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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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never ever sprayed the face by party argument that they're being overly dramatic. well i'm going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture well one patron of the occupy movement was released from the hospital over the weekend or checked in another round of violence police abuse against the occupy wall street movement over the weekend the latest updates lots of next rocket fire wall street but also just a few hours was causing governor scott walker will have to start fighting for his political life a breakdown of the progressive recall effort the badger state and what kind of underhanded tactics walker supporters are resorting to make sure the war on labor continues and later in the show who wife more than seven trillion dollars out of
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our economy in tonight's deal we think. you need to know this over the weekend iraq war veteran scott olsen was finally released from the hospital also was nearly killed by oakland police when he was in the head by a tear gas canister during the police assault occupy over more than two weeks ago he suffered a skull fracture and brain injuries also released a photo of himself with a statement reading i'm feeling a lot better with a long road in front of me after my freedom of speech was quite literally taken from me my speech is coming back but i've got a lot of work to do with the rehab thank you for all your support it has meant the world to me you'll be hearing more from me in the near future and soon enough we'll see you in our streets or rather the story of scott olsen being a cautionary tale for police on just how much force is too much force when dealing
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with a ninety nine percent movement police departments around the nation resorting to that same old brute acted once again over the weekend occupy portland was busted up police on sunday hauling fifty patients off to jail saying the. happen in salt lake city where police arrested nineteen patriots on saturday and shutdown that occupation in albany twenty four people were arrested in denver another week of police violence four people were arrested according to a statement from occupy denver denver cops kettle's people indicate either in riddled them with pepper balls another patriot was hit by a police motorcycle and had to be hospitalized and police were threatening to break people's teeth and shoot people their words at least they didn't move in with assault rifles like police in north carolina did to break up an occupation of patriots in chapel hill meanwhile in oakland were scott olsen was critically wounded by police there was yet another raid on the occupy oakland encampment this morning in full riot gear oakland police swept in tore down the camp and arrested twenty patriots as
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a result of this latest action oakland mirror gene clause legal adviser don siegel resigned from his job tweeting no longer marathons legal advisor resigned at two am support occupy oakland not the one percent and its government facilitators. latest on what just happened in oakland and elsewhere i'm joined on the phone from california by joshua holland senior writer and editor alter net joshua welcome back tom thanks for having me thanks for joining us big crackdown in oakland this morning as we saw a few weeks ago a day after the crackdown people took to the streets the next night so could more violence be on the horizon tonight. well i hope not but i'm certainly seems similar to after the last crackdown i'm speaking to you from the main public library project out of thin fourteenth street where protesters promise to reconvene if they were evicted from the progress. about three hundred people here i imagine that they will protest afterwards a police officer was quoted earlier saying that all hands were on deck tonight that
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they fear protester violence i can assure you that protesters here also fear police violence there is some new today from oakland as well the a.c.l.u. of northern california and the national lawyers guild filed attempts the open police department for except the sports. there representing scott campbell who was a protester who still himself being shot with a less lethal projectile and they're seeking a emergency temporary restraining order for use their force against protesters in oakland. police department or other fictional seventy five pm told tomorrow she responds so that's what's happening right now on the ground in oakland do you think of the occupy oakland group can self police themselves. well this is a running debate in occupy oakland last night general assembly
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subject of heated debate what tactics were appropriate why tactics were inappropriate and more than anything else how different groups that have different view is that could work together without undermining each other this is known as a diversity of tactics a lot of people said that if you're from a different school or cost condemning destruction. tech and that alienates the community but this is always going to fade with the occupy oakland i would point out that the vast majority of protesters here do not believe in violence or vandalism. but but again because it's a leaderless group and there are called stories. there is quite a bit of debate about what to do about those few that do believe they're very very interesting joshua holland joshua thanks so much for being with us tonight thanks a lot tom i appreciate it from occupy wall street to occupy the living room as
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thousands of patrons around the nation get forced out of their occupations they're setting up camp on the lawns of homes on the verge of verge of foreclosure to save the families getting kicked out to run the latest offshoot of the ninety nine percent movement the occupy homes movement i'm turned over to nick espinosa organizer with occupy minneapolis and it was a i found a saturday thanks for joining us on why occupy people's homes. you know right now all we want to do is expand this movement from wall street and to main street to folks who are most affected by this crisis so what we've done is move into the home of monique white who is living in north minneapolis which is the area of many have been hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis they've had over forty percent of the city's foreclosures now only thirteen percent of the city's homes are actually in north minneapolis something huge crisis for north and we want to draw attention to that crisis is is it that there's a question about who really owns these homes a separate with like you know dicey bank activities or or even bank reselling of
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work edges or is this just a straight out. protest against the the bubble economy and and the crash that has been brought to us by fill in the blank and presumably wall street but we think this is a very clear ask you know u.s. bank the bank owns her mortgage and we want to ask them to renegotiate with morning to find a way to keep her in her home she's done everything right she's got through hoops trying to find a way for her and her family to stay in her home and thus far they have been unwilling to negotiate now unfortunately monique's not alone there you know hundreds of thousands of americans facing foreclosure and unfortunately as big banks are raking in record profits they're refusing to negotiate with what it's like money and you know when we have empty homes on the block it does no good for anyone who kept making homes the neighbor's property values are going down we're losing revenue for schools in our children and up a same time these banks if they do sell the house that they're selling it back i
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did not attend because the house across the street from monique's house sold for ninety five hundred dollars so it's unthinkable that they would negotiate her hundred thirty thousand dollars mortgage how successful first of all are you occupying inside her house or or parked on the front lawn. yeah we're we're both inside and out we've got folks on rolling sleeping bags on the floor inside the house and it had about ten tents staying out outside the house is about thirty to fifty people who are staying on any given night and lots more who are willing to mobilize should they decide that they want to come and try to take money could her family away from their home in their community as your movement had any successes of you know we have we were working with a another homeowner by the name of ruth norman who's a small business owner who was just asking for two more weeks to get moved out of her home and us bank again refused to negotiate with her for months she got to court and it's made phone calls can't get a call back within twenty four hours of course i'm not saying that we're working
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with her and protesting on her they have her phone was ringing off the hook and within a day you must make a meeting only settle back in for more than what she asked for the paper eighteen days and about twenty five hundred dollars so we see that you know when the pressure is on these parents really can negotiate and it brings the larger question of why are they negotiated for people all over the country what we need is a moratorium on foreclosures i'm so they come up with a solution that keeps people in their homes so that we can all that we can you know it's better for all of us that we're not having empty homes on the block. is this occupy holmes movement something that is unique there in minneapolis or is it spreading around the country. it is spreading all over the country me been in touch with people from occupy oakland to st louis that i can kind of home in atlanta right now and so we've seen this and we see this movement in this moment the movements getting a lot of momentum and i think it's a great i think it's a great option for the occupy movement you know really getting into community into
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communities and engaging with people who are hardest hit by this crisis especially people of color who should be leading this movement as the ones who are most affected and we think it's a great strategy to bridge the gap between what is often criticized as a largely white move. and to actually work directly with the people who are most affected and what message do you have to other civil law in communities devastated by foreclosure you know don't give up hope we've seen that the momentum with this movement is pretty. incredible and things are shifting rapidly it's just been incredible to be part of this and i think homeowners like ruth and more nuclear seeing that when we stand together we can fight we can win and we can make these big banks negotiate with us to find a solution that works for everyone. that has been also thanks so much for being with us tonight. thank you from protecting foreclosure victims to convincing people to move their money out of big banks and into small credit unions and changing the
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dialogue in the media from the debt crisis to the jobs crisis to getting even members of the republican party to talk about wealth inequality the success of the occupy movement so far has been substantial let's keep it up go occupy something. it's time for ideally pull your chance to tell us what you think the new york post reports that occupy wall street has caused businesses across the park after million dollars so will the new york post mention how much the banks various across america it choices are yes they'll also talk about breaking up the big banks stopping the predatory bad practices and fixing wall street or no they won't say that american families are nearly eight trillion dollars poorer today as a result of the financial meltdown we're going to coddle oh so you think the poll will be open until tomorrow. coming up a recall of governor scott walker of wisconsin they put his war on unions on oil
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what does our nation need to do beyond that to make our economy work for the middle class once again. like drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it through to be made who can you trust no one who is you you with a global mission to see where we had a state controlled capitalism and school fashions when nobody dares to ask we do you are t. question more.
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just a few hours from now trouble one am tuesday morning the governor scott walker recall campaign officially begins as right tomorrow teams of canvassers hit the streets across wisconsin in a bid to collect by one hundred forty thousand signatures to trigger a recall election against scott walker organizers have sixty days to get enough signatures and according to early polling voters are split right down the middle on whether or not they support a walker because now some self identified conservatives are trying to tip the scales in walker's pachter favorite city and the resorting to the usual republican electoral tactics cheating as mother jones is reporting facebook is abuzz with people bragging about how they plan to sabotage the recall effort as one individual
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for example named will jenkins writes on the social networking website quote i am campus in an area that is very liberal i will be taking all those petitions and reading them once i'm done for my isp and estimation i'll be able to destroy fifteen to twenty thousand signatures others bragged that they will purposefully mislead wisconsin voters telling them it's illegal to sign more than one recall petition something that's completely untrue so after last week's electoral backlash against republicans who are conservatives in wisconsin bat desperate that they'll cheat to ensure that their hero scott walker stays in office then maskey joins me now from was caught. he's an attorney and pro-democracy advocate as well as executive director of the liberty tree foundation ben welcome. thanks for having me don thanks for joining us back isn't the straw in a recall petition a felony in wisconsin or maybe they're looking to do something about the inequity ungrateful incarceration rate there is a felony that serious prison time and major crime and i can tell you that there
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will be many more people out on the streets of the state. back in the recall them were opposed to it so i think those folks better be careful well if it is a felony if it is a crime and people are bragging that they're going to do it. doesn't that probably just fall into the category of people blowing off hotter in this or there really isn't any kind of organized campaign is this a tempest in a teapot but there definitely is an organized campaign to prevent the recall from going ahead i think it's going to fail it's going to fail utterly but you know i think if it takes different forms and different levels of that movement how you see that in terms of. bragging about interfering with the recall in terms of fraud but you also see it happening at the level of the legislature itself where there have been attempts to prevent the recall from of the board by adding additional requirements to the process in the state of wisconsin requiring notarization petition something we have not had before in this state you see you seem basically
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what we expect in wisconsin that they will attempt everything they can think of and everything they can find and they've got plenty of money to prevent the recross moving ahead were they successful and now requiring a notary and a potato any signs of fish. no you see i'm shaking my head and the answer is no there was an attempt to do that legislative lead that got held up there is an attempt to put pressure on the supposedly nonpartisan government accountability or and that appears to have been resistant so far and the reason is because there is such a title momentum that is building in this state and it's days almost a state holiday it's recall walker eve in the state of wisconsin and people are holding events all across the state this week i think we're going to see wisconsin rise again and i think it's going to be a story so it's like people are just waiting until one minute after midnight so they could sign the petitions are saying if you have already been you know it's right there's a balance going on so you know and so starting at midnight some place this summer
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starting and o'clock tonight there are events all over the state tomorrow i understand the people are going to be petitioning and scott walker's neighborhood some of his neighbors are hosting a bounce in southeast wisconsin and this coming friday and saturday you're going to see major rallies one of them going more theater in madison on friday night and one of the state capitol on saturday so i think that this movement is just picking up steam right now and it does have a festive spirit to it is is the recall or the threat of a successful recall i suppose which is probably considered more credible now after the results in ohio has that changed scott walker or his behaviors or the whole fits walker stand axis. he clearly thinks that he can do no wrong and he is living in a different world from the rest of the people in state i mean if he had been paying attention to politics in the way that a politician normally does he would hurt himself he want to slow down a long time ago he hasn't done that it is mate we call necessary this is
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a essential democratic right and it's a right that has not been exercised all that often but the reality is that scott walker is one of the most divisive if not the most divisive figure in wisconsin's history and so people are gearing up and they're very excited to be moving ahead with this process or more and if you take a christer crystal ball really think it's all gone but i think that we're going to get the signatures i think you're going to see that if you go to recall dr god or of your city one of the efforts there's also a united wisconsin and many other efforts across the state of constant i think we're going to get the signatures many more than the among and will be a very interesting next six months if we win this thing in wisconsin it will be very meaningful i think to people across the rest of the united states and so i expect that we'll have a lot of help from across the united states as well. then thanks so much for being with us tonight. you know thanks so much appreciate it let's not forget how this recall effort against scott walker all started because walker decided to wage war
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on unions earlier this year as we've all learned over the last thirty years without strong union protections the middle class disappears as this chart shows union membership has declined over the past thirty years starting with reagan and with the middle class and share of total income in the united states also declined because of the red blue lines meanwhile the green line the one percent income sure has risen dramatically now the transnational corporate c.e.o.'s don't have to deal with pesky labor unions either holding them accountable or demanding higher wages and safer working conditions so once again corporations are employing the working poor illegal immigrants who are slaves overseas to do work rather than giving americans a decent paying job and a shot of the middle class is this cancerous consequence of free market capitalism is simple get rid of unions skew the tax system to favor the capitalists people who make money with money and the middle class dies so what's more important a healthy middle class or a healthy capitalist class this is i think one of our questions of the day and
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answer that i'm joined by genuine city senior editor of the daily caller jamie could see again could be your time thank you. i want to just set this up in this whole conversation that you and i are having came out of the reason i'm going to monticello on saturday for a wedding anniversary and. looking back and you know the whole slavery and all that kind of stuff and looking back on it. from the founding of the country until the civil war we had slavery as a major source of labor and in the north there was child labor over twenty five percent in some cases over forty plus b. no the south was one of the poorest sections it was the poor section of the country and in the north you had child labor you know as much as twenty five forty percent of labor force was people under fifteen and that pretty much extended you know after we construction you saw child labor exploding we have immigrant labor we had restricted immigration in the united states until twenty twenty four and that suppressed the cost of wages so it seems to me i mean looking at the arc of history
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and i've written two books on the my homework that there really is only this one period this little forty year period from one nine hundred forty basically until the one nine hundred eighty s. when there was what we would call a middle class the united states when we weren't reliant either on literally on slaves or on wage slaves were child labor and since the one nine hundred eighty s. and one nine hundred ninety s. of particular clinton's trade policies were back to reline and slaves we just don't have them here in this country anymore we we've export a defined slaves well i mean you were not right i mean i think i personally i find that i mean it's a loaded term you were not going to rely on slave you're saying relying on low wage workers overseas which which first why don't they just nestle entirely accurate there are certainly some factories overseas that employ people for low wages and if you ask them i don't think they would consider themselves slaves given the option i think they would rather have that job than no job at all because their option all
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of us been why and so i pad and why you know so many of the factories and in many countries across asia and principally in asia you know why do they lock people up but you know if you know that is absolute rage is anyone anyone that's a lock someone in there and forces them to work that bad that is you know if i speak for my wife on was what made they they have what a net around but rather close to what it is many places where there is low wages. and you know there's been plenty of this to be shown in the economists will say this the option is not going to mean the the low wage in something better it's between that or nothing at all which which is others ninety one and i haven't i haven't really got to this thesis that i want to discuss with you and i rather than debate it with a lot to discuss it. is that you know we started with slavery and cheap labor and we're back to slavery and cheap labor you can call it whatever you want and that during that period that forty year period of very high unionization the united states well here's the thesis basically that when you aggregate kaput. you know put
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in a small number of hands it eventually will corrupt the system in which it exists to the point that basically the system can't be called a democratic republic anymore it ends the you end up with the end of competition in individual industries get dominated by a small number of companies in each case very very wealthy individuals and basically you're an oligarchy in fact they have their own special tax and i reject it i'm sorry the entire if you try to pieces in several parts one is that the idea that for only a short period of time america was truly having a middle class and in something to be more than fifty percent but but but the fact of the matter is that there was a reason people were leaving other countries to come here because the opportunity to succeed was so great and it would be ideal in that time we were limiting immigration we started limiting it immigration one hundred twenty four which period you refer to i'm sorry if i'm referring to people these through the ages we limit people people kate so you're saying that if we want to you want to live in immigration to united states you know what i'm saying is that if your argument is
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that because people want to come here i think you actually you're making my argument i'm saying that that was the golden era of the middle class people who want to come here before that time i mean the immigration united states were sure what it would not do the rest thought it was a whole right to exist and we'd be a lots and lots of free resources that were your point you're pointing to a certain factor slavery and what not to to show you know apparently america was built on this but that those were not the exceptions of america those were the rule the world america was like everywhere else in the world because they had slavery and also other decrepit think what made america unique was the opportunity to succeed and it's a democratic republic and so it's not capitalism i mean let's start out by stipulated i don't even want to believe what you're defining as capitalism i mean while you're acting as if capitalism is allowing is crony capitalism to corporations that's not that's not capitalism ok you don't make your living through capital i don't make my living here neither one of us i don't i don't know your entire history but i can say i've never been a cab i've started
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a bunch businesses i've run businesses. never made my living on capital gains apple said your own tax rate. i mean and i'm guessing the same is true for you so we're not capital and by the way you're redefining capitalism in to a certain extent we're talking in a free market system a capitalist system where there's pretty markets. and this is a this is a free market system it's capitalism is one piece of it but there's a very small number of people who are actually capital who actually make their living with calving i know what you're trying to say here trying to say we're going to share it what happened was they put in your hands is my cap with money capitalism which is a system you're talking about a capitalist who uses capital to to make money because it leads them citizens out of you know if you have brought have you know the there's enormous power with aggregated capital and that if something doesn't balance them and in this case i'm saying unions something doesn't balance of power it's going to become cancerous it's going to tip the society in a way that's destructive visit this is what this is what all of this is what we
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know and what we've seen in the last thirty years since china and india have more of a move more towards a free market system not perfect by any means but certainly away from their more centralized policies we saw in china nine hundred seventy nine with the experiment in chains and now expanded other places hundreds of millions of people have been brought out of poverty through the free market capitalism it's the most as we've had a capitals and there's and there's you know there's there's rising demand for unions there in those countries as well people are saying we want to be able to balance the power of accumulated capital i think we're arguing past each other to some extent you're trying to make a case that capitalism in capitalists and in trying to sparse words here that capitalism is legal in the case of the market system. doesn't mean doesn't mean you can be a wage earner it's still part of the capitalist system. well you can be but you're not a capitalist your wager and capital says a person makes their money through investments they pay back some fifteen percent
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income tax rate right now we have you had special tax rate for cap it's not just through investments it's a cap capitalism use capital to create goods steve jobs was a capitalist and did remarkable things. you know look i i am happy to jobs is not a capitalist he started a company in his in his garage where you said yes he started that company actually i think he may have no money at atari he wasn't made enough money at the tare that they could build that computer and market system you with that he was operating in but i think i remember hearing enterprise you're playing like a semantic i think a semantic game here we are saying that capitalists having lived it with their dad during a time when when unions had enough power in the united states that people like steve jobs could get a job at atari the paid enough but he didn't have to compete in your credits that you're trading unions for creating steve jobs i was. he wouldn't suggest that he in fact he said you know ministration is too much regulation on business as it is.
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steve jobs it was someone who used the opportunities in the free market system he was a product of the upper middle class which he was he absolutely was not a product of the middle homes he couldn't afford college he dropped out of college he had no money you might say he was poor actually very poor he walked he walked while in college miles to get one for free hot meal a week at how are you christian years he hardly was on the upper middle class he was he was poor well that's that's great but that doesn't mean that he was a capital c. didn't begin the business with. ok he he he he he he was an entrepreneur ok and that's what and that's what conservatives support copy because it was all in favor of free markets of entrepreneurs you're trying you're trying to make a distinction here which are which is it's a very clear distinction i don't i don't think it is and what i think what you're trying to say is that capitalism has nothing to do with capitalists. you think the free market system of capitalism is different than capitalists ok well apparently apparently we are talking past each other and we want to wrap it up jamie thank you
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for dropping by it's one of the try to get help and in the next. eight in my opinion a middle class doesn't exist on its own it's not something that exists in nature it's that it has been nurtured by a government that has been nurtured by things like regulations but higher taxes on millionaires and billionaires by trade policies that support domestic manufacturing most importantly by support for labor unions unfortunately all those things i just mentioned policies that create a middle class have been largely abandoned in the united states and middle classes vanishing as a result time to roll back the reagan tax cut drop out of the so-called free trade agreements and bring democracy back to the workplace because our middle class depends on. after the break big news came out of the supreme court today on the fate of obamacare so will the five right wing justices in the high court impartially interpret the law or will they pass actions like bush v gore and citizens united and simply vote their party wrong.


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