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renaissance no tomb ok rules we talk to my friends pacific so resort and spa. in israel look he's available in cinemas hotels in a period in hotel jerusalem. live from the heart of the russian capital this is on the now back to our breaking news at this hour there's been a blast at moscow's a dome at the end of a port and the international arrivals hall where passengers collected their luggage there are reports of at least ten people having died and around twenty others are injured and now we can now speak to aussies and when you go to school you can bring us up to date now on the very very latest details arena can you just bring us up to date what is going on what's happened at the airport as far as we know already at this point we know that the blast has occurred at four thirty two pm this afternoon already the vote that explosion happened in the arrivals hall like you said i think
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this point the investigators which are working at the scene of course right now as we speak are saying that the the origin of the blast the guy wearing the luggage compartment off the airport color that information is yet to be confirmed precisely like you said at least ten people have been killed twenty at least are injured but of course unfortunately are the authorities are sticks directing the numbers to rise they do not know the exact number of casualties at this point are people of course are being evacuated from domodedovo airport which is the biggest and busiest airport in the russian capital we also know that all of the employees of the airport everybody working at the terminal have been told to go home and of course at this point the. police and the authorities of the airport. a huge amount of work i laid out before them not only have they have to figure out where there are six of what was this explosion there are some reports initial reports saying that this. was
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a suicide bomber attack colored that is yet to be confirmed we do not know what it is this has been confirmed as of yet however they are not going out that possibility of course they also have to cordon off the area the have to award people i got to there i think i was interested by departing that the airport is closed for them so others to this enormous amount of work like i said that which is yet to be done. is also security measures have been kept away out of the rest of mosco the airport there is four other airports out there is also sure image or airport there is no camera and the correct and all of these are the stories that right now are also dealing with ways that i was just security measures which have to be stepped up of course so this is the information that we have at the moment as far as boston details are and concerns i mean it's as you were saying a delegate of apples a large example in russia with twenty million passengers went through it just last year alone you tell us that there's an evacuation zone going on jim and then i know
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that the the airport is basically in a state of shut down the flights are being counseled to tell us about the security issues because we know the security drama that it is very good and is very very tight what is the next stage of operations for the police are they going to be doing a sweeping so it should be a port what's the next step well of course also they have to first of all they have to let all the people out of course they have to completely clear the area and like you said twenty million people gathered on the other through the airport just watch here alone there are thousands of people in the in the building in the area we're not talking just about passengers don't have to talk about airlines at present there's about people who work at the airport all the employees so of course they have to clear the air they have to assure all the people out and they have to do is we think first like you said they probably will have to check all the luggage i mean you cannot imagine the amount of time it's going to take them to in order to do all of that and what kind of a disgusted this really is i mean is this. i think there is no overestimation
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saying that this is a disaster for for the air traffic. flow as far as the damage it away airport is concerned of course is like i said there is no reports of smoke in the luggage in the in they rivals area so we do not know whether there is some sort of file if there is a fire that they also have to extinguish but we must not run out that bush ability that is totally what exactly they have to do so there is the there is no a really overstating the importance of this of this incident and all the implications that is going to carry forward and enormous amount of people involved are talking about thousands of people and not just in terms of flight delays or in terms of rising coming and going to and from the airport we're talking about security issues i mean this is something that will have to build looked at in most detail and to be have to figure out what exactly caused this blast and whether or not or any of the other airports also have to be concerned so i'm imagining there
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is going to be and it just. i get a couple work to be done by a moskos security officials by the police and special security forces so we have got to wait and see what's going to happen exactly where in the aftermath of this plot but of course the security measures like i said are being stepped up all of the airport at the would be at about there is a state of god it can chaos as far as guys and shows it concerned and of course we have to wait for the developments to bring you the latest on i mean as you were saying don't you have an estate and look down the investigate is the people being evacuated a blast in the arrival home of the international arrivals don't leave yet about but as we know it's russia's busiest airport so what about all the planes that are coming in to moskos doing that about do we have possibly dozens of more hundreds of planes in the whole bring passion simply must go now might they be rerouted to of
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lucca would overshadow matthew what about the hundreds if not thousands of passengers that are trying to fly into russia as the main biggest effort right now yes i think i grab salie right we're talking about thousands of passengers out almost definitely will have to be rerouted from the airports absolutely oh we don't know which airport as a few yet i mean that could be sheer imaging which could be local i'm thinking that at this point it's safe to assume that they're going to reroute them to know which every airport is the more ready to accept to the close passengers coming in they will probably break it off the train as your mates iraq and dogs will provide because because it is probably not cut out for such a scope for such a large number of passengers coming in i was definitely i mean there are planes in the air people have to be the people probably will be a concern and very shocked to find out that are not going to be arriving at that would get about obviously they have no we are finding out what happened i so this
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is going to be with very tiring day for the air traffic controllers as well. all right so security is doing it during us. of the terminals now looking for any other what could be suspicious packages as as we are reporting here an explosion of some sort has gone off in the international arrivals area. of the airport russia's largest airport in terms of passenger and cargo traffic and we're hearing it could be what could be up to ten people dead now and that is we'll get more details as they become available that's artie's a really good reporting. all right now let's get some more details on this developing situation here with. a boy who is on location can bring us up to speed here on the hello to you can you can you bring us up to date here this breaking news this hour moscow's domodedovo airport an explosion in the international arrivals area what more do you know why unfortunately are these points rory we don't know that much are the latest figures rag getting from news agencies is that
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up to ten people might have been killed in that explosion twenty people are believed to be injured in fact weaknesses as saying that these blast injuries so many people and eye witnesses say are saying that they're seeing forces and bodies still laying on the floor in the domodedovo airport but we're also hearing reports of the smoke in the iraq vote holds and as of this point we really don't know what caused these blast now it needs to be sad that the first thing that comes to many people's minds is a terrorist attack that is deal out confirmed i have to stress that it's still not the crime to this point but domodedovo airport has been associated with terrorist attacks in the past back in august of two thousand and four two planes departing from my dad over airport exploded me there killing eighty nine people on board that investigation later found that two suicide bomber two suicide bomber one marsa
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a region made from change network on that plane a captain of all these captain who was later convicted for allowing these two women and two chechen man accompanying them into the airport without searching them properly and workers at the domodedovo airport were also convicted for allowing these two women to buy and use their air tickets with it without showing proper identification but they get at this point i have to stress that we don't know whether these blast was caused by a terrorist attack we know that most of the service is fully. ambulances very rushed to the scene and now there are major airport the sharon meter airport is gearing up to accommodate all those flies regionally scheduled to arrive to my dad there were now ironically just earlier today we got the news from the other airport that again it was confirmed that i'm being as russia's largest
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airport traffic passenger is the number of passengers that service last year has increased by twenty percent to somewhere around twenty two point two million people and some of the most popular destination serviced by the domodedovo airport include egyptian resort of sharm el cher and who got there as you can understand many people in most caring are really worried it is still a fairly popular. traveling season and just a couple of weeks ago we had a major and most moscow airport so as you can understand it is a major major concern for all the people living here in moscow and i assume across russia. that we're getting reports from according to the russian health ministry the possibly twenty three killed and possibly over a hundred injured in this now we're talking about this blast at the international arrival area. of now probably working to
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capacity when it comes to dealing with the rerouted airplanes from. there must be a lot of confused and frustrated passengers tell me what's next for the security forces and the police and investigators. about what's the next step well it's difficult to speculate on that at this point of course that our first task is to determine the cause of the blast and we're hearing that that most of the investigators. the most the strongest investigators have been santa. seeing there now working there trying to collect any evidence that they could get it's and did possibly the blast as you just reported took place in the it rivaled area so we can get to this you get the arrival section of the arrival area i believe that section still because it's you that if it was associated with any baggage or the lack of these. back should have got through extensive security if so it is
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a bizarre perplexing at this point delectation of the blast is a bit perplexing at this point but again at this point we cannot speculate what exactly was behind that blast now i have to tell you i was i had to do through the my brother airport just two days ago on my way from israel and i can tell you that it is a very very busy van you a lot of security on this scene and ever since two thousand and four when those new terrorist attacks associated with the planes that i mentioned earlier happened the security at domodedovo has really been stepped up and the management of the airports has really made its first priority but again this accident occurred the death toll continues to rise and i guess we only have to wait and see to know exactly what happened there are talks on and we're getting
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a new details now on this breaking news story here with the explosion. according to the russian health ministry thirty one people have been killed and one hundred thirty people injured and according to the investigative committee this is being qualified as a terror attack so we can get more details now on this from alexander who's a security expert joins us live if indeed this is a. who do you think could have carried it out what kind of motives are we talking about here understandably for. suddenly very early in this investigation. well we should remember that already in bristol we sold some similar attacks on objects called the socially significant infrastructure and elements of energy infrastructure in the caucasus and then we we spoke about the possibility that terrorists are changing their tactics that they have employed a new tactics to create social unrest in russia and so it is it could be part of
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the. i think occasion a chair a terrorist network. activities because it is perfectly in line with the tactics that they already stated in august by what we. object very close to to the living quarters they are trying to instill fear with the population and they are trying to create more social unrest and it is also evidence. and you have all over again as a sign that says these occasions terror or terrorist networks have taken. are now according to the investigative committee enchanted this is being qualified as a terror attack with thirty one killed and one hundred thirty injured now it was last march of last year that we had the moscow metro bomb if you think we can talk about the metro bombings and this in the same vein of conversation. i think
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yes they have classically you know why they could building together but since solitude is very difficult to say. to specially saudi who which organization actually committed these acts because no terror organization has taken responsibility for this act yet now you are a security expert tell me what's what's next and still what's happening right now with the investigators the police the security forces dome and. i'm probably in central moscow at some intelligence center as well what are they doing at this moment do you think. right now. they have been no comment from the federal security service who are actually in charge of such kind of investigation because as i have said it's too soon to say. but no they have found no traces but. admittedly they already suspect that the van that could be
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a seaside bomber engaged in this in this terror act and if so when they find out who exactly was the bomber was then it will be much clearer which are getting additional responsible but you know after such terror acts it's very difficult to find any remnants or anything that could help identify the actually the perpetrator of the act and right now they are trying to link supposedly that try to link the. accident with some or again is a chanst some turn again as asian or some some cluster of terror again as they should here in russia. and i think the police are right now from the unused it's from other t.v. channels we know that they are increasing the security measures at the app or and the some of the flights are being redirected to other airports such as sure made of a second and look of all bets as well as as as you were saying
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a lot of the flights are being rerouted to i should imagine and from the all the other two of the three main airports here in moscow as we're saying don't yet have the busiest and largest airport in an entire country of russia latest stats here thirty one killed one hundred thirty injured that's coming from the major investigative committee in charge when you talk about all these other airports having to pick up the slack and to pick up the pieces when it comes to this massive influx of extra and line is there must be a lot of very scant and confused passengers say wouldn't you say. so scholes and we are not exactly sure how many people are now will now have to wait for their flight while it being alleged and you know it will be very scary if such acts will happen in the airport approach the fact that there have no will be any other flaws in the airports given mention indicate that the. it is not part of
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a really major attempt to instill fear by for example coordinating by coordinating lots for example we could imagine that they could get was three aboard the ones sanctus synchronized in time and that would indicate at least this would be kind of a war declared towards the register services but we have not seen that and luckily they will not be such acts perpetrated in the airports we have mentioned so right now sensors are really scared and. the nation and the population the people of russia they're waiting for security measures to be increased and i think the natural reaction of the airport security than all the federal security services and agencies will be to increase security measures at airports of russia boards international and domestic alike that's what i think. and i think that o'sullivan
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if you are a security expert you know it's it's what started off as quite a smaller story earlier on we were originally reporting possibly two dead and possibly twenty injured now we're hearing that the invested a committee says this is a terror attack thirty one killed one hundred and thirty injured you talk about the possibility of of coordinated explosions here but whatever the case at the end of the day this is a very serious a time to this is on a large scale. what it is and what really what really scares what's really scary is a lot of. right incidentally is that there might be such a coordinated attack on the social infrastructure and as i like i said in august we already saw. that the cherished cherry stack takes what was changed and what we saw that they are now targeting the object all of the energy infrastructure of the object of the social infrastructure they have very socially
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significant and they are targeting. i think what i. do for an object so it is not like they are targeting on lee. railway stations or the subway but they add they you know they are changing their widening the number of the least of all objects that they are targeting and i think we could wait for some new objects of social infrastructure being acquitted on the waste and so the natural response from the security agencies could be to increase security like i sat on those objects and to maybe need to send more patrols to to a porch and to open subways and jobs like that to hospitals because we know that part of these objects in the past for hospitals and and schools as well i mean any which way we speak about north caucuses so that that could be that could be the natural response from the federal agencies and that what's people are what you are
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expecting from them. on a conference telethon off a security expert on live online thank you very much for your insight. let's give you some background information here doma you have an international airport is russia's largest airport in terms of passenger traffic connecting moscow to hundreds of cities around the world it's located some twenty two kilometers southeast all but the center of moscow now the number of passengers using the airport exceeded eighteen million last year currently seventy seven and lines both russian and foreign all. regular flights to. flights from the cup are two hundred forty one national international routes and it's one of the three major airports along with shouldn't you have. here in the russian capital. all right now let's get some more details on this from our tubes on a point give us the latest alex on ok an explosion of moscow's busiest airport at least thirty one people killed what more do you know if you know for us these
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thirty one people killed one hundred thirty people injured twenty of them are in a critical condition and the death toll unfortunately continues to rise i think one of the biggest concerns on people's minds at this point is that if you remember the previous experience of terrorist attacks here in moscow and across russia most of them were carried out in a coordinated manner so there would be one explosion which would be followed by the second one or even a third one some thirty forty minutes later that was the scenario back in march of two thousand and ten when two chechen suicide bombers detonated themselves on the most pro metro system ride in the midst of morning rush hour killing thirty nine people they waited until those trains pulled up to the heart for him to increase the bombs killing capacity and it was also the scenario back in
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two thousand and four when two passenger planes departing from exploded meet the air killing eighty nine people on board an investigation later revealed that there was a chechen suicide bomber a female suicide bomber on each of the planes and one of the. i put it by lee smith was later. when the was later found guilty for allowing these two or female suicide bombers and few of that accomplices to get out on to the promises of the airport. without searching them properly now after that incident the security at the double dead of the airport has been significantly stepped up and the management of the facility has done everything has tried at least to do everything in their power and to. get all over that tragedy and again when you go through damage out there are some of the passengers are sometimes really in noid but all those security measures that you have to go through you have to take off your shoes you have to take up
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your jacket and so on but i think now that most people really understand what the security measures a bollard and i know from my own experience that many people who had relatives and friends traveling at this point now trapped trying frantically to reach down we also hearing that some of the more ball networks are having major difficulties in the area of the dhamma the other understandably because so many people are trying to reach their loved ones but at this point situation remains a very fluid and again many people are very concerned that these may not be the end and we know that police and security services law enforcement are searching all the airports and major public venues here in moscow for any other possible explosion devices. you're mentioning earlier when it came to the moscow a matter of loss of last year those thirty nine people were killed and those we're now looking at at least thirty one killed here in this blast. one hundred thirty
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injured the scale is comparable here isn't it when it's also being listed by the investor the committee in charge of a chair or a charge to the two can be compared yes it is heartbreaking and again it happened like back there in march of two thousand and ten when those if you remember those two blasts they took place early in the morning when people were going to work when children and students were going to school and caught them. unawares and you. i can see it was pretty much the same situation here because we know that these blasts took place at the air rifle sextant section so we can assume that most of the people who were either killed or injured in that blast were people returning from a business trip returning from vacation families traveling together and you know looking forward to finally being home but now you know nobody knows when they can
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actually get there or if they can get there it's all. one of the latest news headlines i'm getting now is the police are saying that one or several suicide bombs. may have been behind this blast. again as we were saying targeting the international arrivals and luggage area at russia's busiest airport here investigators must be founding out across the board other luggage as we know they have already conducted a mandatory evacuation of post and the passengers canine units security guards what's your expectations for the security sweep going on there i'm going to take every every very long time we've been saying all along that dumb idea they were even the largest airport here in russia in service service is normal number of people in you can imagine how much time it will take all those security personnel to go through every single bag that is now out of the dhamma the other arab or then again there's so many people. there at these points so how do you pick and choose
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whom to question them to detain so. i'm pretty sure that they would be some confusion at the airport at this point and that's exactly it would be a hearing they also hearing that some of the that there is smoke at some of the hallways there and people are panicking people are trying to get out of the dumb idea they were airport this week that is they can and again i mean as you just mentioned it is a very distant airport about twenty miles that. twenty kilometers from moscow and getting up from there is a bit of a challenge and i would assume that there are several thousand maybe maybe even tens of thousands of people their own like cation right now many of them children many of them upright and so as you can understand it's a very very difficult situation for they are so used to deal with. reporting live there thank you very much for that let's do a let's do a recap now of all the latest information we have on this explosion russia's
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a busiest airport just about twenty two miles south southeast of the center of moscow here according to the russian health ministry thirty one people have been killed one hundred thirty injured and the major investigative committee in charge says this is a terror attack and according to the latest police wires we are getting here amid this breaking news police are saying that could have been one or several suicide bombers responsible for this blast again the thirty one killed at this point one hundred and thirty injured russia's biggest and this is breaking news here and we will bring you the latest details as soon as we get them bear in mind if you missed us on our you can always get us online. dot com do stay with us. for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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more news today violence flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations are today. if. russia would be so much brighter if you knew more about sonia from finest impressions. friend starts on t.v. dot com.


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