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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2012 8:02pm-8:32pm EDT

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calling for intervention we've seen the new french president saying the same thing the americans obviously taking the lead the specter of a military solution returned before an investigation into who was responsible was even launched they're all saying that their side regime is committing human rights abuses and they repeat this message obsessive lee i am confident to predict that indeed it will remain fixed in people's minds and could well be used as a pretext and you don't have to look back to far to see where hasty joe to me saw a rush to take up arms at the cost of war in one thousand nine hundred ninety six and what happened in our division of a massacre which was the village of russia you had if you were in korea that was severely bullied by the u.s. ambassador it was leaving your observation mission on the ground your claims that it was a brutal mowing programs occur of innocent civilians by government troops serving with blame presented with ultimatum and ramble again and bought back then the yugoslavian government just like the syrian one now condemned militants for the
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killings in this case blaming the benon separatists from the cost of a liberation army an investigation was launched to find out whether the victims were innocent civilians as the international community claimed or whether the country's army had been battling professional fighters two out of three forensic inquiries proved most of the casualties died in combat the third report by an e.u. team has never been made public interestingly enough. we have been reports of syrian rebels who are they are liaising with the. think of being in kosovo liberation army the people who were basically agents of mido in the coastal war. basically treading on i don't know they were saying they were training in democracy and human rights but definitely the only training that the k.l.a. could have ever given anybody is how to figure massacre in order to stage a war and i believe that's exactly what's happening now. but even with hindsight
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after the nato boom enough you could slavia ruin the alliances the strikes in libya last year history isn't being prevented from repeating itself again and again here this seven images coming from syria and making world headlines everybody agrees those who are guilty must be punished but the reaction from the international community has been so safe and so called united the reason is that punishment will come before even those who are truly responsible. and that could mean not just a loss of justice but also huge loss of life. for a final should our t. reports in from syria. russia meanwhile stepping up its efforts to mediate a diplomatic solution in syria it wants an international contact group to persuade damascus and rebels to halt violence and start talks but moscow says some external players are provoking the syrian opposition to continue fighting that's a quote despite kofi of the peace plan. when we hear reports of another
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massacre in syria and currently we see such atrocities almost daily many international media outlets place the blame entirely on damascus the government of any country is of course responsible for what's happening within its borders but we're sure the regime alone is not to blame for everything that we see massacres in houla terrorist attacks in damascus and aleppo that have been condemned by the un security council all this is a result of confrontation so they are getting more and more support from abroad first of all moral support for the so-called armed opposition which is being supplied with money weapons and bolstered by militants from neighboring countries. with international calls for military action in syria growing its neighbor israel has spoken out in favor of intervention a senior israeli ministers accuse president assad of committing genocide during the fifteen month long uprising and demanding a libya style campaign has bare from the center for middle east studies in beirut thinks israel may have been given confidential promises that if assad were to fall a new government in damascus would be pro israeli. israel has always been
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cancer about what's going on in syria but for more than one year israel did not take it so far and me clear position. opposition in syria to support the opposition in syria for many reasons first they believe the israeli like they said many times that. you know it's better than anyone you don't know they were talking about president assad. despite that that is state of war between israel and the syrian regime but we don't have to forget that there is a ceasefire between the two countries which has been respected and not violated for almost forty years and israel has always fred and a lot about bringing to the power in syria some extra mystic groups for
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example which may present annie harm to israel or any aggression and there's a specially in the borders and now i believe that it's time to decide maybe a day received some signs some some towns some guarantees from united states which of course support the opposition in syria or directly from the syrian national council or some islamic group like muslim brotherhood that they will not against israel. the struggling euro zone has been dealt a fresh blow spain becoming the largest economy yet to ask for help as if admitted needs are hundred billion euros to prop up its beleaguered banks casual be fed directly to a special fund with madrid ultimately responsible for the money but the plan so let's avoid committing to additional cuts imposed from the outside as happened in the cases of greece ireland and portugal spain as prime minister has praised the
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loan as a victory for the credibility of the single currency but investment advisor patrick young questions its effectiveness and even the future of the euro as a currency. all of the politicians have basically left the people stranded the new government in spain went into denial mode from the law and they came into office and six months later they suddenly realized what anybody who was remotely financially literate could work six months ago two years ago even spanish banks are lost and ultimately there needs to be a way in order to manage to rescue them but the conventional being like mechanisms are not going to work and that's why ultimately it's very difficult to see tragically whether or not there really is a future to the euro was a currency the greeks when you talk to them on one side they don't want austerity and they don't really think they should have to pay their bills for the debts that have been grown by the government over the years at the same time they think they
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should be in the euro it's automatically a little bit like going i don't polling a group of eight year old children no matter that they may say that they realize they have to eat sensibly they're going to demand ice cream and jelly for their next meal and for every meal thereafter as long as they have influence the problem with greece is ultimately it doesn't really matter what they vote for in the course of the middle of june because they haven't actually been taking their medicine greece ultimately is returning to the drachma i think whether it likes it or not because it's completely untenable as a conventional modern democracy it's simply sadly does not function as one. polls have closed in france as people have cast their votes for the new parliament and exit polls suggest the outcome will favor recently elected socialist president francois hollande his party already controls the senate r t s r so your reports from paris. initial estimates of come out at eight pm local is the actual results you have the aggregate of the left now getting forty seven point one percent then
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you have the right thirty five point four. party who was trying to get seats in parliament for the first time since the one nine hundred eighty s. will they have thirteen point four percent so that is a victory for her in this sense and you still have forty two point nine percent that will go on to the second round those would be votes candidates that are guarded about zero point five percent of the votes are they going to go for the second round of what he really wants is an absolute majority if not an absolute majority of all the socialist party getting more than fifty percent that would be a majority of the left at least he would support his policies but let's remember that during the presidential election the people would come and voted for socialist stuff and so long they had voted for change in a small because they didn't want any more so in a simple symbolically this is a test of the young ability to get support from the french people if he doesn't get the majority essentially you will have a president who is on the left and you will have a parliamentary that is on the right right now before this elections it was the
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conservatives that was had the majority in the lower house and this will certainly pose problems into passing new laws that he wants to get into place such as his proposal to add sixty thousand new jobs in education sector or tax the rich by as much as seventy five percent of france so a lot of what's going to painting on his team or growth measures and getting faster out of the crisis and then if he doesn't get if he doesn't get the support of the lower house he will not be able to go on that this path certainly the conservatives are going to be more for this asserting measures now we see spain in trouble and you see my trickle down into france and if the french people get even more austerity proselyting they're certainly not going to be happy about it in front of a lot just in the beginning of a storm does not want to see supports lesson for the socialist party well as far as foreign policy is concerned the part of the military and defense. posed to withdraw troops from afghanistan earlier a year earlier than planned and if he does in time to follow through with the
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promises he made during his election campaign he will need the support of the lower house he already has the majority in the senate and it's crucial that he does get the support of the parliament in france camille grande from the foundation for a strategic research says the predicted socialist victory is part of a larger political trend across europe the most likely scenario is that you will get a clear left majority big issue is whether it would be dismissed or it would be built only around a socialist party all what do we need to support of socialist and eyes such as they come in useful kinda greens in parliament french politics are. interesting because they're not always go with the overall cycle in europe when we do see certainly is the rise of those nationalist he's all over the board in europe and this is clearly the case in france as elsewhere in europe and this is this is a phenomenon that it is happening across the board when it comes to the rise of
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socialism what it was clear in the recent actions in europe is that the. parties in power have about a tendency to lose election that happened in greece in. spain and they need to be so this is a situation where the incumbents are are in trouble. well stay with us here on r.t. still to come while housing mubarak is reported in critical condition egyptians gathered to express anger that the former president was not sentenced to death for his violent suppression of demonstrators during the revolution that ousted him from power. but first year asia's two biggest countries cemented their partnership this week as russian president vladimir putin visited china and a full of business deals were assigned but apart from ensuring that trade is continuing moscow and beijing have a number of pressing international issues to tackle or he selects airshow ski reports. who could have called off
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a century ago when china and russia cost over disputed territories that in twenty twelve russia's president would be greeted by a red carpet in beijing during a lavish state visit. where we know that you years ago trying to became russia's largest st bernard you know outstripping other nations in the former soviet union as well as germany and other european nations you know the security cooperation in russia and china the parallels you know the economic and other forms of cooperation yes china needs and i like russia with putin and hu jintao is alliance was reconfirmed by their unified stance on middle east issues in particular the syrian conflict that are being the. difference as a patron of russia china and the subways and that are again countries from china and the russian perspective he said listen lysine. the implementation and that's a plan rather than lies and whether or not we see the poverty. that exists in
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government that is now the committee so i think the chinese position on the series still a small responsible and decide to have prominent on the final solution to the sea of red crisis and putin splendid to boost their already strong military ties so to be pleased beijing in light of us major war games in the region and the recent tour of the us did. secretary through the asia pacific china is strengthening its armed forces at an unpredicted rate the united states invaded the philippines in one thousand nine hundred in one thousand eight hundred it invaded the asian part of russia to stop the russian revolution most of the war in asia then it went to korea vietnam the united states has fought many many battles in asia pivot towards asia should be considered something of great alarm for the people of the continent russia and china were also joined in beijing by iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad who supported their stance on syria the leaders also agreed that only diplomatic and political approaches should be considered when dealing with the
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issue of tehran's nuclear intentions condemning any international talk of aggression towards the republic the chinese and the russians probably don't want to see and overly domineering. which i think is understandable coming from moscow and beijing and i think what the u.s. i think does and to some degree the u.s. with europe with western europe does. seem to be coming down quite strongly in the middle east. as the. russians and the chinese you know have their interest which are not necessarily congruent with those or the u.s. they would probably want to protect those interests important talks in difficult times and dozens of multi-billion dollar business agreements signed three day visit all but concerned that the countries have kickstarted a new era in their relations and the fact that putin chose beijing as one of his early priorities since returning to power indicated that's in the far east as one
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of its most important partners more than half a century ago the chinese describe the u.s.s.r. as the elder brother by the time the soviet union collapsed these sentiments were gone. to visit to beijing suggested that the two countries may not feel like a family just yet but have definitely moved much closer to each other. see reporting from beijing in china there is always plenty more on our website r t dot com here's what's online right now and ungodly scandal season the police raid that the former head of the vatican bank allegedly exposed misdeeds inside one of the world's most secretive organizations plus. some ali islam is militants wanted in the u.s. with a thirty three million dollar bounty on their heads come up with a counterproposal offering ten camels for president barack obama before story at r.t. dot com. health of egypt's former president hosni mubarak is reportedly teary
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orating he's now in a cairo prison a hospital said to be slipping in and out of consciousness thousands gathered in tahrir square this week angry at the verdict in mubarak's recent trial they're calling for the death sentence for his role in the killing of hundreds of protesters during last year's uprising there also angry his former prime minister made it to the presidential election a runoff next week henri's facing off against the muslim brotherhood candidate the ruling military council says it will transfer power to the elected president by july first arab affairs journalist and i feel around danny says people are furious of the lack of positive change. seems that the i'm going to reach. two people missing and massive beyond the media square last year beginning. and then much seen again on the streets of not only cairo and square in particular but have crossed and to see the country as a home with all the demonstrations organized and wondered where that could and but
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also more demonstrations planned across the country in the days leading to the second round of elections so the and anger at the mubarak administration in general is still very much there and it's directed at many things and first of all different than mubarak himself going to these execution he's like a billion. protected in one nine hundred times some of them strengthens and in last years that price even more crucially to what i'm so six top aides in the mubarak regime which were acquitted and that is an indication as far as the egyptians are concerned as all of their heads has been removed the body destruction of the mubarak regime is still very much in place stay with us here on r.t. still ahead promoting patriotism on the silver screen. hundreds and hundreds of homes and television shows and military seem more heroic that really is never wrong
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and always good this creates a false image in the american people when it comes to the u.s. military hollywood lead so i had it with a little help from the pentagon. but first tens of thousands gathered in georgia second largest city kutaisi in support of the country's major one of the country's major coalition troops the georgian dream party was set up by a local billionaire and expected to provide the main challenge to the ruling party of mikhail saakashvili ahead of elections later this year director of the eurasia democrat democracy initiative peters says if history is to judge the government's response to the rallies may not be a peaceful one. no the opposition has criticised the shoes increasing for kerry and tactics and unfortunately that issue has not gotten enough traction among voters president so i guess what is government has been known to do with opposition protests this quite harshly one particularly brutal crackdown if you remember occurred in two thousand and seven ironically the fourth anniversary of the rose
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revolution yet the opposition sticks to its peaceful methods and it has so far so good she was going to not have a good enough excuse to crackdown and it will have to rely. on the peaceful methods in dealing with these demonstrations maybe deny media coverage to the opposition and i also believe that it is still quite assured. in october. protesters in russia meanwhile who break a revised law on demonstrations will now have to pay up to seven thousand euros or face two hundred hours of community service president putin stress the new rally laws in line with european standards in france for example protesters of violating the law can be fined up to forty five thousand euros and face several years behind bars the law will be tested tuesday when an opposition rally called the march of millions of said to take place previous anti-government demonstrations of the sort that into a scuffle between police and protesters. the obama administration says it will
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crack down on government whistleblowers in the name of national security but that may not square with the hollywood filmmakers granted special access to sensitive data while producing movies promoting military heroism critics say it's a double standard as artie's medina coaching over reports. from a former cia officer who question waterboarding to suspected we keep small bradley manning the obama administration has wasted an unprecedented war on whistleblowers prosecuting more of them under a span ash loss than old previous administrations combined but it seems one man snitch is another man spin doctor the problem with the current situation with the current white house is they have leaked classified information several times when it suits them to do so one of those with what was written with the book obama's wars done by bob woodward or they played out two chapters of information about current operations and also with the catholic bible bigelow project regarding seal team six takedown of gun laws last year at this time the film in question which is
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titled asked zero dark thirty covers last year's raid by u.s. commandos on the pakistani compound where some of bin laden was hiding. the conservative watchdog judicial watch has obtained records revealing that hollywood filmmakers were given access to precisely undisclosed information about the operation oscar winning director kathryn bigelow and screenwriter mark boal were even granted at tour around the volt as cia building where tactical planning for the raid took place the film is out in december but was initially due to be released just weeks before november's presidential elections sad facts all some flak fly the administration's way while the entire project has raised concerns over the way intelligence is being used it's best that this kind of information particularly as it revolves around what's surrounding this movie remains classified
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it absolutely has to it's very unfortunate that it's coming out to be used for political purposes for a congressional election however there is nothing unusual about the defense department collaborating with the makers of hollywood blockbusters it's a partnership that dates back to the middle of the twentieth century and it has proved effective the pentagon has what hollywood filmmakers one access to millions of dollars worth of military equipment to use in the movies and hollywood has what the pentagon wants the end sloan's to sugarcoat its actions and attract millions of potential recruits in recent months to other movies about the navy seals viber and to valor how first if the official assistance veteran hollywood reporter david robb says the pentagon has for a long time had access to the scripts of hollywood filmmakers to show the military in a better lot on the american people. seeing hundreds and hundreds of films and television
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shows that have been sanitized by the military and to make military seem more heroic than it really is and never wrong and always good that this creates a false image in the american people's mind so while. others are trying to project patterns and propaganda on to the silver screen my you know question artsy reporting from los angeles california. take a look at some other stories making headlines across the globe gunmen attacked a church in northeastern nigeria killing at least six and wounding several others in a separate incident a suicide car bomber blew himself up outside a different church along with the attacker that blast left four worshipers dead and injured more than forty radical islam a second boko haram claimed responsibility for the strike that targeted christians in the religiously divided country. a plane carrying
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parachutists crashed near the ukrainian capital kiev killing five fifteen more suffered injuries some serious the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing after encountering heavy rains and high winds and investigations been opened into the cause of the crash. foliage police arrested fourteen football fans after officers tried to break up fighting between irish polish and croatian supporters the incident happened just before the curry show ireland game in the euro two thousand and twelve football championships it's the latest in a string of clashes that's already seen a number of teams warned over their supporters behavior. be back with headlines in a few minutes followed by our interview with syria's minister of information stay with us.
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there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact possible. before the source material is what helps feed journalism one of the reasons.
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we wanted to present. something else. with the end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake especially a lot of nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. focus of a difference to use it as a threat all as an actual weapon you know if you keep spinning a trillion dollars a year on weapons of benchley you're going to blow everybody up you you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see it people don't wake up to know through weapons or build the new. that represents all the firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today.
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four thirty am in moscow easier r.t. headlines here's fighting across syria over the weekend reportedly leaves dozens dead this is moscow continues to push for an international conference to resolve the crisis and the u.n. admits neither side is sticking to the peace plan. madrid asked the eurozone for one hundred billion euros to shore up struggling banks and becomes the largest economy to seek aid so far the plan led spain avoid additional cuts imposed from outside as happened in the cases of greece ireland and portugal. boosting trade and tackling the crisis in the middle east eurasia two biggest countries cement their partnership this week as russian president vladimir putin
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visits beijing. as well as violence on the ground in syria damascus has been fighting an information war with the country's unrest laid bare on t.v. next syria's minister of information says why he thinks there's more to the coverage than meets the eye. that it and that's the arab league council has asked satellite operators are upside . down the broke cast of sirius satellite channels what do you think about this decision. this decision is an attack on free media and freedom of expression it's an attack on syrian media with the purpose is to hide the truth about what is really going on in syria from people both inside and outside the country this is part of the smear campaign launched by certain satellite channels and supported by the gulf nations behind us.


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