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tv   Headline News  RT  June 25, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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on technology of. the future. the she. couldn't teach three. children three arrangement three. three stooges. videos for your media projects free media. dot com. this is the no zero. point. one. and word snowden goes underground and off the radar after sending moscow's international press corps to the sunny caribbean shores of a van a. moscow declares that snowden has not crossed the russian border and demands that washington backed off with threats and intimidation intended to secure his extradition. taliban fighters launch
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a heavy assault on afghanistan's presidential palace a week after the country's security forces took full control and the u.s. announced plans for peace talks with the terror group. in moscow i matter as a good to have you with us here on r.t. our top story this hour the world's leading intelligence agencies have found themselves chasing their tails after edward snowden again slipped through the global surveillance web that he exposed more than that it's been confirmed that he quote never crossed the border into russia let's get more on this from artie's paul scott who's standing by as usual at moscow's sheremetyevo airport so tell us. it's been a couple of days for you there hasn't it tell us. what's the latest about the snowden
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affair this time comments from russia's foreign minister also. yes russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has been speaking at a press conference with his counterpart from algeria and inevitably the question of edward snowden and his whereabouts came up in fact it was posed by an correspondents and. has had no official contacts with the russian authorities with the russian government and that they are not helping to facilitate his safe passage towards political asylum lavrov went on as far to say as you mentioned that snowden has not in fact stepped in to russian territory and he also had some strong words about america's response to the ongoing situation. for the u.s. says edward snowden is in russia can you confirm this and give more detailed information considering his whereabouts and tell us how moscow will react to the u.s. demands to extradite him. when you need
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a cool close it's two and i'd like to say to you russian federation has you know things reduced mr snowden all his travels around the world he has crossed the russian border we believe any u.s. threats and accusations with iran except. for. well these comments leave us with two conclusions really and one of those is that edward snowden did not in fact arrive here at moscow sheremetyevo airport on sunday from hong kong as was widely reported on the second more likely option is that he did land here at the f.o.b. has remained in transit and hasn't officially crossed into russian territory now that poses the question whether he remains in transit in the terminal building behind me or in fact has taken another flight out of the country now with regards to the. words from america or about america and any possible extradition agreement or extradition deal between the two countries any talk is clearly at the moment because until edward snowden is officially in russian territory any talk of an
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extradition deal is clearly academic all right our team all scott live for us at sherman airport thanks very much for that update. a washington has lashed out at countries that whistleblower edward snowden is used as stepping stones on his quest to freedom its war in china the consequences of allowing the thirty year old to flee to russia while hinting that both moscow and beijing are far from bastions of free speech themselves or he's guy has more. the white house says hong kong officials had received washington's with quest to arrest noting and still made quote a deliberate choice to let him go so washington clearly takes it as a snub from china here's the president's press secretary we are just not buying that this was a technical decision by a hong kong immigration official this was a deliberate choice by the government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant and that decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the u.s. china relationship we were never there in response to the u.s.
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request to arrest noted in the government of hong kong issued a statement saying that the documents the u.s. provided did not fully comply with the legal requirements on the hong kong law but also in that same statement the government of hong kong said they wanted more information from the u.s. government about the hacking of computer systems in hong kong by u.s. government agencies and that was one of edward snowden's revelations snowden gave china a great political counterargument to u.s. constant accusations against china now the u.s. can't accuse china of cyber attacks without being accused of hypocrisy so there is an interesting dynamic behind all this the u.s. one and china where the semi-autonomous government of hong kong to give them the man who had leaked u.s. secrets but one of those secrets is about activities of the u.s. government against china so it's possible that china's dilemma was to either think edward snowden or to arrest hong kong says they've done everything in accordance with their own laws now as far as russia edward snowden has been in transit in russia and russian authorities say they have no legal authority to arrest him but
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u.s. politicians and pundits on television use what seems like a cold war rhetoric to present washington as the enemies that snowden is helping and the imagination of some german is running. as wild as they joke about how edward snowden is being briefed by the russian president in one form of social also on one of the news channels that russia and china are going to use this to embarrass the u.s. one should argue it's known as revelation. that embarrass the u.s. not russia or china but that's exactly what's happening now u.s. policymakers are doing everything possible to divert attention away from snowden's revelations and certainly one of the one way of doing this is to present it as a cold war style cat and mouse chase that way you have us media now almost cheering for edward snowden's capture although just a little while ago some of the same journalists were grateful for great for a greater public awareness of the fact that the u.s. government is spying on millions of people who have done nothing wrong but of
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course has no illusions as to what lengths the u.s. government will go to catch him edward snowden also said it's not government persecution that he fears most he said the greatest fear that i have about the outcome of these disclosures is that nothing will change from how it's developing it doesn't look like things will change for americans anytime soon but for the wall be occasions of his revelations could be significant for example the fact that the u.s. now can't accuse china of cyber attacks without being accused of hypocrisy. we also spoke with daniel ellsberg another prominent u.s. whistleblower who exposed the pentagon papers back in one thousand nine hundred one detailing washington's controversial decision making during the vietnam war he believes very few people measure up to snowden sacrifice. i think he would be in much the same cell as bradley manning if not in the same cell or comical any could be under the national defense authorization act he could be in military detention but even if not he would be in
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a jail cell somewhere as incommunicado as bradley manning is for the last three years so i think he was very wise to make his disposers outside of this country and i think that we should be listening to what he has to say because what so far heard him say is very eloquently put and shows much better judgment than those of his colleagues who went along it's clearly unconstitutional but they were all purchased and i would say the charge carries calling him a traitor it's just. he's no more a traitor than i am and i am not all that words used to me by a president and a vice president both of whom by the way to lost their office for criminality nixon and i knew i think he is in the tradition of me can hail the first american to be convicted of trying to fight for giving secrets to americans he said i regret that i have but one life to give for my country because he's country was
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america and he was hanged by the british he was a spy for george washington i think that edward snowden has shown a willingness to give his life for this country and there's no american idol or deserves to be honored at this moment. are he said or appears going to was also on a how about to have an about a flight that i would snowden was due to take he told us of the confusion aboard when the press realized that the whistleblower had given them the slip. i just got off the plane we just landed in hawaii on a coming from moscow to thirteen hour long flight and what can i see back and shooting me to up to the very last point everyone was still expecting edward snowden to show up to board that plane even when we were sitting there the whole plane was packed even when the a walk to the doors that it was taxiing that we had to take off still everyone was waiting for him at least to find him on the plane and when we were allowed to get
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up from our seats went to these seats. where they were supposed to be sitting and saw that they were empty some journalists were actually looking for them inside the airplane checking bathrooms checking places where mr snowden could have been hiding since the very beginning it seemed almost one hundred percent that he was going to take this flight the increased security in the airport crowds of journalists were additional factors boosting these expectations china's state newspaper hailed snowden for quote tearing off washington the sanctimonious mask of praise was accompanied by a rebuttal of u.s. allegations that beijing had helped the whistleblower leave hong kong let's get more on the matter with hong kong city university professor joseph chang thank you for joining us so do you believe the official chinese version of events here. i guess so the t.v. executive of the hong kong government puppet be. dead he bowed to the
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tiny so far and of course as the head of the local government he has to he had to follow. well government at parents feed the chinese authorities would like this to snowden to leave hong kong peacefully and the chinese theat is do not want to be. american to extradite mr snow mr snowden. both in hong kong. china. want to engage in does unpopular. incident or has much media. give them and. unfortunately we're having some technical difficulties with professor chang there was have to get back with him later in our broadcast but for a snowden's vanishing act and the very fact that he managed to send
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a jet full of journalists off to cuba without him how's got some people shaking their heads others though flushing out a full blown conspiracy theories will have more on those conspiracy theories a little later but stay with us because they are very entertaining but ecuador has reportedly given snowden the refugee papers while it considers his asylum request but the foreign minister from that country is refusing to reveal where the whistleblower is snowden's tried to ecuador was organized by wiki leaks according to that company's chief julian assad artie's pauli boyko has more on that. julian the sons were saying that they are in contact with edward snowden and the wiki leaks legal representative traveling with him they said that they are both healthy and in good spirits and in this secret location that they can't disclose now they've spoken a lot about the very bullying and what they called the threatening behavior of the
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u.s. administration in relation to a number of nations through which edward snowden has been reported to be traveling the fact that they've been demanding for his extradition now wiki leaks have said that edward snowden is not a trace as the u.s. secretary of state was calling him and yet he's a hero as we know that wiki leaks have been assisting edward snowden both with his asylum request to ecuador as well as with legal representation so we're going to be following this story as it develops for you from london all right we're going to go back to our guest right now professor joseph chang from hong kong city university and we're going to try to get some reaction from him one more time here so nations how been spying on each other through road basically civilization you could maybe say it's the second oldest profession do you think then that there is any surprise here on china's part that this was going on that there was the
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existence of this prism program. i don't think there's a surprise to a chinese authorities basically china and all major powers in the world understand that capabilities in the internet and in the outer space are full schol capabilities in future warfare and it is very likely that major powers not only test their own capabilities but they would also like to test the capabilities of their compared to. so time is probably. a bit relieved at this stage that the western governments and western public opinion no longer and joy the moral high ground to criticize china. now there has been some opinion that the goodwill between china and the us and many other nations in the us may have been degraded
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a little bit and that they won't go out of their way necessarily to help each other now but there is there are going to be made that point china needs the u.s. as much as it is vice versa what do you think. i agree with that. the recent summit between presidency jinping and president barack obama was a very important symbol demonstrating that both leaders would like to read deals mutual distrust between them and they certainly would not like to see a detail ration in the bilateral relationship and in the handling of this incident it was obvious that the chinese authorities did not want to public be further and barras embarrass the obama administration the chinese authorities chose to allow this to scold and to deve. and of course domestically become entries were very critical but those were not the official position of the chinese government
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this time his government also did not make any attempt to exploit the persons of mr snowden to extract information from him so i think the you know the chinese authorities would like to demonstrate that the good relations with the united states how do you think china will play this or do you think china will play this in fact to its advantage in the future based on the sympathy that it's gotten from the parent embarrassment to the u.s. over snowden or do you think they may just kind of let it die down in the move on. it probably will let it die down a nest and when the western governments and western public opinion pick up the same issue again china will then feel that it has a very strong case of criticising that couples stand on the part of the western
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governments and so on ideally of course it can be hoped that various governments in the world will come together eventually to a stop or is a set of norms governing so be surveillance of the internet but this is of course a very idealistic be. all right professor joseph chang from hong kong city university thanks very much for your insight. thank you. well the word stone's vanishing act and the very fact that he managed to send a jet full of journalists off to cuba without him has some people shaking their heads others though fleshing out full blown conspiracy theories as we've mentioned let's take a look at some of the ones with tongue planted firmly in cheek that have hit the press lately the new york times for one publishing an article allegedly alleging that it was all a prank by russian security services that the k.g.b. style operation was intended to cover snowden's tracks plus the comedy value of
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sending dozens of foreign journalists off to the caribbean on a flight that doesn't serve booze when there is some comedy there up next a blog entry on the washington post stipulating that snowden is in fact just a distraction and that him being on the plane was never part of a plot to begin with the piece says that students heroic aspirations adventurous attempts to escape designed to be so captivating as to shift attention from the fact that we're all being spied on the editor then stepped in to warn the readers that there are tickle wasn't meant to be taken literally and best selling us author and activist naomi wolf laying out why she things snowden may actually be a u.s. government double agent that is leaks an escape plan have been far too neat far too tidy in saying is disappearing acts far too spectacular speaking of the fact that he's acting on mentors orders with u.s. intelligence orchestrating his every move so some people having some fun with a lot of the james bond esque drama that we've been seeing here. well meanwhile ecuador has reportedly been. the safe harbor
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for edward snowden and we're asking people on our web site r.t. dot com whether he'll actually make it's to ecuador and what may get in his way or does he have other better options so far thirty percent the majority saying maybe better if snowden stays in russia if he is in fact here to begin with because his chances of of aiding capture would be better in russia twenty six percent saying only if he doesn't get a deal if he doesn't get near u.s. airspace will he make it to ecuador because there is a possibility that the plane could be intercepted on a route twenty four percent saying yes he will go to ecuador but that the u.s. may actually get him in their custody even while he's there and twenty percent saying they'll probably make it to ecuador but he should be hiding along the way in order to cover his tracks as much as possible which appears he's doing a fairly good job of doing what do you think though log on to r.t.
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dot com and cast your vote. sigrid lumber tour. was to build a canoe most sophisticated. doesn't sound anything. to teach the creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only.
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thanks for staying with us twenty one minutes past the hour the presidential palace in kabul afghanistan has come under attack from militants while reporters were waiting for a press conference with president karzai you know sought reportedly pitched heavily armed taliban fighters against presidential bodyguards and u.s. troops and left plumes of smoke visible across the capital skyline journalist courtney body has the latest for us from kabul. the scene lasted just over an hour and while no civilian casualties have been reported and the afghan forces did manage to get the attack under control relatively quickly the fact that it did
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happen at the presidential palace they used id cards and vehicle id cards that are what the nato and i saw forces use reportedly and the fact that they were even able to breach that gate what i saw from the outside of the gate and it's more of a blast wall around the green zone area as they were dry and holes in the concrete walls and in the entire gate was destroyed apparently one vehicle was able to get inside and then one was stopped at the gate and then that's when the attack began the damage actually remarkably was minimal obviously it could have been a lot worse there actually schools and offices just outside of the gate into the presidential palace area and where the cia is. and the fact that there were no civilian deaths or and injuries reported is remarkable it would seem as especially considering this attack happened right when the peace talks are being negotiated in
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doha with the taliban and the attack happened on the presidential palace it would not seem possible that the afghan side could continue forward with the peace talks when they're being attacked not even just on their own soil but right in there in their presidential palace. but the morning's assault in kabul was not the only violence that shook the country today another attack this time a roadside bomb killed a family of eleven in a southern promise of this comes not long after nato passed control over afghanistan to local forces but how the afghan but how have the afghans been coping with it so far well let's take a look more than a dozen nato and afghan troops have been killed in taliban attacks across afghanistan since the handover one of the deadliest recent incidents before the handover target of the supreme court in kabul most of the casualties civilians from january to june of this year a total of more than three thousand civilians were killed or wounded in the country according to the u.n.
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this almost twenty five percent higher than the same period last year so the question is whether americans and nato allies did enough to ensure safety in afghanistan before they decided to withdraw and washington is pushing for talks with his for with its more than a decade long enemy of the taliban but why is the taliban acknowledged by the u.s. at all considering its history of bloody attacks and terror connections. in the eyes of the u.s. television here is. well i'm not sure they're how they're defined at this particular moment. president karzai however opposes the talks saying they should be led by his government but doubts are being resolved to whether the very government is strong enough to remain in power and when it can no longer rely on nato stephen zoon as a professor of international studies at the university of san francisco thinks no matter how strong the local military is it won't win as the afghan people are opposed to its leadership. in congress is that even if they're going to
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moultrie even if they have the very best equipment. strength of the afghan government relative to the taliban and other forms of resistance doesn't have credibility with the afghan people and while the best regards and it's not subscribe to a child and extremist ideology then you're very frustrated would grow up should it not in arbitrariness of the government including ongoing acts of repression troll of the foreign presence to prop up this government and is this kind of environment that leads to the rise of the extreme so it's not just security question month. turning now to some other stories making global headlines this hour at least forty two people killed in a series of bomb blasts that or two marketplaces in baghdad no group is so far claiming responsibility the deadliest explosion was a double car bombing on a busy road in the west of the city that claimed eight lives more than two thousand people have been killed in the last three months alone due to sunni muslim anger at
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the ruling shia government. the lebanese army has seized a complex in the southern part of the city controlled by hardline sunni militants around sixteen soldiers killed in two days of clashes with the followers of a maverick cleric who also supports anti assad rebels in syria the fighting has been seen as a test of the government's ability to contain the anger and least by the civil war . in the neighborhood. after the break our special report on the consequences of the military conflict in chechnya stay with us here on our. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought
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you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. the interview. of feel good.
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