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tv   Headline News  RT  September 5, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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washington calls for the toughest possible measures against north korea saying the country is begging for war thus while russia and china seek to do deescalate tensions on the peninsula. north korea crisis has been one of the main talking points at the ninth annual brics summit in china we'll bring you all the latest from there with the russian president expected to address the media this hour. plus the syrian army banks by russian moves to within a few kilometers of i still stronghold india as dog we look at the recent battles to retake the city for the first time in three years. and staying in the
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middle east r.t. speaks exclusively to the deputy chief of the lebanese military group hezbollah and its battle against terrorists in syria. hello there it's nine am here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international with me making arun good to have you with us. the u.s. envoy to the united nations says diplomacy is failing with north korea after pyongyang conducted its largest ever nuclear test on sunday the u.n. security council met for urgent talks following north korea's announcement that it had conducted a controlled hydrogen bomb explosion the impact of which triggered an earthquake in the region but so far it seems the united nations has been unable to come up with an alternative or new solution for the crisis. and enough is enough i think enough
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is enough the stakes could not be higher the urgency is now time is short action is required are countries patience is not unlimited. policy of strategic patience is over or is never something the united states wants the united states does not think conflict only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy all of our counterparts need to impose dissensions that we will defend our allies and our territory the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies during the council masing russia and china proposed a resolution to the u.s. in an attempt to resolve the situation but as soon as it is all distorted that comprehensive settlement to the nuclear and other issues plaguing the korean peninsula can be arrived solely through political and diplomatic channels we
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reiterate our readiness to help this process via the implementation of the initiative proposed by russia and china. china and russia have proposed an initiative for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula it is practical and feasible and aimed at easing the tensions and preventing further escalation of the so-called double freeze initiatives calls for north korea to stop its nuclear and ballistic missile testing in return they get u.s. and south korea will hold drills near north korea's territory however the u.s. has strongly dismissed the idea. the idea that some have suggested a so-called freeze for free is insulting. when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an i.c.b.m. pointed at you you do not take steps to lower your guard no one would do that we certainly won't. to explores what other options are on the table for donald trump.
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the u.s. and north korea stuck in a behavioral rut neither seem willing to back down it looks so bad you might think a third world war was imminent but surely no one wants that so how does the world tackle north korea what are the options while option number one twitter war. president trump has been dropping twitter bombs on pretty every occasion saying pyongyang is looking for trouble and threatening locked unloaded military solutions and south korea and i should point out that it's a u.s. ally is caught in the rhetorical crossfire question is how effective all of these twitter bombs there's no reaction except from kim parading more of his ballistic missiles and even saying he now has a hydrogen bomb on to the next strategy option number two. trade wars and sanctions the u.s. and u.n. security council have hit north korea with sanctions over and over again since two
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thousand and six and guess what they don't seem to care and to add more pressure the u.s. has been hinting at seizing all trade with any country that continues to do business with them the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions but how realistic would this be that means that approximately eighty countries would be affected and that's not to mention the economic consequences for the u.s. itself option three. the scariest of all which still exists actual all out war the us are the only party openly threatening a military response at the moment and it looks like they could find themselves alone in this fight as the leaders have been clear about not wanting to go down this road. you've argued i have to answer no to that i do not see a military solution for north korea i cannot accept it america's since i live the
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u.k. is saying that even a conventional war could potentially wipe out the korean peninsula we keep hearing about the need for diplomatic solutions yet we hardly see any progress to resolve the deadlock so where are we now back at the beginning it seems but surely there should be no limit on diplomatic efforts now dear tutor r.t. the latest launch is the in calls from south korea's military chief looking to boost the peninsula of defense with a redeployment of american nuclear weapons washington has agreed with seoul for the need to maximize pressure on pyongyang and said that president trump approved the sale of millions of dollars worth of weapons to the south but political analyst reynard curry also those countries shouldn't be gambling their security when it comes to north korea. the first rule of any negotiation is never back your rival your opponent into a corner things become unpredictable and uncontrollable them however. the north
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koreans i'm not stupid. but you do throw those who do playground well and strong this is unchartered territory for everyone on north shore we need anymore gambling aren't we need cool heads and let's remember collaboration the smoke billowed the. rest of your and. it's true that alarming through the collaboration. we can see if you can see what our hope is what i think we'll see is a coming together of russia china united nations and common sense will prevail. the tension on the korean peninsula is one of the issues being discussed by leaders of the two thousand and seventeen brics summit the ninth annual talks have entered the final day in the chinese coastal city of. brics is an abbreviation of a group of five countries brazil russia india china and south africa and together
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both countries make up almost half of the world's and tire population with the states also covering more than a quarter of the earth landmass we can now cross live to our kate partridges in sharman forest ok this been a vengeful time of the break summit hasn't it can you sum it up for us. hi there yes day two the final day here at the ritz summoned to men in china and it's a glorious weather but certainly as you've been indicating in the early unused been overshadowed by foreign policy events particularly on the korean peninsula we're just waiting now for president vladimir putin to give his spawn final speech at the summit and what we're doing that let's look back over what has been discussed over two years you say very eventful days i mean earlier today that the leaders of the brics nations were discussing with new potential leaders of countries coming into brics as well so we're looking at countries there such as guinea mexico thailand and you start all those leaders were. having
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a discussion earlier but let's also look back at some of the wider policies that they've been discussing i mean as you indicated their foreign policy has certainly been a big issue here north korea while it was on the agenda before all the leaders arrived before the summit itself president putin had written an article about the korean issue saying that there was there was no need for any more of this what this militaristic language this rhetoric he said that it was futile that the only way forward to resolving the crisis was through direct an ongoing dialogue something that's been backed up by president xi here as well and very much discussed but these weren't the only foreign policy issues that were discussed by the brics leaders as well they also looked at why the conflicts in asia and also the middle east they looked at the syria conflict and said that the only way to resolve the conflict there was something that was that was homegrown syria led syria own to the key words there that way they believe that the territorial integrity and the independence and sovereignty of the country could be maintained they also look to yemen as well and what the countries here are saying is we need a ceasefire there they need to get back to dialogue as they're also being led by
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the u.n. and looks as the the arab israeli conflict the palestinian conflict and said also that the brics countries they committed to helping resolve that crisis too and also they looked at cyber security there are plans for more discussions on this going forward but the big brics leaders were saying we need we need a guidance here we need cooperation sharing information how we can for events any of those cyber threats coming through well as i say now we're waiting for president putin to give his speech after some of these big discussion points came through they weren't the only ones they also talked about cultural aspects also trade and economics are also the keystones to brics as well so we're waiting to for that final speech from president putin to sum up what has been a very eventful summit here in sharm and. thanks for that kate so many topics covered over the past two days and like you said we are waiting for president vladimir putin to speak to the press we will be giving you that live for now ok pardon sharman thank you very much. syrian government forces are now just
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a few kilometers away from the city of dia one of islamic states last remaining strongholds in the country as you can see here on the map the syrian army with russian backing has made some significant gains over the past month advancing towards the besieged city. mckinney the only times you know sort of way in new. york in the order of the judge that there was.
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this hopefully the victory will be soon but i had nearly all happiness today is indescribable i have been waiting for me for a long time my god. i wish it had come earlier but people here are exhausted. and just the last day the army has gained eight kilometers secure in strategic positions on the way russian fighter jets have been assisting with strikes destroying tanks and other vehicles at least seventy terrorists have been killed but former pentagon official michael maloof says syria still faces some major challenges. i resort today represents the last six stronghold isis will dissipate into other areas they won't have a cohesive strategic region and in fact they considered it so important because
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they were put in some of their best fighters and heavy equipment into the area which is all but been destroyed it was an area a bridge if you will between mosul and and on to rocka where isis was able to concentrate it's probably the last strategic. stronghold of isis that will go however there's another problem that's going to be developing the united states along with the help of the kurds under the syrian democratic forces wants to is trying to occupy the same area because of the oil reserves that are there the problem is only going to be beginning in terms of. the future. i love a key player in the fight against isis the lebanese political and military equipped hezbollah it's played a major role in battling islamic state five is along the syria lebanon border in twenty seventeen. hizbollah lebanon's shia military and political organization was
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founded with the help of iran back in one thousand nine hundred eighty two during these really occupation of lebanon since the beginning of the syrian civil war the group has been deeply involved in fighting against various rebel factions including our nusra front terrorists hizbollah has also proven to be an important player in islamic state in syria the group has a strong anti western stance and has been listed as a terror organization by the us the european union and most arab league countries. exclusively to hezbollah as deputy chief shaikh name cut them. following my previous trip to lebanon in order to follow the hezbollah group to the arsehole mountains where they had cleared out the area from terrorists we have managed to build up a connection with hezbollah media group these are the mountains east of lebanon
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it's the latest scene of the victory of hezbollah hezbollah managed to capture this cave which was used by terrorists as a base and that led to us being given a unique opportunity to interview their deputy leader name name carson is one of the most influential men not just in lebanon but in the whole region and he is a man who is very well guarded and it's very difficult to secure an interview with somebody of his stature but we managed to do so. and when we went to interview him in beirut. we had a very long security procedure to go through we had to meet at a certain location in the capital we then were told to leave all of our telephones and our electronic equipment before being escorted to another location where the interview took place we also asked about the ongoing. in syria in the fight
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against extremist rubble and hezbollah they've been at the front of every battle they've been fighting against isis not just here in lebanon but also of course across syria so many topics touched upon but between myself and share what is really a very rare and exclusive interview with one of the most senior members of the hezbollah group. the west wants to see middle east divided into week countries so you can control everything the americans wanted to use islamic state against syria but then this monster turned against america so now they have no choice but to confront. america saudi america wants a regime change in syria was the main goal of the war but when they failed to move us out through military means with the help of other arab countries this shifted to
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a policy of non-conference of president assad because they know. there's as much of a threat of them as does the syrian people and the world that. there's not an imaginary president which is a real and highly sector and the choice of the syrian people has been lost and the project to move president assad as a not against the whole of syria which we cannot accept. the syrian people reelected president assad as the legitimate had of the slain this is a matter of choice for the syrian people foreign powers to negotiate. northern italy is now tackling a refugee influx coming from i think european countries got more and that much more later in the program. that's.
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what politicians do you shouldn't expect to put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express. yourself want to be rich. that you'd like to be this is what we. were able to get. into st paul's it belongs. there should be.
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welcome back all the founder of the red crescent in yemen has died in hospital in the competent city of santa he was unable to receive a vital treatment as a result of saudi arabia's blockade of the country dr abdullah alchemy c passed away at the age of seventy six after a failed halt operation he was prevented from traveling abroad for surgery and local hospitals lacks the equipment needed to save his life a spokesperson for the red cross told is that he died at the same way as millions of others in yemen. first of all i would like to say when we have. the red cross and red crescent that don't don't mess us and then you who during his her life so
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complete commitment to the people of yemen and he died and that you eat and he does a food producing reason. separate in yemen as we speak is it to me at all even you know that it's for you know to. have no access to health care. i mean total the u.n. estimates that around twenty thousand paypal have now been denied crucial health care due to this saudi bombing campaign and the blockade ok i'm not going to interrupt this story i do apologize to bring you live footage of president vladimir putin who is now speaking live at the bric summit in the chinese city let's cross live to him now. and what i think. you mean outcomes of this summit in the pool in the store but.
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basically russia's initiative in two thousand and five. when we first brought together is going to represent the people's republic of china india and russia at the same table so first we had these three countries and then later five countries he said he was. very promising. definitely to convince them it's not ideological. because we share a number of interests in common support or economy specifically because the structure of our economy and our common desire to be global economy fairer and. nobler. we will know what's on the hold of the group and we were able to coordinate our positions on a number of global major issues you may have noticed that the leaders of brics
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countries think regularly meet not only dedicated events like we're not here in the people's republic of china we also offer to come together on the margin of for many important international events for example we regularly meet before a g twenty summit flag like to thank you point out that we've set up in a way but it's a new development bank it's already operational you may have noticed a little bit of mention this. slanted leading them and at the business council meeting. i see you. russia some of the cost. of funds for three projects project with usually judicial system project. building. which is a super structure. digitalized. system in russia and there are some
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other very interesting and promising projects they mean obviously on the large scale projects but they're still very interesting for russia and these are just the first step so we've launched the reserve currency pool in fact we facilitate contacts between our business men and there is the business council from working quite intensely. but usually it. means that you are supporting russia's initiatives among others and i was going we also discussed. but you took in your ship off think this is important to people support these. business women around the world and there are some other interesting and promised. unishe it is as well so i think that this group b. will work efficiently in the future as well if a school projects that was to create
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a chinese presidency. was able to preserve everything we've achieved up to this point including what we did together in russia want to go far and we're. also china came up with some new ideas so this was thing that successful summit which is to. recorded listed on. the leaders of outreach countries. developing markets from various parts of the world were also involved i would like to congratulate our chinese friends this was definitely a major success. next question. interfax. mr putin's you have. a lot of bilateral meetings on the margins of the summit for example you met with the gyptian president and he met with many other leaders could you please tell us more about your meetings. for example your meeting with the
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president of egypt did you discuss resuming direct air flights and did you accept his invitation to visit egypt. and attend the signing of the contract for the nuclear power plant there and also you talked to the japanese prime minister and to the president of south korea could you please tell us about those meetings as well because clearly if i go into details telling you about all my meetings and telephone conversations we'll run out of time with us that. we did if. you saw the reports about all those bilateral meetings for i started my visit with the middle east meeting with the chairman of the people's republic of china. breaks then. among the bric. countries i met with the prime minister of india i met with the president all to south africa. primarily we discussed our
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bilateral relations. in the us with each of these countries east. sherry brody jenner and looting and diverse economic ties. but outreach countries what we call outreach countries countries that are not brics members but who are still invited to attend if you were to. bring it with them we the prime minister of thailand the developing economy so. quickly you know. we expanded our economic cooperation you may have noticed that we doubled our. imports of residence or fruit vegetables and we want to sell our high tech products on the market as well so we discuss these matters. execute
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with mexico russia again we have direct interest there for example if you look oil has four projects they want to implement in the gulf of mexico or three of these projects will be implemented at the exum together with the french sort of french partners there is one independent project we also sell so for us we support jet aircraft. quite well and keep that mexico is in egypt now will be an issue with machines if you know that. we have. a very long very. stable relationship with egypt and the president did invite me to visit his country and i will be happy to go there i just need to find. time. which is the list as far as direct flights are concerned we are really eager to resume direct flights with egypt well we have agreed because
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our special services and their transport agency is a social issue is that for us this but in charge of flight safety we will continue to work together we have to be sure that we take these are people who will be secure there. do we see that all rejection france are doing their best to share it with on the security well at the agency which is working together and they still have some. of the little issues to our knowledge and i really hope that soon you'll be able to resolve all those confused and i had some telephone conversation as well both telephone conversations with the prime minister and the president of south korea. due to the nuclear test. series in the north korea but look at what we really believe to continue this discussion when we meet the person away to morrow. president of south korea and the prime minister of
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japan who will arrive and what i've also talk of a mystical forty four to attend the eastern economic forum and we will discuss these issues they are going to more in detail on the brush to be just one. of the things that was discussed at the most recent days as. the u.s. steps to see. a russian property russian diplomatic missions could you please comment on the situation. is russia going to respond to that and how this is. a right. well we're saying is that what we have agreed with our partners. in the better the number of our diplomatic staff. i see in russia and in the u.s. should be parents if they stop or we should teach that there were thirteen hundred years.


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