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tv   Headline News  RT  July 7, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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coming up on r t president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin at their first in person meeting agree to a regional think fire in syria at the g. twenty summit. and protests from the g. twenty raged on injuring as many as one hundred sixty officers as police used water cannons to disperse rowdy protesters for a second day in a row. and after months of reporting on alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election using unnamed sources they don't seem to be changing its attitude towards anonymity.
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it's friday july seventh four pm in washington d.c. i'm a military man here watching r t america. russia and the u.s. have agreed to establish a ceasefire in three areas now of syria the announcement was made by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov following a two hour long meeting between vladimir putin and donald trump on the sidelines of the g. twenty. well russia the us and have reached a ceasefire agreement for syria the ceasefire will come into effect in three areas there are. unswayed or it will come into force when there's not. so much time the u.s. and russia have committed to monitoring the cease fire and ensuring humanitarian access to the areas initially security of these areas will be ensured by russian military police in close cooperation with the u.s. and georgia. our own ilia petrenko has the latest now from the g.
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twenty in hamburg. well the russian president in its next meeting add to the g twenty summit is with the japanese prime minister shinzo abi and just before these talks began the russian president shed some light on what he discussed with his american counterpart donald trump and let me just point that out for you once again that something you already mentioned a lot of our approach listed syria ukraine and the fight against terrorism and cyber crime so about thirty minutes ago we followed alex that the first face to face meeting between mr trump and by mr gubb who is over and the white house had previously said that the plan as thirty minutes of talks to kremlin had given it one hour but it turned out to be way longer than any other than the duration that was planned it turned out to be almost as long as two hours twenty
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minutes now instead of the leaders could have have a short conversation you know stick to something the formal test the waters but it looks like the two leaders decided really to commit themselves to bridging the many devices that exist between washington and moscow whether this lead to any compromises whether they have come to any breakthrough status something that we will still have to find out i can't tell you the exact number but trust me about was quite a crowd there were fighting for any extra space there now besides this there were of course the two presidents the two top diplomats. on the russian side the foreign minister and right still are seeing u.s. secretary of state on the american side and just about to interpret as now both leaders did raise the meeting and they said that they're the shiny really happy to finally see each other face to face as. and talking to donald trump even went on to
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say that this is something that will definitely happen again and again that is something very important we also saw two hand shakes both of them were initiated by donald trump before the first one mr trump said that it was an all over him to meet lot of police to which a lot of police responded in english thank you sir now just as the journalists were being asked to leave the room for the meeting to proceed behind closed doors some of them started with the screaming out questions and we could make out the words in english elections meddling in the usual things that you have to say if you're in the. only thing the last thing. that i hope you had a chance to notice the expression on. face when that happened he had quite a laugh now he's actually gotten used to questions like that being thrown at him
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every time he meets u.s. officials speaking of the russian foreign minister we are expecting a press conference from him and hopefully he will shed more light on perhaps more details of these crucial to the first ever talks between donald trump and vladimir putin now throughout the g. twenty r.t. has brought you some of the most insightful and up to date analysis here are a few of our experts and commentators discussing the significance of the g. twenty and today's very important meeting between presidents trump and putin but you do get more angry groups from the far right around a case groups or you remember the bottom line how in germany back in the one nine hundred sixty s. who were doing vonage you've got to concentrate on those that are coming out there is buildings or even in some cases to you're seeing two leaders and we must
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remember two leaders. you have the fate of the world in their hands they both have the largest nuclear military austerlitz on the planet they both have the ability to destroy the earth obviously the context in which they speak to each other very different than the context that say any western european leader might have who still believes in the great idealism of a neo liberal globalized world trump is under pressure from the security force forces and from his own party republicans that take a rather harder line on putin than he was saying he's campaigning to be president the americans have very few cards to play here because they all they can do is to increase sanctions and sanctions will not deflect russia away from its policies president putin one could say he's in a stronger position because he's in place if you like russia is the dominant european power in syria in syria and iraq and the middle east you know these guys
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are serious they went in trying to make progress they didn't going to waste time and i bet they didn't even pay any attention to how long the meeting last but the fact that it went a little bit beyond two hours i think shows that they're anxious to work with one another on the pretext of this meeting was that there was a good knowledge meant on both sides that relations are not good but there was a goal on both sides to try to make things better despite all the political noise that might surround it. at the g. twenty meeting this afternoon president trump that with russian president vladimir putin that meeting originally slated for about half an hour turned into a two plus hour long discussion according to the secretary of state rex tillerson the pair talked about syria north korea and nato and that truck brought up election interference twice so joining me now to discuss this a story meeting former cia analyst and writer of this recent article called what trump can expect from putting i'm now. joined by ray mcgovern thought good to see
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you and have you here with me today and so we right away they they release that that the two men have agreed to a cease fire in syria out of this g. twenty meeting how do you think that this whole agreement they arrived at it well it was prepared beforehand and that's the good news not many people knew about that and it's also very good news that this was agreed upon the proof will be in the putting we had a cease fire agreed upon last september and that was sort of scuttled by our own air force on the seventeenth of september leading mr putin to say you know it's really weird we do this these agreements between mr obama and me at the highest level and then when john kerry the secretary of state gets back to washington well it appears that not everybody not everybody obeys the commander in chief who treats
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words so this will be a matter of trust and it's going to be pretty soon when we find out whether putin and trust that trump has enough power not to be subverted not to be do you think this sort of has to his his test to president trump his first test you know it is because you know they've come to this agreement now will the air force a bomb syrian army positions that's what that the less time if they don't then i think there's a measure of trust that begins to grows with respect to putin of course trust is what the what the name of the game is the rest of the things that trump looks that putin looks at and not very reassuring because it does look very much as though trump is not in control he can't even control his own ambassadors to the united nations who is trying to act like a johnny olson role defection on a little road we're talking about nikki haley there and now i want to. over to your
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essay because you said that putin would ask trump about why the u.s. is essentially just in circling russia with antiballistic missile systems and we don't know for a fact if that was discussed but tell us in in your opinion why the u.s. is taking such measures. well i think that the russians opinion is the most important one the only conclusion that they can draw is that we are trying to encircle it both in europe and for the far east and so that will be a real bone of contention until this address now the good news is that even before they met putin said you know these kinds of personal meetings are near the mud is that were used very strong not only necessary but well literally means you can't get around doing it it's absolutely essential ok so if now that these
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meetings have begun it's completely possible that they will commission their subordinates to work out these other arrangements and syria has already been worked out and we'll see how the ukraine which they also discussed how korea discussed it and check things checking the boxes as they go well the big thing is that they're there speaking you know got to show off you know talks with reagan he complained yesterday in an article he wrote he said you know they wouldn't let reagan meet with me for a long time but finally he didn't listen to them and he came and we had constructive proposals and so did they and we had on controlled agreement so this is a good sign it just comes relate he says a got a bunch of and he's right it's. that they meet together and discuss these issues i'm very glad that you brought up the former president mikhail gorbachev because i want to talk about nato since they had just added the twenty ninth member
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montenegro there by expanding nato eastward right up against the russian border conducting military nato military exercises along the border this breaks that gentlemen's agreement from the early ninety's between then soviet union russia and and secretary of state james baker during the. german unification talks there was no official treaty as you know but for you know there are thousands of meeting minutes and memos transcripts that suggested that it corroborates that that there was this gentleman's agreement so doesn't this give item or put enough valid complaint or concern to address with with president trump you know the complaint is on the record for a long time home would call who just two weeks ago in his his own records as chancellor of germany had that noted so you know that's a real bone of contention and it is indeed why putin self
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admitted li was really interested in getting crimea back into the fold he said nato you know that was bad enough. but crimea where our naval bases are only a woman would report that was even more important in my green to accept crimea back to russia i mean is this sort of like a tit for tat then if the u.s. is doing these the encircling with the antiballistic missile systems then then crimea happens and then want to make gross happen i feel like we're kind of playing ping pong here. well months or do you grow as sort of like the twenty ninth right now if you want to be twelve when the berlin wall fell that twelve now they're twenty and they're all to the east of germany ok so that was a broken promise putin himself said just a couple days ago we got to write these things that i don't know really he said there's a major mistake they've got to show me right trusting the united states that's big
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because it's not going to buy better anything that's not put pen to paper put put the pen to paper and how does the current u.s. nato strategy of encirclement just undermine not only their relations but prospects for global security well it's very worrisome if i were poutine and i were seeing these well he said explicitly these a.b.m. sites that are going around poland remaining in the black sea in the baltic sea they're capable of firing offensive missiles as well and as the years go by the gains capability even more he said that expression he said we know when they will reach the range of our i.c.b.m. emplacements and the the the pentagon knows that we know ok that's a very volatile situation that means launch on warning that means instead of twenty five minutes to decide whether you're being attacked by nuclear weapons you got a like five minutes that's big and if they could step back from that as got
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a trophy yesterday suggested that will be a real contribution to a more safe world they made over and we will leave it right there thank you so much for your expertise. protests continue across the city of hamburg today dozens of police officers have been injured since the protests started and dozens of protesters have been arrested or detained right now you are looking at live pictures out of hamburg germany our correspondent peter oliver is there live in hamburg and has the latest from the ground peter. we have lost peter we will bring him back to you as soon as we get his signal back on. in iraq the united nations warns as many as twenty thousand rather twenty thousand civilians are trapped in mosul as a self-proclaimed isis a state fighters battle to maintain control over their stronghold in their city
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although it's unclear how many civilians remain in areas directly under militant control the u.n. estimates anywhere from two thousand to thirty five hundred people flee the city daily isis militants first captured the city back in two thousand and fourteen since this time iraqi forces backed by the u.s. led coalition have retaken most of the territory according to the united nations the nine month long fight to retake mosul has displaced more than eight hundred ninety seven thousand people told. after months of reporting on alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election using unnamed sources c.n.n. seems to be changing the attitude towards anonymity one of the channel's own political analyst now says people do not have the right to stay anonymous it was in response to the backlash the network based for threatening to reveal the man behind the viral mean that i'm sure we've all seen it featuring president trump wrestling
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the c.n.n. logo artie's caleb martin has the story c.n.n. now thinks the reason people do not have the right to be anonymous this is how kirsten powers their political analyst explained it in a tweet. people do not have a right to stay anonymous so they can spew their racist massage honest homophobic garbage now that's an interesting argument coming from a network that's been running stories about trump based on unnamed sources for months they started anonymous sources according to this source who spoke on the condition of anonymity anonymous sources are the basis of most truthful reporting oftentimes you do have to gather information using anonymous sources say can i use your name and they say no can i use you as an anonymous source a source familiar with the matter they say yes and then report the information on the air we heard c.n.n. use this phrase so much it's actually spawned a number of online memes sure c.n.n. protects their online sources but the way they see it if you post something online
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they consider to be offensive they have the right to reveal your personal information in the public something that could actually put a person in harm's way oh and they get to decide what's considered to be offensive as well apologize for some of those other posts that were racist anti-semitic and it's not publishing to users name because of his apology think bribery in reverse they get sent to me say listen if you are if you're a track that read it they here's a couple of bucks for you that would be bribery kind of sort of but if i were is if you listen if you don't retract that right at the i'm going to expose you i'm going to doxy you i mean let everybody know where you live how to let people know where you live what you've said things you've said perhaps i might be politically correct things that might cause you problems with your job it's almost a blackmail coercion but it's unprecedented c.n.n. may be a powerful news agency but just to proclaim to them the policeman of what's considered
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to be offensive in the end u.s. law has the final say cable mopp and r.t. new york. and continuing bad news for c.n.n. after a week of undercover videos being released and accusations of the media giant blackmailing a reddit user now c.n.n. is being linked to the al qaeda faction al nusra front in syria this is the subject that was explored by my next guest author and senior editor alter net's gray zone project max blumenthal max good to see you first can you tell us who bilawal abdul karim is was and why c.n.n. is linked to him isn't isn't voting very well. well i don't know if it's voting well or not c.n.n. it intends to completely overlook this story and kind of sounds like a wild eyed conspiracy c.n.n. link to al qaeda but the fact is that c.n.n. for its under cover in serious national hired contracted the services of
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a lot of dual karim was the only american living in al qaeda controlled territory that i know of he is someone who's been referred to by top al qaeda clerics like a billow hasan he is our media man al-arabiya the state saudi state media organ referred to dual karim as a member of judgement on this or the al qaeda affiliate in syria i don't know if that's true karim has denied it careens close colleague from his online organization on the ground news. who is a british citizen who entered syria territory has just had his citizenship stripped the british government has accused him of membership in al-qaeda and it's very clear that abdul karim is close to al qaeda because if you watch any of his videos and his interviews or the interviews he grants since his own media affiliates he is
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extremely sympathetic to its clerics to its ideology and he echoed his it's sectarianism so this was well known when c.n.n. sclerosis award entered east aleppo and it live all kind of controlled territory in twenty sixteen when she contract him why she can track to him well that's for her to explain can help the syrian government and russia they both say that abdul karim cohorts with terrorists american terrorism analysts criticize him for providing and uncritical english language platform for the jihadists this guy denies his affiliation but there's all this cloud of suspicion around him yet feared and still went ahead and employed him for this documentary should they have been aware of the drama surrounding this man. it's almost as if they didn't care and they were seeking access to further the regime change editorial line that dominates all c.n.n. coverage i mean if you tune into jake tapper's the lead every day he's promoting
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regime change against venezuela north korea syria and any other country can think of that isn't in line with the u.s. so what clarissa ward has consistently done since he's been. working for c.n.n. is infiltrate syria get into rebel held territory and produce these commercials for the rebels started in two thousand and eleven but now the rebels are dominated by these solid b. jihadi factions and abdul kareem is really one of the only american speaking sorry english speaking videographers who is welcome in these territories he's welcome there because he has a great relationship with al qaeda there's just no disputing that he has a very good relationship what do you think this says about the network it fell for that. it says that the network has absolutely no principles it's completely shameless and it hasn't been telling the american public the truth about who the rebels are and what would come into place c.n.n.
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and the state department and intelligence service figures who it consistently access is not good for still not prefer for achieve their goal. they would be people very much in line with below dual careen and it's an absolute scandal that c.n.n. has paid money into al qaeda is media apparatus this is an absolute scandal now imagine how liberal opponents of trunk would howl if c.n.n. paid money to a neo nazi propagandist from who supported david duke it would be over for whatever correspondent contracted that neo nazi but in this case they're totally silent and i have to ask why and obviously abdullah karim keeps insisting that he's an independent journalist can you first point out what has the background was when i mean he's a kid from from new york number one and if former comedian apparently so how does he go from that to the so-called independent journalist that's apparently the only
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american and in the inland area. well i would describe the dual karim as a kid he's a very savvy media professional who has managed to insinuate himself not only into syria but was active in libya promoting the nato and qatar backed rebels there before he somehow just mysteriously wound up in rebel controlled territory in syria and alter net we've previously exposed dual kareem for publishing articles supportive of and where are all of the al-qaeda affiliated cleric we have public we have exposed his relationship with clerics in his propagation of their sectarian narrative clerics who like al mahdi who have called for the genocide of shia inside syria he just recently appeared on the ramadan special of the dilemma hasan he probably the most influential cleric in al-qaeda controlled territory and it was
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there that will hasten he introduced abdul karim as our media man and praised him so this is this is just well known and anyone who covers syria or follows syria should have known this clarissa ward went in to do her regime change public relations battle knowing this was who bilawal karim was and she contract it in any way and she needs to offer a public explanation of why this is permissible not only that her bodyguard someone named abu yousef appears to have been one of the rebels as well which raises questions did c.n.n. also pay actual armed rebels max thank you so much for shedding some light on this certainly a fascinating look into who this guy is and certainly what's happening in american mainstream media thank you so much max well involved author and thinker editor at alter net to graze on project thank you for being on today thanks for having me. and that does it for now for more on the stories we just covered go to you tube dot
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com forward slash r.t. america and check out our website our team dot com forward slash america you can also follow me on twitter at will or chat right there i will see you back here at five remember the question. i've got to get. your. straight for. politico just ran an opinion article called good by nonpartisan journalism and good riddance the article talks about how much our media is changing right now under a new president stating the big news is that many of our best journalists seemed in news coverage not just opinion pieces to be moving away from balance and
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nonpartizanship as then our media has been so nonpartisan and fair and balanced but now it's just becoming a bunch of opinions the article also says that as reporters editors and producers at legacy journalism organizations have become so eager to dispute the trumpet ministration that they do crazy things like flat out say the president lied or like for another example called the president's remarks indefensible that's literally a judgment right to call something indefensible is pure opinion and that's exactly what c.n.n. recently called remarks made by the president so clearly c.n.n. is being completely partisan and this political article is they this is a new thing and it's becoming the norm the article also says it's a good thing the writer writes and abandonment of the pretense to objectivity is long overdue the article talks about how journal. as in the us was born partisan and remains so during much of our history it talks about how dirty journalism was
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at our founding but that all changed in the one nine hundred thirty s. when lowell thomas began broadcasting over radio and avoided offending both political groups by playing right down the middle the article says that's when the idea of nonpartisan news was born and it has remained as such until now thanks to the president the article also says that the nonpartisan take on the news has given our news organizations more clout over the years but now it's not serving them so well now nonpartisanship no longer serves journalists especially in the face of the rise of alternative news outlets who can be as nutty and biased as they want and that's working form so american journalism is becoming more and more partisan going back to its roots now i totally agree that our news is as partisan as it gets and i totally agree that's ok in fact that's all they want from them just admit
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your part is that and i give them so much more credit. but the assertion that partisanship in our media is the new the big that i disagree with the notion of partisan media might be new to some people right now but our media practicing it is as old as the country. it's called the feel we go free if.


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