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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2013 7:30am-8:00am EST

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premier league's dark horse. squad was said to be the third most expensive transfer in the country's history discover who said to join samuel eto'o and friends of dagestan club at odds he talked. for now hundreds of great protesters clashed with police on wednesday after storming the building of the labor minister's office and activists were demonstrating against reforms to pay and pay pensions part of the latest spending cuts announced by the government around thirty people were arrested following the protest and lawyer george cut from godless says the authorities response was part of a new approach to the strikes which have crippled the country. the government has decided to follow up will we see of zero tolerance as it says ideas the that is distance to the state in measures so we can have steam to the government to take in medicine measures that they are unconstitutional i guess that he sent stocks and
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now we have seen the door of the vehicle lease very violently against a generally peaceful and calm do mostly see we're only seeing the last three or four weeks i campaign for propaganda try to convince us that now the world has become best the reason i don't believe that this is through is exactly because we are following this same set of policies of was thirty minutes of the first three years has condemned greece. of slow death that this recession of the economy going to axiom of the economy and a third source of measures hope by a vote where you see some of the population and also look at that the source of the light i think that as far as what we're following this said to this is there's a school bus. this is our duty now britain which once boasted some of the best legislation in the world to homelessness. now has over fifty thousand people
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sleeping rough with the government ushering in public sector spending cuts in the age of austerity the number of homeless people is only going to rise his party boy who went to meet some of those living on the streets. it's freezing cold wet and hungry there's no way for you to go to trial and no money in your pocket this street is all you've got and there's no one that will help you welcome to banning in the case capital homelessness. i think. you should drop grandma don't have one. but. i mean you shouldn't be home or there's a lot of people you called me a short time i want to be real rock carpark with people really. all over the place this is what i got. there yeah yeah and read you know.
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michael is by no means alone in fact the number of homeless people in britain has skyrocketed by twenty five percent since twenty ten reaching fifty thousand people in twenty twelve the biggest spike in the city if you don't think again people can see you could be walking past you can be sleeping next to warsaw. for. coldness is stupid specially this time we had to go for four days on the phone to eat twenty one year old matt fled his family home where he came to blows with his stepfather he had to sleep rough before being granted emergency shelter in a birmingham hostel it's run by a charity that helps anyone down and out to find employment and get back on their feet looking for work. on the don't know log job already from the moment trying to get it stein you'll second stay at the hostel in three years after
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growing up in the now to foster care he struggled to keep a roof over his head you going to do what every takes to find somewhere to sleep find money. help and support the scariest thing like you know you still go face all over again there just isn't enough low cost housing available and with unemployment rising hostels just like this one desperately need to expand the figures from the local authority of people presented as homeless having creased on average by about four hundred percent. for the growing homeless community squatting in one of the city's twelve thousand empty homes used to be an option anymore just before the winter set in westminster upgraded sporting from a civil matter to a criminal offense predictions that it would translate to more rough sleepers on the streets came true there are a lot of deprived areas and there are people that don't have working. with it being
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such a one time any industrialized center working class families but those jobs just don't exist anymore so i suppose that the poverty is just sort of breaking the poverty and the reason the reason big mix of paper in the population is expanding the housing stock isn't it reached that point where it's just spilling over and can't cope anymore and with more government budget cuts kicking enough to rate prole many more persons are predicted to slip through the net as the housing crisis escalates polyploid are to see birmingham. come to live from moscow as investigations into america's so-called black sites are brought her revealed very little so far in poland in particular few details have been released from a years long probe of a covert cia jails and his arteries are going to go to school reports even if science were forthcoming and justice might not be. guantanamo may hold all the
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headlines but all the interested it means people are moving their focus elsewhere so-called black sites secret prisons were established by the cia during its well publicized war on terror unlike the cause however these secret facilities were never publicly discussed by the authorities the us claimed they could hold prisoners outside the us because then they wouldn't be subject to the geneva conventions to international law and humanitarian law reports suggest such prisons were in existence from two thousand and two basically not long after the events of nine eleven the us government denied the existence of these prisons until two thousand and six now the only country in europe which has acknowledged the presence of a secret cia facility on its territory is lithuania and if you were to look at it you will you will see something almost a deliberate site except for the imposing fences surrounding it likewise
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a suspected secret prison poland is believed to be located here apparently in one of the most beautiful spots in the country according to various reports mostly from journalists or human rights organizations so-called high value detainees were flown in by the cia for interrogation at these polish facilities. i managed to get records from the airport in germany where it's clear that they have learned an aircraft used by the cia very important evidence because until then everyone denied bs landings and reported different destinations of these flights to europe controlled however just like their american counterparts the authorities in warsaw have been extremely frugal with the details and investigation into the secret prisons has been dragging on for almost five years now but what earth during its course remains unknown therefore the extent of the investigations progress just like any information about the torture of prisoners regarding who was where when and how all of it remains a mystery and the investigation is rumored to conclude next month by the looks of
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it whatever its outcome it may also be a state secrets and swept under the carpet. oh it is a ridiculous current washington's and for most rendition of regime was one of the key issues raised during the week of pretrial hearings for the alleged mastermind of the nine eleven attacks and his four accomplices in guantanamo bay senior counterterrorism counsel of the human rights watch. says that those responsible for administering torture were never to be punished. one of the issues that the fans have raised is if they want to be a black reserves they consider them to be beings and crime which i do it while the men were tortured there and they think that relevant to the case and i think they have a very strong argument that they were secret eagle detention where people were tortured in violation of u.s. and international law so there was never any reason because i'm president obama's close them but the reality is the real concern in the us is that no senior official
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has ever been held accountable the only people who have been prosecuted for a detainee abuse have been first of all very limited number of people handful of people and always low the level of people never the senior officials who created the regime of torture and ordered it and authorized and implemented it so human rights watch of the own research suggests that there are sufficient grounds for a criminal investigation into the conduct of senior officials all the way to the office of former president george bush and other. it's good to have you with us here in oz he today after a very short break of area and talks to former presidential foreign policy analysts hillary and flynt leverett all about america's approach to iraq this is.
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representing the fiasco actually caused a fiasco by singing a song highly critical of president obama ironically at a concert in honor of his second inauguration according to the huffington post he was thrown off stage by security for insulting the dear leader the sounds really bad like something out of one thousand nine hundred four were thugs come out of nowhere the second you say something out of line about the party. to the song loop it was singing it had been going on for thirty minutes at that point this rant was more like a hip hop filibuster stopping the whole show and dragging on and on and on the so i think security just wanted to silence him in general not silence his anti obama opinions so you know whoopi next time when you want to bring up obama's drone usage or total disregard for the constitution then keep it under three minutes everything will be just fine but that's just my opinion.
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there are twelve cities in the united states in which half of the people with hiv aids lives within a year of a diagnosis of each other over sixty two percent of those species i diagnosed with aids this is a problem that frankly is substantially preventable it was like the big elephant in the room and nobody wanted to talk about it there were really good public health campaigns that people were really focused on this problem you certainly should be able to hold a lot less a trophy a lot less human suffering. i'm
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joined by hilary lever it flynt leverett former and lists for both bill clinton and george w. bush administrations two of america's most informed middle east experts their new book is called going to tehran which offers a way out of the current diplomatic crisis it's called why the united states must come to terms with the islamic republic of iran thank you very much for coming washington seems to be very happy with the sanctions they're quickly in the arena chrono me why should they change policies now why should they come to terms with iran sanctions are not going to work sanctions have not worked we've seen sanctions
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imposed on the islamic republic of iran for thirty two years we saw crippling sanctions in effect imposed on iran during their eight year war with iraq from one thousand nine hundred ninety eight we saw at that time half their g.d.p. was a racist half of it and still the islamic republic of iran did not surrender to hostile foreign powers the idea that now that sanctions are going to force the islamic republic of iran to surrender to what it sees as hostile foreign powers and their demands there is no place for that in the history of the history of the islamic republic of iran and frankly there is no basis for that anywhere the united states imposed crippling sanctions for example on saddam hussein's iraq for over a decade killing over people half of them children and even then saddam hussein's government did not implode and it did not concede to the demands of hostile foreign powers it took a massive us land invasion to do that the ability to stand in the other side's
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shoes to show that you can do it is key to diplomacy i think you would agree with that but everything the u.s. has done so far showed you ran the opposite of that starting from the u.s. helping get rid of their democratically elected leader in the fifty's putting the shah in power much hated figure in iran and what can the u.s. do to now to show you. iran that they respect their national interests the first thing that has to happen is this basic acceptance acceptance of the islamic republic as a legitimate and rational actor this is the model that nixon and kissinger used to pursue the diplomatic opening with china in the early one nine hundred seventy s. it's not their achievement was not that they started talking to. the united states have been talking to beijing for years but it was this very narrow kind of
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dialogue very focused on grievance american grievances toward china and what china was going to need to do to bring itself in line with american preferences nixon and kissinger flip that on its head they said we are going to convey to the chinese both in words and in actions that we we accept the people's republic of china and on that basis the rest of these issues can be taken care of that's what enabled this dramatic turn in american diplomacy toward china that's what we need to do toward the islamic republic of iran to accept it and then to back that up with concrete actions in terms of rolling back covert action programs in terms of stopping economic warfare against iran but what are the chances for diplomacy i mean iran is surrounded by u.s.
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military bases by nato patriot missiles they have to sanctions that are crippling the iranian economy it seems there's more ground for blackmail now than for diplomacy unfortunately i think that is the american hope that we can still force coerced out that's what the united states has been doing really since the end of the cold war we have focused on coercing outcomes by as flynt said projecting norm . this amounts of conventional military force into the middle east to coerce political outcomes and we were you know before one thousand nine hundred one we were somewhat restrained in doing that because of the cold war if we put in too many million troops we were afraid that if you know the soviet union would so in a sense that constrained us and foresee united states to really rely more on soft power more on having the narrative after the class of the soviet union the end of the cold war we i think left the left that out we put you know under the table we focused entirely on trying to force political outcomes and what we've done in iraq
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and afghanistan has underscored the very important limits of that and i would add libya we were able to take out saddam and take out moammar gadhafi but what we're able to put in its stead what if everything fails what is your worst case scenario missile it can start with i think my worst case scenario is that the united states . starts another war in the middle east to disarm another middle eastern country weapons of mass destruction that it does not have. and that the damage that the backlash to this does to the american position. makes. how much damage was done in position by evasion of iraq makes that will quite trivial by comparison that's my worst case. i want to ask you about the new face of the pentagon chuck hagel he allowed himself to say outright attacking iran
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is a stupid idea and i believe you also called for direct negotiations do you think we could see direct negotiations any time soon with chuck hagel in the ministration well he i think that the former senator hagel has taken a courageous positions on iran on a range of issues and i admire them and respect them and the concern i have is that he is being nominated for the wrong job to carry out those positions his defense secretary if he is or if he is if he's approved to be as defense secretary he will not be the person in charge of creating or implementing strategies of iran or any other foreign policy issue. he will be he will be at the defense department doing quintessentially defense secretary things in this environment which is to cut the budget and try to keep the united states out of another war now that peace try to keep the united states out of another war could have impact here but the problem is he what he could potentially try to keep united states out of another war without being able to either to offer
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a vision for another way to deal with this challenge the islamic republic poses a real challenge for the united states and a real challenge to israel in the region that challenges to significantly constrain both the united states and israel's preferred strategy for the region which is to project force whenever wherever and whatever degree we want unilaterally the islamic republic of iran challenges that not with tanks so that they go and park their tanks in other people's countries they challenge that with their narrative they oppose that wrist really at its core chuck hagel said some very unflattering things about the israeli lobby that they're quote unquote intimidating a lot of people in washington and he also appeared to say american interests should trump it's really interests if they conflict and that is a subversive thing to say here in washington could be a career killer. can you name some key points where u.s. and israeli interests conflict i think it is very much in america's interests it's
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not a favor to iran it is in america's interest to come to terms with the islamic republic to accept safeguarded enrichment of uranium as the basis for a deal on the nuclear issue israel's ability to impose its hegemony in gaza a southern lebanon is not an american interest it may be an israeli preference it's not an american interests i think american interests would be much better served by kind of rational. political settlement to the palestinian issue that palestinians and other middle easterners will see as legitimate there is no way that open ended israeli occupation of palestinian lands will ever be seen that way and i think that's you know very much against american interests i think in a similar vein it's what i would take us to some living to a plan laid out i know but i would take it
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a little more broadly it's very difficult for the way that israel is structured politically for it to accept and buy into and support what i think would be an american interest which is that all of the states in the middle east be able to have much more participatory political orders that can support even more broadly beyond its borders because a country like egypt which i think the israelis see today is very much a threat in terms of how it's developing if it becomes any more reflective of its population's preferences histories interests religion is going to become by definition less interested in allowing israel or being ok with the policies that israel has developed to use force coercively whenever wherever it wants along its borders or with its within its own population palestinian population under its control when the problem is the united states that. that and so this is the contradiction he was back at the same time it calls for democracy in all those countries and so that's what rings hollow i think for many arab and muslim
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populations is that it's not a real call for the by the united states for democratization what the united states is just trying to do is sell chaos and civil war like we're doing in syria we're not really trying to get democratization in syria or political participation in syria it's selling chaos and destruction i think that's how many people see it and that's how it is unfolding what do you think israel is going to do next what is their strategy with regards to iran i think they have you know more or less come to the position that if you was going to be struck it's the united states that's going to need to do it and so i fully anticipate over the next next year or so that prime minister netanyahu he and his government will be putting a lot of pressure on the obama administration that iran is approaching whatever red line that you know who. draws. it's time for the united states to step up to the plate and deal with this problem in a decisive way and even if they don't succeed initially in persuading obama because
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they will leverage it to get more sanctions on iran to get other kinds of pressure on iran they will try and keep iran. do you think president obama appointed chuck hagel of the message to his throw that's difficult to say we will see but i'm skeptical that obama really is out to redefine to be america's relationship with israel and i would add to that in addition to the. point that we have the appointment of john brennan at the cia who i think is someone who the israelis are just fine with who will continue many of the covert programs of course or drone program but many of the covert programs that would be under his under his authority at the cia and that will be very much to israel's liking that will serve to undermine any attempts or any possibilities for real are coming to terms of the islamic republic of iran. there is an argument often made in washington that bashar al assad's fall would be a strategic victory against iran what can you say about an approach like that first
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of all at this point iran's most important arab ally is no longer syria it's iraq thanks in no small part to the united states iran's most important strategic ally in the arab world is iraq even in syria you know bashar assad is still i don't know is imminent and even if you reach a point where he might feel like he needs to abandon damascus or something like this you're going to still have big chunks of syria that are effectively under good control of his government under his security apparatus syria might at that point start to look more and more like a kind of. you know failing state with different regional warlords in different parts of the country but that is not
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a situation which is good for american interests first of all or a situation in which iran you know continues to somehow doesn't have influence or or inability to act in ways to protect its interests in the situation the idea that somehow we can just have these short term marriages of convenience to arm train and fund really in that lane a sunni islamist jihadist groups in syria in syria against the islamic republic of iran that just this time it will work and that somehow secular democrats are going to come to power yeah that liberal secular pro-american democrats will come to power it didn't work in afghanistan and it's not going to work in syria thank you so much thanks so much for coming q thank you very much.
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. the government no longer represents the people. the people are going to take such as. we. feel relief in the traditional split in the middle east. the way our economic system currently is not. going to. play a. clip.
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