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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  September 10, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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it is growing because of israel's own policies or the policies of israel's closest allies it all started to be with the invasion of iraq which allowed iran to gain a foothold there was a campaign in the israeli compound in lebanon the beach consecutively led to hizbollah gaining more influence and dot country down was syria and now there is yemen don't you think that at least in part the iranian influence that you are so concerned about is growing because all of the opportunities that were handed to it by israel or israel's allies no way i mean to accuse east for iran being a state that would not accept the right to fish oil to exist that supports till all the way they think in yemen how this is connected to issue it and listen it is most important to discuss the situation now and both need to be done and that's i said before let's take an example it's always slogans designate that though we still got these asian we don't fund we're talking about living on the states what kind of
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state. which is big in france and in a way to proceed if another state in the region and though full i would not take and the assumption both. influence over sponsibility for we haven't but i think it is well important now anyway to do with the situation so i would not say that this is an easy situation now and i would say that these complicated but this is the level schools have been at the all of the international community including russia to give an answer to these and when we look at the region the two different way camps one is the camp of these extremists. those that are supporting terror and for meat is less important whether it is she up though also not the silver though it's. both of them should be not acceptable well you mentioned about the. you mentioned that we need to deal with the situation as
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it is on the ground and russia's ambassador to the united nations of a silly bandz it just recently said that in moscow's view iran is playing quote unquote a very constructive role in syria so obviously there is some appreciation of what iran is doing on the ground given that the russia appreciates iran's role there do you think there's still room for most go to accommodate israel's concerns and to what extent do you believe israel's concerns have have to be accommodated i think that both states both countries should put on the table the mutual interest and it's not only accommodate eastwards interest. let's speak of all the let's speak about what is the best. what is best for all of us. to hopefully the situation in. which changed we won't iran is a state that supports still as a superpower will and region and as i said before this is almost not only the
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concern of fees but into past when we need to the solution seventeen against russia will spot a feat in an understanding that this is a deal with the. so even though no iran these being. those that are fighting others in syria and in the region let's speak. to let's speak now about the situation the day after and let's try to minimize the influence in the future because it's going to be problematic not only for israel i can assure you absolutely and i think there is there is also a keen understanding that in the medium term iran also represents a political and economic competitor for russia in the region but again there is also a realisation that we are out of it out iran that you cannot stabilize syria or perhaps the region. generally if you had the away if israel had its way. what exactly would
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you do i mean is there anything short of wiping iran of the map that would completely. allay iran's. israeli's concerns what could give you peace of mind. you know it's a tough region to speak about peace of mind and the return is something which is more than optimism but i will speak about minimising damages or meeting the challenges so. as i said before let's look at the return form in the kind of satellite perspective and. in the past the wall dealt with iran on their nuclear program and they reached an agreement now firstly we need to see that this agreement is being implemented as he should secondly as long as he runs support still the entire international community should say to run this is not acceptable you should stop firing on this into perspective violates hamas saw this is what
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they do in the place but this is something that i believe israel should see to good. with russia of course with the united states with other states and to say ok it's not just you know a small israeli problem let's look at the region you know in the past they think that there are those thinking that the seen the return of the pope himself but they think that the reason but on the standing now in the internal will the thwarts opening here can influence and effect other parts of the well let me ask you specifically about syria because you keep talking about iran supposedly supporting terrorist organizations because they're all of the syrian conflict israel proclaimed its neutrality but i think it's not a secret internationally that your diplomatic ties with geopolitical sponsors of the so-called syrian opposition. were becoming increasingly more accommodating and
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by and by that i mean first and foremost saudi arabia we also we all know supports terrorist organizations wouldn't be for wouldn't it be fair to say that in syria israel found itself on the losing side and now you are trying to get your way through diplomatic means speech is fair but. that doesn't mean that you should get all that you are asking for. no not at all i will not accept it this well since they won the side the notes to involved in the situation in syria we are just trying to help those wounded people that are trying to come of them were wounded fighters and wounded jihadists we are helping those that need and the coming to israeli border and give them and hope them in these very host but this is this is human the italian stuff but these oil is not involved in the situation in syria and likely so but we do hope that the end game or what would happen the in the end would not affect the security and those no position these are the longest and the
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awful since i believe in international diplomacy i believe that this is something that. the legitimate from these web sites concerns of the table to have a better understanding that all concerns should be and are i believe the concerns of those in the region that when you mention other and others in the region i know that you are very passionate about democracy and its values but i don't think you would contend that gulf states as well as cherokee were so keen on overthrowing the assad regime because of dire appreciation for. democracy i think it was pretty clear and tell me if you disagree with that that from the very beginning the support for the syrian opposition was driven primarily by the animosity against iran and dot objective wasn't achieved throughout this conflict is that not a fair portrayal i would like to refer to the positions of other states in the
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reasons and the reason for them to to make this position on the other as i said before is not involved in the situation in syria and i believe in general that when it comes to will and those extremists in the region let's not take one till we still go in the session as the un so to get out of the. we're still going to search and that's all and that's good i hope we can confront total from coming from all sides unfortunately well it's since you mention terror most recent terrorist attacks in europe including russia are conducted by sunni terrorists the so-called islamic state is a sunni supremacists who executed shias kurds easy as i'm sure they would have no problem whatsoever targeting jews in practical terms if you take. iran out of the equation who can take on dodgy heidi force because i don't think it would be a fully fair to refer to iran the state of iran as a terrorist organization that's
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a political interpretation of israel but if you take the arabian israel out of the equation altogether who will be there to confront the jihadi force all of us need to control and the all digital going to search on the forum for me whether it comes home soon ideology or she ideology it is less important. for all of us the international community should conform those and we have states the poor to always still go on these asian like iran and. toes solving social issues themselves and we need to act against them and they believe that we need to act against them forcefully and this is something that the international community should do and those will do you would not find me supporting then the way. you know living with the situation. she's doing against against all of us because they would not
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compromise on i would systems but how then would you explain explain the ease rails position of neutrality in the syrian conflict if you're so willing to confront terrorist organizations why didn't israel jump on board to joint russia in syria and how to exterminate the jihadi force there than that the iranian influence perhaps would have been somewhat curtailed. i hope that you would not suggest the. soldiers to fight in syria as it would not happen hopefully and i hope that this is not just but how then i mean i don't want to be argumentative but how then because there is a practical need for somebody to be there in syria russia doesn't want to send its troops there israel doesn't want to send its troops there the united states doesn't want to do that that leaves the only option and the only option is iran israel israel is a completely different situation because unfortunately those the abusing and the exploiting the fact that the partly public opinion in the arab world is against
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israel and this well is being seen as the enemy that takes one of the position that can be exploited the bow by the enemies to say that it's not about syria but this is the entirely israeli. jews jewish muslim conflict this is something called the total of the situation and this is the sponsibility but they believe that all the easy enough power in the world and the ability of the international community to conform to go with. is the kind of though as i said before with. no shia and since your. silly deal we're still going to say sion unfortunately on the palestinian side hamas the for isn't the religious side of the conflict. they represent also in a way. ideology that would never accept our right to live in peace in the region
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using and this is something also that need to be by the international community and of course is. against it when when we should well let's let me let's discuss your ideas on the resolution of these really palestinian conflict in just a few moments we have to take a very short break but we will be back very soon stay tuned. basile in the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. going to. go crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them a little bit before this on the celestial get out of the loop it was such
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a the traditional story some nuts comes my name some but yes you've done as we've done as minor leagues on a school bus days a month on the beach while the cities try desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of you should only call what you put to the couple who probably global in the dock or be a couple dolly economy in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the suppose it's only a good tip followed up by done. as a tourist phobia will fail phone tone identity. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporate corporations run washington the washington post media the media. the voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business
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as usual it's business like it's never been done before. it is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took a lot in the hole just i came bigger and met at the textile game and in the spiral now. many lives have been broken by excessive to the banks going. on all the big bankers. the banks but i just didn't think of three. hundred. people see no future bad face for how you know you become ill into a job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is a life long or is there a way out oh it's actually come to a bit of an old marco to ditch been for. a few.
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years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with a gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have better a lot better knife. and hurting whatever my my baby's says my book was published in the year two thousand more than hoff a million americans have been killed in the us. this is a middle school we go through drills and we cut ourselves some real scenarios it was interesting to see. him. to return to the subject to track down each guy who i'd met and photographed those years ago. but we are not.
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welcome back to worlds apart but see believe me a prominent israeli politician and former foreign minister of israel let me you've already alluded to the israeli palestinian conflict and i know you've been a loyal proponent of the two state solution you claimed that's what the majority of the israeli public wants if that's the case why do people keep voting mr netanyahu and he's party into power. for the good question yes according to the polls
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not only my you know. thoughts there is a majority of these are supporting the idea of two states for two peoples and peace . is no one believed the reason on the other side that there is no hope for peace unfortunately both of my responsibility here as a leader is to try and convince these not to give up and i might say. i was a little bit to mystic until a few months ago when i thought. may be. really make the deal which is essential for the future of the state to feel sort of a hope that he will do so but. i'm less optimistic optimistic these days well before i ask you about why you are less optimistic let me ask you one more question about the two state solution because. as i understand your argument you believe that she states is the only option if israel wants to remain democratic but it is
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my perception that in many advance democracies democratic practices democratic institutions even democrat. adek notions democratic ideas i being put to the task of what used to be considered marginal or even extremist ideas are now gaining prominence and becoming more and more mainstream do you think the notion of democracy as you understand it will stand the test of both time and the test of regional turbulence because regional her bones obviously propels many of those extremist and radical ideas to the center and i agreed that to see all over the wall. we see a few taking place instead of hope and this is something the need to address but you you spoke just about democracy i would like to speak about the state of israel as a jewish democratic state and it's a medal of values it's not just a matter of system and the fulda way to keep the values of fees for the jewish democratic state the meaning is to divide this tiny place into two different states
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one the gift to the nation on a spiritual of the jewish people and the other is an honest to the monts of the national movement of the palestinians and the full going back to the beginning to follow discussion i believe that i think against these extremists those the three percent unsolvable the latest conflict by till all this is something that need to be handled by all of us but i suppose. getting the most trying to the mall at the small of the rates in the region i mean nobody's perfect and i would not suggest that the way the moco see is you know great. every state these are the most closely in the region but. also as jews and as of the more context is equal rights and though for we need to settle it for the palestinians we have. equal right citizens but
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we need to embrace the idea of two states for two peoples each state gifts and so it's. and i think on the spirit of different people the palestinian state would be demilitarized the palestinians all of the agree to this and this is supposed to feel secure with the months and also the interest of the road nobody wants in the states in the region or failed states in the region now going back to your negotiations with the palestinians i heard both you and say barack out the chief palestinian negotiator express guarded optimism concerning the trumpet ministrations willingness to restart the talks that was about three months ago i gather you are not as optimistic as you are right unfortunately because you know when we had this meeting the first meeting between trump and the trump and i will maz and then him his visit to the region crumple speaking about the big deal and the recently one deal that i believe convert can these and can give an answer to
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both of. this thing ends and this is the two states for two peoples a solution i know that this is something that is being supported by. the entire international community so there was a possibility here to have everybody supporting something the three percent interest of is sort of the palestinians and the and in this community what they believe need to be done is to quote both sides for negotiations with the support of the. international community but not just negotiations for the sake of negotiations but negotiations on the basis of i mean the idea is to end the conflict on the basis of those states for two peoples demilitarized stein. and this can be the basis just to start flowing we will know where are we going and not just you know moving around without any sense of well i think the palestinians would
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totally agree with you on that i've interviewed a number of hiring people as dean officials and this is precisely what we want and they're feeling that they are not getting it from these really. i've but if i may ask you one more question about the trumpet ministration because it also expressed its intention to contribute to the resolution of the korean conflict so much so that i've now heard the number of experts suggesting that the stalemate that existed you know between the two countries for several decades wasn't that bad after all especially when you consider the increased possibility over of another conflict on the korean peninsula is that in can see a concern in your part of the world that the american mediation at this point of time may make things worse not better well we hope the movie all hope the old school will would know. you know. to accept the situation but i want to say something which is very important since we discussed these sort of palestinian conflict and we've discussed also the extremism
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in the region i'm not talking now about north korea but then all of those saying that these sort of palestinian conflict is the reason for extremism in the region and this is something that they would not accept you know that i truly want to solve this conflict i believe that in these early in their interest. as well as the international community but this swimming that we would solve these conflicts. but on the hamas and full need to be on the stool that we need to solve this conflict and to act against extremism and to win the region this will say you know you want to compartmentalize to have this conflict for everything else that's going on in the region even though as you well know everything is highly interconnected and the one conflict influences in the conflict in many ways i want to seize on something that you said just now and i heard you make that observation before that the successful resolution of these really palestinian conflict would break the
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so-called glass ceiling in israel's relations with our other arab states i presume you mean. the gulf states how strong of a motivator could that be for prime minister netanyahu in your view. this is something i mean the arab peace initiative and the arab league this season said that when these would reach peace with the palestinians and we would achieve peace in the region and normalized relations with these violent the full it's not only my opinion this is something which is on the table they all that they said that these negotiable but need to be in the goetia between israel and the palestinians not between israel and the of a world. full i believe that they're all. is very important for israel and for the palestinians for lease for lease this is really important because you know the average israeli would say ok what's the can we get from the palestinians any peace treaty taking some leask we have still coming from the palestinian side we
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are giving up too early to really. taking some secure with the list so the answer is that this can change the theatrics situation of fees when in the region and they'll feel it's not just about giving something to the palestinians but also getting something from d.r. ups this is one thing from these early perspective. but but full from his i don't know political reason so either we don't see a real move toward these well it's interesting that. you make this argument because israel has long balked at the palestinians going to the united nations and trying to internationalize the issue but they sensually you're advocating the exact same thing only that sunni arabs because you can gain your own benefits there i mean how is that different from the palestinians trying to involve the europeans in the international community to how them resolve their issues with you i believe in by
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a lot on the go shish but i believe these by a lot of on the go shish and should be supported by the international community not to weep. the decisions that is being made by both sides by you will pm no other decisions that the this are not involved in all make their own will the palestinians so doing their trying to good to support of a palestinian state sixty seven lines the rules and this is old these are all issues that need to be negotiated this is one why do they have to be negotiated again it has indeed been already knew go shaded and. it was negotiated breach some gaps but not enough. for president obama. wanted to put the flame up for negotiations on the table we. even went on the oh except that the with the us invasion but they didn't give us they didn't give an answer unfortunately. it's not too late to put something on the. boat to make
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a decision i'm not suggesting to force the final startle sigrid meant the such but split the something on the table and say to both sides you all invited to negotiate on the basis of the yes or no and make both sides make their own decision this is something which is very important we don't then they look for installed the sensitive issues that the one that they but but to the basic ok well let me we have to leave it there unfortunately the time is up i really really appreciate your time here with us and to our viewers please share your comments on twitter facebook and you tube pages and i hope to see you again same place same time here on worlds apart.
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never not once up. on a flimsy off not done one bite of snakes on the definitions and i'm back. when seeking out a new south. and. taking me equal to
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the south. and then you're going to bring. how we think i'm. young would be right now i think. i do know not beach yeah sounds our. own business just feeling if one means a leftist that you know better learn. them tokio find it who's going to keep going . to let me ask. you this what was because did it because it didn't seem quite a cultural fit for the premise.
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of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final. we can all middle of the room sit. in the real news is really. low blow hard to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. for new socks for the tell you that every gossip and tabloid by files before. our eyes and tell you on the cool enough by. the hawks that we along with all of what.
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i'm trying to. remediate claims that kim jong. crease their efforts to develop nuclear weapons. and says pyongyang is quote begging for war. syrian army breaks islamic states three year blockade of the city of terrorism bonking a turning point in the war against terror in the come. out loud. as election looming chancellor backless out a pretty tough week she's been booed on the campaign trail and even had a tomato thrown at him.


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