growing and maturing and becoming
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almost monopolistic they've got the ability to do a lot more than they used to in the startup days of the internet and so they're clued in they're in bed with the new york in this case you tube and the new york times are in bed and we're in new york and new york times and you tube or in bed the bastard child of that relationship is fake news. and the new york times is at the center of another story that's a previously claimed antivirus software produced by the russian based company kaskaskia had been used by moscow to spy on the u.s. however on investigation by germany's cyber security agency says there's no evidence. remember plans to warn against the use of conspiracy products since we have no evidence of misconduct by the company this is in itself. for more details on this maria if an ocean a joins me live from berlin will of the russia so what's the background to the
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story kate well kate it seems that the story behind has more questions than answers it all started with the new york times reporting that the so-called russian hackers that the parent of the paper believes have connections with the russian government had been using kaspersky a lot of software to get classified information from of the foreign intelligence and security agencies and kloden americas and as a national security agency the paper claims this information is coming from israel's officials who shared it with it n.s.a. the n.s.a. the south refused to give any comment say this would violate the company's policy leaving all these quite clear well german is cyber security agency has been quick to claim that no evidence had been found to prove to back these media reports i would say reports because shortly after the new york times article was published a lot of media picked up the story with quite catchy headlines like russia turned
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kaspersky lab software into a tool for spying because personal ad has called these allegations groundless let's take a listen kaspersky lab has never held its nor will help any government in the world with cyber espionage efforts. private held russia based because personal lab has been repeatedly accused of being involved in certain spike t.v. in the last two years eight has been always deny all accusations and all allegations but we still hear and bought them just recently washington has found as far as going as far as banning all federal departments and agencies from using kaspersky services and now we have germany on the side of kaspersky say no evidence had been found to bruv any involvement by the company's spying activity but given
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the recent developments in the recent dynamic we can say that these sagar is far from over and we can hear more allegations in the future back to you. and it's intriguing stuff maria in berlin thank you very much. now thousands of people are protesting across catalonia on spain's national day as the in person over the region's future continues the spanish prime minister has set a monday deadline for the council on president to decide whether or not the region has adopted a declaration of independence and mr c. churkin a report from barcelona where the iconic french flare barcelona plus a cut to libya right now and it's a scene of clouds filling this mall square and joining streets that are around here thousands of people if you can see covered marching from that direction towards this where there are still continuing to come in carrying banners carrying our
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flags. to others this is not an easy protest where all of these people are coming out to speak in support of keeping tabs loaded with spain as this major crisis continues to grip the country and the region this is what people here have been telling us. be a little first of all they're all just going. i think we should have talked it over i don't know whether they were permitted to do so but maybe it would have been best to bring in new people and let the old ones go. and if we want spain in catalonia together we believed here for fifteen years got married had children and grandchildren we want spanish catalonia together that's all we want you to know that we have to fly. for me to get out and vote on this pay because it's the best for all these are the forty year representative for spain is the fourth is about the for the not about the you should stay with spain for sure but i think that the
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government should take these then for the people who they get to know what what we actually wonder what the don't have people wonder but i don't want that don't have to be up are they going to stay the president of the e.u. to me house by only to the lower rank you should assume because it was well it's a national day of spain here so the moods are quite a laboratory however for the people here that question to see just what the politics of what is going to be happening to their region because this is such an exciting time that place is limited because this region has been demanding such a long time at the top of the game the sort of final highly anticipated results about a ninety three sons of the people who came out to vote did in fact support leaving however the about seven levels i'm sure make it not clear whether or not the spanish people are going to be eventually buy tickets alone or not sound.
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right minister given that up. until sunday so i don't either that's a lot of stuff that solidifies the clintons a player that's. come out on tuesday and make statements that could. be love. i don't suppose i know say that for several days say they see how disgusting details with the trade of the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy has made it quite clear that the deadline he's giving to the cats leadership is this monday to announce whether search or out because so far they're saying the only thing they see is confusion let's take a listen but the good you have for the moment the reform of the require the khartoum government to confirm if it has declared independence or apart from the deliberate confusion created regarding its and turns into force and so obviously
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developments are grappling quite rapidly here chaps are loading up for these people the question is decided they were told once that that's about return to leave the country but we have to keep in mind that so many people have been supporting the independence movement in catalonia and it's quite unlikely they're going to lose interest in the issue of independence clearly despite this political crisis that they're gripped him because so many people voted on the it's over first referendum and this is going to be a shoe that's been so important for this region for decades so certainly the prices here continues and it's going to really be up to whether or not barcelona and madrid are going to be able to work something out and negotiate or whether this is going to continue to be a chess game that leads to nothing. well probably you know she protests as can be seen and bracing local council and police some have expressed surprise noting that many regional offices have come out against unity and for catalonia secession it also follows widespread allegations of police brutality by national police and
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civil guards on voting day well the government says ninety percent of voters chose to break away from spain in the referendum on october the first but it's far from the only region with its fate hanging in the balance. absolutely things are holding their breath after the drama of their referendum will they end up sticking with spain after all really go it alone and. i winning a referendum hasn't always brought about the desired goal let's look at a couple of cases first up the greek bailout referendum in two thousand and fifteen prime minister alexis tsipras promised a no vote would mean an end to e.u. and i.m.f. imposed a stereotypic. a cooling on you to support this negotiation a calling on you to say no to this recipe of memorandums that's destroying europe. when an overwhelming no to
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a stereotype was returned suppressed caved in to the troika anyway it was i'm telling you right here that i take full responsibility for mistakes as well as the signing an agreement that i would do you believe in however i'm a ploy to implement it next up because this struggle for independence the self proclaimed region in moving iraq has been raring to go certainly for years now citing tensions with baghdad we choose to live together with baghdad willingly if they don't want us to be their partners we refused to be their servants and last month emboldened by months of propelling islamic state from iraq the territories the region held an independence referendum almost ninety three percent voted in favor of going. through now this is a new era for the kurdish people it is a turning point and we have to use it and this is a big victory for the kurdish people that was almost two weeks ago and since then silence within the same silence will fall on canceling awakes to be see.
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coming up after the break we'll hear why the u.k.'s times newspaper claims the british politicians are doing. her mom. long. long is. what politicians do subtle enough to. put themselves on the laws. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure more somehow i want to press. the to the
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right to be prosperous like the flag tree in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters among our. guests it. took three. weeks for. us. i. welcome back in the u.k. the times newspaper claims british politicians are doing the kremlin's bidding by participating in artie's programs it names prominent lawmakers who have appeared on shows such as going underground and news thing it gives the precise number of their appearances and the fees reportedly paid to them well the times claims it's all part of the kremlin's attempts to extend its reach within british politics only
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boyko has been taking a closer look. this is one of britain's most read newspapers and one of the leading edge a tory in the london times today happens to be all about this place r.t. it's called helping putin and nays in chains all the politicians that appear on the channel it's not although there's another article that elaborates on concerns about the extent of kremlin influence here in westminster and whereas talking to the media is normally considered an expression of freedom of speech here in the u.k. these articles appear to suggest that the politicians talking to r.t. are greedy and even treacherous well to talk about this more i'm going to gate crash the studio going underground host afshin rattansi action you talked to quite
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a few of the politicians romans live in this article do you think that it's a fair assessment and why do they come on your show really short in journalism isn't it the murdoch times i mean to my knowledge they haven't gone door to difficult with little going underground which is named jake in this story m.p.'s politicians from all around the world for all parties in britain go more going underground because the. they know they will look at issues in depth and allow them to actually speak in action one of the articles here lists a lot of the labor m.p.'s that came on the show and on the news channel and a select few of the conservative ones can you explain that to an international audience well i think obviously labor politicians have been on this show but so conservative ones and from other smaller parties i think this obviously indicates the murdoch line here they're trying to somehow attack media that is. funded
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by the russian government by saying it is allied to jeremy corbyn the channel has been attacked in the past but does this feel like a whole new level this naming and shaming of politicians do you think it can be hard if you to get guests on the show as a result i think strangely it's been an uphill battle right at the beginning it was tough but actually i think more and more politicians are becoming used to the idea of the dirty u.k. is here to stay and it's going to allow politicians to speak about real issues not about the sound bite culture of celebrity and all the rest of it that british view is used here in this country. well the russian embassy in london responded on twitter by questioning the logic behind the article it pondered if russian politicians appearing on the b.b.c. there for help the british prime minister. and social media giants are feeling the heat again this time also in the u.k.
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british m.p.'s want the likes of facebook and google to be classified as media outlets meaning they'd be subjected to greater regulation but that's raise concerns about freedom of speech we heard two different viewpoints on this issue the whole idea risk completely ludicrous it's even who up for book it is of course a gross intrusion to freedom of speech but more significantly frankly it's completely. workable it could be an infringement on freedom of speech but the problem moment is that nobody is accountable to the social media platforms aren't accountable and there is no way of holding those who post to account could be. kalil in bridgeville you know who are you you know where are you i think there's been an incredible excesses and i'm facebook and google have an awful lot to answer for but that's not all they all are i have a twitter account i reach way to articles as things i've read of interest and
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significant ten twenty times a day sometimes every single one of those is a publication under what this person is saying it is simply impractical a could do it who on earth is going to monitor it how it's going to be done it won't work can't work and it shouldn't work when you're writing stuff you can do you know you can sometimes get a little bit carried away and you can be a lot more harsh than you would be face to face and this is exciting for the government to say that you shouldn't be putting stuff on social media which you couldn't say face to face to somebody and that's sort of pretty fundamental principle a thing to be problems the government's talking about a code of conduct and it's singled out a religious aspects of the bt community and you know my antenna rise a little bit that because if you're not going to be able to update code to say anything negative about homosexuality or anything negative about islam then that is an infringement on freedom of speech but just slike you people off or posting fake
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news you must must be must be accountable i quite accept and quite agree that facebook and google should be doing far more to clean up their route but that all those freedom of speech issues what is your definition of what is terrorist material versus controversial political opinion. now to syria where the battle against iso continues in the eastern province of terrorists or r t has been traveling with the syrian army to get first hand experience from the front line. isis is making it. here is one of the jihad ists briefly showing himself while spraying the way on full otoh. well following the liberation of the syrian army is now advancing on iso positions to the north west however years of
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islamic state control have cost wide scale damage to the village what i guess day of has witnessed the legacy left by the terrorists. liberating this village was just part of the job holding it is another. day and night the syrian army and the isis skirmish at its edges in the meantime fresh forces who are in in preparation for the next push against the jihad ists still there's more to it had taken less than two days ago after an isis occupation that lasted years and left its mark everywhere these small village even hosted an isis prison and police department. isis doled out their own brand of justice offenses like owning a sim card being a syrian government worker or an infidel carried the death penalty.
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many of the these id cards are no longer alive islamic state had almost everything it's own government ministries police courts even had their own currency and stamp these coins quickly going out of circulation and becoming collector's items many people are eager to get their hands on these. currency is a form of control with that i says restricted trade to within that calif that taxes had to be paid to and if you couldn't pay the money you paid in goods are. you. sure. there are.
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soldiers was still sweeping hatta looking for isis hideaways and bombs most had been cleared when we got there but not all there weren't that many booby traps and those they left seemed crude hastily made uncharacteristic of isis suggesting that perhaps isis did not expect to lose hadleigh so quick to. jump on board that would include more of guys dia. from there is on syria. the planned launch of a vital cargo supply vessel to the international space station has been delayed just minutes before the launch at the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan mission control to take to the floats with the rockets going to the systems of the spacecraft past two and a half tons of essential supplies including food and fuel ready for the crew of the i access the next launch attempt on saturday.
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well that's over this album or nice guy to r.t. dot com otherwise i'll be back in just over thirty minutes with the latest headlines that. apply to many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got it. all isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion. from the families it's the age of the super money kill get a loan to spend spend be true to the twenty million one playa. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so what will chance with. the beaks it's going to.
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i'm going guess yeah you know until you tell him to her shows her as a little but i still look at it all. the telling neither of those are good hinting termit be that than it. is if you do go to war if you will you will be given to believe all this blows the glad i wish i'd got the time to remember that the ones who nobody can take on the. feel this way or got up out of the open mind and as you know often enough when the state of the impulse nguyen and we're not going to stumble into the room the truth. to use it for. me and. you will become worth playing.
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with this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling closes them reject them so. that the final. be the will. we can all middle of the room sit. room.
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when the francis is broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight us chip maker qualcomm is that the payoff in asia as regulator flat bottomed on it a fair trade violation also mr through though goes to washington we take a look at the visit of the canadian prime minister to the white house lots of trade to discuss there and then my guest former u.s. trade commissioner bart chilton joins us he brings the california wildfires into focus it's a bigger problem than just flames we've got an entire industry affected and funding questions to have answered stand by us starts right now.


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