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tv   Headline News  RT  June 24, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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i mean their. flight to freedom any minute now n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden expected to board a plane for cuba and in eventual safe haven. his refuge may be granted by ecuador which says it's mulling over the thirty year old's request for asylum orchestrated by the whistleblower group and wiki leaks. into the ends of the earth just as washington on the sent the white house warning the western hemisphere against helping the runaway days after leveling the full weight of the espionage act against snowden.
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two pm in moscow i'm mad as a good to have you with us here on r t our top story this hour n.s.a. contractor turned whistleblower edward snowden is thought to be boarding a flight from moscow to cuba as we speak he arrived in the russian capital sunday having fled hong kong with washington in hot pursuit let's cross now to our team. who is on the flight i'm on which edward snowden is expected to depart so your i understand that you are on the plane now tell us what's going on. exactly i just got on the plane just mordred and i can tell you that this is definitely. not your ordinary boarding security has been very very much in place to you including police at some point. the police have actually kind of moved all the passengers a little bit from the entrance without explaining why. causing
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a little bit of criticism all of all of the passengers and they've also asked everyone and there's a lot of media here both from russia and from abroad we've asked everyone not to videotape or photographs anything which is going on unless they had a special permit to do so and not only the police but even the airport staff themselves they were asking people not to take pictures but so far mr snowden has not been seen i personally haven't seen him enter the point but definitely something out of the wooden is happening just judging by the security and well of course the amount of media is really astonishing clearly i think it's dozens of journalists who are also on this flight and this is minding fact that it's really the last point not exactly clear whether or not mr stoller snowden is
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actually going to take this plane although there were reports even given giving his number on this plane allegedly that he registered yesterday last night already. once again personally i haven't seen him myself just yet but. for the past. for the past twenty four hours or so we were more apparently mr snowden has been. at the shooting me to go forward and well. poor. earlier. we're in terminal and from moscow sheremetyevo airport the same exact terminal where edward snowden a rived at around five pm moscow time on sunday coming from hong kong and company
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my we delete some representative now at this moment this is pretty much all the precise information we have about them since we were never seen exiting the airport reportedly because we don't have russian visas so most probably they're still in the transit zone and that's where we're heading as well. and we've passed the customs checkpoint right now we are in this zone this is basically where the gates to the airplanes or and on sunday the ecuadorian ambassador to russia beat a visit to a launch here spent a few hours there he didn't comment on when he was meeting but it's very likely that it was mr snowden and when the ambassador left he was accompanied by a group of people but nobody could and identify whether the former cia agent was one of them there's also speculation that edward snowden spent a night in one of the capsule hotels also here in the zone. the rooms in this hotel are very small but perfect for someone who's trying to stay out
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of the public eye and still in general it's very possible that snowden stayed in a room just like this one or possibly even behind this wall getting ready to continue his journey. edward snowden arrived in the russian capital sunday having fled hong kong with washington in pursuit let's cross now to our teams paul scott who is standing by at sheremetyevo airport for more on the whistleblowers journey thus far paul. yes good afternoon giamatti edward snowden arrived here at moscow's sheremetyevo airport at around five pm on a sunday afternoon in moscow time he was greeted him met by the ecuadorian ambassador of course ecuador is the country where he is seeking political asylum after that journey of course from hong kong from hong kong has raised some questions most notably how he was able to leave the country when america has revoked his passport well that is a loophole in the law which suggests that
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a country can overlook a revoked passport if the if the request has come from a sole official and that was the case with edward snowden's passport which is why hong kong allowed edward snowden to exit the territory is also the reason why russia. it appears. to exit russia he's not traveling alone we are led to believe certainly on the flight as you mentioned a few moments ago that couple of seats were booked in his name and were led to believe that the journey from hong kong to moscow he also was not traveling alone the legal representative from the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks was traveling with him of course wiki leaks claim that they have really the whole thing on behalf of edward snowden they secured his they hope safe passage from hong kong to moscow and now moscow to havana before completing his journey we're expecting down to quito ecuador where he will be seeking political asylum and they claim that they
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brokered a deal with the ecuadorian government to give edward snowden asylum now of course we have to really look at what's happened over the last forty eight hours or so to put this story into context it was on friday that the charges against edward snowden first came to light. the complaint by the u.s. government was allegedly full teeth but they only really became public on friday and the charges under the espionage act which carry a heavy i'm a hefty prison sentence so it would snowden knows what he's up against that might explain why he's decided to make his move now and it was on saturday when the white house confirms they had started negotiations or. proceedings to extradite edward snowden with the hong kong with ortiz now the hong kong with ortiz dismissed america's request for extradition saying that it didn't fit within the legal framework and they also wanted reassurances that any extradition and any charges against edward snowden were not politically motivated and appears that those guarantees weren't met but the latest that we understand is from
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a post on the legal system the city is about to depart. much of his apple it's heading for the next stop of his journey where his final destination is expected to be ecuador all right he's also got live for us outside sherman to the airport thanks very much for that update. snowden's a journey since he set off to expose the extent of washington's spying will mark a whistle blower's odyssey of sorts may twentieth he started his trip flying from hawaii where he works as an n.s.a. contractor to hong kong and over the next month he dominated headlines with the revelations about the true scope of u.s. surveillance in compassing the planet on sunday without warning he boarded a flight to the russian capital just a day after washington to requestion his extradition next he's reportedly set to fly to the cuban capital have an a from where he plans to go to possibly venezuela possibly ecuador on the last leg of his journey to ecuador on route though the
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plane could cross u.s. airspace in the vicinity of new york and some fear that's what washington could try to put its hands on him. now of course says it's considering edward snowden's request for asylum a plea reportedly organized by weekly leaks artie's lindsey friends who is at ecuador's embassy in moscow reports on quito stake in all of this. as we have reported earlier this morning the foreign minister did confirm via twitter that edward snowden has officially sought asylum with that country that case is still in process right now now it's no secret that ecuador does shelter whistleblowers julian assad has been sheltered within the four walls of the ecuadorian embassy in london for the past year so it's no surprise there that as noted is being assisted by wiki leaks that ecuador would be a target for his final destination now the united states has made no secret that it has warned western hemisphere governments likely to host snowden they should
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in no way allow him to travel even over their borders unless it is to return him to the united states and also the united states and ecuador do have a joint extradition treaty although it does not apply to crimes and offenses of a political character the justice department though does say that will not prevent it from seeking snowden wherever he may be including ecuador it's been reported by wiki leaks that sarah harrison a very close advisor to julian assange himself and a staff member for the last two years with wiki leaks is accompanying edward snowden on his trip to wiki leaks it says has offered legal counsel and getting him safely out of hong kong into russia and then on to his his next destination so that's it that is one reason why a wiki leaks says it has brought someone being sarah harrison along with snowden
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and wiki leaks has really flexed a lot of muscle in this situation its leader julian assange has been holed up within the ecuadorian embassy in london for the past year it's had funding blocked members prosecuted but it's asserted itself in this situation and it has really drawn a very close relationship. edward snowden and made itself very very known in this situation which is not characteristic of it in the recent past so it's really showing what an agile organization this really is and what the u.s. government is going to end up having to deal with when it comes to getting its hands on snowden if indeed ecuador is his final destination. and while the u.s. whistleblower is awaiting his asylum vertically danny breteau from the free bradley manning support network explain why ecuador has become such a popular destination for those being persecuted politically have very large. numbers of asylum like fifty some odd thousand not necessary political refugees but
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i think also that the genius aunt has also helped make a safe haven for those persecuted politically and a wonderful watershed moment for the concert of africa protect edwards you know making the just a very good initiative is a great deal an irony of this whole story normally during the cold war they would be traveling to the u.s. and not via russia to countries like cuba and venezuela but this might perhaps set a couple things into motion and inspire ecuador to become more of a safe haven for press freedoms i just don't think that you're going to silence this generation these these people are from the internet they're born there the they do digital natives and i think that this is a very very interesting trend very courageous young people stepping up and speaking truth to power and i think that they're just not going be able to plug the leaks you know. the u.s. is doing all it can to derail snowden's quest for asylum as washington makes its moves on the chessboard american officials confirm the whistleblowers passport was
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revoked before he left on kong and notice with thwart his travel plans artie's guy needs to kyon as more on the steps the u.s. is willing to tell you to put snowden on trial on its own soil. u.s. official confirmed that they have in fact revoked edward snowden's passport to stop him from traveling it didn't stop him from flying out of hong kong as we know not clear whether it was because hong kong officials did not receive the notification in time or because they made a decision to overlook it we know that the year was has put a lot of pressure on hong kong to arrest in those days and not to let him leave the country but in a statement the government of hong kong says u.s. documentation did not fully comply with the legal requirements on the hong kong law but also in the same statement the government of hong kong that they want more information about the hacking of computer systems in hong kong by u.s. government agencies something that was part of the snowden revelations so in this official statement we see how hong kong shifts the focus from the messenger edward
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snowden back to the message to the revelation that it's me demanding an explanation . because these revelations prove that he was the lie that it has been doing to save as what excuses china of doing policymakers here in the u.s. are doing everything to shift the attention away from snowden's revelations by focusing on snowden himself or even by attacking other countries like russia is the freedom trail is not exactly china russia cuba venezuela so i hope we'll chase him to the ends of the earth bring him to justice and let the russians know there will be consequences if they harbor this guy then i was listening to a former director of the cia saying over russia and china are going to use this meaning snowden to embarrass the west and one would argue it's his revelations that embarrass the u.s. not china or russia the u.s. government is clearly afraid of more revelations from snowden i want to get him caught and brought back for trial and i think we need to know exactly what he
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has. he could have a lot lot more the debate in the u.s. media has shifted to this case most of this catching. mouth game it's not all about how we're going to catch him so right now the media is unsympathetic to edward snowden although just a week ago some of the same journalists who were almost cheerleading for his capture now were grateful and rightly so which were indeed eye opening for all of us as far as the prospect of being caught here's what edward snowden himself said i could be you know rendered by the cia i could have a people come after me or any of their third party partner you know they would they work closely with a number of other nations and that's that's a fear i'll live under for the rest of my life however long that happens to be you can come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries the no one can
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meaningfully oppose them. if they want to get you they'll get you in time edward snowden also said it's not government persecution that he fears he said the greatest fear that i have about the outcome of these disclosures is that nothing will change. he spoke with attorney and historian gerald horne to explain why he thinks the u.s. attempts to put a spoke in the wheels of the whistleblower may likely prove unsuccessful. well if you listen to the congress persons appearing on sunday check shows the united states mourned with thinks so they're breathing fire threatening measures just short of nuclear war if mr snowden is not speedily dispatched back to new york or washington united states for example routinely excepts on its territories citizens fleeing cuba without passports i would also say the united states routinely
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receives on its soil those it deems to be political dissidents who do not have passports so i don't feel that moscow is hands are tied with regard to mr snowden not having a passport. after the break we'll look at what edward snowden did to deserve such attention from u.s. prosecutors also learn about whistleblowers predecessors who was lives have been changed by the espionage act all that and more in a couple of minutes stay with us here on r.t. . wealthy british scientists it's time to write. the. markets weiner scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars a report. from
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the crops were all things considered you to look at what is the state of the global economy and where is it going and why are economists using the term the new normal . we speak your language or not at the end. will use programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you. use a little tentative angle stories. here. in the spanish. visit. thanks for staying with us eighteen minutes past the hour edward snowden is reportedly awaiting a flight to cuba from moscow the n.s.a. leaker on the move trying to avoid extradition to the u.s.
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where he's wanted on espionage charges ecuador expected to be his final destination the country considering whether it will grant him asylum what exactly has he done to ignite u.s. government's outrage well let's take a look he disclosed documents showing the n.s.a. had access to huge streams of internet data including emails chat room logs and videos from large companies including facebook and google and the u.s. government used the secret foreign intelligence surveillance a court to gather an extensive range of information from the phone service provider horizon he. also revealed how both mainland china and hong kong have been victims of hundreds of cyber attacks by u.s. hackers and according to his latest leak the u.k. is collecting and storing huge amounts of sensitive personal data from online and telephone traffic and sharing it with the u.s. british human rights activist peter tatchell thinks it's the u.s. government not snowden who should be held accountable but she will deny the states will be doubling its efforts to try and intercept him and to get an extradition from whatever country they can i think the context of this is that the united
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states spies on its own citizens it also spies almost to dozens of millions of other countries a mill is a people in other countries and this is done without the permission of those countries it is technically illegal and what is extraordinary is that it was snowden was employed by the united states as a spy yet now they are seeking to arrest him for spying it seems complete enough pocket see when the united states is spying on its own citizens and citizens around the world on a massive scale without governmental into strict oversight either within the united states or other countries around the world. well snowden's revelations have placed him on a short but high profile list of other whistleblowers who have blown the whistle on secret or classified u.s. activities in the recent past let's take
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a look at some of the other people who are on that list starting with u.s. army private bradley manning he is on trial as we speak for passing a trove of classified data to the whistle blowing organization weekly leaks and exposing america's controversial war tactics next thomas drake a former senior executive at the n.s.a. he is awaiting trial for passing information about illegal data gathering by the n.s.a. next on the list john kiriakou a former cia agent he exposed controversial u.s. interrogation techniques that were classified as torture he is currently serving a prison sentence for that stephen general kim nuclear proliferation specialist who is currently awaiting trial after allegedly giving the details of a possible north korean nuclear test to a journalist then further down the list liebowitz former f.b.i. hebrew translator he is a prison sentence for sharing u.s. israeli conversations with a blogger and finally former cia officer jeffrey sterling he is facing trial over
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delete data about u.s. efforts to sabotage iran's nuclear research so as governments use their powers to try and crack down on whistle blowing what are people doing to try and keep their private data private well there's ways that they can do that are to use marine important took a look. in a post prism world some are losing and others are gain google for eyes and facebook apple and other u.s. technology companies have lost credibility and the trust of their customers encrypted communications services on the other hand are seeing their businesses boom oh it's going crazy the. you know a lot of people suspected these. the government u.s. government was spying on americans but now we have this confirmation and so everybody is contacting us now when we've had
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a huge surge in orders phil zimmerman is the co-founder and c.e.o. of silent circle a global encrypted mobile service that protects users' privacy from the u.s. and national security agency and big data companies we have created an architecture that doesn't share the key cryptographic keys with the servers and servers that we control. so. if the government tries to persuade us to hand over something that we might have on our servers. we can't give them the keys and we can't give them the decrypted messages we don't keep logs of the of the connections between people so a court order can make us give them something we don't have however privacy doesn't come free and annual membership to silent circle cost one hundred twenty dollars the newest kid on the block is secret the mobile app encrypts voice calls and text messages the south african company has clients in two hundred countries with
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skyrocketing demands recently coming from the u.s. and u.k. it's just i mean it's not growing every day percentages. or growth in most application essentially allows you to create a new identity with a secure phone number or need to be every day and travel. going forward not just. of the. other countries. as you call it is it as you were the day meanwhile daily traffic at the search engine start page has doubled in less than a month jumping to nearly four million queries the netherlands based company doesn't store ip addresses search history or use tracking codes and it's not subject to us jurisdiction we strip out anything that would identify you and then we submit the search for you to google on your behalf and then we get the results
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back from google we strip out any kind of tracking cookies or anything that might be included with that we serve the results to you privately and then we delete all records of your visit so we delete your ip address we delete your search terms and at the end of the day we have no record of anyone even having bet on our website while the global push for privacy is accelerating experts say encryption alone won't be enough the n.s.a. surveillance has is worse than mine were some i thought and. i think that the technology we provide is only part of the solution i think we also have to try to push back. with public policy debates in the u.s. and get the laws to change the exposure of america's global electronic surveillance program has also revealed alternatives to all those who want to secure their privacy however in most cases people will have to pay to protect their communication from a government that's been accessing and story data for years reporting from new york
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marina heartache. the cuba bound flight from moscow thought to be edward snowden's wrote out of russia is taking off but with no sign of the whistleblower aboard he arrived in the russian capital sunday having fled hong kong with washington in pursuit let's cross not going to of who was aboard the flight so you know gore you're joining us by phone tell us what you can see on the plane is snowden there or is there no sign of him. well this is a truly remarkable to the last three minutes i'm sure that the whole plane was still expecting edward snowden to stay up there was being treated skewered the. build up by the police when they moved the passengers sort of away from the gate and it seems to me that up to the very last point even the airport officials themselves and the staff of the airplane were not sure whether or not this was
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happening or not whether or not snowden was entering the plane or not all the just rocked the the doors of the plane who are actually now taxiing onto the airstrip who are were about to take off very shortly and i can tell you with one hundred percent it's not one hundred fifty percent that he's not on this claim. there was there's so much media on this plane and everybody was standing there it is absolutely impossible that somebody could have listed him entering it's i mean this is one hundred percent edward snowden is not on this flight to cuba. all right art he's ever going to have live via phone for us from the plane where supposedly edward snowden was due to take off possibly a bain's which there will find out and that will have him waiting there on the other end in havana at the point when obviously and when snowden does come through
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there but up next a special report a comment on the consequences of the military conflict in chechnya the face of war still to come stay with us. sigrid lumbered sure jim mccurry was able to build a most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only. language but i will only react to situations i have read the reports. put in no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point among please. mr k.l.a. cause i'm going to. do no more weasel work.
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