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u.s. national security agent whistleblower edward snowden applies for political asylum in ecuador. after flying in from hong kong. ecuador and diplomats met him. expected to fly to cuba. international bashed for safety from the u.s. . even. reportedly revoked by the u.s. which has told russia. to getting. even barack obama. while he was running.
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international news in comment. twenty four hours a day and it's a whistleblower edward snowden who is wanted by the u.s. has formally applied for political asylum in ecuador and that's according to a tweet by the country's foreign minister snowden is currently in a moscow airport waiting to board his next flight on monday afternoon. paul any sign of snowden himself or indeed. still no confirmation and we do have as you mention is the tweet from.
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the country. by the ecuadorian. it's believed that the. holed up in the terminal building. sure yet whether the. met face to face yet because we're hearing. these are problems which is holding up any attempt to get. into russia. there were suggestions that maybe they. had gone to a nearby hotel but we've been to the hotel and confirm that that's not the case so it's interesting to see what edward snowden's next movies and whether he does emerge from. his flight. to cuba. to be precise on monday two o'clock in the afternoon moscow time. seventeen hours from now and it looks increasingly likely that he's going to spend seventeen hours
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. wolf thanks very much indeed for that. well as we've just heard edward snowden has indeed asked for asylum and. she has been waiting all afternoon. embassy here in central moscow what more do you know from where you are. indeed a bill we did get or the confirmation from a. foreign minister. tweeting in fact that edward snowden is. also for us i learned to be at the door when the government of course we've been on here since of this afternoon really trying to figure out what is snowden's next move four o'clock this afternoon we will all side here spoke to the and best of moscow consulate right here he said he did not have anything to say to us as yet but he was on his way out with
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a motorcade that motorcade ended up at the airport where we know that he's meeting with snow dead right now and now he is back in because a lot of the afternoon has been around it's been a can a mild sort of game is he going to go who is going to meet him at the at the at the airport the reason why ecuador is such at the center of the story is because of one whistleblower who we all know julian a sons and one of the world's most famous whistleblower was who was given asylum out by the ecuador government now julian assange stories of goes back a little bit a couple years back with he was also by sweden to come back to sweden and on so questions of sexual assault of which he was which the government wanted to ask him about you see the night goes on charges and then also alone not months and years of a. tradition to sweden he finally decided to us was silent at the ecuadorian embassy in london now the ecuadorian government has said back then the reason why
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they've given a son asylum is because one of they believe that he will not get a fair trial in the united states a way. that he will be extradited to once he gets to sweden and the other thing is that during government will be subjected to humiliation and unfair treatment while he gets to the united. state now this obvious a little bit different but because they're both whistle blow was it was only fair that with. or was helping snowden as we have found out now and ecuador has been on the lips literally of every single person who's out here including the media who have lined up to see if they can get a glimpse of him whether he is or is not coming back at this embassy so we know for sure not that he has requested that asylum whether he's coming back will have to be out here waiting to give you more information outside the ecuadorian embassy. thanks very much indeed for that live update from moscow well earlier my colleague
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mattress he spoke to journalist paul ashmore who said indeed that ecuador would be the best choice for snowden to seek asylum be very take the past which is the population here for julian assange who's been in the door and embassy in london for nearly a year now waiting to go to the ecuadorian government to have this position i think venezuela was a bit more unstable at the moment since the chavez and the make sure of relationships with other countries isn't so clear but i could or i think is we are fairly firm about this sounds position so i would guess it would be good. for snowden over what the u.s. is reportedly revoked edward snowden's passport and notified hong kong and russia but it didn't stop him from traveling let's cross live now to washington and talk to. so it's going to any news on what washington is trying to achieve and indeed further more on what the relations are now between washington moscow concerning
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snowden. well bill the u.s. has reportedly revoked edward snowden's passport but apparently it was too late it was done yesterday but apparently it was too late for hong kong officials to stop him from flying well while at the airport in moscow snowden doesn't really need any any passports he is in the transit area where he's heading with still don't know we know that the state department has asked cuba. not to accept him or to expel him to the united states if he arrives there this is turning into a global trace for the united states the speed with which they strip edward snowden off citizenship is indeed as sounding there has to there has to be a process in place but in this case we see how badly they want to get hold of him and they're afraid of more revelations which is quite obvious and the debate on
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major u.s. news channels has shifted from what edward snowden revealed to to how are we going to get this guy that's all we hear on. t.v. these days in the u.s. media is seems to be very unsympathetic to edward snowden these days where as. we can go many of them we're grateful for the revelations that he has made now as far as u.s. policymakers we see a very intense smear campaign against edward snowden senator chuck schumer and also attacks addressed to two other countries senator chuck schumer was on this morning saying president putin has aided and abetted snowden. here put in always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the united states. first of all we don't know whether edward snowden is planning on staying in russia but. whatever the case
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snowden himself said he would seek asylum in a country that would not be easily pressed by the u.s. we know that the u.s. has put a lot of pressure on the government of hong kong to a rest snowden and not to let him leave the country and this saturday president obama's national security adviser expressed some confidence that they would get him extradited but in a statement the government of hong kong says u.s. documentation did not quote fully comply with the legal requirements under the under hong kong law it also says snowden left to quote on his own accord for a third country through a lawful and normal channel but also in the statement the government of hong kong as that they want more information about the hacking of computer systems in hong kong by u.s. government agencies something that was part of edward snowden's revelations so in this official statement we see hong kong. shifts the focus from the messenger from edward snowden to the message to the revelations that he has made demanding an explanation from the u.s. government the u.s.
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government meanwhile of course is doing its best to keep the focus on edward snowden on the messager away from what he has revealed that the obama administration has charged him more whistleblowers with espionage than all previous administrations combined and one has to ask who is the enemy that the spied for whistleblowers maintain that they've made their revelations for for the public good for the public to be better informed to make decisions more about that in my report . america is split on edward snowden traitor hero mix in between but regardless of what anyone thinks about snowden his revelations have shed unprecedented light on the u.s. government's massive spying program even if you're not doing anything wrong you're being watched and recorded for me to say employee william binney was prosecuted as a traitor when he blew the whistle on the government sweeping collection of data and communications it's setting up a tele terry state. when the government has that much information they can do those
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things they can use the i.r.s. to intimidate people or anything else they can send the f.b.i. . what they did to me and some others bradley manning to is being prosecuted as a traitor although it's so here's your logs that the public learned about the. collateral murder was committed in iraq the obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the espionage act than all previous administrations combined but it was a lower say it's not government persecution that they fear the greatest fear that i have regarding the outcome. for america of these disclosures is that nothing will change the administration is not trying to convince the american people that government secrets programs are a trade off they have to make in the name of national security they always have the same stories about you know science manning is known you know psychological stories what is wrong with these people cause them to do this i mean the real question is
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what is wrong with everyone else from who doesn't see what they can see but whistleblowers are not the only targets there is an obligation both moral but also legal i believe against a reporter that was the chairman of the house committee on cutting teligent in terrorism a decaying calling to punish the journalists who expose the government surveillance programs in its hunt fully eeks the obama administration has already targeted sure it's it's trying to set the precedent. the communicating with the media is the same as communicating with the enemy of the death penalty of the restoration doesn't have to go after each leaker or he certainly isn't up to create an environment of fear but what that fear stop information from coming out here is that we're snowed in south of that like you did with racial kone and responses simply build better with the world that you know i think that i'm going to take on. the laws kay he's leader of the u.k. pirate party he believes the u.s.
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will try to convince the public that edward snowden is a traitor to distract attention from his revelations what we can be sure of is that the united states will continue to tar him with the brush of being a traitor whatever his final destination is but we have to remember that fact is a distraction what we need to focus on is actually the core of this story which is his record the revelations about mass surveillance remember this is about whistle blowing it's not espionage it's about actually revealing. a mass surveillance which is potentially illegal and is certainly has been happening behind closed doors without proper democratic debate without proper democratic oversight we're told all the time that if we've got nothing to hide we've got nothing to fear but that has now been blown out of the water by edward snowden's revelations and the fact is that the more that's collected about us the more we have to fear.
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when all to contribute to action returned he believes that no developing nation would agree to just hand snowden over. chinese american relations it just goes to show how poorly those relations are going because that arrest warrant went out the complaint under the espionage act and under international law as the united states might have it and of course the hong kong government ignored it as a list of other big nations would they realize that the united states and the way it's been operating is something like that to tell a tarion straight and so many ways i suppose the first stub united states were using their back channels trying to get through to xi jinping saying what no it is going on called they released this espionage act complaint what is it an authorized communication never a national defense information and immediately the chinese government cooperates with edward snowden perhaps cooperate with the russian government and everyone is
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trying to desperately spirit him away because we know president obama wants to get him by any means necessary or to live here in moscow fifteen minutes past the hour now we'll be back after a very short break with more on edward snowden story. wealthy british style. market why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our t.v.
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. speak your language. program some documentaries in arab. from the world of interviews intrigue. to. visit our big. news continues now the. update on our top story for you america's most wanted n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden has formally applied for political asylum in ecuador and that's according to a tweet by the country's foreign minister snowden is currently in a moscow airport reportedly waiting to board his next flight tomorrow monday afternoon while there are fresh turns in the global spy scandal whistleblower
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russell tice who released his secrets during the george w. bush era says former cia head general petraeus and even barack obama once targets for snooping and he confirmed that data is being stored james corbet japan based independent journalist believes tice's revelations didn't get the attention they deserve. while the snowden drama unfolds something that's being swept under the rug are these new revelations from n.s.a. whistleblower russell tice who is in fact one of the people who is one of the sources for the original two thousand and five new york times story on the n.s.a. wiretapping scandal at that time but now russell tice to step forward with more information into explosive interviews from the last few days he talked about how the n.s.a. is in fact storing not just the metadata which has been the talking point in the newsroom so far but the content of all electronic communications that are going across the u.s. servers from e-mails to faxes to phone calls all of it being stored now at the new data center and in utah he also went on record to name names of some of the
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specific targets of n.s.a. spying and with the implication that this information was being used for blackmailing purposes on including senator then senator barack obama including general david petraeus and others who he mentioned by name including supreme court justices and top ranking military and republican congressional officials so this is being specifically avoided right now and the implication is that the news outlets are as we've seen with the snowden story and other stories collaborating with the intelligence agencies behind the scenes to repress this information but this is this is absolutely explosive and again coming from a key n.s.a. whistleblower who is right now being ignored with these allegations peter tatchell he's a u.k. human rights activist he says that u.s. surveillance tactics are outrageous and beyond all legal bombs. but she will deny the states will be doubling its efforts to try and intercept him and to get an
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extradition from whatever country they can i think the context of this is that the united states spies on its own citizens it also spies almost to dozens of millions of other countries i mean millions of people in other countries and this is done without the permission of those countries it is technically illegal and what is extraordinary is that it would snowden was employed by the united states as a spy yet now they are seeking to arrest him for spying it seems complete enough pocket see when the united states is spying on its own citizens and citizens around the world on a massive scale without proper governmental into strict oversight that within the united states or other countries around the world. and antiwar activists and journalists believes only a major public outcry will stop washington's spying on its own people the revelations of course are. extremely important to people around the world to
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understand the nature of the u.s. state and its interest in monitoring everything that goes on it's been ten years now that they declared they wanted to monopolize information total information awareness and control and we find in these revelations that they've actually been exercising that for quite some time as a matter of fact it goes back to actual one of the late ninety's when they began doing exactly that accumulating information. but intercepting storing and searching through various communications that are used on the internet you have bradley manning and they throw him in the you know on on ice basically naked in a cell for a couple of years and threaten him with the death penalty you have a sonnet and now you have no didn't and i only hope more will come out in the people will start to listen here in the united states and do something about it unless there's a fundamental change in actual power in the united states and unless there's
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a press that develops in the united states that's critical and interested in investigating what goes on we're going to know about it but it's going to continue . young weaving supported many u.s. companies for the government surveillance program is leading to some difficult questions what do you see coming over the. news for the big firms we know now that thousands of companies have been sharing sensitive information with the u.s. government in exchange for various benefits now this raises concerns about the extent of the private sector collaboration with the u.s. government not to mention questions about what exactly those benefits were now the details may be murky at this point but let's go over exactly what information we have now companies who did hand over data to the government got a big thank you that's according to michael hayden who used to head the cia as well as the national security agency which runs of course the prism program and mr hayden told bloomberg this if i were the director and had a relationship with
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a company who was doing things that were not just directed by law but were also valuable to the defense of the republic i would go out of my way to thank them and give them a sense as to why this is necessary and useful all right well what kind of thank you exactly are we talking about here well again not a lot of details but anonymous sources did tell bloomberg that leaders of the companies who handed over data to the government were showered with attention and information by government agencies in fact in some instances that meant quick warnings about the threats that could affect their bottom line for example serious internet attacks and who's behind them of course this exchange of information is supposed to be voluntary and while at this point we don't exactly have evidence that this is not the case but while most of the companies seem to have participated simply because the government asked them for help one former c.e.o. paints a slightly different picture in two thousand and one when some telecom giants allegedly
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were asked to participate in an n.s.a. information sharing program one company qwest initially refused to play ball in according to court documents filed by its then c.e.o. joseph not cio as a result of that decision the company was denied lucrative n.s.a. contracts he believed to be worth fifty to one hundred million dollars which allegation he says for refusing to partake in the government spy program. so to sum it up companies that share data aren't government goodwill information about threats possible classified information and of course there's concern that those who did not play along could could have been left out of lucrative government contracts of course we don't have more information on this but that's per se sleeper point the lack of transparency about this data swap is a major concern now it's done in the name of security but at what cost and to home this account for not reporting for our team in moscow and his recent blows such as snowden revealed government's appetite for personal data we're interested in how
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you feel about your private information being collected by security agencies this is how you've been voting so far on our website r.t. dot com the overwhelming majority of you think that collecting private data without warning is absolutely unacceptable significantly less is saying that they can't provide the answers or none because they could easily be tracked by security agencies then we can see that seventy percent say well snooping is justified only in cases of spying on terror suspects and avoiding terrorist atrocities without the mass tracking of everybody and finally we can see that minority of the three percent think well if you've done nothing wrong then what's the problem carry on snooping or t. dot com good to hear from you get involved cast your vote is online all the time. well it said twenty four minutes past the hour now we'll have more updates on the edward snowden story in about thirty minutes from now but up next with the dead numbering in the tens of thousands travels to one of the most dangerous cities on
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earth to report on mexico's war against the drug cartels that's next. i know they tracked approval ratings of the presidents of various countries by did though they still research the approval ratings of former presidents twice like gallup poll that says that george w. bush has been slowly growing in his approval numbers since leaving office in fact his numbers have increased by seventeen percent amongst independents and even his in three rival democratic voters have given him fourteen percentage points of popularity i think this may be due to the fact that obama's magic has worn off and people are getting fed up with things but longing for the bush days is insane if you are one of the people who has recently decided that bush is awesome and please
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tell me how he differs from obama true obama can pronounce ninety nine percent of the words on a teleprompter in front of him but both presidents have that expensive wars with questionable objectives bush gave us the patriot act and obama continued it with the n.b.a. both of them seem to like their drones and massive government spending and expansion i don't know i don't think that just because obama's was flawed that somehow makes bush's brain into some sort of triumph but that's just my opinion. here you can feel.
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