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tv   [untitled]    June 11, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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we want to present. something you know. you're watching our live from moscow the headlines syrian rebels call for foreign intervention and more weapons and violence reportedly raging outside the capital that's as u.n. observer struggle to make a difference in the conflict torn country. president obama socialists and their allies secure a majority in the first round of the french parliamentary vote forty six percent of wind could see along secure the lower house and receive a powerful mandate for his reforms. and police searched the homes of several
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russian opposition leaders and called them in for questioning the search was ordered by a court in connection with clashes of an anti-government rally last month from both protesters and riot police were injured. so across the european countries your share of currency the debts are piling up and the emergency ballad fund is quickly dwindling the man at the helm of the euro project when it launched now tells r t what he thinks is needed to save. i'm on a pro day was a huge leader when eleven states abandon their currency for the euro mr prodi do you take any responsibility for the current mess for the current mess no but i take the merit for the euro look when the euro was bore it was clear that we needed political links common fiscal policy i advised the programme of and now the tories to call troll the behavior of by mistake in
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two thousand and three i rise in the program again and france germany and italy they thought that this was a game they survive need and then i ask at least they are required to control by the eurosport and they said no and so that we could cheat everything when i rise of the program no i remember that helmut kohl said look we did a big effort now we shall complicate it in the next two years but then europe changes what will greece leaving the euro do to your country italy not to my country oliver to all the countries the banking system. will be this other way and then and that is clear you know the domino effect if you keep getting worse and you gain a lot of money because of the coalition then you're stuck with portugal ireland italy
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france and the then germany and greece of all sleep different can they really share a single government and economy with very different good yes look california by california budget is much more than green but nobody attacks california because the greek government cheated there is clear no doubt they have completely. cheating and the devil was six seven current high level was declaring it so the day so is not is not to be steak it is if i do it you know so you have to a good o.t. to put that. how do you stop financial markets the credit rating agencies moody's fitch standard imposed having the choke hold on europe all the resulting war a way out they don't attack the united states or china because they are too big dogs and they only remedy is to become
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a big dog or two weak to stick together if you're a boss together we such a big entity that nobody will attack us nobody they attack us because you beat one and then the other one and then they are what is easy to beat small cats but to beat the big guy is. more and more difficult this is why we are losing so they can only learn to state that chang now fully so but in the states you say states should give up more of their national powers how much more should they lose in europe we have to go in with you at the local level anything that you can do it will look the supreme support europe is not united states we have not the center of it but we have some general rights a behavior that must be shared but just be clear for example you
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can take pretty sure the company taxation because. otherwise it is in history to move companies from one country to another he's in also so very good yes he's an officer anything second you have to have a couple rules on the behavior of the public today then you must have a couple rules on monetary policy is a loss of some. yes but we just say our somebody only if we lose it there is a new i don't say ali or a new links among france italy spain and other countries for this more balance of policy and i don't say that they will be a gauge generally because this would be stupid you know germany must be the leader of the in terms of the economy and we need more than that as tell me.
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about that they preserve a germany to generate a credible platform with the necessity constraints and limits that can be acceptable for example with a colleague of mine we propose it to. accompany the euro bonds with a guarantee of the gold or wanted by the central banks because italy and try have a lot of the gold we put as a guarantee and put as they get into the infrastructure. pipeline is that to collect you know that to give to get me to get into that we want to stick together and we put our assets in thinking we can find powers at the base technical program the real difficulty is that now the durban government has been sowing gately with the. standing of the euro but it's easier to war isn't the problem that
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people don't want to be controlled from brussels because it's fundamentally undemocratic with unelected leaders and the crow that they didn't want to have and i was told to keep looking into the nature of states it's completely different from them. because it is clear. now it is clear that all the governments. losing they power they are losing really the basic. power of this a democratic world. and so. be quiet because they have to take this issue in one direction not about that they cannot touch. tax capital because it slows their way and so they hold the european states united kingdom included and so not before the. losing suffering. and
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this is at the idea that we can preserve the the the. protagonist of the war like united states in the financial markets of two strong and so i've got it we put our so very together or we lose all our support the six scandals all feel successful silvio berlusconi how much of the damaged italy's image if i consider my experience fredricka brought a lot of. people made fun of my county and they cannot stand. the course and. bad people and good people as in any other country and you know whether they be that you can't change the rules you can behave in a primary way. you know i didn't like that. and yet you say the e.u.
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still in a bitter state than america so if you take our i am going to come up with you i think deficits much i like to say i think also you know the increasing dad he has is that of course the united states has a federal budget that moves quickly as a big mobility. you know. european union by get this and that is that one there's. a little people could be offended by that i have enough to say a few but he's between trade papers and fifty percent of the fed upon the e.u. so you can balance a lot of fiction but in a real in an absolute. europe is much better than united states mona purdy former president of the european commission and prime minister of italy thank you for speaking with i'll take thank you.
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the. emotions are intense. and experience priceless. if you're followed up on my debt snowball the. owners are sort of a twelve pack and i can talk about long. it goes back to a time when people would like out of their forces in the wild west and pick up these future dates and putting them into the sheriff for prosecution go looking like company mail fellows to tell people to come get me and when they go out there he's got weapons. and you have to hope that nothing bad can.
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put. forward jason kill. and. you got a story or out about this crazy lady with a convertible that. every time she. has these people. it is necessary to. everything we do to punish crime. but it needs to be done nobody wants to be linked to the nazis but the historical.
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of the american death penalty today in large part from the nazis and the. state of texas gets their way and they execute him. and he keeps telling me they can't hear me and they are. blocked. i won't be there i will not witnessed the killing my phone. from louisiana. to the east so.
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the books are. the solo female thank you and. thank.
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you. hard to top stories syrian rebels called for foreign intervention and more weapons with violence reported the great thing outside the capital as u.n. observers struggle to make a difference in the conflict torn country. president goes on the socialists and their allies secure a majority in the first round of the french parliamentary vote forty six percent of women could see along secure the lower house and receive a powerful mandate for his performance. and police searched the homes of several russian opposition leaders and call them in for questioning the search was ordered by a port in connection with clashes and anti-government rally last month both protesters
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and riot police were injured. and here's paul with the latest sport. thank you very much and also welcome to the sports headlines here's what we've got coming up history is made to rafael nadal beats bjorn borg record of six french open titles with victory over world number one novak djokovic in a rain delay final. on woods and upwards after a victory in the opening euro twenty twelve group match russia pappa game two against poland on tuesday evening. the wheels of steel the women's european mountain bike cross-country finals hit a soul the russian capital. but first rafael and that nidal has become the first man in history to win seven french open ties all's he's beating world number one
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novak djokovic in four sets in a final which rolled over an extra day because of bad weather the spaniard got a two set the world lead overnight although when play resumed this was after breaking the fourth however quickly wiped out that advantage and went on to wrap up the victory six four six three two six seven five and reaffirmed his status as king of the clay. now the first round of group matches a euro two thousand and twelve conclude on monday with the focus on group d. the heavyweight clash between france and england kicks things off in don yet before attention turns to kiev and the co-host opening game as partridge reports. after poland's got the euro two thousand and twelve ball rolling in warsaw with a dramatic one one draw against greece it's now the turn of co-hosts ukraine to showcase their talents in their capital against sweden in the second group d. match on monday ukraine only played their first match as an independent nation in one thousand nine hundred ninety two however they went on to reach the two thousand
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and six world cup quarterfinals on their debut in a major championship this summer's event marks. their first participation at the euros and as a host nation they've automatically qualified making them an unknown quantity most of them look at our team is like a thoroughbred horse tired of waiting in the stables and eager to go out and play the more we see the more nervous the guys get so we need to get out there to calm down. a lack of qualification matches has also seen a league like inside drop to fifty second in the world rankings they also lost their last two warm up matches against austria and turkey as the coach continued to experiment with his squad however only by and unit midfielder anatoliy to my shock and deny my moscow forward and revert on and play at side ukraine while the olympic stadium is also the home to star striker under a shift change as dynamic here and with a home crowd behind them this could all provide all if. we don't really know what
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to expect as far as fan support every team wants the fans rooting for them and ukraine will have that luxury playing at home them up regardless what happens in the stands and beyond that should not affect our performance on the pitch. meanwhile sweden's best finish at the european championships was semifinalists when they were the hosts in one thousand nine hundred two this summer eric cameron side are on the crest of the wave they won their last two friendlies at home to serbia and iceland and qualified by finishing as best runners up in group b. the current squad has vast international experience defend all of mellberg and midfield under spence and have two hundred forty one caps between them playmaker kim kallstrom provided vital assistance in qualifying while talismanic skipper is out on a behavior that netted twenty eight goals in thirty two appearances to ac milan last season with each side having to play in form france and a depleted england in their other group d. matches both will be targeting victory in this first match at the olympic stadium which will also host the final and with
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a potential sixty thousand fans inside the ground as well as thousands across the city. cheering on their sides the prospect of returning here the ultimate match could prove the ultimate motivation capehart rich party kiev ukraine. well before they were mouthwatering clash gets things going in green day england versus france it will be our first competitive game in charge for english manager roy hodgson they don't come much tougher than drugs france are unbeaten in twenty one matches but hodgson says that will matter come kick off we are facing a team as you are at least in action form and twenty one matches on beaten at any level of football that alone international football is a is a for an achievement but. i think when you come to european championships or world cups to some extent having good form or bad form is it necessarily the the factor which is going to be decisive it's how your team is able to play only on the night
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on your money if you see don't pursue we went through a rough patch let's face it over the last two years we've been building up the team progressively we call it wide for this year of competition with difficulties but i believe we deserve to be here because we need to be confident although some teams that are equipped we are to win big camp but if we manage to come out with a group of fuel then anything is possible. while staying euro two thousand and twelve and russia are preparing for their second group a game against co-host poland take out of a cast member play in warsaw and choose day night our correspondent richard bump or of late is travelling with the russian squad. well this is russia's training base just outside of warsaw in the lovely small town of sileo vic where they'll be preparing for the euro two thousand and twelve championships well the training session was open the first fifteen minutes before it was closed to the press and this is what went on a lot when the free players are out we're out of a pitch training for the game against poland which comes up on tuesday was a great spirit in the camp especially after four one victory against the czech
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republic where the russians really were in fantastic form good thing is the who realized of those one one game we start now caused version of poland i don't see any. players with the idea for the world the. game so there goes bowl a different game different opponent and. you can get the same result but it will be more difficult than the first one was surely to test against poland will be a completely different kettle of fish for the russians well first of all they'll have to deal with a very hostile crowd have really been waiting for this match more than anything else and also the poles they looked very good going forward against the greeks and caused the russians quite a few problems in that area and also we can't really play as badly as the czechs did i mean they were really disappointing offer very little movement going forward and really dick advocaat side have got a look at it especially for the dortmund trio who could pose russia quite a few problems expect a very tough match against howland because they're playing at home they drew one
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one in their first game in that result wasn't enough for them as they do in point on tuesday they'll need a win so they'll be playing only for victory i think they got the count is likely to go over the same starting line up the played against the czech republic and that will include alexander cares a cough ok va he did miss seven chances very good chances but he did have a number of good opportunities to score but then again he was very good in creating opportunities for the russian team of course he set up goal and on another day a lot of those efforts would have gone in and he would have had a much better reputation after the game some of the main thing for us in that game was the. the team go on i fail to call myself a happens but i don't care if i score not as long as my team wins the final result is the most important of all and all things are going very very well for the russians so far following my opening day when confidence of a campaign sky high has been a really relaxed mood in the camp the times i've been in poland even before violence where mary moscow and i'll be looking to try and keep moving the best
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possible shape for the victory against poland on tuesday and also national stadium which of ample fleet r.t. so your pick opponent now are two goals where dustin johnson has proved himself a quick healer after winning these in june classic in memphis the american showing fine form in his second event since returning from a three month long layoff due to a back injury the twenty seven year old can even swing a golf club earlier this year to go right back to hitting his trademark huge drives over the last few weeks johnson said the sixteenth hole in the title hunt provided him with a few lucky breaks world number two rory mcilroy was one of them double bogey on the final hole to the street shots back john merrick also missing an eighteenth which would have forced a playoff with johnson so a six career p.g.a. title in the bag and a check for just over a million dollars in the bank and the weekend. and finally moscow this weekend
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played host to the women's european mountainbike cross country finals according event made even tougher with heavy rain falling in the russian capital as well but i've done reports. these ladies they represent the cream of the group in one of the most extreme sports and their own big brother graham mountain bike cross country to turn world. is russia's major medal hope at the upcoming london games. this is was one of those in the spotlight at the twenty twelve european championships held in the russian capital on sunday with a heavy rain making the course even more challenging the beginning of the contest. so they were heading the race along with bones my aversion and two thousand for olympic champ. last year but soon no restart managed to
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take a sole lead. this day actually remind me a lot of prudent two thousand and two when i won my first world champion title was this exactly the same condition and it was pouring rain and really tough out there and dangerous like this here i love being on my bike so i was really comfortable today with being in my own focused of course it's a tough tough day both going up and down and just being accurate keeping your bike in one piece is a tough tough thing today because a lot can happen in a little crash and then you break something in there and the lesser was victorious getting the better of not only the rest of the pack but the weather conditions to the thirty nine year old legends were bringing the victory like it was the first illustrious career it's first of all that for man for me and can are my my my coach that we are on the right way we have done a lot of good things so far and we have to stick to the plan for the coming weeks
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and we will see what happen in london. robert wagner on earth we must go for that is all from the world of sport more for you in a little under two hours time to join me that. question is that so much we're going to make a lot of the play here yeah because the era of the greenback finally coming to an end with china and japan now trading with each other in their own currencies is the international monetary.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.


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