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tv   Headline News  RT  August 15, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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i thank. i. protesters in the u.s. take down a civil war monument by force in north carolina following deadly violence to the far right rally president trump is accused of supporting far right extremism. also to come google's accused of censorship after its automated track assistance to searches and deletes pretty are used from journalists and groups on you tube and. the campaign election fever fails to ignite parties and voters in the u.s. most powerful coming from.
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hello welcome come to you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international. following bloody clashes a right-wing rally in charlottesville against the legacy of the american civil war in a city southern monuments all over the u.s. and under threat on monday protesters destroyed one in north carolina i i i demonstrators here gathered outside a courthouse to topple the confederate statue there some are saying climbing its while others pulled it to the ground using a rope crowds were heard charity we are the revolution and call for an end to fascism in the usa elsewhere the mayor of lexington kentucky says he will push to move to confederate statues. to the outskirts of the city the mayor of baltimore
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revealed similar plans too but added she would like to keep the exact date secret to prevent any unrest and then on monday construction workers removed a monument of a civil war soldier in florida after two years of lawmakers pushing for its relocation we've sounded out several experts on why the monuments mean so much to some people. figures that. you know in light of today's standards would not be judged so favorably but you know they lived in a different time in a different history with different history and different set of circumstances and they acted in a way that many people felt was quite orrible at the time i'm not defending any person in particular generally nor anyone else however that is our history it's our shared history and i think if there's a larger conspiracy here that's what it is the left wants to stop free speech in this country let me make something very clear here nobody cares about this civil
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war or statues nobody white supremacist white nationalists neo nazi races it's a thought when it turns into violence that's a different story this is called unite the right. here is saying that nobody got very upset only right while you're absolutely right is the way it's. a free speech is allowed even if it's hateful speech it's hate crimes that are not allowed and if they don't they're not allowed and i would say what the group stated saturday charlottesville isn't citing a riot i won't want to take the time also do it like you know that people don't care about what statues and things are memorialized in our communities we do so on but i would say on the positive side this is an open we care about out if i go here and let me interview somebody i know there's a lot of nestle's with our medicare doesn't ask for the community input about what
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statues we want what names we want for our set and all the work i did where it was a lavish out of the as lionel all the. more two days after bloody clashes in the state of virginia donald trump has banked a overwhelming pressure and made a second statement announcing racism and i see has been under five for failing to single out the road of white supremacists in saturday's brawl culminates in a car being driven into a crowd of counter protesters killing one woman. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many shots on many so. racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs including the k.k.k. leo nazis white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything
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we hold dear as americans but much of the media still criticize the president his delayed response leading him to tweak the fake news media will never be satisfied he then headed to new york where he was met by crowds of protesters outside trump tower accusing him of racism and the next night america's political debate is all about labeling his report contain scenes of bodies and one of the chants most frequently used at the protests is no trump no k.k.k. hell fascist usa essentially trump and his supporters are being tarred with the same brush as white supremacy. that. our law. now the suspect in the horrific charlottesville car ramming was himself a member of the far right but the mayor of the city was very quick to put his blame
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on the white house and president and he wasn't a law he should look in the mirror and he made a choice in his presidential campaign the folks around with them to you know go right to the gutter to play on our worst prejudices and i think you are seeing a direct line from what happened here this weekend to those choices trump has made it clear with bannan gorka in the white house and the klan in the streets it is now the white supremacists house. the incitement of hatred to that got us here is as real and condemn the bill as the white supremacists and i was tweets the democratic response to the car ramming mirrors the way republicans responded to the shooting at the congressional baseball practice they blame democrats for stoking up the atmosphere was a reality the attack was carried out by a lone both republican and you had an increasing intensity of hostility on the left three percent tension has been building. i think since election night the hyperball
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that vitriol from the left has spurred threats and now action without historical parallel events like today are exactly why we took issue with and why elites glorifying the assassination of a president now most americans liberal conservative or otherwise are not violent however it seems like the leaders of the two major political parties try to make the other half of the electorate look like they are and that seems to be mobilizing people in both camps if you want to start some. and demonize me and i don't you. do that was yes. thank you. thank you that is. that. was the united states has created a political system in
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a way to demonizing one side means supporting the other side for many voters those who haven't really learned that much about their party's yet the the solution to this is to reduce some of these impediments to we need a system in which political parties have to fight for their own ideas they have to show why what they believe is good and why it's right and what's an excellent idea . and not just focus on demonizing the other side so no matter what your political outlook is the best strategy seems to be the same generalizing. it will happen r.t. your. now another news you tube and its parent company google are being accused of stifling alternative viewpoints they are cracking down on extremist content but have also removed just to move files from journalists and opposition groups. as more internet regulation is becoming ever more automated meaning the machines are
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now in charge of monitoring what you write and post so when you have your video taken down it's nothing personal it's just the algorithm you tube now has computers largely responsible for blocking extremist content and the company is head over heels with the cutting edge technology that makes this all possible over seventy five percent of the videos we've removed for violent extremism over the past month were taken down before receiving a single human flag. and that all sounds well and good given that in theory machines should be objective but it turns out they're not recently we've seen a number of journalists monitors and syrian opposition groups have their content blocked despite the fact that very similar videos went untouched on mainstream news channels you two pages those who are targeted say the site is purposely trying to erase certain documentation of the war i think what's so troubling about this if we look at the syrian accounts this is video chronicling a six or seven year war and some of the most important parts of that war from the
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perspective of syrians you tube though still has faith that its machines know best well these tools are imperfect and untried for every setting in many cases our systems have proven more accurate than humans at flag in videos that need to be removed and the video sharing website isn't alone in being found at fault google has also come under fire for showing bias that was after a number of left wing and progressive news outlets were removed from search results after new protocols were enacted by google those alternative sites claim they've seen a drastic drop and i to be on their pages sense then yet the search engine giant says the newly adopted policies were applied simply to help improve the quality of results we updated our research quality reader guidelines to flag upsetting user experiences including pages that present conspiracy theories unless the query clearly indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint and that last little bit is a very important to take note of unless
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a user specifically indicates they are interested in a quote alternative view point they will be getting that when you look at the actual application of the artificial intelligence programs what you actually see is the. common and very natural organic stupidity of silicon valley elites who are since sorious in nature and actually seek to scrub the internet of divergent opinions journalist yasha levine actually tested google's artificial intelligence which rate certain phrases as toxic so yasha levine put in phrases for example like america is corrupt and that was rate is ninety two percent toxic meanwhile one yasha levine and the phrase hitler was right in everything he did it was only thirty four percent toxic so censorship continues to rear its ugly head online but where a group of experts could have been made to answer for this before there are now only machines which as we've seen aren't as unbiased as we first thought. r.t.
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washington d.c. . ok let's return to one of our top stories this hour because u.s. senator john mccain has joined the ranks of politicians condemning the far right firelands and charlotte's feel that we can't white supremacists the neo nazis are by definition opposed to american patriotism and the ideals that define us as a people and make our nation special however many twitter users were quick to remind him that he was pictured with ukrainian nationalists not so long ago for example he's posing with the leader of the far rights of a boat or freedom party in ukraine of a boat have played a major role in the twenty fourteen uprising in the country and then here mr mccain is tweeting positively about a meeting it has had with to be a member of the ukrainian parliament a man whose book look from the right shows him openly displaying nazi s.s. symbols and there are some notable similarities to you to the scenes covered
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playing out in the us with those that happened in ukraine a few years ago. ok let's get the thoughts now of the independent journalist and commentator martin summers good afternoon martin what do you make of senator mccain mellow has he condemned any the right wing violence his many didn't charlottesville but as some of pointed out he was happy to support far right groups in ukraine is this a case of hypocrisy. well a mccain is is an extremely nebulous character isn't he wanders around the place trying to stir up trouble where every can he's also been filmed with jihad he's
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inside syria which of course was an illegal act to go into syria. as you say with our own drapery be on the far right in ukraine of course in terms of internal us politics is very anti trump and you know the the empty trump brigade are trying to make trump associate trump with the far right here and therefore they have to condemn the far right if they're going to try and use a stick to beat trump with but it's all getting pretty bizarre and convoluted really it is what did you make of trump's response to this you think it was unfair the way he's being condemned in the press because he has made that statement and has any condemning the groups that were involved. obviously what's being said is a space that he took too long to come out and condemn the right wing extremists and that his first tweets were condemning both sides equally and so on. i think whatever trump does it's not going to keep people people who don't like trump and they're going to be happy whatever he says whatever he does. on
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a think that's the end of incidents or not necessarily entirely spontaneous the elements with the. in the deep states in the u.s. that wants to see social conflicts not just in the u.s. but else was. you know we're all being caught up in this this narrative of conflicts and confrontation. show. me for a matter of time that it's good to see that was a independent journalist income insights and some as thank you. thank you ok you washing off the international back and see. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express an interest. or something want to.
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have to do it to be close that's what before three of them can't be good. interested in the logs it. should. seem wrong. just don't call. me. to shape out just to educate and engage. the trail. when something find themselves while the party. choose to look for common ground.
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well again south korea's president says only his country can decide the fate of the korean peninsula and whether there will be any military action the war must never break out again on the korean peninsula only the republic of korea can make the decision for military action on the korean peninsula without the consent of the republic of korea no country can decide to take military action the statement comes thousands protested in seoul against the united states deployment of the fat missile system in their country the calls for the escalation contrasts sharply with the american presence words just a few days ago he tweeted that military solutions are now fully in place locked and loaded and donald trump is not the only one in washington sounding hawkish. the threat from north korea not only to the united states but to the world is very very clear this is an existential threat to the united states we were a superpower we are high powered so the message is very clear. this white
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house. can get thoughts now allison evans she's an asia pacific analyst and expert on north korea and joins us from london good afternoon to you allison firstly what's your view of what south korea has said does it really have so much influence on whether there will be military action on the peninsula or not. yes i think the u.s. south korea alliance is pretty clear and they work very closely together the u.s. and south korea will be starting routine joint military exercises on the twenty first and in the past looking at times of heightened tension on the korean peninsula often the u.s. south korea have both played the role of the break against one another before moving towards conflict so you believe even if america does want conflict it will be south korea that has the final say. well i think the u.s.
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has to balance its need to reassure its allies including japan also that it is committed to holding the security alliance while also threatening p.r. nyang to make it very clear that if north korea were to attack the united states for example by targeting one that would be considered an act of war. just over the last day or so north korea has hinted that you know it's looking perhaps for karm it's toned down its rhetoric interests here where the north korean leader actually said listen just listen to this alison the united states which was the first to bring numerous strategic nuclear equipments near to ours should first make the right decision and show through actions if they wish to ease tensions on the korean peninsula and prevent a dangerous military clash we're hearing me perhaps north and south korea maybe being on the same page here the sort of backing off from direct military conflict
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is that a surprise that you've seen this that we see north and south perhaps on the same page because it's quite rare that we do. in short andrew no i think this is a consistent with previous positions today kim jong un said that he would wait and see what the united states does i think that's in keeping with the messages last week giving a detailed plan which is unusual but also saying that it was a contingency plan and for example in june this year north korea again offered to stop missile tests if the united states were to suspend the joint military exercises with south korea south korea on its part has also consistently said that it does not want to conflict with north korea and i think particularly a new president a. position to deescalate in times of tension like this is positive. to think that also this is perhaps being a reaction to the sanctions that are being put in place and perhaps the role that
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china is playing now trying to pressure the north into coming then i think that sanctions last week show that again china is cooperating with the international community and yesterday it's ministry of commerce announced that the customs would start preventing further imports of coal and i and other goods that have prevented in these sanctions however i do think the very issues around capacity at the border and also it remains to be seen whether china will use the exemption for livelihood or humanitarian reasons to continue some imports from north korea or allison it will leave it there thanks very much for coming on to say this afternoon i was i was nervous pacific analyst thank you. with elections looming for europe's economic powerhouse germany campaign interesting to be that cluster at the moment despite the potential significance of
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september's vote that is in contrast to how impassioned the french campaign was just over a month before. some of them are thinking that now. if you look at you know it was you.
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well let me say that now takes a look at the gym election cypher. bangle america is not only one of the world's most powerful leaders she may well be one of the world's most laid back politicians so much so that she decided to take three weeks off and then telling else right before the german voters determine whether or not she can run for a fourth term next month the fact that she chose to wear the very same outfit for the last five trips she took to the same location just goes to show how well she understands her people that they prefer the status quo and change isn't necessarily good don't take my word for it just take a look at the polls support for merkel drop ten points while she's breathing in that italian a mountain air but she's still way ahead of her main rival as speedy leader marches scholtz couldn't get any hiking sessions in his schedule because he's busy campaigning like any other politician would a march in shots even try to provoke
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a reaction from the chancellor by claiming that germany is not prepared for the future influx of refugees but not only that merkel ignore all of his propagations just pepper sprayed him a nickname of the chancellor shadowboxer courtesy of the local media the feeling of solidarity between states has been the most how do they get to this when did it start did it begin with a man whose decision to open borders and you agree with our partners in a moment when those partners were overloaded. on the horizon is quite easy to describe it's an s.p. the led government in september. i came to the streets of berlin to ask german voters not campaigning is a more subtle and effective form of electioneering when i ask you what you think about the election campaign so far it's expected right. there campaigning.
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yeah i'm not so into. his politics and. actually i can tell you right now because. i think like i'm working so moderate now i'm not. i don't know anything about it right now i'm not into the election right now so far the book the election campaign. in germany will be questioning if it's like it's still there enjoy the summer and cast the right vote come autumn says this poster of america's c.d.u. party which aptly symbolizes her laid back campaign style and they sue artsy. has been with us today don't forget to you can keep cross all these stories from our social media pages and also channel i'll be back with more news in just.
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make this manufactured consent to public wealth. when the right wing closest to protect themselves. with the famous. we can all middle of the room see. what politicians do. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president. for something. that you'd like to be close this is what look for treatment. some people. i'm interested always in the lives of. their city. or. feelings and salutations. now is the time for reflection or watchers by now i
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assume most of the syrian the united states of c. read or heard about the young man whose moral compass have been so consumed with hate that he would turn a vehicle into a weapon and the attack of those who would stand in opposition to his fractured and important believes our hearts go out to have their hair and her family along with the seventeen others who were injured by this act of unjustified violence and pure cowardice now while the corporate media scrambles to churn out their sensational headlines and the politicians scramble to turn this tragedy in the political capital to bash their opponents with let us not forget just how much of a key role these two players played in the radicalization of so many people and groups across this country politicians and the media how often have we seen the corporate news media feign discussed while parading out white supremacy in their race as leaders for click bait interviews and headlines how often have we seen
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politicians capitalize on xena phobic fears playing the political extremes for votes stoking the fires of hate by exclaiming how and godly and evil the other side is then throwing their whipped up base a carefully coded bill or two to keep them voting in order to hold their seats of power all these kind of actions by our political leaders and ratings hungry for this state give legitimacy to bills who peddle racism and fear of anyone who looks differently thinks differently or believes differently than they do. in the republican party deep down you know you've played this most dangerous game for a very long time now but all you democrats now revelling in your sanctimony of see we knew this was going to happen sorry but folks you're just as guilty as the republicans because for a party that supposedly wraps themselves in tolerance and liberal ideals i've seen a whole lot of mockery intolerance and outright hate coming from you towards those who believe.


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