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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 6, 2017 5:29am-6:01am EDT

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launch medical and food supplies. another important player in syria's war is the lebanese militant and political group hezbollah it was founded in the early eighty's and has played a significant role in the syrian civil war but the group has been surrounded by a number of controversies despite its role in the battle against islamic state on the syrian lebanon border hezbollah or its military wing god listed as a terrorist organization by a number of states it's accused of kidnappings of israeli soldiers and suicide bombings we managed to speak to the deputy chief of the controversial group about its ongoing conflict in the middle east the full interview is coming your way after this short break stay with us with that.
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you for giving us your time thank you and speaking to us today the first question i will ask is about the situation in syria and do you think there is effective coordination between hezbollah the syrian arab army and the russian. forces in particular in the fight against darshan the. smell out of my own that i. don't see in the name of a lot of the compassionate the merciful the coordinated action in syria is the syrian army has iran and russia has been a great contribution to the major achievements in driving away the tech faery terrorists from many areas just serious political math if it were not for this coordination syria would not have been able to remain standing for six and a half years the syrian forces that are fighting the type ferries are a united front and have been able to achieve much success just what is hezbollah's
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physician on president assad does hezbollah want to keep him in power off to the world is finished or what is the vision for the future goodwill out of this war against syria was started with the purpose of every throwing president assad in order to change syria into fine state was to be replaced with a state acting along the american israeli plan assad is not just a formal leader but the real leader of the country and the commander in chief of the syrian armed forces he represents the syrian people who continue their resistance. this is the significantly president assad as we see that from day one of the syrians all the hezbollah has been saying that any scheming that aims to remove assad hurt syria's interests we cannot accept because the syrian people elected their own president. bashar al assad was reelected as president during the ongoing aggression against syria this makes him a legitimate leader and strengthens his position as head of state we are convinced
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that assad will remain president and speech will be decided exclusively by the syrian people who don't and will not accept any foreign interference and insist that. we support the choice of the syrian people when the elections are held in serious concern and free and its people are free to make their own choice without any external intervention will and we will support any choice made by the syrian. no one can predict i think your right now and give any four calls with a positive or negative it's crucial to give the syrian people a chance to make their own political choices leigh. shop now in syria america's goals have changed. they before wanted to get rid of president assad and especially since trump they say the focus is defeating dark. do you think and this is made hezbollah and iran stronger in syria will america accept this long term you think america facilities saudi america has suffered
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a defeat in syria per to was to remove assad from power and to change the regime but their plans collapsed on many sides with. the military presence their support of opposition forces in a rational cooperation with the arab countries that wanted regime change in syria to serve israel's interests but now america has changed its policy this policy now avoids direct confrontation with the side because they simply cannot afford it lead me to a lot of the understand that i saw which they supported is acting against syria and against the us how can the us support a. listen group which they cannot control and which does not do what they are on the whole and that is why president from decided to focus in fights nice but this didn't mean he became an assad supporter. not that this means he wants to solve the problem of islamic state which has caused the global crisis and wants to deal with this wild monster which they raid was up and try to use to serve their own interests turned out of the monster attack this must have. well i don't think the
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us has another choice but this doesn't mean they will begin to support hezbollah and iran the this just means that america's former policy so it took another way according to their interests let me answer your mama's lot the why does the west in general fear or scared of a strong as well a lot stronger in the region a lot of the west wants to see the middle east divided and caught up in feuds this would weaken regional countries and allow the west to promoted policies and bring regional players into a sphere of interest especially when you have israel is now looking like. the west believes that if israel had come to strong and influential states in the region it could be used as a stick to beat other states into political economic and cultural submission there like. when hezbollah started the resistance movement in lebanon it was clear that it was spreading new ideology that was not previously strong in the region that this ideology is focused on resisting the occupiers and liberating our homeland.
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there was a time when the usa and other western states and israel decided problem or resistance and been dealt with once and for all that was thanks to israel's attack on lebanon . hezbollah proved that it was capable of winning the occupied territories back lebanon was liberated in may two thousand plus has will strengthen the spirit of the arab region as a whole and among the palestinians in particular the resistance of the counter grow and mature which brought about a new challenge us. all of this was happening with the wrong solution ellipse. therefore the west decided that hezbollah and iran were trying to ruin their plans and resist and israel project which the west sees as its foothold who are you worried hezbollah has no hidden interest was trying to do is to liberate the territories seized by the occupies and give them independent that it wants to see arab and islamic countries cooperate with the sake of the common revive but the west wants these states to be and divided the down hezbollah came into being with
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iran support in order to serve as a springboard to successes that these achievements would have been impossible without hezbollah and iran support jihad has along with them what do you think of israel's role in syria. israel is the main element in the process of destroying syria it actively supports the armed opposition especially in south syria which is close to the occupied golan heights. the un has provided factual evidence that there are three thousand militants retreated in israeli hospitals and also movements have been tracked across the border between syria and iraq why there is a palestine hundreds of times that's how the militants received supplies i mean ition and other aid but that. in addition to that israeli air force delivered a number of strikes on the positions of the syrian army and its allied forces fighting in those areas this is how israel wants to change syria to change its
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policy on them when neither israel nor its allies will succeed. what also this is why recently when you're going to some creating deescalation certain southern syria has reached two different russian united states israel began acting crazy some vista monster in iran's presence removed from these areas the left one satisfied. all this made israel realize that it will not be able to continue its interventions since the united states and russia reach an agreement on aspects that contradict israel's. right now israel is participating in the destruction of syria and wishing to cash in on the political situation and become part of the crisis settlement process. in saudia but i think israel and nothing in syria as i saw is suffering defeat and the syrian armed as a nation is also suffered as a people even the united states and those who supported have been able to achieve
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nothing of the same time the syrian army and its allies supported by the russian federation and make great progress i believe there's an end of the day israel will gain nothing in this area and let the ship feel at ease and. lend that ability and this. is her also. they're just defending their interests because they're so close to suicide they have the right to defend themselves what is your response to that. while israel is an invader and invaders have no right to talk about protecting the territories they have invaded if this right belongs only to those territories rightful and such as palestine lebanon syria jordan or any. of these countries can claim the right to talk about protecting their turf what israel is doing in syria is it another act of aggression. israel occupied the golan heights it would have been right for it to withdraw from the from the heights and all of the areas are
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talk at night instead of claiming that it israel was protected by territories bulk buying more territories in syria. i believe that israel's largest short sighted. major powers might support israel's occupation force not supplants and ambitions letting israel behave in this way indicates. i expect that the people of the region will not let israel get what it wishes and continue to talk by more lines and that this has to be stopped this and the occupied territories have to be liberated was. that. barcelona dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it. that you can't. let you. go crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life. for us on the
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celestial get out of it all such as the traditional story son now as i am somebody else who got as weak as my colleagues at school that day jumped on my feet while the city's tried desperately not to collapse but often. corporations collect the profit of issued only for what you want to it's up to will and probably globally go coffee cup a dollar your cologne in the bushes up the on subs knock up a supposedly of a nerd to call her five dollars. traffic jam as a tourist phobia the fear fall into an identity. a batch or sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry
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i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fond of you those that didn't like to question our archaea and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different to speak to now because there were no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. on. the bed.
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on the shift in jordan's position regarding the syrian crisis happened due to the failures of the us israeli plan for which jordan was a parts and. we now see that jordan is guided by its own interests and given its position in the region and the situation so. in syria jordan realized that it was necessary to open the corridor between syria and jordan as soon as possible in order to gain economic benefits and subsequently political benefit. c.s.c. . also after its unsuccessful participation in the anti syrian project jordan was forced to take steps to ensure its interests of the whole film stuck in the last week we saw that hezbollah defeated darawshe in the mountains of the moon area and they sent them to do as or this caused a big issue doesn't this just move the problem of guards from one area to another. and people say we should never negotiate with. what's the position of has
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a lot of this as well hostile fee. in towns across syria the infrastructure of our ministry and i saw has been destroyed this deprive them of the opportunity to continue fighting but they surrendered. and we along with the lebanese government wanted to hold negotiations in the means of surrender because eight lebanese soldiers were missing let me out and we did not know where they were alive. we intended to save them and a situation arose where we were able to learn about the fate of the soldiers more than three years we were not able to do this so therefore we believe that we have gained in many respects mccann and we have learned about the fate of the lebanese soldiers and the places that verily have been located and almost solely the fighting ended so we were able to avoid further loss of life and on the answer we managed to retrieve the body of some of our fallen comrades. one of our members who is being held prisoner by iceland must be released in accordance with this
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agreement so we achieve the best results at the lowest price and in the end isolette the lebanese syrian border on the movement of militants to another area to . was carried out in a coordination with the syrian government that. these approximately three hundred militants who will join the thousands of the militants now become only it will not fundamentally affect the line into forces the militants already associate and we know that the coming battle against them in that area will be very fearless thus we did not create a new problem in that area. on the contrary the lebanese syrian border very big problem afternoon of the militants to another place which will be liberated in a month and then. lucia colonial from lima but this will allow that emotional tonic as well the release a statement that was because obviously the americans are attacking this convoy and they released a statement which said there are civilians family and women and old people with
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darshan this convoy some of the critics and enemies of hezbollah have said in the last few days that why is hezbollah so concerned with civilians from. but they were concerned with civilians in aleppo hezbollah their human at the heart of my letters below always stands on the side of civilians as we have never done anything to harm the civilian population and we avoided taking part in some battles in aleppo or homes in other areas as there were too many civilian us there we gave them the opportunity to leave these territories but i saw in other tax very groups of people as human shields to hide behind. we've always tried to separate the militants from their families and i want to remind you that hezbollah managed to force the militants from homes where there was also a large number of civilians. as for lepper will reach an agreement on the withdrawal of civilian lives in several of the places has been. helped a large number of people get to safety that we condemn the u.s. for their aggressive actions towards the civilian population as america wants to
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undermine the agreement or attorneys peaceful citizens to their relatives in the i will come our regional. fee at the book amount the question arises why does the us intervene in this way why do they want to use the civilian population as human shields other you how we don't let any in that case what is the difference between us and i see them and uses the civilian population as human shield it's just that there is no excuse for this. leisured we strongly condemn all such actions that threaten the civilian population good even if these citizens are members of attack very family this is they have nothing to do with the fighting. there were no norman are clearly you. believe mark what is your view on the cooperation between america and the lebanese military. now. well i do not object to the lebanese army getting supplies and weapons from
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any source except israel we have never had negative attitude to the lebanese army getting american weapons and ammunition and we calling for the lebanese army to purchase weapons from russia iran and other countries so we can become stronger could. be since there are no restrictions on weapons origins of we support any reinforcing the lebanese army is military capacity and even if it comes from the united states there were no hostile our listener limerick. so in that case is there any coordination because we know that hezbollah have the equation the people the resistance and the army is there any contact or coordination between hezbollah and the americans considering that they're both fighting the issue but at the same time america says hezbollah is a terrorist group. now not a bit and america here we believe that the united states the world's major superpower is aiding and abetting terrorists this is the reason we do not
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coordinate or actions with the united states and the united states does not coordinate sanctions with us. it is not exception for us and neither is acceptable for america why it's america supports israel and he wants the destruction of syria and the entire region our position is the opposite now. we support the resistance movement the fight to liberate syria from its enemies the sake of preserving the resources and capacities of our region of the it so that it can resist the american strategy that we represent different parts is really kind of corporate life and wellington and the taiwan model out. in the west currently as we said this has a negative view of hezbollah but do you think the west's view of hezbollah is changing since hezbollah has been fighting. fighting most raw and all these other terrorist groups do you think now there's a more positive view of hezbollah. i
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believe that the west will gradually change its views even when the west says that in political terms our party isn't trying to terrorism they still do make a distinction between the political wing of the party and its military wing. yet this means that the west is stuck now between its political choice which dictates that it must support israel and the real situations are destroying countries and why i support hezbollah is not an option if they don't know who to. so in light of the victories of she did in syria lebanon and iraq how the political leadership in western countries would gradually change. yourself right now they are intimidated by america in a trying to follow its policy as if they were independent the situation would have been different to recall what the whole look a little more that if president putin the russian president hears once again repeated his call for a multinational coalition against international terrorism do you think such
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a coalition can be created a real international coalition and what are the challenges and obstacles which block this and all. the higher loaf when president putin calls for an international coalition to be created he does so based on his serious and responsible approach to fighting terrorism he's done a lot for this call and thanks to him the russian army delivered some serious blows against the terrorists in syria. he represents the forces of chosen the right and responsible progress to eliminating terrorists if you talk about an international coalition with the united states and other countries these are at best formal has not serious statements because it is the united states that has been supporting terrorism and helping israel and spread in the region that. however the u.s. has also been suffering from terrorism which means it's a loss and they might to a certain degree respond to this call but one way or another this proposal made by
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president putin has to be seen in a lot of lights you're. his further call for creating the coalition will put some countries in an uncomfortable position so i do not think that the country will reach an understanding on this matter because they have different definitions of terrorism. telephone fit that if. so now unfortunately there is. now there is a disagreement between the iraqi side. the serial of hezbollah side about. are you in contact with the iraqi government and the iraqi authorities and how what's your message to them you know how do you want to stop this situation from getting worse. we have not come to a common position with the iraqi government and what to do with the i will come out situation now that we believe the what happened there was based on the syrian government's decision to let the militants move from one area to another. this is
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a serious internal affair and does not require the agreement of any other party plus we made a statement on behalf of hezbollah where we pointed out the relevant facts including the fact that these events do not concern the state of iraq not in that. has but iraq is a heroic nation ready to self-sacrifice and therefore much and suffered greatly from attack very terrorists. that they've achieved much in fighting islamic states and pushing it out of many cities including most room maintained contacts of people throughout the country on a regular basis i don't think there are any problems between us and the iraqi people and we don't have any problems with iraqi government with. the iraqis are a peaceful people that they're fighting for their rights is. that we've seen many leaders rocky political religious and popular movement saying that hezbollah's actions towards tax free i don't have been correct. as for the iraqi government statements i don't think we should make problem out of this field i would like to
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interpret it as a minor disagreement which can be easily solved about. the left. lot but it will mileage angel i suppose the last question is what does the future hold for hezbollah. middlemost buckland has a lot. we cannot say for sure about the future of hezbollah we expect to see major victories and see our dreams come true he plans to liberate even more territories and we're in a small part of resistance movement which is now going to stronger. and we hope the syria will again become unites us it will choose the best way forward and we hope that the whole of iraq will eventually be free we will continue to fight for our territories and we also hope that the palestinians will be able to get back their land hezbollah has a bright future. because below. thank you for its time i know you're very busy and we spoke very much but we would love to speak for ten dollars thank you mr
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. bosler you know dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. you can't. go crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life. force on the celestial get out of touch of the traditional story some not stand by him some but yes you can ask me as my colleagues at school my days i'm back on my feet while the city's tried desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of issue with the report to the couple who probably globally don't coffee cup at dolly economy in the bush was up the on saabs knock up the supposed to mean
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a bit about. your list of. legal. settlements kids. to some muscle features a means to do so little on the same issue in a bun yes the. dishonesty so they. have. seen years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have
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a better life better and i think they are inheriting one of my my babies since my book was published in the year two thousand more than hoffa million americans have been killed by firearms in the us how does thought to me as i did. this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves some real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit. on. to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met goals those years ago. but we're not. sure if you don't want to. miss it.
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but i bought. it. because we're going to meet what else. are you. close to liberation of the syrian army recaptures the launch fortified area in the city of d.s. finally breaking a three year long siege by islamic state the operation was blocked by the russian military. russian and found korean leaders meet to discuss the north korea crisis at the eastern economic forum underway in the russian city of god it will stop all the latest from there throughout the day. to me a putin proposes sending in u.n. peacekeepers to help ease the conflicts in east.


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