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i i i. i. i i. we're sitting together it's been a long time together like this. people of southern syria experience a moment of self to russia. in the region we've got exclusive video of him. coming up to the german chancellor underestimating the dangers. of. the g. twenty summit a. victory over islamic state in most cities in ruins has its people price for liberation.
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this is. monday morning here. locals in parts of southern syria are enjoying relative peace for the first time in six years that was made possible by a russia u.s. brokered cease fire deal in the region is exclusive video from the ground. we wish for the truce to hold and that peace will finally come to the whole of syria. we are here sitting together it's been a long time since we were together like this in peace. we were respond quickly to any violation at any time we are ready to protect the civilians. so when you door maybe artie's nicaea and across this this was first made public at
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the g twenty we've heard the first details about this across the weekend what are the details of it just remind us we absolutely right last week we saw it at the g. twenty we saw the first face to face meeting between the russian president and the u.s. here in the u.s. president and off the which the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov announcing the two sides had agreed to implement a cease fire in the south western provinces of syria now that came into effect yesterday sunday the night of july at noon damascus time let's take a listen. russia the u.s. and jordan have reached a ceasefire agreement for syria the cease fire will come into effect in three areas there are. and swager it will come into force on the ninth of july at twelve am damascus time the u.s. and russia have committed to monitoring the sushma and ensuring humanitarian access to the areas initially security in these areas will be ensured by russian military police in close cooperation with the u.s.
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and jordan. now these three southern provinces that a lot of i've just mentioned they share a border with jordan which is also part of the agreement and they also share a border with israel and inside of this is the golan heights now this is a disputed area between syria and israel it's syrian territory but it's been occupied by israel since the sixty's according to the u.n. and of course in the past few weeks we've seen an exchange of fire a certain exchange of fire between the two sides in this in this disputed areas so this deescalation zone could also help prevent more such incidents in the future when we cross over it goes what's reaction been so far been to the well it's all been very positive catherine and we've heard from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson who said that this is a great sign it shows that the u.s. and russia can work together and in agreement in syria also positive comments from the russian president vladimir putin let's take a listen. regarding whether the u.s. position on syria has changed i think it's become more pragmatic in general it
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doesn't seem to change but there's now an understanding that we can achieve a lot of the united effort. now while this new programmatic approach from the u.s. is russia's president has said is seen as an important step forward it's in the to the ties between the two sides it's also being lauded as a positive step by a key leading figures including federico moscow really who is the european commission vice president and also the deputy envoy special envoy for syria. i learned on the agreed cease fire deal over an important area in the south of syria is a positive development the implementation of these arrangements towards a nationwide society should of hostilities and unhindered humanitarian access is key to facilitate the interest syrian talks under u.n. auspices in geneva. now while this is no doubt an important step forward in relations between the u.s. and russia which shows the two sides can work in agreement they can come together
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and make some positive developments in terms of fighting terrorism let's not forget that we've been here before there have been numerous cease fires brokered numerous deescalation zones set up since the syrian war broke out six years ago and they've all broken down with the two sides accusing each other of violating the terms of these agreements so it would be talk to mystic to say that this is a major breakthrough for the syrian conflict as a whole and actually when there are still a huge question still on. the major stumbling block being of course the future of the syrian president bashar al assad and his role in syria or nuclear. well let's try and get more of a handle world's going to go we've got a few experts regional of this latest ceasefire deal is going to. i think that the russian president put it best when he said this more pragmatic american approach which no longer sets conditions like the removal of the syrian president i think
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this factor does indeed make the chances for this latest cease fire to be more successful it increases the likelihood of success because we do indeed appear to have a new american recognition of reality a more pragmatic as i said american approach to i think we should be fairly optimistic because previous. failed because there were powerful spoilers in the aleppo case with. the al qaeda affiliate which was very strong and was able to disrupt the cease fires there in the south the military situation is different most of the fighting forces on the rebel side are smaller groups affiliated with the so-called free syrian army and affiliated groups of very small in numbers i think both sides the syrian government side
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with russia behind it and the rebel side in the southwest with america behind them want this to work. german chancellor angela merkel's under pressure following the unprecedented violence twenty protests and how the country's president says germany hasn't witnessed such brutality in the us and. we have not had violence of such magnitude at demonstrations in germany in recent years. there were apparently some who acted ruthlessly and destructively against police forces and also against the property of ordinary citizens. german police are out in force but over twenty thousand of them struggle still to contain the protesters with hundreds of officers left injured security forces in hamburg face criticism for failing to cope with the chaos of those rallies this video seen here shows violent protesters in black masks throwing chairs and firecrackers from shop windows so much damage there was probably no sign of any police officers to contain
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the march. images of burning cars and streets of wash with debra left locals really shocked the international media outlets echoed those thoughts to hear some of the headlines coming up chancellor merkel condemned the violence while many german politicians stressed that the left wing radical protests have been underestimated crucially the insensitive i don't get him to eat people it's a indecent talking to skits once it gets him a view to get toughness alltel each also does chefs that escape the shootings that ecstatic when the woman and stiffed. i needed for. the tarot to.
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buy it was to eat. as the dust settles and how following the g twenty volunteers have been helping to clean up the streets to restore shopfronts we hear from political commentator maximally he says violent leftist groups have been present there for years but nothing's been done about the way. they try to apologize what happened take an example of the wife's chairman of social democrats which is the junior partner was government state it left means we are very kind to all humans and we want to change
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the world peacefully so those extremists are not left wing they say you know it's some kind of extremism or they are some sort of criminal but it is not that they realize that they have a problem but leftwing political induce. the left wing commits much more physical violence than the right wing this is something we know overhears we see it for many years and nothing has changed yet. but business it was thought the g twenty want to spend some time considering what to do next about the crisis on the korean peninsula with the rhetoric ramping up to the north in the u.s. the year of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed many years and it's failed. and frankly that patience is over i give the highest honor to our respected great leader kim jong il who made our
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country a powerful nuclear giant having the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile . the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces we will use them if we must. our specs of leader kim jong said the u.s. would be unhappy to witness north korea strategic power on its independence day and call for frequently sending big and small packages of course when it comes to nuclear arms north korea in the u.s. a far from equally much to pyongyang still doesn't have any missiles capable of sending a warhead far enough for the father systems reached by a north korean missile this follows the nine hundred thirty kilometers that's no a near the capabilities of the u.s. so is such a huge difference in what the two countries are capable of we also gregory allege from the korea policy institute. released.
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i think it's a great deal more exaggerated. first of all the croissant fourteen with all that it reflects launched there's some question whether or not that's the one that i feel russian monitoring equipment had a very different result than what we're here in the united states for this sort of thing about the capability of them both also russian affairs of the thing it's actually an intermediate missile but even if you take the u.s. position that a third i.c.b.m. and the range is only capable of hitting alaska and that's with apparently most likely an empty warheads if you add the way you did for a weapon that would be free range further but this is only a single test or any kind of operation old nuclear weapons program we would require a year with testing and multiple multiple tests. united states has nearly seven thousand nuclear warheads north korea right now
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probably no more than ten it would be suicidal for north korea to launch a nuclear first strike and with north korea is quite explicit about the purpose of its program as the nuclear deterrent its intent is to ward off attack from the united states. there was a bit of a double standard here and that washington has never complained about india israel or pakistan ballistic missile testing in fact india conducted ballistic missile test or with your attitude pakistan but only north korea's singled out with un sanctions forbidding it from doing ballistic missile testing and i think the gist of washington's concern is that it has friendly relations with other nations where that's has quite hostile relations with north korea. the more washington threatens north korea or comes out with harsh rhetoric the more it
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actually convinces north korea of the need for a nuclear weapons program the united states regularly conducts joint military exercises with south korea i think the last one more than three hundred thousand troops and ships and airplanes and they're practicing the bombing and invasion of north korea and they also have commando. exercises that practice what they call decapitation strikes which in other words is the assassination of north korean officials you can imagine if the reverse which you just imagine so you're from russia were conducting joint exercises with cuba practicing the bombing of the united states and invasion the united states and practicing commando operations to assassinate u.s. officials the reaction i think would be utterly hysterical but when the united states does the same thing against north korea it's seen as just normal everyday business no reason for north korea to be concerned. the united states' latest joint military drills with south korea included missiles being fired into the sea of
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japan to be a strategic bomb was also carried out live five tests on the training range on the korean peninsula fighter jets from south korea and japan also joined day in which according to the u.s. was to demonstrate the commitment to defending allies the u.s. is also conducted intercept tests to which a mock warhead parity was successfully destroyed but that test cost american taxpayers almost two hundred fifty million dollars and others plotted to months time we asked political commentator well whether there might be other reasons the u.s. is stepping up its efforts against north korea right now well there's a lot of money at stake billions and billions and billions of dollars a new military contracts the u.s. of course also wants to continue to justify its occupation of south korea its occupation of japan so occupation of. the presence of a seventh fleet. right up against china's shores that's that's what's going on so of course north korea is like any communist country very poor there are very poor
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country and they poured i'm sure they would you know the show their support vast resources that should have gone into people's lives and bellies and homes and so forth into this horrible military business because they're terrified of being attacked. talking to the rope well they can see more than a show what with the current crisis is showing no signs of abating we talked to a former u.s. governor about the ups and downs of donald trump and his six months in the white says is what's coming up later this. i think it be a big mistake to do a military strike with north korea because we've got treaty relationships we've got thirty thousand american troops in south korea fifty thousand in japan and they'd be vulnerable twenty five million south koreans in seoul just the brushfire now we've got to deal with the north koreans having an i.c.b.m.
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that hits united states we shouldn't let that happen but i think the answer is diplomacy the answer is a six party countries that it cleared russia you know in my view i think it's very important to have military advisors at the highest level of a cabinet but you know i'm a little concerned when the secretary of defense is a military person that actual security advisors a military person secretary of homeland security is a military person you know i think military persons for very good but you know there has to be a balance and i think the president is abdicating some of his diplomatic leadership . a little bit too much in my view. yeah let's get that right so if you have an odds of talking to bill richardson if
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you want to see more of it is coming up in about five minutes time for to see it for the full remove what i got going to say. iraqi city of mosul has declared free from eisel but it's coming to costs we'll talk more about that this monday morning what after this break. the lead.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington or washington controls the media the media control over the voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. iraqi prime ministers travel to the city of mosul to declare victory over islamic state now that the terror groups form a strongholds been recaptured the p.m.'s convoy travel through mosul where only a small pocket of militants now remain up as it stands at the moment they're expected to be defeated very soon residents have been out on the streets to celebrate the victory. i.
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just saw. the. most operations success has also been widely celebrated across lots the media as well but it is not often on the show that we can break good news about iraq but today is one of those days the country's prime minister arrived in mosul today to declare a great victory as he joined his troops to celebrate in the city they've lost many comrades along the way but today the iraqi security forces were firing their weapons in celebration claiming victory over their right. the iraqi military along with u.s. support launched the campaign to liberate mosul for myself last october since then human rights groups have raised serious concerns about the civilian casualties being caused by the coalition forces they're doing it.
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human rights watch told us more about the price paid both civilians for mosul's liberation. operation to retake mosul particularly believe that a west of the city that's been raging to february has come at an incredibly high cost we've seen much of the west of the city completely destroyed by ground fire and by airstrikes and we've seen a mass spike in civilian casualties thousands of civilians being wounded and being killed in the fighting so sold in the city has really paid
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a price for this operation. we were calling particularly on the u.s. led coalition to take more care in the way that it is conducting its bombing campaign and securely the types and sizes of bombs that it's choosing to drop because of these large balls that are being dropped more and more frequently we've seen a massive increase in civilian casualties on the ground. unfortunately the general feeling among the coalition and the iraqi government is that because the men so i'm going to finish the operation has been on their side they've wanted to use all means to get it done as quickly as possible and as a result we haven't seen them willing to for example take certain types of weapons completely off the table so as to better protect civilians concerns are that with these civilian casualties we don't see accountability we don't see american
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commanders taking responsibility and we don't see compensation for the victims. or the news this morning former u.s. national intelligence director james clapper says mosco could have been undermining reports on alleged russian medlock during the twenty sixteen presidential election on his own we've got more on the. heads up to everybody covering the alleged ties between trump and russia keep an eye out for extremely convincing force intelligence reports coming your way at first glance it was just unbelievably red hot. if by any chance this document is real it is so sensitive so classified that i cannot show it to you that it's actually with just a cli difficult to validate something like this first things first kudos to rachel maddow for spotting red flags in that apparently fake documents and questioning the source the spike the potentially explosive headline let's just say it took quite a while for many in the mainstream media to do this but two former officials
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knowledgeable about the situation tell c.n.n. the sources for those who we could better tell you p.c. news sources are telling us on the condition of anonymity sources oh because they're hiding behind this and they can now do you see us doing things you don't know me that you're just going to attack sources to be exact over six months of nonstop coverage alleging trump russia collusion based on unnamed sources anonymous officials are leaked but unverified documents many of which turn out to be inaccurate or simply false. that report by the new york times was not true that firstly. in the main it was not true.
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i had a couple of conversations with senior staff at c.n.n. and i made it very clear to them that the story was not accurate. and the three c.n.n. writers behind us scandalous but later we tracked a report about. well they resigned i. hard to meto someone out there is on a mission to discredit journalists who cover the election russia collusion one way to stab in the heart aggressive american reporting on that subject is to lay traps for american journalists who are reporting that it tricked news organizations into reporting what appears to be evidence of what happened and then after the fact blow that reporting up and who would be so evil as to leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs just to trick news organizations i don't know the source of this document all i know about it is what i've read in the media but that's certainly you know within the realm of possibility that it came from the russians there we have it it's been russia all along has been fueling these news reports
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about themselves case solved i can't wrap my brain around exactly how this this exactly would feed into a pro russian pro putin narrative to submit forged documents let's just say that they got forged documents to say that's true look ascertain that ascertain the source of them and then you have a story that's what the issue should do rather than engaging in cheesy speculation which is unworthy of first grade journalism nobody knows where it came from nobody even knows if it's true it's it's just absurd it's like look do your homework research this stuff and get back to us if it's true then and then put up the evidence and let's talk about it and discuss it like reasonable people until then please just be quiet let's get away from. real life stories and if you need a bit of inspiration to kick start it working week we invite you to meet next august to see if she's overcome considerable odds with more than
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a little love and support the biggest fan a grandmother. which they did to him the budgets of both balance. the needs in the fields and. let's name escapes me.
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which goes for its known books a local it's about chances and most of the things. you know she has the job so franco next hearing from an american politician and diplomat as we heard earlier about how the world reacting to donald trump's policy moves over here but often. when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when they're moving closer to protect themselves. in the final
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merry go round. we can all middle of the room see. real news is really. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to try to be for us that's what the forty three of them all can't be good. i'm interested in the waters and how. they should.


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