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a bomb blast in the london underground leaves at least twenty two people injured including children i just suddenly saw lots of things cold. towards me to me that something is it is a cop and police say they are treating the attack as an act of terror making it the fifth in the u.k. this year. the migration chief has a change of heart on border controls in the area after calling for checks to be dropped he goes on to say that the block they still need protection around the world anti-doping agency lashes out at several national agencies after new calls for russia to be banned from the twenty eight winter olympics.
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hello they're coming to you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international. and we start in london because the number of people in a bomb blast on the tube train in the southwest of the city were injured has now risen to twenty nine police are treating the attackers terrorism witnesses report seeing a fireball through the carriage offices say though that device only partially detonated and the destruction could have been far worse. i never. stops. yeah she's going to put some bruises i'm sure all those clearly has to be
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the face. just what is gnostic memory you know the baby in the prom with the mom. but the matter has been declared a counter terrorist related incident or of more on the attack in the ongoing investigation his own correspondent in london to see. we're still outside parsons green tube station which is just behind me behind that cordoned off area where journalists have been parking all throughout this morning when after an explosive device went off inside one of the trains on the district line at eight twenty am this morning this device detonated partially raising lots of questions about whether or not more damage could have been caused how did explode it fully we do
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know that a manhunt is currently underway officials have not made a mistake statements or concerns of possible suspects or arrests having been made quite yet we do know that for the british prime minister teresa mayes hosted over meeting where this situation was on allies these threat level remains that severe that mean such a terrorist attack is highly likely but this will be kept under review is the investigation progresses and the public should go about their daily lives but remain vigilant and people who are traveling in a hundred will see an increased armed peace presence on the transport network and they will see security will be increased in the police will of course do what is necessary to protect the public while we have to of course keep in mind that this is indeed the fifth terror related incident to take place in the u.k. within recent months really causing lots of concern and the scene earlier today one day after the explosion took place was indeed quite chaotic eye witnesses have described it as a stampede. when people were trying to get out of the tube station it has to be
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said that throughout london it was reported earlier today that as many as two hundred fifty people were evacuated not in relation to this incident but certainly twenty two people had been taken to hospitals including children and this is what eyewitnesses have been saying have been saying earlier today i remember is the sound explosion sound and then i took my oxygen public beaches the next to do tosha carries a few jumping over all the light but with the trees asian with a beautiful open door into the street drop it into over. you understand well while this investigation continues obviously trying to figure out who specifically was behind this attack whether it was one individual or several people those questions are yet to be answered one of the officials to have reacted to this latest incident in london was u.s. president donald trump who not only true to fashion referred to terrorists as quote losers but he also seemed to have taken a job at the way british officials have been handling the situation it seems
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because he has somehow insinuated that this particular person behind this attack could have been in the sights of scotland yard referring to previous cases where it was in fact revealed that people involved in attacks that had taken place in the u.k. were somehow monitored by officials yet were still able to carry out these attacks theresa may did reiterate to this that an investigation is ongoing right now so it's too early to comment but this is certainly something that's going to be watched as an investigation continues well earlier i discussed the incident with a former police officer from the u.k. and he believes that the authorities don't currently have the numbers to work efficiently. it's almost impossible to prevent these sorts of things whilst there are people there that wish to carry them out it's incredibly difficult to do everything in a mass of the best of times it's particularly difficult to do it for the u.k. police service which has frankly been decimated by this government story somalia as
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home secretary and then as prime minister since two thousand and ten she has removed fifteen percent of police officers the same again of support staff at a time when we all knew the terror threat was going up and other things were happening and we were accused of crying wolf well frankly the wolf is here we told her it was coming it is now here and she needs to act or its mates will turn up very shortly and it will be out of control in your opinion gee think they're likely to have identified him by now some reports are coming out to say that they have given the c.c.t.v. surveillance and everything that's there in central london would you expect him to have been identified by now. if it was my investigation i'd be very hopeful i'd have an image of them by now whether or not i've been able to put a name to their image would be another matter i would be extremely hopeful that at some point in the very near future of the. name to them or at least have
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fingerprints or d.n.a. profile when i find the right person of the them well these anti terror said last severely this month there are as many as twenty five thousand radical extremists in britain small than any other european country three thousand of them are considered a direct threat to the k. by the intelligence agency m i five and five hundred are under constant surveillance and then just yesterday the u.k. home office said the number of terrorists in britain sixty eight percent between june twenty sixth seen in also eugene here the figures include arrests made after previous u.k. terror attacks in london and also manchester this is the fifth terror incident in the u.k. . counterterrorism
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expert dr louis harrington told us that there are all particular features about this latest attack that are concerning the presence of a device. it's very different to all the other attacks we've seen jihadists die in the process it's part of the process. if this was an individual if this was an
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islamic. salafi jihadists then either he's planning or she's planning to have to flee to syria or planned another series of attacks so it's different to what we see in manchester what we've seen on the westminster attack we've seen in the london bridge attack this was not somebody that was prepared to die in the process. now the head of the world anti-doping agency has criticised fresh cause to ban russia from the twenty eighteen winter olympics yesterday seventeen national doping agencies had made the demand for doping allegations and this is what he said at a session of the international olympic committee currently being held in peru. comments that have been made by the. timely work that has been done to develop the proper system. backwards
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ruggles. no mincing of words there from the wirehead so craig reedie in a week which is a rush and doping thrust back into the headlines and in his speech there he clearly lashed out at the national anti-doping agencies for daring to question his all farty it comes after seventeen national anti doping agencies including the u.k. and the u.s. called on the international olympic committee to take action against russia in a strongly worded statement the agency's accuse the i.o.c. of not doing enough to investigate allegations of russian doping adding that the reluctance to take action against russian athletes could even threaten the future of the olympic movement itself i want to make it very clear that. is not. and should. not helpful what these agencies really want to see is
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a blanket ban on russia from taking part in the upcoming winter olympic games to be held in south korea but this statement didn't come out of nowhere it came hot off the back of the revelations from was a that the ninety five out of ninety six of the russian athletes who were mentioned in that mcclaren report and the notorious mclaren report has been found clear of any wrongdoing due to a lack of sufficient evidence but rather than being relieved at the news these agencies would like to be banned anyway so it comes as no surprise that during this session being held in for the international olympic committee the topic of russia and doping has come up more than a few times and some prominent figures have also had. their say on the matter here's the president of the international ice hockey federation i am and actually we are totally against collective punishment as you just mentioned greek. meeting
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to be heard in denver and we will never accept there will be some kind of collective punishment if we are here to clean house do that means that we protect the clean athletes and not just suspending for some reason we are not so clear now what we may have gotten used to russia being in the headlines it comes as a refreshing surprise to see prominent figures actually standing up for the fact that it would be incredibly unfair to see a blanket ban on all button i think from taking part in the olympic games without any solid evidence however there's no clear sailing for the russian these just yet they're going to have to wait on a final decision on whether a blanket ban on russia taking part in the olympic games will be in place or not which is the do it from the i.o.c. in november. now russia says the finalized agreements on the escalation zones in syria do open the way for a genuine cease fire in the devastated country earlier in the all spoke to her
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about the latest peace efforts. the news that we are getting from the capital of kazakstan as round six of the so-called talks concludes you know there really a good reason for optimism because it has been announced that the very long and straining this process of forming before the escalation zones in syria has been completed by russia iran and turkey even and the north and the problem it's difficult yet it was most difficult to get to an agreement there and it remains most volatile when it comes to the clashes between the government troops and the opposition now according to russia's special envoy to syria talks and asked and the people that will be making sure that there is no escalation and the deescalation zones will be russian military police and also similar units from the other guarantors turkey and iran besides this mr lott says that the results of round six
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of astronaut will be really a massive relief for the people of syria a small through we consider the establishment of the deescalation zone will still be a major milestone it has served as the lawyers idea that it's on the roof of the syrian people and you are made to feel more secure. in the near future as you well we have you here as well just to update us on the actual fight what's going on against islamic state well when it comes to peace in syria there is no peace without choking islamic state and the forces the many forces that are currently involved in fighting the terrorists on the ground and the past few weeks they have actually done a really good job of very important milestone we can see the celebration here was the breaking of the dare resort c three years. and that was after a massive push by the syrian government troops east towards backed by the russian air force not what these people are doing right now is they're trying to kick
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mixtape completely out of the. arizona province i just want to show you a map here what they are also doing is they are trying to recapture the oil fields and the province of dare was or is the most all roads province in syria if us still loses control over this you can see it here you know all of them out it means they will be in real trouble with cash the already lost the oil fields outside palmira also here in the north east the kurds recaptured the all fields outside al and speaking of the anti eisel efforts by the u.s. backed kurdish units and also other elements of syria's moderate opposition mr love ranty of the envoy that we listen to he praised their efforts in the operation to retake rock up along the euphrates river and in the north of syria moderate kurdish an arab groups that out to some extent under the influence of the us a fighting i
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saw a noun is written and quite successfully. evident if you look at the partial liberation of iraq as we will this city will be fully liberated from the terrorists in a month or two so you can finally have a steady flow of positive news from syria both when it comes to the peace process and also the fight on terror. will stay in tears or because children there are trying to get back to normal life after the lifting of the c. in the schools there are open but some of the kids have already started classes. however not all syrian children are lucky enough to be receiving an education this year human rights watch reports that millions of dollars pledged to get syrian refugee children back in school just haven't reached them and he says the international community is partly to blame is samir a car now reports a lost generation that's precisely what global power sought to prevent when they
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pledged to involve all syrian refugee children in school doesn't seventeen. but a lost generation is exactly what we're seeing donors and host countries have promised that syrian children will not become a lost generation but this is exactly what is happening more transparency in funding would help reveal the needs that aren't being met so they could be addressed and get children into school despite international systems to prevent this over five hundred thousand syrian children in turkey lebanon and jordan are still not receiving an education going to human rights watch millions of dollars never reach the rides late or couldn't be traced due to inadequate reporting major donor countries the e.u. us and the u.k. all missed specific funded targets they had already committed to the united states is announcing our leaders contribution new funding specifically to support schooling for three hundred thousand refugees youth in jordan and lebanon or
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instead first of all i would like to thank countries like jordan lebanon and turkey who are willing to accommodate this people they need our support for twenty sixteen the federal government will lead to pledge one point one billion euros for the humanitarian aid programs under united nations that was winter two thousand and sixteen when the school year began host countries in jordan and lebanon were both massively underfund. winter two thousand and seventeen same problem of course it's not entirely the downer spalt certain policies of host countries have also created obstacles in some turkish provinces the syrian refugees face delays in getting the identification required to enroll in public schools and lebanon hasn't even issued a work permits to syrian refugees and as a result families are often unable to afford school related costs pushing kids to work instead of going to school we're not investing in the mechanisms by which that you can get monies to places as quickly as possible and instead of governments
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being set up to do this in the right manner we are typically looking at outside n.g.o.s to do it we can do it with good success depending and some not until we take monies from the military which is typically were most countries or investing is floors and security needs rather than into development needs it's going to this challenge is going to go over and over again so while they may have good intentions the international community may still be held responsible for helping create a lost generation. parties washington d.c. so syria is now on the verge of an educational crisis with one point seven five million children unable to attend school and i point four million syrian children inside and outside of the country are in need of humanitarian aid investigative reporter john griffin says that a lack of education could lead to more terrorism. as far as underdeveloped
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countries corrupt dictatorships there's an active effort to steal money and that deprives people at at you know at the worst possible place in their lives of the support and the assistance that they need it look at terrorism in the region people who get involved with terrorism are usually the same kind of people who would be involved with violent crime on our streets in western countries they're disadvantage use they're people that need a reason to exist they need a purpose they haven't been able to find that purpose in traditional means like employment or study because those things aren't available to them so they turn to violence they turn to terrorism so that's a very real risk if we don't make sure that these refugees are educated. now in view of the increasing number of terror attacks on mainland europe the question of border security is a major political concern that these migration chief earlier had a change of heart on the issue of identity checks and. before he met with the e.u.
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interior ministers he was adamant that strict border controls were not needed anymore in the last two years we should be working in crisis mode. now this is the moment to step out of the crises that i believe is the moment to to go back to the banks you know. however a few hours after that during the q. and i say he didn't seem sexual saying the existing shang. may not be adequate in terms of addressing new threats you security challenges have appeared. during the last. serious is the most. recent thoughts. the school may not be sufficiently adopted to the evolving security challenges of the
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migration commission he was referring to the systematic id checks that were brought in during the height of the my can try this in twenty sixteen this measure will be phased out in november unless officials decide to per long it but it's commentator john bolton is police. chief has his hands tied in the decision making process first of all it's obvious that this is not making the decisions here and that he's operating as a kind of a. speaking on behalf of those who are telling him what to say in the moment. the speed with which he changed his position and the and the hard line that he took before the meeting and after the meeting in a matter of minutes indicate that he's not making any of the decisions here he's just operating as a front for someone else you know when we talk about computers you talk about how fast they are in terms of teraflops here we've got
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a changing of political positions that is going so fast that we would have to call these hyper flip flops. well over the past couple of years europe has seen a whole range of deadly terror attacks where free movement within the e.u. has seemingly played into the hands of terrorists.
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the u.s. approach sanctions relief for iran for another three months in line with the twenty fifty nuclear deal on thursday donald trump was scathing of the original agreement brokered under his predecessor barack obama you're right you. never see. the. truth you think you know. if. it's if you. ever. think you'll see what we're doing. for it to be it's going to be. well trump as you heard there is delaying an announcement on america's new around policy but washington has been very critical of terrans
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alleged hostile activities towards the u.s. and its allies. and has upped its bad behavior in many instances we've seen the harassment of our sailors we've seen what they've done in syria we've seen hezbollah going into syria causing more problems we've seen our rand continuing to supply weapons to other fighting forces they are doing a whole lot of bad things we have to consider the totality of iran's activities and not let you be defined slowly by the nuclear agreement so it continues to be under review no final decisions been made while there is relief or around from some sanctions the u.s. is extending them for others for example including an engineering company linked to iran's missile program and two ukrainian firms accused of supporting iranian airlines plus seven individuals allegedly part of a network which has been implicated in attacks on u.s. financial systems we spoke with professor side mohammad marandi for me to run
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university and he believes it's the u.s. that continues to violate the nuclear deal. two sides along with other countries in the p five plus one they signed on to this agreement and the iranians have abided by their commitments and i think this is really important for the international community. to look at because it shows basically that the united states is untrustworthy and the whole during the whole death kate the previous decade before the whole crisis about the iranian nuclear program was a manufactured crisis back then the americans were dishonest and americans are being dishonest today as well after the agreement the americans under obama they violated the agreement time after time both in spirit and in in the letter of the agreement they added new entities individuals to the sanctions list through the
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treasury department and they also increased sanctions to laws such as visa restriction was under obama such as the iran sanctions act which was a huge violation of the agreement under trump we have the continuation of the same process so trump and obama the congress and senate both are all have all been violating the agreement time after time after time. an investigation is underway after twenty thousand german football fans stormed central london to watch their team cologne take on arsenal last night peter all of as the. well this was supposed to be a day of celebration for cologne football club but it's bonds it was twenty five years since they last played in european competition and they would draw against arsenal in the group stages of the europa league twenty thousand fans from cologne made the journey to london when you remember there was less than three thousand ticket allocated to the club from west germany people realized it was going to be
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problems the early early old thursday is this huge crowd marched through central london stopping traffic that were scuffles what please. described as minor incident some punches were thrown bottles were apparently thrown in flares set off but it was at the stadium that it became very clear that a large number or at least a significant number of cologne fans had tickets to be able to get in to the home and to the home stands in amongst the arsenal fans now it's a bit treat people are speculating that these have been found through touts or even online through third party sources the match was delayed as punches were thrown pushing and shoving players again set off in that small clashes between founds and stewards inside the ground there now both teams have been charged by the european football governing body you wait for cologne though put an interesting statement out on friday they said that it's all arsenal's fault and distanced themselves from
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the members of their travelling support that caused any trouble they said that arsenal would not adequately prepared for the event with arsenal are carrying out an investigation of their own as well but this isn't the first time we've seen problems concerning german funds the smuts earlier in the month of fun supporting the national team travel to prague where they weld disgrace themselves really by. chanting nazi slogans during that game it prompted yaki low who's the manager of the head coach of the the german national team the world champions to say that they were discreet to germany also german captain mats hummels pulled his players off the field not allowing them to go and go it applaud the travelling support there but of course fire behavior fun safety and how fans act is in the spotlight ahead of that world cup that's coming up in russia next year.


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