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chose seemed wrong. all. the way to get to shape out just because the ticket and in detroit it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life. force on the celestial get out of the. sun. as we find a school but there's a. while
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a city's tried desperately not to collapse. the profit of. the supper will probably be global in the coffee cup at home in the. cup the supposed to mean it. as a tourist phobia will fail fall into an identity. from africa the newest member of breaks the flow is.
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also if those are not just the challenges that we're experiencing between china and south africa russia and brazil are experiencing their own economic challenges at this time and we think that once the bric summit does get underway these leaders will need to find tangible solutions you know south africa is a technical recession and brazil as well as russia are experiencing their own economic challenges let me put it could quickly bring in the experts there will answer some of the questions relating to that we'll start with jeremy steve. who is an economist at the standard bank group jeremy i think this is a very critical time that we go into this bric summit we've got these baby challenges how do we ensure that the vision of brics is not do re old because all these challenges well it's a good question i mean i would take umbrage to the idea that you know whether south africa's cyclical macroeconomic dynamics weakening or not really derails the idea of the brics the brics were always about a structural phenomenon about their overall size in global economics the global
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trade and investment and how they reach shaping global trade and investment chords the emergence of brics corporates that have risen over the last ten fifteen years to reshape these global trade patterns and i think that that's really the essence of what the brics grouping is about i do think for south africa for example we've got a problem with unemployment and you know how the brics can help us in facilitating job creation that's something we need to put on the table for china it may be remembered internationalization and maybe financial sophistication developments and for brazil it might be infrastructure india struck will of to link the bric partnership to domestic dynamics but the cyclical story in our macro economic development obviously we have to apply minds to it in south africa it's important it's relevant but that's not going to derail the brics at all vision at all thank you let me bring you in there so if it's not business as usual as we go into this
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summit from a political perspective you know how important is brics as a bloc well indeed it's not business as usual general lots of challenges in terms of peace and security around the world to look at what's happening currently in the korean peninsula you look at what's happening in the middle east and i think it is important for all the countries to speak in one voice particularly adept multilateral fora like they've met in nations that don't create a bed made for all the peoples of their way to. in short that they believe in them or because for well it is for that reason blinks cannot be only about development and growth but they must also look at their political challenges at a time when the western world is found wanting and there are divisions must be in one voice in all does multilateral institutions but how do we ensure that this is not just another talk shop we need bricks to be taken seriously and to deal with some of the pressing issues that are facing our countries john and this is the
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media we must monitor and. doing and ask how to questions if they don't deliver let's go back and look at that is allusions of the last summit how far we want to achieve indeed we have achieved a bank let's let the hens well but let's also had questions where there are problems for the sample free movement of goods and services and people is still a problem the issue of i think you being there sure visioning but i get letters tickets being very idealistic ok you want to duplicate the g seven no we shouldn't do that because g seven under the leadership of united states demands other members of the g seven to resign from their sovereignty and they're in their own destiny i don't want that to happen to brics ok brics countries have to have their solvent to be respected and i do believe it should be bout trade and it should be about investment in each other ok because when you go too far like the european union you
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leave a lot of people behind you leave the middle and i don't think any little online issues are you really want to say that that is aren't good for and we are all on the right hold on if you look at in terms of trade what south africa for example has benefited between ninety ninety five and twenty eleven you're looking at growth of. trade with other the other brics countries all of about five billion dollars to twenty five billion dollars so we're talking about trade benefits. that has i see what i'm talking about yeah exactly what i'm talking about sorry can i join you want to come in yes so for me i think that you touched on a very important point we need to create successes as a group of the will does looking at us and they're quite skeptical and we have this sort of and she wished and rhetorical and really it's about let's deliver on real tangible how louis reality is now the brics bank is a very important catalyst for that because it creates an institutional underpinning
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for the brics to work together for mutual benefit economies and development and so we need that to be the champion of the brics to start with once we get those benefits sort of materializing and being tangible you can build later in the creation of paris where i think it's a red herring for us to say on all international forums we're going to repeat the same messages to each other as we have diverse needs and realities. and there is well thank you very much there's a word especially like if we're talking about greeks it's very important to understand economical development so china india russia and brazil is inside of like bricks and oh what is the most important point we need to understand we need to ask south africa while why like when a lot of money are coming from china to africa why south africa is not as a major point and not is a major partner of chinese money over chinese park nerves of chinese economical
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development in that kind of region so i think if we're talking about brics we need to understand common points to understand how we need to develop this business together and we need to understand what kind of regulatory affairs and regulatory issues we need to create on the platform of breaks in the beginning and after that we need to move to the political choice to the security ok when you run it was time to know that apologies for that you running out of time but i think it really brings back to what we've all been saying about the fact that we need to tell our own stories we cannot. it gives a complete. different view of exactly what talk montresor a positive we can start with that as media practitioners to begin with i think we're really on the correct foot play and i think it's a very good question what exactly is brakes but sometimes does it really matter i mean can we just do it as the way it is but anyway for his ill tell is your perspective the time is us.
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and oh it's time to talk about global warming and one of the hot topics these days is the solution taken by the american government to leave the paris climate agreement the brics countries have released a statement in july saying there is to back in the agreement but what kind of threat this american position can poles in the international community could jeopardize the whole effort that has been done in order to achieve the paris agreement i would like to start asking that question to one of our experts it's mr harvey he's from china daily well we have a saying in english that be careful what you wish for because it might come true since eight hundred twenty three with the down ca sion of the road doctrine people in latin america have been saying yankee go home we've gone home or in the process of going home and this cuts both ways the good way is there's
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a vacuum it needs to be filled and bricks can fill it the same way that china is filling much of the vacuum that's left by president trump and his decision the bad thing is yes we have been major actors but it takes about four years to get out of the paris accord and so we have a lot of time and i predict that president trump won't be there in four years so i think maybe a lot of the damage can be undone ok let's talk a little bit about china knowledge china is this to do single largest pollute. in the world and yeah chara is back in the climate agreement and also is making a huge efforts in order to increase its solar capacity and solar energy capacity which is already the largest in the world and i would like to ask you. when and hala do you think the country had this change of part of the time towards a greener economy when we talk about climate change you need to look at a historic point of view scientists have say it's the greenhouse gases that are
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emitted into the ozone layer stay there for decades even up to a hundred years so when we're talking about the greenhouse global warming what has caused global warming is not china's biggest share of pollution but rather the developing country doing their industrial revolution revolution all of the gases that they are usually through so that is the reason why china has been saying ok we are one of the biggest polluter vote we should not be the only one or taking up the biggest share and that is why all the bric countries and developing countries have this common but differentiated responsibility if not my aunt is that and also responding to harvey's story when you say when the united states doesn't want to take up the leadership then you know the brace country. i don't agree who says the united states can go away from this they have a historic and present responsibility because the united states is number is among the number of top three polluters so they cannot just simply walk away from this by the way they were already lagging behind their targets they were not going to meet
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their targets that they promised under the obama administration and now they i don't think that's acceptable but my point it was that's charnas seems to you have a new policy not it's not sensing you know what you want and for china as well we live we breathe this air and it is important for our health happiness and it is to our interests that we have to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions that is why we also have one of the highest tog is to cut back c o two emission by twenty thirty i believe that is way cutting we want to cut down by as. much as sixty five percent that is the highest all countries and that would have actually everyone talking about a similar development but the thing is that where it is comes from technology to thank you comes from the signs but i had that especially china and russia evoking the two hit on the signs but in other countries not booking so if you are talking about the some stability so you sort of walk on the one platform but the signs. so you do not come you know vision you going to do the session and you have to base
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all country tool to get there for the signs in the one breaks coming to mr clinton even trying to speak something for a long time yes one thing i've noticed is that there's a tendency to demonize the west the united states in particular not taking the fact no i'm not saying that i'm not saying it's wrong but it won't solve your problems the issue is all of you have a good story all right especially china and the rest of you can be part of that now the question is how you do that there is one proposal on the table and only one worldwide and that is the belgian road initiative to the extent that you can come together on such types of initiatives whether they're economic or trade is the basis by which you can solve a lot of not only the demonizing the west by putting your own story first but also the tendency to sometimes to demonize each other you have to get above that but still have the courage as the press to look internally all their questions of
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corruption yeah right there questions a misuse of nationalism right these are all issues that you we must confront but trade is going to have to be the number one issue that brings you together otherwise it is not sustainable. as do you have time for one more year to have clean ok maybe one more comment from china as well once and yet to come after you convince people financially that it makes sense to use ethanol they started like a. in my case using it because they believe it's better for the environment even if it's more expensive and i totally agree with the idea that the brics has to focus on trade or economic development in general in that sense what brazil needs and i believe put into needs is infrastructure so infrastructure is there. and they are developing and developed and roll thank you very much mouth a little and around the clock thank.
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you well i think china's pissed back to is very important as i mentioned in my opening statement china wants to have a fairer more representative and more equitable international global financial and economic governance we were talking about the world bank and i.m.f. reform even after the reform the ride's all together combined rights of bric countries is still less than that of the united states and the united states is still the one country and i may have to have veto power they have fifty over fifteen percent but if you look at economy size the united states in some sense is not already not the largest economy in the world but again we have this off circle because after the last round of reform has been reluctant lee pushed through the u.s. congress some u.s. congressmen have said we will not let that happen in the near future so in terms of making the international economic and international financial governance more
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equitable what can we do where can we where should we start i wonder if anybody thought about that indian friends please the reason to put the brakes to be created was a two thousand and eight financial crisis what has happened over the is and which shows the potential that brics as is that we've coordinated of this bond say is on and world bank when we talk of economic issues we need to understand that breaks is a block it is a global system right now but within ourselves we coordinated in those financial. that already exist now as we tried to create those systems including a new credit rating agency we try to establish a new development bank which as a witch i think last month announced that they would be funding projects for about three billion dollars we need to understand how we've created a new global financial structure again we've we've talked about you mention united states having fifteen percent together when brics combine together they were able to get a reform package at world bank that increased by six percent yeah so while breaks
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in itself at the moment cannot create a new financial order it can just use the strength that it has to influence it and make a dent yeah that's going to be step by step and that's going to take quite a while but let's talk about the european perspective maybe midst of it you have probably the best position to talk about this issue how is the voice the aspiration of bric countries seen in the west and look first of all of course we see does an investment opportunity in all of these brick countries be in the energy sector be it and in brazil will story in china but i guess that what we're looking at is really brick leadership in this thing organizations like w t all that it's not just rhetoric but actually that the bric countries set the stage for lowering the import taxes by making investment easier facilitating this fighting corruption together because that is what marse these countries and i guess for european business the
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kind of sustainability of predictability in investment climate is totally important some countries lead better than us but definitely the bric story is for us a girl story the reason why countries gather all together was to promote a trade and investment right and based in on the fair competition we can make. strong international ties between other countries and other countries and unions this will be a good. example how other countries can follow us and here comes my question about how go china mission. which is thirty plus other countries could you please command what is what is their idea of it why i understand the chinese government does have that in mind and next actually one of the very important items on the agenda this year which is breaks plus first of all it should
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not just be a small clique group of you know more advanced countries in the developing world but there are other countries that also developing very fast so this year we are inviting five additional countries joining this summit for instance from egypt mexico stan thailand and guinea so why these countries there are various considerations either because of their economic development because of their geographical location but the idea is they come here but they also have to up hold a certain value that the brics countries together is not the same ideology but we need to believe in the same thing for instance open is inclusive cooperation and when when so even these countries are willing to join breaks in an informal manner then why you know it i mean the bigger the group the stronger voice will be does that answer your question. thank you very much yes please. i'd like to point out it does show that. our russian holds the badge and the just now
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say we are not a g seven let's say we are g five breaks but that's not typical was unauthorized group the g five the brics open and inclusive that is why china initiate. breaks. that the writ of the head reflect all of the open this. is the have a great. to our contribution to war all there are restating what you know just we have to avoid you know one size fits all and this is what i my criticism of a lot of western institutions designed by a very small group of people even elites within a country so one size doesn't fit all we can be flexible we have conflict within the group you know in maybe because of brics itself we saw this conflict between two members simmer down maybe that was an important element i hope it is and if it
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isn't and it's already shown the group's worth ok one size does not fit all we have to move away from this low is the sad oh what was the feeling of russia being you know expelled from the g eight. for you know that's not fair because you know we talked about this and you. know i mean i mean i don't have this kind of a way doesn't happen to break ok i can i say for between what i think and what russia thinks i mean of course i think the official line was that they probably weren't very happy about it but i think on the other hand is that you know as a member of bricks and looking at the problems that face the world you know a lot of the problems that we were the world faces because of the g. seven in their policies economic policies trade policies security policies i can go on and on and i have always personally peter lavelle ok this is on t.v. i have always felt that russia didn't really belong in the g eight because the g
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eight has to solve the problems that they created russia didn't create those problems ok and we have to remember the g. seven was a cold cold war institution the cold war is over a quarter a century ago ok they can exist so long as they're you know they want to stay together but what is the indian perspective i see a lot of hands on the indian side ok this gentleman first and talk about one thing that's unique. there are differences among. in the brics countries like india or china but i think there has to be more communication more cultural exchange sports because india china they're like engine civilizations similarly when it comes to sports south africa india have a strong sporting partnership we can loan from china. because they are the host countries of olympics so is brazil saw
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a football world cup so i think more and more people nor both each of these countries common people businessmen traders i think that's more important to build a stronger bricks so i think i believe and encourage all the brics countries should encourage more cultural exchange trade exchange programs that's a great point you're making i think that is one of the most important things we should do is for our country to have more cultural human contacts that lady in the south african part yes absolutely on those lines i think the cultural exchanges are extremely important how likely are we in this brics able to come to a one voice to address these multilateral institutions how likely are we able to get together you know five voices together to strengthen our political leverage so to say and actually come together with one voice on so many different issues like
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cyber security counterterrorism sustainable developments how likely are we yeah i think i think that point is very much taken by the leadership of the brakes this year because they are putting particular particular emphasis on this this kind of exchange which. to really function the people of each countries really have to understand and right identify with it who are the members of the brics for instance i think now that they know it a little. better ok my time is up thank you very much. all right ladies and gentlemen we have each had our time to talk and sometimes it was heated sometimes it was you know more civilized but looking back what have you gotten out of this conversation what will take what will you will take home and maybe think a little bit about peeta me for me it's kind of gone full circle from what we heard
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about you know cultural exchanges and things like that we need a a medium to do that and we're not going to we can't rely upon google and reuters to do that for us they are a filter and they are demonizing us that filter does. the minister but this gentleman over here in their south african delegation all finished with this and i think he is spot on we have to lead to our successes and when we're successful people will lead follow us ok successes yeah vishnu i think preexists excess food i think that success resides in the fact that there is incredible talent there is a credible economic opportunity and there's also incredible economic success i think the ability of all of us to be able to sit together to dock together the world through our differences all goes well for this particular group and so for me the essential message of the essential learning aspect is the fact that there are so many common interests that these countries have it's about realizing this potential when our leaders sit together you know it's
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a great point chris out of i think it's very important for us to acknowledge that we really need to start telling our own stories and i really want to agree with the gentleman from the brazil side so that we need to start focusing on all the negatives that we have we may have challenges within this block but those are resolved will and once we are able to acknowledge that would be able to take full responsibility for the challenges that we have in our respective countries and find internal solutions to that we don't know. to look outside for answers to all problems we can't find them amongst ourselves and i think that's very important great point great point because it what i see in front of me now is the very city so many views that i myself sometimes didn't know about and i learned a lot here today and i think our people the people from brazil from china south africa all all of our people should have the opportunity to. have this kind of information more often as you said peter we have futures that sometimes don't bring
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the the information we should have but the information they want us to have it so i think this kind of debate here is very productive and i congratulate him for the initiative and for the hard work to make this will happen thank you thank you thank you you thank. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. let you go i. will see what will befall three of the more people. interested
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always in the waters of. the spiral downwards this applies to both russia u.s. relations and the ongoing events on the korean peninsula.
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this is how. the economy is built around. washington washington. the. voters elected a businessman to run this country business. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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i. washington calls for the strongest possible measures against north korea over its latest nuclear test as russia and china seek a deescalation also in the headlines. celebrations in syria as government forces make a final push to liberate the city. from islamic state. and tens of thousands of people fleeing. a brutal military crackdown on the muslim minority.


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