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driven low using financial repression and transferring hundreds of billions of dollars in the united kingdom in america and around the world out of the pension accounts into the pockets of the bankers and this set up a huge pension crisis because it wasn't enough money in those pensions to pay workers when they retired but this is obviously going to be a solution so if these workers are dying because of the malfeasance and the actions of corporations then that solves that pension crisis and you actually mention the zero percent interest rates or deserve q.e. all of the stuff is german interest rates down to zero or below and some countries and this is causing part of the pension crisis is that they can't these pension funds can't make returns and this sort of environment especially as they're not allowed to go into the junk market so much so however it's also causing the ordinary citizen to lose all hope to be filled with despair to turn to opioids
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and that's the only thing that's keeping them going because you know at least if you don't have a job you have medicaid and america and medicaid will at least pump you up with some salient solution where you pass out from not eating and then dull your pain with some opioids and opioids of course are what's causing a lot of the increase and the mortality rate in america let me say something that may be controversial max kaiser be controversial this is going to be as shock i just i hope i hope this is understood and taken in seriously because this as i've been saying i mean this is leading up to this idea of the economics of extinction this is very similar to what happened in the one nine hundred thirty s. in in germany so initially when a particular group was scapegoated and then they were sent off to be exterminated.
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you know there was a huge industry behind that the gold teeth that were extracted the clothes that were resold the shoes that were resold and pretty soon the german economy became dependent on genocide became dependent on the whole of cost now in america very similarly the pharmaceutical industry the medical insurance industry and the bankers they are profiting from the american holocaust and the american economy is now so dependent on the revenue from the american holocaust that it's very difficult to understand how the train of death of these freight train these box cars of death is going to end of course our boxcars are available because we don't have any manufacturing or consumption or in any sort of economy any more but bloomberg in this article points out in this article pointing out the silver lining behind the high death rate well the fact that people are dying slightly younger won't cure corporate america's pension woes but the fact that the companies are taking it into account shows just how serious the shift in america's mortality
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trends is they always have the sort of positive news of like you know in america we have this situation where soon as you enter profit into the prison industrial system then they encourage you to lock up you know twenty year olds who steal a slice of pizza but it's the third time so lock them up for the rest of their life of course you want to target the twenty year olds because they're going to live for another seventy years that's at forty fifty thousand dollars a year that's a lot of profit for a private prison industrial complex contractor but in terms of the death rates here's the quote about how high the much salary is and how shocking it is and america you would think this would be the point that the media would pick up on not the reduced load you pension costs or make major manufacturers that are still left absent a war or an epidemic it is unusual and alarming for life expectancies in developed countries to stop improving let alone to worry. mortality is sort of the
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tip of the iceberg says loudon aaron a demographer and senior fellow at the urban institute it really is a reflection of a lot of underlying conditions of life the falling trajectory of american life expectancies especially when compared to those in some other wealthy countries should be quote as urgent a national issue as any other that's on our national agenda she says so of course the financial media here is celebrating the reduced pension cost and therefore the increase profit to our s. and p. five hundred companies because of the hyper partisanship in america much of the left wing press is celebrating this because a lot of the you know they've done charge saying oh look if you look at a map of the huge highest number of opioid deaths in america they happen to have voted for trump so good on them let them all die let them be you know suffer and die going so the fact is in an ordinary society not blighted by this sort of
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partisanship and hate that this would be something that well trump did declare a national emergency about this now well this is america's kristallnacht moment where the corporations have been given the green light to kill americans through the pharmaceutical industries the banking industry is the longest profit and well apparently that i pointed out that's the business plan to stop death because for any ideological reasons it's the economics of extinction you start off on the ideological reasons and you scapegoat a particular group and you vilify them and you use propaganda but then you become so dependent on the revenues from the death camp that you then can't stop yourself and you end up as we did in the way you find reasons to justify it like example for example many many high profile left so-called left wing commentators in the news have justified the death and not doing anything about the opioid. i'm
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a democrat because it coincides with people who voted for trump so they're finding reasons to justify it so i think it's horrible so i go to ls look at the celebration of the increased mortality the actual numbers of some of the companies they mention who are profiting from the it's not like they themselves are causing it but they certainly are profiting and the financial news is now saying this is a good reason to maybe go along these companies and twenty fifteen the american death rate it's just a share of americans dying rose slightly for the first time since one thousand nine hundred nine and over the last two years at least twelve large companies from verizon to general motors have said recent slips of mortality improvement have led them to reduce their estimates for how much they could be tyreese by upward of a combined nine point seven billion dollars according to bloomberg and alice says a company filings quote revised the sum sions indicating a short and long jeopardy for instance led lockheed martin to adjust its estimated
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retirement obligations downward by a total of about one point six billion dollars for two thousand and fifteen and twenty sixteen said and its most recent annual report of course we all know that lockheed martin shares on a tear thanks to the multiple conflicts around the world at the moment well the economics of extinction in a another example would be in the tobacco industry the cigarette business yet the big tobacco companies during the height of the frenzy to get them to be more accountable for the health crisis that they created that part of their defense was that we're saving america of a lot of money because we're killing a lot of americans that's in the record that's been documented that i think are actually saying that in places like india and china where they're targeting right and without much corporations let's talk about i.b.m. coca-cola j.p. morgan active during the holocaust of the one nine hundred thirty s. and today in america it's only blue i mean the way that we're starting to sound like an american cable show every single that cable news program talks about.
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lariam and nazi they said have ever happened how could it happen pattern of happened hadn't happened this was out happens all this is how it happens so let's look at it is a sunni to america no apparently it is not unique to america in fact if you look at the list of where they then go on to say that you know that mortality rate is increasing and therefore pension costs are decreasing it's not places like france or germany or spain or europe where you know they have a different sort of economic model no it's the other english speaking countries like new zealand and canada and britain. or us canada and britain where there is seen this increase in mortality and therefore celebrating they reduce pension costs they say the broader trend isn't unique to the us a july publication from the institute of faculty of actuaries in the united kingdom found that the u.s. canada and britain have all experienced some really slowing gains since two thousand and eleven that report suggests that the combination of the recession and
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cuts to social safety net programs may have played a role quote the signs should be taken as warnings that worsened health care behavior and environment can reverse decades of success and health and longevity in fact in the u.k. they said pension costs are been cut by three hundred ten billion pounds thanks to austerity of course we must point out that there's been no us there is a there's been an increase of social welfare cost to bankers to the top one percent through this zero percent interest rates the free money they get from the fed or the central bank of england the bank of england so that has been no reduction in the overall cost actually in terms of how much the government spends you can see that in their own get government deficit numbers like government spending is gone up on welfare by trillions and trillions of dollars on the recipients of the government sponsored welfare of in the bankers so i'm going to. say and even
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shocking more shocking what is so or shocking changes to life expectancy in the u.k. could cut three hundred ten billion pounds from british private sector pension obligations as i said or fifteen percent of the total liability that's pretty shocking you know to see that p.w. c. is on the estimated this and may although at other actuaries have called that figure relatively extreme but peter you see is is more plugged in than most actuaries and terms of being able to see what's in the pipeline of their other corporate clients in terms of what a certain future is for most of these people who are in the private sector you know you talk about the i came to look at brown felt our poor people were target they're in center eight if they died and now they're being vilified as scapegoated yes that's true and finally i want to move to a quick headline here just to see the language in the financial press this is the financial press talking about wells fargo's latest whoa remember they don't use
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crime they don't use anything that harsh language for an ordinary person what they would encounter and this is how wells fargo's troubles went from bad to worse wells fargo's campaign to repair its reputation post scandal not post crime as one into a problem more scandal they don't use crime it's more scandal a year ago the san francisco based bank acknowledged creating millions of accounts without consumer consent since then it's made refunds to customers and paid fines totaling one hundred eighty five million dollars but in july it discloses yet another snafu that's now for who not a crime. this time over insurance for auto loans and it's been accused of malfeasance related to mortgage lending and consumer overdraft fees blah blah blah malfeasance snafu stromal and it's all it's all branding problem all right we'll be back right after the break don't go away.
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the city of minima so modest was hit the hardest by the twenty eleven through nami but it was damaged mostly by the radiation after the nuclear disaster the little not even enough to let you know the real. mom also a lot of what i. am a little slow to return it to the will be contamination is not complete but many locals could not leave their houses and farms those of us who he might not. if they're both you can also leave if nice nice kid. took to what they stay strong like their ancestors centuries ago did. for you. and i mean i'm also a couple. of what i want. to
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be to the naive will there will and souls find a way to rebuild their lives in the world and lambskin. yes we advocate going to replace call a day when he said he going to keep. the last day i. was. so. get him you know who are going to commit they're going to i think it's.
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going to be. a nice life for the ball club and such will be planted on the front of the joyful photo why he said i still only should i should think almost like your profile thank you for just when he. has been done just. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone was signed up to be friggin poisoned by our
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own people of seeing stuff that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from their exposure from the berm pits would really literally send a be a pro and they don't want to pay it so the way to the decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay and. call for help and get the middle finger to the movies tomorrow whole is. delayed and i hope you die.
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welcome back to take either a part imax guys or time out of time to enter national film star at all around nice guy stephen baldwin stephen welcome to kaiser in part it's an extreme privilege as usual to be here sir good morning and blessings to you new wherever you are in this great beautiful world fantastic now stephen baldwin and you and i are going on a pilgrimage the great american pilgrimage tells about this trip pilgrimage sounds like we're thinking enlightenment of some kind o. what what have you got man to ask dan well you know the cameras are rolling here max kaiser and for the record let's let's just correct immediately this what i got
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you into here as you come actually known each other a long time and you're. a very unique talented gifted fella so when the notion of journeying to have an experience which is exactly what a pilgrimage is. when we when we thought about the idea of of going across america to ask people to question what's america to you particularly now the way things are this this new presidency cetera it seems you know that you and stacey and folks around the world who know myself and you and us kind of seen that together it's very. i think people are recognizing now particularly our t.v. network that we're on to something and perhaps you know similar to like a jerry signs though you know talking to celebrities drinking coffee driving
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antique cars. we'd like to do something similar only in an r.v. you know with nature in the animals and coffee. what we want to talk to americans and and immigrants and. whoever wants to from a very down home bluegrass regular joe kind of heart land america perspective we want to ask people what's up what's what's going on like how did we arrive here and and it is a great american program it's really it's steven bowen and match kaiser and we're grammar school we want to pick brains and pope people and talk to him but most of all. i'm good to ask you this question we wanted to over there and how it's done we want to make people last we want to choose kids with the dogs and just really do something is going to be genuine and energy mints and so on and meet your last and
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or your friends and family can watch but we also want to talk about the serious issues as they come out just in a very relaxed coffee drinking environment yeah i mean imagine our today and you know we you know i were having coffee in a garden in new york city stacy got out her phone she created a one minute or two minute kind of teaser pitch we sent it off to r.j. and before we got back to our respective homes this project was essentially green lighted to go forward sixteen episode season while traveling across the country but it's a process of discovery not only this a pilgrimage across america but it's also going to be a process of discovery as we're making this t.v. show because there were literally i think quite shocked that they didn't greenlight the show based on a one minute video and we're just kind of discovering this run a pilgrimage of our own even producing the show but imagine trump there as steven
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obviously this set in motion a very interesting divide in america where suddenly a huge bloc of voters became visible that were invisible and and the mainstream media was unprepared for that they weren't covering it i know that in north carolina where where we are we saw a lot of trump support we didn't see any hillary support when we reported that fact we got a lot of backlash like why are you supporting trump and people didn't seem to understand that we're just reporting the facts that that's that's the facts of the matter what happened during that election as you see it and so why is it therefore important to go out into america talk to folks and really get an understanding of what really merican they're talking about. they have this is actually kind of not funny to me but it will be funny and in the future and we talk about it on the show and elsewhere you know as you know i have. some folks near and dear and
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close to me that don't necessarily share in the same true trump sentiment but that's ok because those folks are losers now sorry to. have to say they can my scenario let us get in the way you know i've got a bad husband who naturally i'm trying to say as well that wasn't very nice. but what i'm seeing also seriously is back in july of two thousand and sixteen a guy named don lemon c.n.n. you to come on and do is program i've done it several times and he said. you know what do you think a truck with music you could be a good president. and i salute you know donder the folks are really in around him already in july of two thousand and sixteen and i think the reason that's happening max is. mr trump at the time was on to something mr trumka sent silent majority silent majority eccentrics cetera so i'm not surprised
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mr trump is is now president trump back then i said don if you got your ear to the street and your and your sets you know on the pulse of really what's happening with people in the culture and society which mr trump at the time it did. and still does in my opinion you know he's he's he's a billionaire but he really is for the little guy in my opinion although he is implementing in kind of the restructuring once again of the of the capitalistic engine that allows school for success in this economic model of democracy in this country. so again brother i just think there's that forty percent undecided except that it's there and you see mr trump. again the left will not agree there you're playing their
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song right now as they need to and unfortunately. they're very wrong so as much as the media of the global media likes to pretend like well the republican party is this and that and it there may be a percentage of that a little bit that's true it's nowhere nearly as massive a hemorrhaging that you see happening with the democratic party here in the united states of that they just you know they don't know whether to wave snob from their nose or wind their watch so to speak there a little bit confused but you know the figure that in a time but really what's fascinating for me and like you said when we made that that lou i from videotape and reached out to the folks who are t. to see what they thought i think it's really cool that the way gap is coming together is it's going to be a network you know that has two billion more views on their youtube platform.
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more than any other news network on the planet so the stars are lining up our t.v. gets it they're going to give us an opportunity we're very grateful for them to share this piece of entertainment called the gap the great american pilgrimage of folks will be to me. that the town's yes you to max now well you know you mentioned the reaction of the left. post-election and what is shocking to a lot of people is that their reaction to things that made a star paul unplugged on a media you tube coming out with jack conan at i free speech and initiatives to eliminate any kind of dissenting is on their platform no gas that would offer any kind of reasoned debate on mainstream media allowed. they were of m.f.m. they say as others and they propagandize they sin of the kind of the pro hillary war effort we hear coming out of rachel maddow mouth every night every day. i think
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this is the most shocking post election result is that they left is one of the must anti free speech or a groups in america i would i've been shocked by it and what it what are your thoughts in dealing that post-election shutdown of free speech by left wing in america you know it's difficult for me to comment max not not because. i don't want to but because more so i don't want to do i mean by that you know i'm in hollywood right now i'm a filmmaker still i'm a content provider. you know i've said this before i'll say it again oh hey look there's steve cohen he was in the usual suspects wow you know i have people come up to me and say what a great film it's on you know in the top one hundred films of all time and you should've won an academy award did it but then as i have pursued my conservatism and my safe based initiatives as
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a christian except that are no the same people in hollywood are like the sox he can act his way out of a paper bag what happened to him well a terrible. and in politics obviously brother you're one of the you individuals who will be rigorously honest about this observation like me i'm not as palsy as you max honest and i can you know i'm at a place now where i just want to make the show i want to peel this onion and get into this conversation of what you're asking now but i'm going to answer. and really the truth is it's kind of like i guess if you're walking around and you sit a somebody with two plus two in they go fives and you go what's two plus two and they go five and you go under two. too you know but but the left leaning movement here in hollywood
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it wants what it wants children clinton wants what she wants all these other high ranking members of the democrat party. they want what they want max and they are we really out of touch with millenniums and down and way more than that. and i think it's sad because the heart of the democratic party you know i'm hundred years ago was was pretty ok. but now in my perception what i see is you know a bit of a jones too mentality so to speak everybody trying to punch and they want what they want but they lost so they're not going to get it so i think it's really playing against the more and more americans see people like the clintons and the high ranking members of the democrat party. pushing the suggested to resist and not allow president trump to do the things he promised he was going to do for those
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that are not this. that that message is not working for the democrat plan i always thought we got a counteroffer ok stay for a second side but yet all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser if they haven't like their guest they have all the images on twitter account as a report what i found by all. about your sudden passing i phone leaches slant you are yourself taking your last bong tax. cut have to be on the liquid i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words it helps to put to rest these things that i never on my
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chest. and then when we first met my life turned on each bank. the ten. my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. yes we educate only will question call of a police a key to cave. proper
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. or ha ha so. get in your who are going to commit their we're going to write. it's. just like holding false luggage such was when did open to the joyful for the why use of affiliation i should be almost like your befuddled way through forces when. they've been done. no you.
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know there was. a little out there. are so many people running the covered bodies of kids lying in the street this is a tragedy but i didn't see the van which i just heard a boom boom boom sound and people screaming up. terror attacks in spain thirteen a dead for a van plowed into them in barcelona while several others are injured as police for oil a similar attack in a town to the south. is the latest in a series of atrocities in which vehicles have been used to strike terror in europe echoing attacks in germany and the u.k. since last summer. my daughter was in the public life.


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